Israeli Embassy in Jordan Attacked! Two Dead! [UPDATE: Dead Both Arabs, Israel Outlaws Reporting on Event]

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 23, 2017


This hour, the death toll from one to two. Both of them are Arabs.


Two Jordanians died from wounds inflicted during a shooting on Sunday in the compound of the heavily-guarded Israeli embassy that also wounded an Israeli, police and a security source said.

Police said earlier that the two Jordanians worked for a furniture firm and entered the embassy compound before the shooting to do repairs. Police did not identify the wounded Israeli, and few other details were immediately available.

Israel has imposed a ban on reporting the incident and has made no public comment.

The reason Israel is imposing a ban on reporting on it is that it is looked at as a victory for the Arabs, and could potentially inspire more of them to attack Jews.

But there’s your “democratic state” for you. Banning reporting on the number one news story on the planet at this hour.

Original article follows.

First thing that went through my mind when I saw this headline: “well, it wasn’t ISIS.”


A Jordanian was killed on Sunday and an Israeli seriously wounded at Israel’s embassy in Amman, a security source said.

Local media the Jordanian died after a fight with an Israeli inside the Israeli embassy in Amman.

The quarrel broke out between the two for unknown reasons, leaving the Jordanian with two gunshots in the shoulder and the Israeli stabbed in the chest.

“A Jordanian man was killed and an Israeli man wounded and is in a serious condition following an incident inside the (Israeli) embassy” in the residential Rabiyeh neighbourhood of Amman, a security source, who declined to be named or give further details.

Jordanian security forces deployed in the streets around the embassy, an AFP correspondent said.

The incident comes at a time of mounting tensions between Israel and the Muslim world over metal detectors Israel installed around the al-Aqsa Mosque.

Earlier on Sunday, Jordan requested an urgent meeting for Arab foreign ministers to discuss the situation.

On Friday, thousands of Jordanians took to the streets of Amman after the weekly prayer to denounce the Israeli measures at the Haram al-Sharif mosque compound.

Yeah, it was just some random pissed-off Arab.

The way they’re telling it, it’s like it was a disagreement inside the embassy that escalated to violence, which doesn’t really make too much sense to me. The whole story is weird. Why would they let a random Arab bring a knife into the embassy? Do they not have metal detectors?

Some are claiming it was an employee of the embassy, though I still don’t see why he wouldn’t go through a metal detector every day.

Sources: A Jordanian employee at the Israeli Embassy stabs an Israeli staff who shot him dead. The Israeli is in critical condition 

Why I Knew It Wasn’t ISIS as Soon as I Saw the Headline

In actual fact, although ISIS superficially represents the interests of Arabs – they like the idea of putting hoes in check, throwing homos off roofs, just blowing a bunch of shit up and killing people for seemingly random reasons – their actual political goals do not line-up.

ISIS is virulently pro-Israel, and is against anyone who is against Israel. They are also a tool of the elite of the Gulf, which the average Arab – I’m talking just Sunni Arabs here – hates.

There are no doubt quite a few Arabs that hate Assad because he is too liberal and a Shiite (i.e. whiter than average), but that isn’t why ISIS hates him: they hate him because he poses a threat to Israeli-Saudi dominance of the region.

ISIS has a direct line to the IDF and once apologized to them when they accidentally attacked their guys.

Jews Pushing and Poking – Hard

The Israelis are prodding hard. They are pissing off the whole world with this attack on Al-Aqsa.

Speaking, as we are, on Israeli embassies, there was a rather large protest outside the one in London yesterday.

Disgusting footage of ‘pro-Palestinian’ thugs stealing Israeli flag and setting fire to it outside Israeli Embassy in LONDON today

It sort of parallels what Jews are doing in the West with the whole “shut it down” agenda.

I’m unclear on why, when there is already so much goyim knowing going on, they think it is reasonable to up the ante.

Actually, I am clear on why: it’s because they’re Jews, and they simply do not know when to stop.

Ugandan Jews are Starving to Death – Why Won’t Israel Bring Them Home?

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
July 23, 2017

The famine in East Africa is hitting the 2,000 strong Ugandan Jewish community especially hard.

Israel was established as a refuge for Jews suffering in a scenario just like this one. The Jews of Uganda were persecuted heavily by Idi Amin and live in dire poverty, but in spite of all this, they have kept faithful to their Covenant with G-d.

Yet, so far, Benjamin Netanyahu has failed to make any appeal to them to come home to the promise land. Recall that in 2015, Netanyahu asked the Jews of France to make Aliyah. Uganda’s head Rabbi has received no such appeal.

The plight of the Abayudaya Jewish community appears to have been overlooked.


Uganda’s 2,000 Jews have long maintained a modest existence. They live in the east of the country in a hilly, rural area that lacks paved roads, consistent electricity and freely running water.

But this year, the situation for Uganda’s Jewish community, called the Abayudaya, has worsened.

Twenty million people across Africa and the Middle East are now at risk of illness and death due to a famine that is centered in Somalia, Nigeria, Yemen and South Sudan. Caused by a mix of factors, including civil wars, underdeveloped infrastructure and a drought, the famine is “the largest humanitarian crisis since the creation of the U.N.,”Stephen O’Brien, the emergency relief coordinator for the United Nations, said in March.

“People look dehydrated and starving,” Gershom Sizomu, the community’s rabbi, told JTA on Tuesday. “People got sick and weak, and there are people who died because of complications because of the food shortage. People were already sick, so without food they become weaker and weaker.”

Sizomu told JTA that the Abayudaya, who rely on their own crops to survive, have been hit hard by the drought. While conditions are easing now because the harvest season has arrived for maize and beans, many families are subsisting on one meal a day, he said.

Two community members who already were sick have died of malnutrition.

Fleeing the area is useless, Sizomu added — food shortages are plaguing the cities, too.

The community, whose members converted to Judaism under Conservative auspices about 15 years ago, stays in regular touch with Jewish communities in the United States and Israel. But only one American synagogue has provided famine relief to the Abayudaya.

Beth El, a Conservative congregation in Pittsburgh, had hosted Sizomu for a weekend of Torah study last year, where he mentioned the risk of impending famine. So when 60 congregation members convened last month for the synagogue’s annual meeting, congregation president Cliff Spungen passed around an envelope for donations. It came back filled with $800.

With Rabbis in Israel constantly complaining about the secularization of the country, Ugandan Jews would be a great antidote to this problem.

The Abayudaya follow all Jewish laws closely, including and especially the dietary laws most Jews dismiss. Their fidelity to the Torah, their enthusiastic participation in the rites, and preservation of conservative traditions would be a living example of Jewish life for Israelis – yet few Jews seem to grasp the opportunity they’re passing up!

In 2016, the Jewish Agency recognized this community as Jewish. While the Jewish Agency has a lot of clout over who gets to make Aliyah, the Ministry of the Interior gets the last say on who can come in.

Unfortunately the Ugandan postal system is very unreliable. Requests to make Aliyah to Israel by Chosen Ugandans always get lost in the mail.

Even though most of these Jews would love to be able to live a Jewish life without fearing anti-Semitism from their neighbors or the hardships that plague East Africa, they suddenly stopped trying to immigrate after the Jewish Agency initiated them into the Tribe.

When people started asking why Ugandan Jews weren’t coming to Zion in droves, World Jewry  led an effort to funnel millions of dollars into their community as an incentive to stay in a hostile Gentile land.

Diane Tobin, executive director of the nonprofit Be’chol Lashon, which worked with the community to build the synagogue, echoed that the project was about strengthening the community’s status in Uganda.

“It was important to establish that these are Jews who are not seeking to make aliyah to Israel — that’s not the main purpose,” Tobin, who has worked with the community since 2002, told JTA. “They want to be recognized as Jews for their own sake, and building infrastructure demonstrates that they are committed to being there in Uganda.”

So inspiring and kind.

But why so much effort to keep them in Uganda, when they can be served better in Israel?

It’s still a mystery as to why atheists from the West who do not have to deal with cholera or anti-Semitism are given free trips to Israel, but not pious Ugandan Jews.

The motto of Israel is “Never Again!”

Now they can show the world Jewish unity by importing the vibrant Abayudaya!

Let Theodore Herzl’s dream live!

Bring the Ugandan Jews home!

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