NY Supreme Court – Corrupt, Masonic, Satanic

henrymakow.com — Aug 30, 2017

New York supreme-court-entrance

Right from the minute you walk into this “courthouse” located at 60 Centre Street, New York NY 10013, you are greeted with bizarre and strange mosaics and paintings of occult astrological signs and other weird illuminati symbology. This is your first indication that something is definitely wrong.
An insider sounds off:
“It is no secret that if you are not affiliated with, or completely subservient to, the heavily Satanic Freemasonic power structure of New York City, whether as a litigant or a lawyer,  you will absolutely never receive ‘justice’ in this courthouse.”

by Thomas William Wallace Paine


The New York Supreme Court is the oldest Supreme Court established on May 6, 1691. That court was continued by the State of New York after independence was declared in 1776.

outside.jpgIt became the New York Supreme Court under the New York Constitutional Convention of 1846.

The building’s mass and scale give it the appearance of a Freemasonic temple.

A broad set of steps sweeps up from Foley Square to a massive Corinthian colonnade covering most of the front of the courthouse, topped by an elaborate 140-foot-long (43 m) triangular pediment of thirteen figures carved in bas relief from granite.

The pediment and acroteria by Frederick Warren Allen include three statues: “Law, Truth, and Equity.” A frieze bears the inscription “The True Administration of Justice is the Firmest Pillar of Good Government,” a quotation taken from a letter written by George Washington to Attorney General Edmund Randolph on September 28, 1789.

But the inscription is a slight misquote (or was it?)

Washington actually referred to the “due administration” of justice and not the “true administration” of justice, an error discovered by the New York Post in 2009.

Folklore states that the error was apparently made by the Freemason architect, Guy Lowell, and the mistake was repeated by others, including Charles Warren in his Pulitzer Prize-winning The Supreme Court in United States History (1922).

But Washington, like many of his predecessors, was a low-level Freemason.

The stone steps leading up to the colonnaded entrance are flanked by two allegorical statues, Justice and Authority, both designed

in 1906 by the Franco-American sculptor Philip Martiny (1888-1927). Both figures are large in size, made of granite, and seated.

Justice, a female figure, is on the right side and holds a shield and scroll.

Authority is on the left side and holds a scroll and fasces, the Roman symbol of authority, giving rise to the term “Fascism.”

supreme-court-rotunda.jpgThe rotunda is 200 feet (61 m) in circumference and rises 75 feet (23 m) to a cupola which in 30 feet (9.1 m) high and 20 feet (6.1 m) long. The rotunda also contains ten stained-glass windows and clerestory. The rotunda’s most striking feature, however, is the oft-reproduced circular mural Law Through the Ages, which is a clearly pagan work of art, also called “The History of the Law.”

This New Age/New Deal-era mural commissioned under fellow Freemason Franklin Delano Roosevelt was designed by the Italian artist Attilio Pusterla and painted by him and a team of artists working under his direction from 1934 and 1936, under sponsorship from the Federal Art Project of the Works Project Administration.

Pusterla also executed Illuminati Freemasonic Satanic murals in the courthouse’s Jury Assembly Rooms on the fourth floor and Ceremonial Courtroom on the third floor.

“Law Through the Ages” is divided into six “lunettes,” or sections.

Each depicts a pair of figures from historical cultures important to the history of law, and noticeably completely omitting and devoid of United States constitutional law, only occult, Freemasonic, Illuminati, Satanic references to “their law.”

supreme-court-37-of-531 (1).jpgForeign legal history is plastered all throughout this Illuminati Freemasonic Temple Courthouse – Assyrian and Egyptian, Hebraic and Persian, Greek and Roman, Byzantine and Frankish, English and early colonial, with the final section portraying George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Above the seated figures are portraits of six other Freemasonic Illuminati (un-American) lawgivers: Hammurabi, Moses, Solon, Justinian, Blackstone and John Marshall.


It is no secret that if you are not affiliated with, or completely subservient to, the heavily Satanic Illuminati Freemasonic power structure of New York City, whether as a litigant or a lawyer, that you will absolutely never receive “justice” in this courthouse.

Miserable law clerks like “Mr Proto” in the Ex Parte Unit in Room 315, flanked by other miserable miscreants like his supervisor “Elaine” or “Robert” or “Gil,” or the satanic idiots in Room 116 where they contain devilish law clerks, will literally quickly determine if you are an enemy or un-favored person of the Freemasons, and if they determine that you are, they will proceed to ransack and sabotage your case, your papers, and your ultimate judicial decision.

These idiots are not elected, but serve seemingly for life, because they are the “true” power structure of that corrupted satanic courthouse, with the doddering, incompetent, absentee “judges” and “magistrates” (eg Sherry Klein Heitler, Peter Sherwood, Richard Braun, Arthur Engoron, Peter Moulton, Joan Madden) merely functioning as “window dressing” and “props” to both hide and masquerade their satanic influence.

These idiots will routinely:

(1) lose your paperwork;
(2) deface and scrawl all over your paperwork;
(3) hide, destroy or lose your exhibits, documentary evidence, or pleadings;
(4) white out portions of your paperwork/pleadings;
(5) assign you to judges knowing that they are on vacation or absent;
(6) deliberately misdirect you to different rooms in the building to harass you and waste your time;
(7) purposefully confuse you and give you bad advice;
(8) write court decisions themselves denying your requested relief before having them signed off by an old, invalid, incompetent judge who can barely take a piss by himself, let alone read your case file and issue a competent court order or decision;
SSpatz_cropped.jpg(9) retaliate against you viciously if you complain to their equally corrupted and controlled “supervisor,” NY Office of Court Administration Inspector General Sherrill Spatz, left, by increasing and augmenting the type of abuse described above;
(10) and ultimately cost you enormous amounts of money and time lost in their gross acts of obstruction of justice, witness and evidence tampering, and other crimes.

It is also a known secret that the very corrupted NYC Federal Bureau of Investigation located at 26 Federal Plaza, New York NY has a very close “COINTELPRO” working relationship with this Satanic Illuminati courthouse and its law clerks/judges, so that they work hand in hand together to target certain individuals and business who have run afoul of the power structure, and in return they offer these corrupted court clerks and judges full protection from disciplinary complaints to the equally corrupted, subverted and controlled NY State Commission on Judicial Conduct, civil lawsuits, and other media publicity trying to expose them.

Please avoid this courthouse at all costs, if possible.


First Comment from Al Thompson-

Any court, whether it is in the United States, Canada, or elsewhere, is the most evil experience one can imagine.

Here are just a few of the things that I’ve personally witnessed in courtrooms:

1. Federal courts like to use a gas like nitrous.  It has a sweet smell to it and it causes a man to feel deprived of sleep.  This is effective because if your case involves an action against the STATE, State, or state, you won’t be as sharp because of the gas.

2.  These courts sanitize or alter the transcripts to make them say what the “court” wants and not what really happened in the hearing.

3.  The context of the whole proceeding is in question because most people don’t know the legal definitions of normal words which then become terms.  This is a big trap that most people will fall into and crash and burn.

4.  These courts operate on the foundation of Satan or Lucifer and the big giveaway is the swearing of oaths which is taking the Lord’s name in vain.

5.  Judge withheld exculpatory evidence (evidence favorable to the defendant) from the jury.

6.  Arrest people without probable cause and steal their children.

The courts are the destroyers of peoples’ lives for no other reason for power and money.  Going into a courtroom is like being dumped into a big bucket of maggot excrement.  Going into a courtroom is the closest thing to being in hell; but, without the flames.  All judges and lawyers are liars.  The reason is that since the court is based on Satanic or Luciferian principles, the only logical outcome is the lie.  The lie is the product of a Satanic system.

These courts should never be looked upon with any kind of favor.  They are instrumental in keeping the communist state going with the false idea of the bill of rights.  None of us have any rights in their system.  We are just the animals in the Talmud.  The true state of affairs is that we all live under a slave state and all of the talk about the Bill of Rights is just plain, unadulterated; bullshit.  Just try using it.  Going to court is like being in hell asking Satan for a glass of water.


Antony Sutton – The Order of Skull and Bones [Brotherhood of Death]

One response to “Antony Sutton – The Order of Skull and Bones [Brotherhood of Death]”


Today´s Scurge: The Tools of Protocols of the Wise Elders of Zion – Communism, Hollywood, Sex/Drugs.

The following video illustrates the “Protocols of the Wise Elders of Zion” – a program for cunning, sneaking, brutal world hegemony over contemptible Goyim (cattle)/Non-Jews “When we shall come into our Kingdom” – as I have written.

The video  shows some of the tools by which the Talmudists/Pharisees/Illuminati  and their stooge  Masonry (Judaism for Goyim= Cattle = Non-Jews) brainwash the Goyim to blindly be driven into the direction of what the Talmudists/Pharisees always saw them to be: Worthless animals with only one justification: To serve the Jewish 2master race”.
1) Communism
2) Hollywood – the NWO´s most efficient warriors against the teachings of Christ and the media
3) Perversion of youth through sex, drugs, anti-culture into soullessness.

In 1914, the chairman of the Jewish Congress stated: Jews must rule the world!”



Lerner Spectre, wife of Stockholm´s Supreme Rabbi: “Jews must lead the world”!

 When Jesuit, Jew and Rothschild agent Edward Mandel House on behalf of Pres. Woodrow Wilson  wrote the Peace Treaty of Versailles without any German participation – and so that WW2 was inevitable –  he used special literature: Some time ago, Stan Monteith, a pioneer NWO researcher and broadcaster, found a typewritten copy of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” in the papers of Col. Edward Mandel House at Yale University. Colonel House, at the peak of his powers, was the central figure at the Peace Conference.

The Protocols have been and are still being postulated by Jews to be a fraud – but this has never been proved in court. And the systematic fulfilment of them can only be explained by them being a fact.
Researcher and Rabbi Marvin Antelman writes in his Book “To Eliminate the Opiate” vol 1, p. xviii that the authors were the Jewish Schiffs Warburgs, Morgan, Rothschild, Rockefeller. 

Two remarkable statements are made:
a. East European Zionist Jews immigrated to America, established Hollywood (which they still own) and launched concept of “the American Dream” (about insatiable greed, greatness and immorality), i.e. they shaped the minds of the Americans (and thus of much of the world) the way the Zionists wanted them to be.
b. The question is not what the Germans did to the Jews, but what the Jews did to the Germans – see my post on the Unknown Adolf Hitler and  here.  Hitler was a Jew  – possibly a Rothschild – although Rabbi Antelman claims  Hitler was the deliberate ritual creation of a  ritual participated in by his   Jewish  and here mother, Klara Pölzl, and a  Sabbatean Frankist. So, there was any reason for this antisemite to conceal his family.  He is even said in 1912-13 to have had a Tavistock-brainwashing and being deconstructed to become  a British agent.  The Rothschild programmers work out of  Tavistock.

Haaretz 24 Aug. 2010:



The Protocols are the 2. Communist Rothschild Manifesto – Jewish world Hegemony, the NWOAgenda 21, Techhnocracy.  Karl Marx wrote the first of the kind by order and payment of his cousin, Nathan Rothschild of the London City.
It is Jewish Luciferianism with the one purpose to let the Pharisees have their final victory over Jesus Christ whom they know they could not defeat at Golgatha. They hate him, because he is their master´s absolute opponent in a world they see as belonging to Lucifer – not to his brother (see Book of Job) Jesus Christ, who tries to steal some of the souls which inescapably belonged to Lucifer and his stooges  – until Christ sowed his offer of salvation from the NWO-Limbo  which is as old and evil as Mankind.



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The Jewish Character of the Early Masonic Lodge

October 20, 2009

freemasonry-star.jpgby Fritz Springmeier
(From “Wise as a Serpent, Gentle as a Dove”) Because there has been such a powerful cover up of the role Jews have played in Freemasonry, this subject must be dealt with. The Reformed Rabbi Gotthold Saloman wrote that Freemasonry was more a Jewish movement in origin than Christian. However, as is so often the case today, Jews can say things about themselves which if Gentiles, the Goy, say the same thing, then the non-Jews are in serious trouble.The initial formation by four Masonic lodges in 1717 of the first public Grand Lodge, included several Jewish Masons as participants. These were Marranos Jews (Jews converted to Christianity) and included Mendez, de Medina, Alvarez, and Baruch.29 In other words, Jews were there from the start. A look at the seals of the various Masonic groups in England in the 18th century reveals a Jewish or magical influence.

Many books, including Morey’s recent one, portray the American lodges as anti-Jewish. This is a smokescreen. The only Grand Lodge that was really anti-Jewish was the Prussian Grand Lodge which eventually transformed itself into the Thule Society and then into the Nazi Party. The reason that the Prussian Lodges became concerned in the early 19th century about Jewish control of Freemasonry could be a book in itself, but was based on several items, 1. being close to the several radical Jewish movements in Poland and the German States, the Germans were more aware of what was taking place, 2. in Germany warnings were given by ex-Masons and Masons, 3. German authors like Johann Christian Ehrmann in 1816, Eduard Emil Eckert (Der Freimaurer-Orden in seiner wahren Bedeutung, c. 1850), and Georg Michael Pachtler to name a few wrote books warning the Germans about Freemasonry and the power of Jews within the lodges.

A close examination by reliable Masonic, Jewish, and other sources reveals that the Jews have indeed played an important part in the Masonic lodges since their beginning. A person today will witness for instance such things as the Feast of Tishri observed by for instance the Arkansas Lodge of Perfection.30


The first early lodges in the various European nations of Scotland, England, German states, and France built upon a number of existing organizations. Various secret societies were built upon.

Although it is beyond the scope of this chapter to explain Masonry’s early history, it will be found in the Knight’s Templar groups, in the secret societies of Europe and the Middle East
(including the Order called Roshaniya, the Assassins, & Sufism), the Rosicrucians, the Prieure de Sion, the Mystery Religions (including the evolution of the Mazdains to Mithraism to
Manicheanism to Freemasonry), witchcraft, and Platonic humanists and philosophers.

Not only were the Masonic Rites formed from the early secret societies, but the secrecy of the Lodges encouraged and provided a forum for men of all types of anti-Christian persuasions, including – but not limited – to the Jews. John Robison, a Mason and a leading intellect of his day, exposed the conspiracy of Illuminized Masonry to take over the world and destroy Christianity in 1789.

After decades of working closely with these men and listening to them in the Lodges he writes about the activities of these men, “…although in direct opposition to a standing rule, and a
declaration made to every newly received Brother, ‘that nothing touching the religion or government shall ever be spoken of in the Lodge.’ But the Lodges in other countries quickly followed the example of France, and have frequently become the rendezvous of
innovators in religion and politics, and other disturbers of the public peace. In short, I have found that the covert of a Mason Lodge had been employed in every country for venting and
propagating sentiments in religion and politics, that could not have been circulated in public without exposing the author to great danger. I found, that this impunity [freedom due to Masonry’s secrecy] had gradually encouraged men of licentious principles to become more bold, and to teach doctrines subversive of all our notions of morality…”31 “…under the protection of Masonic secrecy, they planned schemes… they formed associations in opposition to the… superstitions of the church….The church dreaded the consequences, and endeavored to suppress the Lodges. But in vain…. the rigors of the church only served to knit the Brethren [Masonic Brethren] more firmly together…The Lodges became schools of skepticism and infidelity, and the spirit of conversion or proselytism [to spread Masonic Dogma] grew every day stronger. “32

Robison found in his attendance of Masonic meetings that even some of the Church officials like the Prince Bishop Loge de la Parfaite Intelligence mocked and attacked the church in
his talks given at the Masonic Lodge and this while many of the other Lodge members were dignitaries in the church.33 This type of thing is still continuing. Today some of the most important “Christian” ministers who are Masons have only contempt for Christianity once they have the Lodge’s secrecy to talk.

Related —“Freemasonry is Cabala”

Springmeier- Benjamin Franklin-Freemason and Jew


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