Soldiers Bulldoze Farmlands Near Bethlehem To Conduct Training

 August 9, 2017 10:38 AM  IMEMC News BethlehemIsraeli attacksNews ReportWest Bank 0

09 AUG
10:38 AM

On Wednesday morning, dozens of Israeli soldiers, accompanied by bulldozers, invaded Palestinian agricultural lands in the al-Jab’a village, southwest of Bethlehem, in the occupied West Bank, and bulldozed them to conduct military training.

Thiab Masha’la, the head of al-Jab’a Village Council, said the soldiers invaded al-Khour area, west of the village, and started bulldozing the lands, in an area of ten Dunams, owned by the families of Abu Latifa, Hamdan and Abu Lowha.

Masha’la added that, a week ago, the soldiers bulldozed a Palestinian land near a military roadblock, west of the village, in order to expand the roadblock.

In related news, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has reported that Israeli soldiers have abducted, on Wednesday at dawn, at least twenty-five Palestinians, including children, during massive military invasions and violent searches of homes, in different parts of the occupied West Bank.

In the Gaza Strip, the soldiers fired missiles into various areas in the besieged coastal region, causing excessive damage to homes and buildings, and wounding seven Palestinians.


29 Tonnes of Explosive Materials Destroyed in Gaza since ‘Cast Lead’ attack by Israel


Gaza Strip still littered with unexploded ordnance from Israel’s 2014 offensive

The representative of Japan to the Palestinian Authority, Ambassador Takeshi Okubo, and the Director of the United Nations Mine Action Service in Palestine has concluded a Japanese-funded project to remove explosive remnants form the 2014 war in Gaza Strip.

According to the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), stated in a press release on Wednesday that the project was effectively carried out in Gaza Cit, and included an awareness campaign on the dangers of explosive remnants and a photos exhibition.

According to the statement, Japan enabled the United Nations Mine Action Service to clear up the last known and accessible unexploded bomb in Gaza, through its support of a multi-donor project in April 2017.

Since the last Israeli attack on Gaza Strip in the summer of 2014, the United Nations Mine Action Service has cleared and destroyed 29 tonnes of explosive material from 149 unexploded aerial bombs in Gaza.

“This important work protects the community of Gaza, which was directly affected by the presence of unexploded ordnance,” UNRWA declared.

“In addition to clearing explosive remnants of war, the United Nations Mine Action Service has undertaken other activities to mitigate the threat posed by explosive remnants of war, through sensitizing the affected communities, including children, farmers, construction workers and all those at risk of death or injury as a result of the remnants of war that are buried under the rubble and underground.”


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