The Powers That Be Have Started Their Culling of the Herd

There are currently tens of thousands of NATO and Russian troops facing off against one another in the Baltic.

NATO (and USAREUR, or U.S. Army in Europe) are conducting “exercises,” entitled Operation Saber Guardian 2017.

Meanwhile, RT News reported that Britain, Denmark, and the Netherlands are sending vessels to “escort” Chinese warships en route to the Baltic Sea.

The Chinese will be conducting drills and exercises with Russia.

Here’s an excerpt from that RT article:

“A Chinese frigate, a supply ship and a destroyer are passing through Danish waters. We are escorting [them] as part of the normal surveillance we have in our territorial waters,” Klaus Thing Rasmussen, senior duty officer at the Danish military operations center, told the DR broadcaster.

“We sent one unit out to them last night, when they were approaching Danish waters. It will take around a day in total until they leave again near Bornholm, where they entered, and we will escort them the entire way,” he said.

“Our position is that there is free passage through the Baltic Sea, and the Danish Navy acts as a stopper in the gap. That means we accompany foreign state vessels as part of our surveillance of Danish waters,” he added.

“The Baltic phase of the Russian-Chinese exercise starts on Friday, and will involve about a dozen warships in addition to military aircraft and helicopters from both sides, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Monday.”

Well, isn’t that nifty?  In the meanwhile, what exercise are we talking about here?  This is a description of Saber Guardian retrieved from the USAREUR website:

“Exercise Saber Guardian 17 is a U.S. European Command, U.S. Army Europe-led annual exercise taking place in Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria in the summer of 2017.

This exercise involves more than 25,000 service members from over 20 ally and partner nations.

The largest of the Black Sea Region exercises, Saber Guardian 17 is a premier training event for U.S. Army Europe and participating nations that will build readiness and improve interoperability under a unified command, executing a full range of military missions to support the security and stability of the Black Sea Region.

It is deterrence in action.

Some of the more notable aspects of SG17 include: the massing of 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division (3/4ID) from several locations across the Operation Atlantic Resolve area of operation to the exercise joint operations area (JOA) in Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria; and the movement of 2nd Cavalry Regiment (2CR) from Vilseck, Germany, to numerous locations throughout the JOA.

The Black Sea Region exercises for 2017 include numerous U.S., ally, and partner national exercises, with SG17 being the largest.

Each is separate and distinct, however many of them contribute to or enable SG17 in various ways.

As a whole, these exercises demonstrate the United States and NATO’s superior joint and combined capabilities and highlight our collective will to defend against regional aggression.

This exercise is an annual multinational exercise conducted since 2013 that rotates among Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine.

The exercise is part of U.S. European Command’s Joint Exercise Program designed to enhance joint combined interoperability with allied and partner nations.”

Now, in the “fine print” of the first paragraph, the country of “Romania” was inserted quietly and without fanfare, almost in the manner that “MSG” is listed within the ingredients of Doritos.

Romania… where we have been setting up shop with our Anti-ballistic missile stations… the ones that can be converted into Ballistic missile stations in a matter of hours.

“Exercises” being the key word in all of this.  It would not take much to run “hot” on these exercises and morph into the real deal.

The Baltic, the Black Sea, and Syria are all “key” pieces of real estate for the IMF/NATO hegemony.

The first is the gateway into Eastern Europe through the Baltic States, the second on dangerous ground with the Kiev government and Separatist standoff ready to pick up the pace with backing by the U.S. and Russia respectively.

Finally, Syria is the key to a U.S. pipeline from Qatar into Europe for natural gas, as well as the critical, key objective for U.S. conquest before an invasion of Iran, one of the last nations not tied into the World Bank and IMF.

The last line from the USAREUR site is really great… a combination of arrogant hubris and imperialism swathed in righteousness.  Here it is again:

“As a whole, these exercises demonstrate the United States and NATO’s superior joint and combined capabilities and highlight our collective will to defend against regional aggression.”

As long as the U.S. and NATO continue to jockey for position, relations will continue to deteriorate and a new Cold War will materialize.

The other two parts of the equation are the negation of President Trump’s effectiveness and the collapse of the United States through economic and social deterioration. All of it is fostered, and all of it is planned.

Everybody better start making their plans to protect themselves and their families if they haven’t already started.

TPTB have started their culling of the herd: of that you can be assured.

By Jeremiah Johnson, Guest author


Why the Vatican Has Covered Up Humanity’s ‘Pre Flood’ History

The Roman Catholic church has worked hard to keep the general public from fully understanding the ‘pre-flood’ civilization in human history.

The pre-flood world is one of mystery and seems to have been edited out of history in order to fit within Biblical ideologies; a strategy used to keep the human race from interacting with Alien races.

So, does The Vatican control history?

Anyone who does research can see that history has been overwritten by powerful forces, evidence that come in the form of artifacts and scholarly articles have been hidden or destroyed.

Why? Churches were built over pagan sites in order to conquer civilizations and cover up pre-flood remains.

The narrative has been propagated.

We are lead to believe that humans were all once Neanderthals, then evolved into our current human state. But evidence suggests otherwise.

Why would the Catholic church go so far in order to orchestrate such a cover up? Maybe because the pre-flood civilization was seeded by an alien species. reports: These aliens seeded the early human populations to bring them to where we are today—although the flood wiped away much of this evidence.

If the general public knew about this prior civilization, there would be no control over the population.

Furthermore, the pagan sites that many churches were built over served as portals for these aliens to travel back and forth between Earth and their areas of the universe.

Some evidence of this lies both in the remains of giants and those with other genetic deformities.

Why would the Catholic church go so far in order to orchestrate such a cover up?

These abnormalities were due to the intermingling of non-human species with humans.

The flood attempted to wipe the slate clean of all of these abnormalities but did not fully do the job.

Therefore, the Vatican had to come in with the ideologies of the Bible and attempt to cover up the rest of the evidence.

It is truly fascinating to see some of this massive cover up exposed as curious researchers dig up more and more evidence of this great civilization.


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