Iconic girl from Gaza beach massacre graduates

11 years following the 2006 Gaza beach tragedy that killed seven members of her family, Huda Ghalia graduates from the University of Gaza

Eleven years after the 2006 Gaza beach massacre that killed seven members of her family, Huda Ghalia has graduated after completing her undergraduate studies in Sharia and Law at the Islamic University of Gaza.

On the afternoon of 9 June 2006, the Ghalia family were picnicking on the Sudaniya beach near Beit Lahia in northern Gaza when Israeli artillery and naval shelling struck the beach, killing seven members of her family, including her father, stepmother and five siblings.

Huda’s heart wrenching cries for her father as she ran towards his dead body not long after the blast were broadcast around the world. The images of her collapsing besides his body, weeping have turned her into an icon of the Palestinian struggle.

Before handing Huda an honorary award, the head of the Islamic University of Gaza Adel Awadallah said:

Huda is not an average person; she is a piece of every Palestinian. She got into our souls and into our hearts, and it is our duty to take care of her and stand by her.

“I am particularly grateful for my mother who stayed up with me, did so much to take care of me, raised me and encouraged me to finish my education,” Huda said during her graduation ceremony.

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Israel initially took responsibility for the bombing, saying it regretted the civilian deaths. Later, however, it retracted and said the Israeli army was not responsible, concluding that the bombing was caused by a bomb planted by Hamas on the beach.

Following the incident, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas declared three days of mourning, describing the incident a “bloody massacre”.

Trump-Netanyahu’s ‘deal of the century’ revealed

US President Donald Trump (L) is welcomed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) in Tel Aviv on May 22, 2017 [Daniel Bar On/Anadolu Agency]

US President Donald Trump (L) is welcomed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) in Tel Aviv on 22 May 2017 [Daniel Bar On/Anadolu Agency]

Details of the “deal of the century” which would bring an end to the nearly 70-year-old Palestinian-Israeli conflict have been revealed, according to Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

According to the publication, US President Donald Trump and the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agreed to the new terms which ruled out the two-state solution as the answer to the crisis.

If actioned, the agreement would see Egypt governing the besieged Gaza Strip, while Jordan would impose political guardianship over parts of the occupied West Bank. Israel would control the remaining parts of the West Bank and grant Israeli citizenship to the Palestinians living under its sovereignty.

There have been many secret meetings held between Israeli officials and Arab leaders, including Egypt’s Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and Jordan’s King Abdullah II, Haaretz reported.

The newspaper also revealed secret meetings between the former US Secretary of State John Kerry, Netanyahu, Al-Sisi and King Abdullah held in Jordan in February 2016.

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Meanwhile, according to Almesryoon.com, Israeli journalist Yossi Verter revealed a secret meeting held between Netanyahu and the former head of the Israeli opposition, Issac Herzog, with Al-Sisi in the Republican Palace in Cairo in April 2016.

“The secret meeting came at the peak of international efforts to draw general bold lines for a regional peace initiative,” Verter said, noting that the secret visit of Netanyahu and Herzog to Cairo came in line with secret contacts carried out to persuade Netanyahu to integrate the opposition into his government.


Haaretz said that the key of this solution is in the hands of Al-Sisi and King Abdullah who would condition renewing peace accords with Israel with continuous financial support from the countries which support peace.

The newspaper noted that this deal of the century could be rejected.

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