BREXIT Succeeds

Yesterday, the EU referendum came up, and surprisingly wasn’t rigged in favour of the EU. I personally did not expect such an event. I was expecting a really cheeky overdraw, such as a 49.3% vs 50.7%, or so. Does it actually mean anything, though, that the UK has left? Probably not.

The UK being in the EU or not really means little to British citizens as of right now. Either way Britannia is ruled by Internationalist Jews and a docile but historically tyrannical monarchy, so it really, really means absolutely nothing in the immediate time. However this does open up a door for the continental Europeans to demand their own referendums. Whether they succeed, that’s another story, and whether it means much, also another. However there is one clear thing that can come about from Europe leaving the EUSSR – everybody in the EU wants to blame the EU for their problems, and I’ll admit, the EU really does seem to push a lot of this stuff. However, how will people react when our destruction continues and the EU no longer has any power in their nations? Will they wise themselves up a bit, perhaps, or will they just continue on aimlessly and perhaps attack one of the many false fronts the Jews have set up?

Of course we can’t even be certain what will happen after such a scenario. Jews work in mysterious ways and seem to combat one another in different factions, ideologies or classes. It could be that those behind the EU and those behind more nationalistic (but still very kosher) parties are in conflict, and as odd as that may sound for somebody who wants to destroy our civilization – they simply cannot work together. That being said, I may be misguided in such concept, as I am well aware that the Jews will do anything to screw with us.

If the Jews are in unity as of right now, though, then perhaps they are intentionally getting European nations to leave the EU so they can feel like they have overcome the problem. What blissful unawareness that would be. A majority of the European people’s “nationalists” are only interested in “nationalism” when it comes to a sports team or a pub, which although I can understand the sentiment behind, is still rather pointless. These “nationalists” won’t lift a finger to do much, though, so as soon as this EU purge happens, they’ll all just lay back and do nothing even if the exact same happenings continue on – namely our people’s genocide.

However, it should always be expected that when there’s options to something, the Jews always sharpen both ends, which is a very intelligent idea; you have to at least give them that. For example, with the Scottish Independence referendum: two options, which were eventually rigged – of independence or unity. Of course unity prevailed and Scotland continues to get the shared immigration, but had the immigration system been any different with an Indian at the head of your immigration? Or with the lovely words “Diversity is one of Scotland’s greatest strengths” as the first words on their policy base for immigration page? Of course not. There really is some degree of democracy going on, though, truly! Just Jew democracy, which will stab you in the back and open up your borders no matter what you pick.

I suppose the question of whether BREXIT is good is up to your own thoughts. Cameron making most of the laws or Brussels making most of the laws? Both sound equally terrible, but I have a hunch that Cameron and his capitalist loving laws will make it even worse. Death penalty for not paying your television license, perhaps?

Editor’s Note: It has since come out that David Cameron has announced his resignation.

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