Yids Flip Lids as Anti-White Golem Turns on Them Over Their Extermination Agenda

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 27, 2017

As it turns out, most “progressives” are not fond of Israel’s agenda to exterminate the Palestinians.

And the old trick of “yes I’m a Jew and I support Israel of course because of the Holocaust but when I’m in a White country I am totally 100% not a racist” does not appear to be working anymore.

Black people, Moslems, homosexuals, feminists – every weird group that the Jews empowered to destroy white males is now turning on their hook-nosed creators.

Mark Joseph Stern of Slate is simply outraged – outraged, I tell you:

Are you a Jew in Chicago who’d like to march for LGBTQ rights and gender equality? You’ll have to follow a few rules, helpfully laid out in recent weeks by the Chicago Dyke March and the Chicago SlutWalk.

First, you must not carry any “Zionist displays.” What are Zionist displays? That’s for others to decide. A Star of David might be OK. But if it’s on a rainbow flag, it probably isn’t because “its connections to the oppression enacted by Israel is too strong for it to be neutral.”

Second, you must express solidarity with Palestine. Marching in a parade with a pro-Palestinian stance is not sufficient, nor is advocating for a Palestinian state. As an openly Jewish person, you’ll need to satisfy more heightened scrutiny; other marchers may repeatedly demand that you disavow Israel and swear allegiance to the Palestinian cause. You must comply with these demands or else you will be expelled.

Third, you must renounce any previous connections you have had with Israel. Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of a group with ties to Israel? Repudiate and repent. Openly Jewish marchers are presumed to be in league with the Israeli government unless they can prove otherwise.

One final note: If you are a journalist who covers the implementation of these rules, you deserve to lose your job.

Listed all at once, these guidelines may sound too blatantly anti-Semitic to be stated openly—yet they are, at present, the operating principles of two widely celebrated progressive movements in Chicago. Both the Dyke March and the SlutWalk allege that these rules are compelled by intersectionality, the theory that all forms of social oppression are linked. In reality, both groups are using intersectionality as a smokescreen for anti-Semitism, creating a litmus test that Jews must pass to be part of these movements. American progressives should reject this perversion of social justice. No coherent vision of equality can command the maltreatment of Jews.

Well that sounds like full-on Hitlerism!

From the dykes of all people!


Stern goes on to say that this same thing is happening everywhere in progressive movements, and gives a bunch of examples.

He then concludes with this:

It has long been obvious that left-wing anti-Semitism is a problem and that an overwhelming abhorrence of Israel often blurs into a generalized anger toward Jews. Organizers of both the Dyke March and the SlutWalk have not discovered the praxis of intersectionality; they have merely dressed up their bigotry in updated argot. Their anti-Semitism is not academic or novel but almost depressingly familiar, and we do not need to overhaul the progressive worldview to address it. We need only remind ourselves that anyone who would hold Jews to a different, higher standard is anti-Semitic, full stop. Whether it happens at a far-left march or an alt-right convention, the creation of special rules for Jews is irrational and wrong. By creating a stringent litmus test for openly Jewish demonstrators, the Dyke March and SlutWalk did not protect the oppressed. They became the oppressors.


Because Jews are the ultimate most oppressed group. They are so oppressed that even other oppressed groups can oppress them.

If a black person or Moslem gets accused of sexism or gang-rape, Jews pretend to get confused and just try to ignore it. But when other oppressed groups start oppressing the CHOSEN ONES – then you’ve got a situation on your hands.

How will the Jews deal with this?

Well, I think that’s pretty easy to predict: they will whine about it, constantly, and just make the groups they are whining to hate them more.

Eventually, they are going to completely isolate themselves, being hated by literally everyone on the planet, with their only weapons being:

  1. Claim they have never done anything wrong in all of history and so are above judgment for any action
  2. Call people names
  3. Demand censorship

They probably should have thought this through a little bit better, I think.


The Daily Stormer is being sued by Jewish terrorists. In order to survive, we need shekels.

Jewish Washerwoman-Schultz’ Paki IT Guy Arrested Trying to Flee the Country!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 26, 2017

Well, it’s not looking good for ol’ Debbie the Washerwoman.

Why she hired a Paki IT guy for something this sensitive, I have no idea, but it certainly explains why the DNC servers were so insecure.

Fox News:

A House IT staffer at the center of a congressional computer equipment scandal has been arrested by federal officials and charged with bank fraud, Fox News has learned.

Fox News is told officers and agents from the U.S. Capitol Police, the FBI and Customs and Border Protection were involved in the arrest of Imran Awan at Dulles International Airport.

I’m surprised the rat acting direction who was bribed by Hillary, Andrew McCabe, didn’t help him escape.

Related: Trump Calls Out Sessions for Not Firing Corrupt Rat Andrew McCabe!

Must have been rogue agents that made the arrest. Or it was led by the Border Patrol, which is already 100% #TrumpTrain.

Awan, 37, of Virginia, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to one count of bank fraud during his arraignment in federal court in Washington, D.C. He was released but will have to wear a GPS monitor and abide by a curfew.

Awan also was ordered to turn over all his passports. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Aug. 21.

Law enforcement authorities for months have been looking into how Awan may have double-billed the House for equipment like computers, iPads, monitors, keyboards and routers. Several relatives of Awan worked for House Democrats and were fired months ago. Awan, however, was kept on staff by Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., even though he was no longer allowed access to the House server network.

I wonder why she would keep a totally corrupt Paki criminal on her staff then, eh?

Unless she was running some kind of criminal operation and he was deeply involved in it?

Oh that’s right – we already know she was running a criminal operation.

We just don’t know how deep it goes.

I’ll be this Paki has a whole lot better idea than any of us though.

Wasserman Schultz, though, has now fired Awan. Spokesman David Damron said Tuesday in a statement:

“Mr. Awan previously served as a part-time employee but his services have been terminated. No charges, evidence or findings from the investigation have been formally shared with our office, so we cannot comment on them.”

Authorities also have looked into IT workers putting sensitive House information on the “cloud” and potentially exposing it to outside sources.

Fox News is told that federal officials arrested Awan at Dulles airport in suburban Virginia as he was “trying to leave the country.”

The criminal complaint and affidavit said he had bought a ticket to fly Monday to Doha, Qatar, and then Lahore, Pakistan, with a return flight booked for early January. The affidavit specifically alleged he engaged in a scheme to defraud a Congressional Federal Credit Union. It did not appear to go in depth into the other matters investigators have been looking into.

Protip: When you’re fleeing the country, you always book a return flight as it sends up red flags if you don’t.

It’s something any professional criminal would know. Even a Paki.

Meanwhile, the counsel for Wasserman Schultz, the former Democratic National Committee chairwoman, recently began negotiating with Capitol Police for access to her laptop in the case. Until this point, she had resisted USCP efforts to look at her computer – even suggesting “consequences” for the agency if the computer was not promptly returned.

Wait though, here’s the best part of all.

Awan is of Pakistani descent, and Democratic sources have argued the family’s ethnicity is a factor in the attention they’re receiving.


Basically, Debbie is now in a very bad place.

The reason she hired and kept on a Paki criminal is obviously because he was engaged in criminal activity on her behalf. Probably, he was involved in destroying data.

He probably also knows that the DNC server was not hacked, but that someone leaked the files to Assange.

Maybe Seth Rich?

This Paki is certainly going to sing if he can avoid prison time.

There is no Paki version of G. Gordon Liddy, I can promise you that.

This could well be the crack that opens the whole thing back up.

Like Weiner’s jailbait fiasco did.

Double-billing the government is a massive federal offensive you could be sentenced to an extremely long prison term for… unless you played ball, of course.

Dear AG Sessions: DO IT.

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