Saudi prince: ‘Let us go and fight for Al-Aqsa’

The son of the late Saudi King Fahd Bin Abdulaziz, Abdulaziz Bin Fahd [Abdulaziz Bin Fahd/Twitter]

The son of the late Saudi King Fahd Bin Abdulaziz took to the social networking site Twitter to discuss the events unfolding at Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Israeli restrictions imposed on Palestinian worshippers.

In the tweets, Abdulaziz Bin Fahd called on Muslims and Arabs to stand in solidarity with Al-Aqsa. One tweet reads: “Every Muslim is obliged to support our brothers in Palestine and the Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque, everyone within their means. O nation of Muhammad, show them who you are. Neglecting Al-Aqsa would be a disgrace and God will hold us accountable.”

صدقت,أي مسلم يجب عليه شرعآ نصرة إخواننافي فلسطين وألأقصى المبارك كل بحسب قدرته,أروهم ياأمة محمد من أنتم,خذلانناللأقصى ستكون عاروسيحاسبناالله 

In another tweet he wrote: “O nation of Muhammad and Allah, the third mosque is a prisoner of the criminal occupation, is there no wise among us? Let us go and fight, we would either be victorious and save it, or we fail but will be forgiven by our Lord.”

جزيت خيرآ,يا أمة محمد والله ثالث المساجدألأقصى أسيرمن مجرم محتل,اليس فينارشيد؟فالنذهب نجاهدإمانفلح فننصرأونقتل فنعذرأمام ربنا,كل من عليهافان 

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The prince also published a video of his father during a visit to the White House, where he stressed the importance of finding a just solution to the issue of Palestine and give Palestinians their independence.

Translations of this item:


The state of Israel has reached the end of its shelf-life.



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