Former Jew: Why I Left Judaism

EX Jew: Why I Left Judaism

Believers know that Antichrist is Satan, but what is “its system”? Who are the soldiers of it?
Is it Satanism? Nope, it is for the youth and made by a ZIONIST-JEW & Mason Anton La Vey.

ZIONIST JEWS? Who the hell are they?

Zionists think that Gentiles (Goyims) come from “Adam & Eve” and they are animals in human form, but think that they come from “Light of Lights & Eve” and they are the only humans.

“Light of Lights” is LUCIFER. Other names they call it “Bephamet”, “The Pure Lıght”, ” Cosmic Light”, “The Great Architect of the Universe” etc.

In Quran & New Testament it is cursed for his repel and slander. Lucifer said I’m greater than Adam and will make the humans my worshipper.

Again in Quran & New Testament, (not Judaists) JEWS are CURSED.

In their ZOHAR, it is said “sins are holy”.

In their TALMUD, “to have sex with demons”, “murder”, “trick”, “massacre”, “child abuse”, “perversion”, “incestism”, “to eat human flesh”, “to drink blood” are ALLOWED and PRAISED.

ZIONISM is not only the Promiesd Land but also “to rule the World by enslaving the humanity”.

That’s why Africa is hungry. And that’s why you have trouble with the bills, why the World is being exploited.

They are the designers of the New World Order.

They are the ones who laugh at you as you search the Big Brother among aliens, reptilians, greys or such fairy tales. They are the tellers of these tales at all.

BELIEVERS, look at your NEW TESTAMENT you will see they are the CURSED. Leave the poor aliens alone.

They are in contact with their damned SATAN at the top of the pyramid: THE ASSEMBLY 300s: THE SANHEDRIN The inner hyerarchy is: 33s, 13s, 3s.

THE “3s” is called “3RT”. Consists of three PREMIER KABBALIST RABBIS with black skills.

ROCKEFELLER, the owners of the Federal Reserve, are also the members of SANHEDRIN as ROTSCHILD and MITSUBISHI.

“BOUGHT SOLDIERS” serve them: Masonry, Lions & Rotary, Skull & Bones, Bohemians… Just as the Knights Templar served in the past.

They have Comissions to rule the the states and pacts: ADL, AJC, B’nai Brith, JINSA etc.

If you search the secret clubs you will meet Occultism & Magism. And the COMMON BOKK of ALL these societies is JEWISH KABBALA.

And KABBALA is the father of ALL the SYMBOLS you catch as SUBLIMINAL.

Who runs the international monetary system via the other Federal Reserve Branches; they are called Central Banks. In all States there is a Central Bank. And they are not public but private.

And they are trying to erase their names by trick just as they MAKE WARS by trick.

RIP Bill Cooper was killed as he said ZIONISM, but PUPPET ALEX JONES keeps the lie “ILLUMINATI WITHOUT JEWS”.


Brother Nathanael – Why Can’t Anyone Stop Israel – HD 1080p

Edward I Expells the Jews from England(1290)

In 1290 King Edward I of England (Longshanks)Offsite Link issued an edict expelling all Jews from England.

“Lasting for the rest of the Middle Ages, it would be over 350 years until it was formally overturned in 1656. The edict was not an isolated incident but the culmination of over 200 years of conflict on the matters of usury. The first Jewish communities of significant size came to England with William the ConquerorOffsite Link in 1066. On the conquest of England, William instituted a feudal system in the country, whereby all estates formally belonged to the king, who appointed lords over vast estates, subject to duties and obligations (financial and knights) to the king. Under the lords were further subjects such as serfs, which were bound and obligated to their lords. Merchants had a special status in the system as did Jews. Jews were declared to be direct subjects of the King, unlike the rest of the population. This had advantages for Jews, in that they were not tied to any particular lord, but were subject to the whims of the king. Every successive King formally reviewed a royal charter granting Jews the right to remain in England. Jews did not enjoy any of the guarantees of Magna Carta of 1215.

“Economically, Jews played a key role in the country. The church at the time strictly forbade usury, or the lending of money for profit. This left a hole in the heart of the European economy that Jews quickly filled (canon law was not considered to apply to Jews, and Judaism permits loans with interest Offsite Linkbetween Jews and non-Jews).  As a consequence, some Jews made large amounts of money. However, taking advantage of their unique status as his direct subjects, the King could expropriate Jewish assets in the form of taxation. He levied heavy taxes on Jews at will without having to summon Parliament.  The Jewish community acted as a kind of giant monetary filter: Jews collected interest on money loaned to the people which the King could take at his pleasure.

“Jews acquired a reputation as extortionate money lenders which made them extremely unpopular with both the Church and the general public. While antisemitism was widespread in Europe, medieval England was particularly antisemitic. An image of the Jew as a diabolical figure who hated Christ started to become widespread, and antisemitic myths such as the Wandering Jew and ritual murders originated and spread throughout England; as well as Scotland and Wales.  Jews were said to hunt for children to murder before Passover so they could use their blood to make matzah. Antisemitism on a number of occasions sparked riots where many Jews were murdered, most famously in 1190 when over a hundred Jews were massacred in the city of York.

“The situation only got worse for Jews as the 13th century progressed. In 1218, England became the first European nation to require Jews to wear a marking badge. Taxation grew increasingly intense. Between 1219 and 1272, 49 levies were imposed on Jews for a total of 200,000 marks, a huge amount of money.  The first major step towards expulsion took place in 1275, with the Statute of Jewry. The statute outlawed all usury and gave Jews fifteen years to readjust. However, guilds as well as popular prejudice made Jewish movement into mercantile or agricultural pursuits almost impossible.

“While in GasconyOffsite Link in 1287, Edward ordered English Jews expelled. All their property was seized by the crown and all outstanding debts payable to Jews were transferred to the King’s name. It was a bleak sign of things to come. Edward’s personal views on Jews are something of a mystery. In the glimpses we have of his dealings with them, he seems interested but unsympathetic. His mother, however, does seem to have been anti-semitic. Whatever his personal feelings, by the time he returned to England in 1289 Edward was deeply in debt. The next summer he summoned his knights to impose a steep tax. To make the tax more palatable, Edward in exchange essentially offered to expel all Jews. The heavy tax was passed, and three days later, on July 18, the Edict of Expulsion was issued. One official reason for the expulsion was that Jews had neglected to follow the Statute of Jewry. The edict of expulsion was widely popular and met with little resistance, and the expulsion was quickly carried out.

“The Jewish population in England at the time was relatively small. While population estimates vary, probably less than 1% of England was Jewish; perhaps 3,000 people.  The expulsion process went fairly smoothly, although there were a few horrific stories. One story told of a captain taking a ship full of Jews to the Thames while the tide was going out and convincing them to go out for a walk with him. He then lost them and made it back to his ship before the tide came back in, leaving them all to drown. Other stories exist of Jews being robbed or killed, but the majority of the Jews seem to have crossed the channel in safety” (Wikipedia article on Edict of Expulsion, accessed 02-15-2009).

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