Mahmoud Abbas is A TRAITOR


On February 28, 2006The Independent reported:

Mr Abbas, who will hold talks with Tony Blair and Jack Straw, before tomorrow’s conference to bolster support for the Palestinian Authority (PA), confirmed Israel has shared information with it in the hunt for the organisers of the bombing, which was claimed by Islamic Jihad.” “Mr Abbas, who will hold talks with Tony Blair and Jack Straw, before tomorrow’s conference to bolster support for the Palestinian Authority (PA), confirmed Israel has shared information with it in the hunt for the organisers of the bombing, which was claimed by Islamic Jihad.

Although Israel is involved in a racial war against his own people, this doesn’t stop Abbas from co-operating with the Zionist terror army to hunt down armed Palestinians. Had the circumstances been better, and Israel had been attempting to fight terror against Palestinian civilians, this might have been acceptable. But as it is now, this just makes Abbas look like a traitor.

Abbas with Peres
Abbas with Shimon Peres
Fatahs Dahlan beteween Israels Olmert and Mofaz
Fatah-henchman Dahlan between Israel’s Olmert and Mofaz

Israeli paper Haaretz reported:


Defense official:
Arms transfer to help Abbas take on Hamas

By Amos Harel

Haaretz Correspondent, Haaretz Service and News Agencies

Israel’s transfer of a limited amount of weapons and ammunition to the Palestinian Authority’s presidential guard will enable PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to “contend with Hamas,” senior Defense Ministry official Amos Gilad said Friday.

The transfer, which was recommended by defense officials and approved by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Amir Peretz, will allow Abbas to “carry out the courageous decision he made and contend with Hamas,” said Gilad, who heads the Defense Ministry’s political-security division.

Gilad was referring to Abbas’ statement Thursday that he would hold a national referendum on a document calling for a Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders, should the ruling Hamas party fail to agree to the proposal within 10 days.

Gilad told Israel Radio the weapons are meant to allow Abbas to preserve order in the chaotic West Bank and Gaza Strip.

“I can’t tell you the exact amount of weapons, but it is a limited amount intended for the purpose of securing Abbas’ ability to protect himself on the backdrop of the important decisions he makes,” he said, dismissing reports that the decision was made because of threats to Abbas’ life by Islamic militants.

“I’m not saying the chairman’s life is in danger,” he said. “This is a wide policy intended to allow him to cope with those who are disrupting order and turning the Palestinian Authority into a violent entity,” he said.

Over the past week, 10 people have been killed in clashes in the Gaza Strip between Abbas’ Fatah movement and the Islamic Hamas group. A top commander loyal to Abbas was among the dead, and two other security chiefs narrowly escaped assassination.

Olmert and Peretz decided to transfer the arms prior to the prime minister’s departure for the United States earlier this week, Channel 2 reported Thursday.

Senior defense sources said Thursday that the arms will be delivered to the guard by way of a third-party state (all indications are either Egypt or Jordan) solely for the purposes of protecting Abbas.

The move is seen as a response to the continued strengthening of Islamic organizations, which have managed to smuggle weapons into the Gaza Strip.

“In the Gaza Strip, an industry of weapons and ammunition smuggling continues to expand, most of which is reaching the Islamic organizations,” said a defense source who took part in consultations with Peretz. “We need to enable Abu Mazen [Abbas] to deal with [the groups].”

A similar proposal to transfer arms to Abbas has been on the agenda for months, however it was not given the green light by Peretz’s predecessor, Shaul Mofaz.

Two weeks ago, Haaretz reported that the Islamic Jihad had formulated a plan to assassinate the PA chairman by placing a car bomb alongside the road on which Abbas’ convoy is believed to frequently travel.

Islamic Jihad dismissed the report as an attempt by Israel to sow dissension among the Palestinian factions.

Abbas’s security detail has been greatly expanded. The presidential guard, an elite force among the various PA security agencies whose members undergo relatively thorough training in VIP security, is exclusively in charge of protecting the chairman’s offices in Ramallah and Gaza.

Likud MK Yuval Steinitz said Israel’s acquiescence to the arms transfer is a “wretched” decision.

“Whoever transfers weapons to the PA gives legitimacy to the world to transfer money to the PA,” Steinitz said. “What Abu Mazen is missing is not weapons, but determination and will for a war against terrorism.”

Western diplomats had told Reuters earlier this month that European donors had pledged funds to boost Abbas’s security forces, while his aides said Egypt and Jordan had pledged arms and ammunition to help his presidential guard protect him.



Is Abbas a Traitor?

By Mike Whitney

Information Clearing House06/28/2006


Any Palestinian that is not focused first and foremost on defending the land and people against Israel’s escalating aggression and colonialism, and prefers instead to fight for scraps from the master’s table, is truly working against Palestinian interests, and against any possibility of a peaceful settlement.

 Hasan Abu Nimahformer representative of Jordan at the United Nations.


Israel has launched a full-blown assault on the Hamas-led government. It has allied itself with co-conspirator George Bush to cut off food, medical supplies and financial aid to the PA which is creating a humanitarian crisis in the occupied territories. Israel has also stepped up its daily assassinations, air-raids and other incitements in order to destabilize the new government.

It’s clear now, that annihilating Hamas is at the very top of Israel’s political-agenda and that they won’t be deterred by the enormous suffering they are causing to the civilians of the West Bank and Gaza.

Surprisingly, they have found an eager companion to their subterfuge in the form of Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas. Ever since Hamas was elected, Abbas has challenged their legitimacy and tried to undermine their authority. In an extraordinary statement to the press, Abbas said, “The constitution gives me clear and definite authority to remove a government from power.”

Abbas, of course, has no such power to disband the duly-elected government, but his attempts to thwart Hamas shows his willingness to do Israel’s bidding. No wonder Israeli PM Olmert praised Abbas so highly to George Bush during his recent visit to Washington. Abbas is clearly “Israel’s man” in the territories.

Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh understands the maneuvering that is going on behind his back, but to large extent his hands are tied. Fatah is operating on Abbas’ orders to spread the mayhem in Gaza while Haniyeh is frantically trying to maintain the peace.

Israel is the only one who benefits from the current turmoil, just as Israel is the only one who benefits from the blockade of food and medical supplies. If their strategy succeeds, they’ll topple Hamas and replace it with the compliant Fatah.

In his address to parliament on Thursday Haniyeh acknowledged that Israel and the United States were conspiring against Hamas “to suffocate and starve us” and that Bush had given Olmert a green light to crush the new government.

Haniyeh responded saying, We will fight the Israeli plan and continue to struggle until the establishment of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders. Israel is trying to set up a country with a Jewish majority, and preserve Jerusalem as its capital. This shows the Israeli government wants to maintain the occupation. Unfortunately, the Americans are on their side”.

Abbas’ Ultimatum

This week Abbas set a deadline for Hamas to sign an agreement (which was written by Palestinian prisoners) which implicitly recognizes Israel’s right to exist. It’s astonishing that Abbas would devote so much time to such a trivial issue while his country is being occupied by a foreign army in violation of international law. Never the less, the matter is of great importance to his benefactors in Tel Aviv so Abbas is faithfully executing their orders.

The issue of “recognizing Israel” has been given considerable “air-time” in western media. Regrettably, the coverage is invariably slanted to demonize Hamas and make Israel look like the victim. As we can see from Haniyeh’s statement above, Hamas is only asking for “the establishment of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders.” (which is consistent with UN resolution 242) But, “recognizing Israel” is a nettlesome problem and requires that Hamas retreat on one of its core-principles. Kathleen Christinson sheds light on this point in her recent article in Counterpunch “Surrender vs. the Right to Exist”:

“The insistence that the Palestinians “recognize Israel’s right to exist” does not mean, to Israel and the U.S., simply that the Palestinians must pledge not to throw Jews into the sea. Refraining from this drastic step is fairly easy even for the most militant of Islamists. It means instead recognizing Israel’s moral legitimacy. For a Palestinian this means recognizing — indeed, embracing as a moral imperative — Israel’s right to have expelled the Palestinians and taken their homes and their land.”

It is this question of “moral legitimacy” that overshadows the struggle between Hamas and Israel. What is the true nature of the relationship between the occupier and the occupied? In fact, it is Israel which denies Palestine the “right to exist” through occupation and frustrating attempts at statehood. Hamas should not be expected to applaud its tormenters for seizing its land, destroying its country, and starving its people.

Abbas knows as well as anyone, that he is asking Hamas to compromise on an issue of enormous importance. He is demanding that Hamas concede that Israel has a moral right to occupy the land was originally Palestine. The referendum is simply an underhanded way of coercing conformity to Israeli diktats.

Does Abbas enjoy carrying out Israel’s orders?

There’s no question how Olmert feels about the issue. As Christinson notes, the Israeli Prime Minister made himself entirely clear in his speech to Congress,

I believed, and to this day still believe, in our people’s eternal and historic right to this entire land”. It is Olmert’s “belief” that is the threat to peace, not Hamas. There can be no lasting accommodation when one party feels they are entitled to “all the land” and can subjugate the native people while ignoring United Nations resolutions.

So why has Abbas joined forces with Israel and torpedoed the prospects for a negotiated settlement? He’s fully aware of Olmert’s plan to unilaterally draw Israel’s final borders and incorporate East Jerusalem, West Bank settlements and vast swathes of the Jordan Valley. Are the scraps from Israel’s table so tantalizing that he would willingly sell out his own people?

On Thursday, Israel announced that it would authorize the delivery of light weapons to Abbas’ security forces. For years, Israel has done everything in its power to prevent the Palestinians from arming themselves. They’ve even invented a special language, (“dismantling the infrastructure of terror”) which is aimed at disarming the Palestinian resistance. Now, they’re “transferring hundreds of light weapons imported from foreign countries” to their trusted ally, Mahmoud Abbas.

Israel would never provide Abbas with weapons if there was any chance they’d be used against Israelis. These weapons have one purpose alone; to kill Palestinians!

Abbas collaboration with Israel is tantamount to a declaration of war against his own people.

What more evidence does one need that Abbas is a traitor?

Israel has finally found someone corrupt enough to do their dirty-work in the territories. Meet the new cop on the beat, Mahmoud Abbas; Palestinian turncoat.

Jewish soldiers read their holy scriptures

Israeli soldiers reading from the Jewish Holy Scriptures.
What is it they contain that inspires them to such atrocities?

Jesus was a Jewish Liberal

by Ben Klassen

Excerpted from the chapter “My Own Spiritual Awakening” of Nature’s Eternal Religion 

Now I began to realize that the whole basis of this age-old struggle was race. It was the Jewish race using all the weapons at its command, and it did have a huge arsenal to destroy, mongrelize and enslave the mongrelized product of the White Race.

At this time I had not yet suspected that their most powerful weapon of all was their skillful use of Christianity on the White Race.

I decided to form a new political party polarized around the issue of the White Race. This I did, and formed the Nationalist White Party.

I had the immediate hostility of the Birch Society, which did not at all surprise me. What did surprise me now was I found that the strongest opposition came not from the Jews (as I had expected) but from the Christians. Every time we would discuss the issue of race, somehow or other Christianity and Christian principles would crop up so that in the end we wound up in a hassle about religion rather than trying to get down to the basic issue of the struggle against the Jews. This despite the fact that I had taken a pro-Christian stand. Continually I was told that the Jews were God’s chosen people; that the niggers, too, were God’s creatures; that racial discrimination was un-Christian, that “our Savior” was a Jew, the bible said “I will curse them that curse thee, and bless them that bless thee,” etc., etc.

This was a surprising new development. Whereas up to this time, I had regarded Christianity as something rather innocuous, and perhaps a time-consuming nuisance, it now suddenly hit me like a bolt out of the blue that Christianity was one of the most powerful weapons that the Jews had in their arsenal.

Now I began to study the bible all over again and particularly focused on the Sermon on the Mount. To my surprise I found that it contained nothing but real bad, suicidal advice.

Whereas before, I had heard and read all the bits and pieces of it, it had never occurred to me to examine what this kind of advice would do to a nation and to a race. Now I began to realize that such suicidal advice as “turn the other cheek,” “love your enemies,” “sell all that thou hast and give it to the poor,” “judge not lest ye be judged,” and “resist not evil,” was real suicidal advice. I now dug deeper into it and I found that the so-called Apostles, as well as the man purported to be Christ himself, were all of Jewish origin. Strangely, though, they had never sold their suicidal ideas to the Jews—on the contrary, they had sold it to the greatest civilization of ancient times, namely the Romans.

Then a lot of other things began to fall into place. Looking at Roman history it became clear to me that whereas Rome had established a great civilization, had conquered the world, was completely supreme, that when Christianity hit it like a plague, it began to crumble and fall apart. And after studying the underlying suicidal ideas that Christianity had perpetrated upon the Romans, I could easily understand why the Romans no longer cared to defend their Empire, nor to meet their earthly responsibilities. It became clear to me why the whole great White Empire disintegrated under the influence of this new Jewish poison.

I now felt like an excited detective who unexpectedly had stumbled on the greatest mystery, the most sinister conspiracy in the history of mankind. I began to look more and more towards the eternal laws of Nature for the solution. I began to study the Old and the New Testament with feverish and renewed interest. I studied the history of the races—the great White Race, the Jews, the niggers. I traced the rise and decline of civilizations. Like a detective, I began to feel that all the pieces, at last, were beginning to fall into place.

The more I dug into this, the more all the mosaic pieces began to fit together. I began to get a multitude of answers to questions that had eluded me throughout my life.

Studying Nature’s laws, studying religions and studying history and adding this to the experiences of my own lifetime, I found that I had finally made a breakthrough. My search had been rewarded by a multitude of answers—including the big one—namely, what is our purpose in life. The more I studied the Jewish plague, Christianity, religion, and the laws of Nature, the more compelling the solution thrust itself upon me. I suddenly realized that I had achieved a devastating breakthrough that was sweeping in its implications, compelling in its simplicity, and so overwhelmingly obvious that I wondered why I hadn’t seen the picture a long time ago.

It became abundantly clear to me that what the White Race needed was a completely new approach to the whole problem of extricating itself from the sinister Jewish conspiracy. And in order to get this new approach it seemed overwhelmingly clear that what the White Race really needed was a new religion, a new philosophy of life and a new Weltanschauung. It also occurred to me that my whole life experience had taught me and prepared me to do this fundamental job, namely, of formulating the new religion that was so necessary to the survival of the White Race. It also became overwhelmingly clear to me that to found a new party based on race while trying to coexist with Jewish Christianity was impossible. Every weapon that we needed in such a struggle was already undermined and neutralized by the basic concepts of Christianity itself.

I began to discuss my ideas with friends. I argued and debated with Christian preachers. To my further surprise, I found them completely at a loss to explain the numerous basic questions I threw at them, and usually they became hopelessly trapped in their own set of lies. I corresponded with former Kosher Konservative friends of mine and they, too, either conceded my position on Jews and Christianity, or were hopelessly driven to the wall.

It was then I decided to compile my creed into a book. I decided to formulate a new religion for the White Race that would lead it out of the quagmire of Jewish entrapment, out of despair and degradation, and into the bright light of greatness, to the heights of the wonderful destiny that Nature herself, in her great wisdom, had destined for this magnificent race.

Via The West’s Darkest Hour

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