Divide and Conquer: The Globalist Pathway to New World Order Tyranny

A Geopolitics Perspective


The idiom “divide and conquer” is said to have originated with the Latin maxim “divide et impera” meaning divide and rule. Julius Caesar used it in reference to defeating the Gauls during the Gaelic War. While its first usage in the English language began circa 1600, through the centuries it’s carried a commonly understood meaning.

The retention of power by utilizing a deliberate strategy of causing those in subordinate positions to engage in conflicts with each other that weaken and keep them from any unified effort to remove the status quo force from power. This policy of maintaining control over subordinates or potential opponents by encouraging or causing dissent between them, thereby preventing them from uniting in opposition to pose any serious threat to the existing power structure is a very familiar story throughout history. It’s an age old formula having multiple applications, most commonly used in the political arena but also in the military, sociological and economic realm as well.

Machiavelli formulated the divide and conquer strategy as an axiom in his Art of War where the enemy can be forced to break up their forces or where the mutual trust between the opponent’s leader and his men can be sabotaged and broken. Economically in the corporate world it’s used to gain advantage by triggering smaller competitors to take business away from each other and in effect canceling each other out, leaving the larger corporation to move in to reap greater profits, an indirect way the bigger fish eat the littler fish. Business models also use it to successfully tackle a large project by breaking it down into smaller, more manageable components. Sociological application of the divide and conquer strategy involves causing discord and conflict amongst racial/ethnic groups, or exploiting class, religious, age or gender differences to divide and diminish power of various groups according to these sociological classifications.

History is ripe with examples of its successful implementation. One illustration of its sociological application was during the 17th century when the Virginia elite quelled a rash of uprisings from ex-indentured servant white men unified with black slaves by enacting race laws that elevated the rabble status of poor whites so far above the slaves that it effectively eliminated the threat of their ever joining forces in armed rebellion again. This divide and conquer stratagem was frequently repeated by European colonial powers typically pitting competitive tribal, ethnic and religious factions against each other to ensure they would not conspire revolt against the ruling imperialists. In Asia the British took full advantage of Moslems versus Hindus in India as well as creating conflict between Indians and Pakistanis. In the African colonies of Rwanda and Burundi Germany and Belgium created conflict between the Tutsis and Hutus that’s continued right into the genocidal 1990’s. For centuries the Rothschilds made it a family tradition funding both sides in a long series of wars in Europe and America guaranteeing them as the sole benefactors of waging war over the long haul.

This constant thematic thread of divide and conquer permeates the twentieth century on an epic, never before seen scale. The globalist-internationalists intentionally instigated both World War I and II as well as every major rise and fall of the stock market. The German militarization that led directly to WWI, the Bolshevik Revolution that violently evolved into both the Soviet and eventual Chinese Communist regimes along with Hitler’s rise to power (compliments of the likes of globalist George H.W. Bush’s father Prescott) were all examples of how the ruling elite directly funds and willfully creates conflict amongst competing powers, thereby covertly consolidating and expanding their own power base.

Their heinous crimes against humanity for their own selfish gain resulted in the two most destructive, bloodiest conflicts in human history.

As an outgrowth of World War II, the globalists devised the diabolical scheme of carving up the world by political ideology, promoting a relatively permanent, ready-made solution. The so called free world’s chief nemesis would be the Communist enemy.

Fervent anti-Communist and noted New York-Hollywood writer, director and producer Cecil Fagan in the late 1960’s recorded The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations:

The idea was that those who direct the overall conspiracy could use the differences in those two so-called ideologies [marxism/fascism/socialism/communism v. democracy/capitalism] to enable them [the Illuminati] to divide larger and larger portions of the human race into opposing camps so that they could be armed and then brainwashed into fighting and destroying each other. The internationalists discreetly gave away American technology and large sums of cash to the Russians while Senator Joe McCarthy domestically led his Red Scare inquisition. To ensure this Communist scare really got off the ground guaranteeing the rise of the military industrial complex and more unstoppable war, the Rockefellers and their fellow Western globalists also saw fit to secretly finance and back Mao’s power grab taking control over China’s mainland, conveniently splitting the Chinese people into Red Communists while covertly undermining yet publicly supporting Chiang Kai-shek’s island retreat to Formosa (later Taiwan).

Using these same divide and conquer tactics elsewhere in Asia, at the end of WWII the globalists using longtime Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member and future Secretary of State Dean Rusk [1961-1969] to arbitrarily split Korea at the 38th parallel (a nation and people that for centuries had always been unified) into two separate enemy camps.

And to this day the US maintains a strong military presence in South Korea despite sentiments voiced last year by South Korea indicating it desires reunification. But in this polarized geopolitical world compliments of the globalists’ re-installment of Cold War 2, NWO puppet Obama’s been busily militarizing East Asia in his feebly aggressive “pivotal” push toward military confrontation with the East. As a result, tensions are heating up with Beijing asserting its emerging leadership role in the region taken by the Washington neocons as a direct threat and challenge to Empire’s global hegemony.

Within a decade after the Korean War was over, the globalists were at it again replicating this same proven lethal formula fueling another cold war wedge in Asia, this time with the divided Vietnamese population. Again with the Communists in the North and another corrupt US supported puppet in the South, once the globalists got rid of Kennedy who’d vowed to return all US military advisors and thereby avoid war in Vietnam entirely, less than a year after JFK’s murder, co-conspirator Lyndon Johnson plunged the imperialistic Empire into its longest running war in US history under the pretense of yet another false flag lie in the Gulf of Tonkin in August 1964. Nine years later, three more million Southeast Asians lay dead along with 58,000 more Americans. But this time America suffered its first humiliating military defeat in its exhaustive warring history (at war 93% of the time).

But military defeat nor heavy loss of human life would ever phase psychopathic globalist-bankersalways out to make their greedy killing feeding their imperialistic greed and Empire’s hegemonic control. After all, war profiteering in Asia had become an American pastime and big business for the globalists. At the turn of the twentieth century as the first Asian bloodbath ended, the Spanish American War witnessed the US military brutally slaughtering close to a million Filipinos (per Filipino historians). This level of violence was meant to send the chilling message to the Third World that nothing would stop US imperialism from having its way with lesser powered nations. By the way, the internationalist robber barons were behind the false flag excuse to start that war too. Media mogul Randolph Hearst knew yellow journalism – “Remember the Maine?” Fact: each and every war in the bloodiest century known to man was initiated by yet another premeditated globalist false flag event.

Unsurprisingly, pro-New World Order globalists’ true but largely hidden ideology has always leaned far closer to their supposed Communist totalitarian enemy than any real democracy. They’ve always been about killing off all competition for the sake of maintaining monopolized control of an anything but free market. They’ve used their secret fraternity to retain their global power into the fewest hands. And their lust for Third World exploitation, theft and violence is so insatiable that any foreign national leader who actually attempts to practice democratic principles directly benefiting and uplifting their native population is simply not tolerated and through the globalists’ secret private army the CIA that answers to no one in government, that leader is quickly assassinated and/or overthrown. Iran’s Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh in 1953 and Chile’s President Salvador Allende in 1973 are but two among many examples of international leaders who were violently cut short from continuing their noble work improving the economic lives of their people. Because they were loyal to their own citizens and nations and United States business interests were not given high enough priority, the CIA made sure they were eliminated from power.

Again straight out of organized crime’s playbook, the message to all nations on earth is either you play ball allowing the mighty US bully to come rape and pillage your country or your leader will suddenly be gone in a heartbeat. With near total impunity for more than 60 years the CIA’s been covertly deployed around the world engaging in state sponsored terrorism as the globalists’ mercenary death squad constantly violating every international law, UN Charter and Geneva Convention rule in order to subversively wreak havoc around the globe, again protected with complete impunity by US’ deep state exceptionalism.

Indeed there are very few regions on earth where US Empire has not actively supported or organized coup d’états or otherwise overthrown and/or assassinated foreign leaders and governments. One readily can see that the alphabetical shortlist that follows is actually very long:

Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Argentina, Bolivia, Bosnia, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, China, Colombia, Colorado, Congo, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Germany, Greece, Grenada, Guam, Guatemala, Haiti, Hawaii, Honduras, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Korea, Kuwait, Laos, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Macedonia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russia, Samoa, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, South Dakota, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Uruguay, USSR, Ukraine, Venezuela, Vietnam, Virgin Islands, Yemen, Yugoslavia and Zaire

And the list above doesn’t even include assassinations committed by government insiders inside the US of such prominent American leaders as JFK, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and RFK. With thousands of murderous hitmen posing as federal agents undoubtedly never serving even one day in prison for committing so much murder, mayhem and chaos over so many years on such a colossal global scale, it’s mind boggling to even fathom how their sins go unpunished.

Speaking of getting away with murder, despite the CIA getting caught red-handed committing unlawful acts of torture (euphemistically called enhanced interrogation techniques) on a regular basis during the Bush-Cheney years, Obama refused to prosecute because he more than likely allowed it to continue on his watch. So says the imprisoned CIA officer turned whistleblower John Kiriakou who ended up doing serious time because he did the right thing courageously exposing the widespread inhumane practice while the perpetrators got away with their crimes. But then consistent with history, good deeds go punished and evil ones don’t.

Despite each US president paying lip service to both domestic and international law explicitly prohibiting political assassination, the exceptional Empire-crime syndicate’s track record proves that through the CIA the US government regularly engages in tampering with other nation’s sovereignty to the extent that coups de tats, murders, at least 50 attempted murders and 600 assassination plots of foreign leaders in the last 50 years are commonplace. The divide and conquer strategy is easily met by separating another sovereign nation from its deposed leader, thus conquering and subjugating both the people and the next US installed handpicked puppet. The two examples Shah of Iran and General Pinochet as selected past US puppets were both infamous tyrants and war criminals guilty of viciously killing thousands of their own people. But since birds of the same criminal ilk flock together, they gave the predatory US vultures everything they wanted and demanded.

While war criminal-globalist with the rock star status Henry Kissinger was being selected as Nobel Peace Prize winner, similar to Obama years later, Kissinger was busily orchestrating Allende’s death on Chile’s own 9/11. Bottom line reality, globalist-led US Empire neither encourages nor permits independence and prosperity to reign in any nation, especially ones endowed with a wealth of natural resources that must be milked, mined and stolen by the elite.

Active membership in the globalist dominated Council on Foreign Relations or any number of other globalist organizations like the Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, Yale’s Skull and Bones Society automatically places you at the head of the class as a prime mover and shaker of world events and developments. Since 1921 CFR globalists have remained a permanent, very visible fixture in Washington operating at the power pyramid pinnacle within all branches of the federal government, over-stacked especially in the executive and legislative branches. Over the last century most US presidents and nearly all heads of their State, Defense, Treasury and Justice Departments as well as the key Congressional powerbrokers have all been CFR plants pushing relentlessly toward their New World Order.

Famed American historian, John Kennedy’s award winning biographer, confidant and globalist Arthur Schlesinger Jr. in 1995 remarked in the CFR publication Foreign Affairs, “We are not going to achieve a New World Order without paying for it in blood as well as words and money.”

With a bloody full century behind them of blatant dividing, conquering and destroying other peoples and nations at will, at the start of this century the geopolitical stage was already set for globalists to step up their despicable low-bar standards by sinking even lower, committing unprecedented, unthinkable acts of evil. Since 9/11 they’ve been turning to their tried and true divide and conquer methodology at an accelerated clip paving the way to their endgame scenario – a New World Order complete with a one world government and a cashless, micro-chipped feudalistic society. At this late stage in their game, 2015 so far has been the year they’re smelling blood and closing in for the kill.

For many years the US Empire has been employed to do the global elite’s dirty bidding. After using Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda originally to defeat an overextended Soviet Empire in the world’s empire graveyard Afghanistan throughout the 1980’s, forcing the breakup of the Soviet Union nearly a quarter century ago, the US Empire then used its clout as the world’s only superpower to ensure that Russia and China would never challenge US hegemony and full spectrum dominance again. The globalists proceeded on an ambitious worldwide quest to increase dominance and control by embarking on an agenda to destabilize the entire world. Though the US has focused its most destructive power on the Middle East and North Africa, the sheer madness of destabilization has spread deeper into the sub-Saharan African continent as well.

Their favorite method of achieving this objective involves employing their divide and conquer strategy that’s embodied in the imperialistic operational term “balkanizing.” It most accurately describes the Modus Operandi by which the elite’s quest to global destabilization has been accomplished. But as Pebe Escobar aptly says, ”Empire of Chaos isn’t working out too well for them.” For all its destructive power to destroy other nations, the US appears to also be self-imploding. Of course that’s what empires do, just like the sun, they rise and they fall, and currently the sun’s fast setting on the American Empire.

This presentation aims to address the cold hard reality that it’s clearly no accident but purely by globalist design that as the US powers-that-be so zealously and willfully export their most dubious, most skilled commodity – bombing other nations around the world into oblivion – the global elite also desires to simultaneously bring down America as the most powerful country on earth. The modern roots to this tragic tale with such a seemingly sad ending for so many is conspicuously embedded in plain sight in the not so distant past.

Fresh off the cold war with the Soviet breakup, in the 1990’s globalist Bill Clinton used NATO’s dirty bombs to soften the resistance for Osama’s US mercenary band of al Qaeda terrorists that had been hired to move Afghan heroin from the Balkans into the West while killing demonized Serbs in Bosniaand Kosovo. The end result was the systematic destruction of the former Yugoslavia, balkanizing the country by breaking it up into a half dozen separate ineffectual pieces as failed nation-state puppets for US transnationals to divvy up their predatory claims with first dibs reserved for US military expansion.

Thus, the US quickly installed yet more killer machine airfields and military bases (near a thousand dot the Empire occupied planet) as part of a strategy to seal off Russia’s borderland nations, quickly turning them into anti-Russian, pro-NATO vassal enclaves. Next came the proliferation of installing warhead missiles aimed directly at Moscow from such close doorstep vantage points as Poland and Romania with the strategic goal of stretching them into Central Asia. As suicidal insanity, currently the neocons are both prepping and pressing US-NATO for a preemptive nuke strike against Russia.

The location hub of Eastern Europe in Russia’s backyard has always served empires well for nearby military incursions into the Middle East and Central Asia. US military bases in Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria along with the strategic Eurasian gateway ally Turkey offered the necessary precursor launching pad for the neocons’ Project for the New American Century’s (PNAC) post-9/11 US invasion-occupation-destabilization-regime change-failed state endgame war agenda scenario across the Middle East and North Africa.

The major players in the international crime cabal government occupying Washington when not at their home away from home Tel Aviv, that infamous neocon Bush-Cheney gang holding so many dual US-Israeli citizenships as both the 9/11 and war-on-terror architects (in cahoots of course with Israeli Mossad and the Saudi royals) are clearly responsible for carrying out the bloodiest, most ambitious and diabolical false flag in history on 9/11.

Their Project for the New American Century from a couple years earlier prior to 9/11 was the blueprinted plot laying bare their new century’s aggressive foreign policy-on-steroids. Under the false pretext of their war on terror, they’ve engaged in multiple regime changes (their plan called for seven in five years per General Wesley Clark) after executing their “new Pearl Harbor event,” they’ve consistently employed their divide and conquer strategy to destabilize, weaken and destroy targeted Muslim nations throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

And those very same treasonous Washington neocons holding dual US-Israeli citizenship who pulled off the 9/11 coup are incredibly still driver-seated in power still plundering the globe today. But make no mistake, all along they’ve been receiving their marching orders directly from the globalists in charge, representing the 1% wealthiest people on earth that own more than the rest of us 7 plus billion combined!

The growing list of US victimized nations-turned-war-ravaged failed states include Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Central African Republic, Congo, Ukraine and a few others we likely still don’t know. By using oil rich, corrupt Muslim monarchy Gulf states as their co-conspiring vassals – namely Saudi ArabiaQatarUnited Arab EmiratesKuwait and Jordan along with Turkey, together creating the scourge of well-funded, well-trained, well-armed and well-supplied proxy mercenary terrorists ISIS, the US-Israeli-NATO alliance controlled by the globalists have – again by design – pitted Muslim nation against Muslim nation, Shiites against Sunnis, Western white Christians against Muslims worldwide. And that’s not even counting the thousands of Muslim family members who’ve lost relatives due to US war and drone strike transgressions over the last decade and a half that’s acting as an ideal recruiting station for Islamic extremism. Undoubtedly many vowing to avenge the death of their loved ones are now fighting against the US as ISIS jihadists. But then that feeds right into the globalist strategy to keep fresh angry recruits fighting their manufactured war of terror.

As if this tragic mess created in the Middle East and North Africa isn’t enough for the bloodthirsty globalists, in 2014 enter Hillary and Soros’ NGO-led coup in Ukraine and the globalists with one illicit stroke reignited Cold War 2 that currently has the Western world on the brink of triggering a possible nuclear war against the powerful Eastern alliance of Russia-China-Iran. By their shameless demonic design, the globalists’ deceitfully delivered war of terror with its $6 trillion price tag and counting has bankrupted the globalist-created Ponzi scheme of a house of cards economy, made our only planet the most armed and dangerous in recorded history, and is now rapidly pushing humans toward yet another world war and/or human-induced mass extinction that might well spell the end of all life on earth. With the stakes never higher, the lethal culmination of their divide and conquer strategy being fulfilled through this century’s escalating events and developments are unfolding upon us now at breakneck speed.

At the behest of Israel, the US seized the opportunity for more dividing and conquering by “balkanizing” the entire MENA region into weakened failed states for superpower’s global hegemony and further blood-for-oil plundering. Subsequently Iraq has been partitioned off by ethnic-sectarian divide reserved for more manageably designated Sunni, Shiite and Kurd states. Of course the destabilizing presence of ISIS invading Iraq in June 2014 seizing an undefended Mosul conveniently allowed the US excuse to reinstall its military posts back in Iraq, something the then quickly deposed Maliki had obstinately refused when US military departed Iraq in December 2011. But two weeks ago this Middle East quagmire by globalist design compliments of US Empire of Chaos just got jolted by Putin’s game-changing wakeup call at the UN.

Until Putin’s recent no nonsense interventions to start snuffing out ISIS in Syria where Obama for over a year was playing his pretend game to “hunt them down,” the determined US agenda for over four years had been to regime change Assad, destabilize and balkanize Syria a small nation into weaker factions so the oil-gas pipeline war against Russia could be won on the way to claiming the final grand prize in the region – taking down Iran as Israel’s and hence Empire’s foremost thorn in its side. Just months before the US-P5-Iran nuke agreement, the CFR’s Foreign Policy was still frothing at the mouth calling for an Iran regime change.

The same globalist/US design to destabilize through balkanization is either in process or been deployed in LibyaYemenUkrainePakistanCongoSudan, the South CaucasusMyanmarThailandand other places where Black Ops go that we don’t know. But regardless of where, we do know America’s destabilizing agenda has everything to do with its transparently futile attempt to cut off, isolate and weaken renewed cold war adversaries Russia and China as well as nemesis Iran. With US Special Operations Forces secretly deployed in 135 nations around the world, terrorism-r-us comes in the form of a destabilizing meat cleaver gone global. After all, the US Empire of Chaos is carving up yet more of the geopolitics chessboard using divide and conquer tactics straight out of its favorite Machiavellian playbook “the art of war.”

Another alarming consequence of this NWO agenda that’s never been more glaringly obvious is the out of control refugee migration crisis presently spreading throughout Europe. Unfortunately by globalist design the failed foreign policy of Western governments spearheaded by the United States Empire has also led directly to this manufactured human crisis. The neocon plan to destroy the Middle East and North Africa through prolonged military occupation, continued air strike bombing and forever war spilling blood into its second decade along with the fabrication of the fake enemy ISIS has singlehandedly created the migration crisis in Europe.

But with Obama’s open door policy operating for nearly seven years now along the southern US-Mexican boundary line, last summer’s 50,000 kids from Central America converging at the border fueled the immigration crisis that was capturing all the headlines in America. A similar policy in the Western Hemisphere concocted a long fake war on drugs that’s been maintained by an illicitly covert US-Latin American crime cabal. Washington has been in partnership with the Latin American drug cartels, their criminal gangs and their national governments when not staging coups. Recall the numerous failed attempts in Venezuela and the one Obama and Hillary pulled off in 2009 when they overthrew another democratically elected leader in Honduras. Obama is simply following orders from the globalists to carry out a border policy that’s allowing millions of illegal aliens to enter the United States. The refugee migration crisis in both America and Europe is part of the globalist divide and conquer agenda, specifically designed to create racial tensions and conflicts between the native populations and the new arrivals. It also conveniently provides the perfect cover for yet more false flag terrorism in both the US and Europe.

Too many ignorant distressed Americans and Europeans latch onto the old blame the victim game, increasingly resenting and scapegoating darker-skinned outsiders as the mistaken cause of all their perceived problems such as lack of jobs they insist illegals are stealing and paying high taxes to support a welfare state the illegals are allege to be abusing. Obviously this globalist mixing of races and religions is causing mutual distrust, enflaming racial discrimination and open hostilities triggering massive protests and an alarming rise of racially motivated hate crimes across both North America and Europe.

A sizeable portion of the largely white Westerner holds the foreign migrant population in total contempt for forever literally changing the complexion and national and cultural identity of their homeland. Europeans are justified in their complaints citing wealthy Middle Eastern nations like Israel, Saudi Arabia and other oil rich Gulf states that have largely caused the crisis are adamantly refusing to take in any refugees. To take some of the political heat off, the Saudis just pledged Jordan that’s overrun with Syrian refugees $10 billion. As dire conditions unfold, many Europeans’ concerns are legitimate but as the crisis grows, so are people’s intolerance and anger. Yet too many out of ignorance and kneejerk reactivity may simply be giving the globalist culprits another free pass despite the elite’s premeditated agenda to spawn this ongoing deepening mess carrying  untold heavy long term consequences.

Last year globalist Peter Sutherland, former BP CEO, non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs International and active Bilderberger and Trilateral Commission member, speaking before the British House of Lords, candidly disclosed the globalist plan a full year ahead of today’s full blown crisis:  

The European Union should do its best to undermine the homogeneity of its member states, because the future prosperity of many EU states depends on them becoming multicultural, [adding]… migration is a crucial dynamic for economic growth in some EU nations however difficult it may be to explain this to the citizens of those states.The ruling elite intentionally pursued a horribly violent, criminally inhumane policy that knowingly would create dire conditions in war ravaged nations that would ensure that hordes of fleeing, displaced outsiders flood into nearby nations and eventually begin spilling over into Western countries to specifically create the racial and religious divide using the deceptively benign excuse of “multiculturalism.”

In turn, the elite can exploit a new source of cheap slave labor that results in bringing down wages across the boards for workers. The globalist agenda is all about raising profits at the expense of human beings, inducing conflict, crisis and civil unrest amongst different population groups that in turn only opens the door for increased government oppression. This self-feeding, circular dynamic of the Hegelian dialectic combined with the divide and conquer strategy simultaneously moves nations closer toward the ultimate globalist agenda of a one world government. Enter the final diabolical piece to this horror show, the so called “free trade” agreements TPP and TTIP that will totally undermine and completely destroy whatever national sovereignty is left and their sweet dream becomes our nightmare come true.

Only by becoming aware of the pervasive grip that globalists wield in promoting their emerging New World Order can we citizens of the world come together to make every effort to thwart the elite’s sinister design. A good start is crushing the trade agreements. The Trans-Pacific Partnership was recently agreed upon by the twelve trade ministers representing the nations involved. Within about four months it will reach US Congress for the all-important vote to ratify or not. Fortunately numerous organizations have long been admirably and actively opposing the trade agreements and will welcome all the help and support we can give them. Since they’ve been toiling away in the trenches and already accomplished some remarkable results, let’s learn from their experience and knowledge so that we can cohesively come together to produce optimal results. Citizens from their respective countries need to mobilize as activists and ensure their voice is heard by their governing representatives. Together we must and will stop these Trojan horse enemies dead in their tracks.

Regarding a strategy to best deal with the existing and coming migration crisis and its array of adjunctive issues, the same committed drive and collective resolve we take to generating constructive action to defeat the trade agreements, we must also bring to responding to this formidable humanitarian crisis as well. Attempting to resolve the complex, multi-tiered issues and challenges facing all citizens, we will need to work in close partnership together with an ever-cognizant awareness as much as we humanly can to transcend the negative, powerfully divisive forces intended to divide, weaken and even break us. We need to come together as open-minded problem solvers recognizing that what we face isn’t a refugee problem or an immigrant problem, nor an outsider vs. insider problem, nor a “him or me” problem. What we collectively face is a shared human problem not of our making that requires a meeting of open, overlapping minds and values. We’ll need to think creatively outside the box both practically and judiciously, as much as possible always with humanitarian understanding and compassion.

Finally, we will need to interface and work with those at all levels of our governing bodies, exercising patience and tolerance when encountering negativity, incompetent bureaucracy and the systemic dysfunction so pervasive in institutional settings. Finally, many of the individuals we encounter hold positions aligned with the elite diametrically opposed to working in our best interests. Again, approach the challenge of finding solutions to our human problems, knowing where there is a will, especially goodwill, it’s always possible there is also a way.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.”  It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field for more than a quarter century. He now concentrates on his writing and has a blog site at http://empireexposed.blogspot.co.id/


These 13 Families Rule the World: The Shadow Forces Behind the NWO

The shadow forces behind the New World Order (NWO) are following a slow-paced agenda of total control over mankind and our planet’s resources. David Icke coined it the “Totalitarian Tip-Toe,” because “they” are making very small steps towards our complete and definitive enslavement.

As a result, the masses remain relatively unaware of the fact that their liberties are being gradually taken away, while the power of the NWO octopus grows steadily.

The shadow forces behind the NWO agenda

Somewhere near the very top of the pyramid, an extremely elitist organisation known as the Council of the 13 families orchestrates all of the major world events. As the name suggests, the Council consists of the top 13 most influential families on Earth.

An increasingly number of people is becoming aware that 99% of the Earth’s population is controlled by an “elite” 1%, but the Council of the 13 families consists of less than 1% of the 1% “elite” and nobody on Earth can apply for membership.

In their opinion, they are entitled to rule over the rest of us because they are the direct descendants of the ancient gods and consider themselves royal. These families are:

  1. Rothschild (Bauer or Bower)
  2. Bruce
  3. Cavendish (Kennedy)
  4. De Medici
  5. Hanover
  6. Hapsburg
  7. Krupp
  8. Plantagenet
  9. Rockefeller
  10. Romanov
  11. Sinclair (St. Clair)
  12. Warburg (del Banco)
  13. Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gothe)

Personally, I suspect that this may not be the complete list and some very powerful lineages are still unknown to us.

Update: Author and researcher Fritz Springmeier’s exposed more of the “elite” bloodlines in his book “Bloodlines of the Illuminati,” and I would like to include them in this article:

I would also like to include two more powerful bloodlines, which are involved at the top of the world’s affairs, as well as Satanism and high level criminality:

The Rothschild dynasty is unquestionably the most powerful — visible — bloodline on Earth and their estimated wealth is around $500 trillions!

They exercise their power through the world banking empire, which is almost entirely owned by them.

The most important institutions that work hard to establish the NWO and completely enslave our species, are:

  1. The City of London (finance, controlled by the Rothschilds) – NOT part of the UK
  2. The US Federal Reserve (finance – private bank, owned by the Rothschilds) – NOT part of the USA
  3. The Vatican City (indoctrination, deception and scare tactics) – NOT part of Italy
  4. Washington D.C. (military, mind programming, brainwashing and depopulation) – NOT part of the USA

All of the above institutions function as individual states, operating under their own laws, hence there is no court of law on Earth that could ever prosecute them.

The multitude of Secret Societies in existence today, operate as branches of a mega corporation, which is owned by the Council of the 13 families.

Even though they have been handsomely rewarded for their work, the members of these secret societies are not members of the “elite” bloodlines, they don’t know who their masters are and they have no idea what the real agenda is.

The brainwashing

Another mass-enslavement tool that they are using against us, is the so called educational system. Schools are no longer what they used to be and children are learning to memorize without thinkingand obey without questioning.

In fact, this established educational system is extremely expensive to keep operational and obsoletein the age of the internet.

“Why obsolete?” you may ask. Because the internet gives us free access to almost infinite amounts of information.

So why are we still paying huge amounts of money for governmental education? Because the world’s “elite” require that our children learn conformity and inside-the-box thinking.

What can we do about it?

Mankind’s faith is hanging in the balance right now, as the control of the NWO octopus spreads. On the one hand, we are very close to our complete enslavement, while on the other hand, we could easily crumble to the ground their pyramid of power, by simply uniting against their deception in a peaceful revolution of minds, hearts and souls.

I’ve asked myself for years what is their greatest weapon of enslavement. Is it poor education combined with constant indoctrination? Is it the fear generated by religion? Is it the fear of being punished (jailed or killed) by the system, or is it the invisible enslavement of the monetary system?

In my opinion, all of the above combined had a huge impact on our society and the way we think, but their biggest weapon is hands-down the financial system!

Currency slaves

The financial system has stealthily enslaved our species and now we are being used as currency slaves. We work from 9 to 5 every day, in boring and depressing environments, not stimulated by anything creative or constructive.

In most cases, the sole motivation for going to work, is the next paycheck — and no matter how hard we work, we never seem to have enough money.

Have you ever wondered why mega-corporations (reaping $billions/year in profits) pay dozens of millions to their CEOs and as close as possible to the minimum wage to the rest of the employees?

This has been carefully designed, because a person that is constantly “on the edge,” will never have time for self-education, introspection and — eventually — spiritual awakening.

Isn’t this our main purpose on Earth? To become spiritual beings (and by spiritual, I obviously don’t mean religious) and complete the incarnation cycle?

“They” don’t need educated people, who are capable of critical thinking and have spiritual goals. No, this kind of people are dangerous to the establishment!

“They” want obedient “robots,” just intelligent enough to operate the machines and keep the system running, but stupid enough never to ask questions.

Money is the eye of the “devil”

All of the world’s biggest problems have their roots deeply embedded in the financial plague: wars are profitable, diseases are profitable, Earth’s plundering is profitable, human slavery and inhumane working conditions are profitable.

Our leaders have been corrupted by money and mankind’s collective mission on Earth has been hijacked by money.

So why do we need the financial system, in the first place? Actually, we don’t need it (at least, not anymore). The planet doesn’t charge us a cent for using its natural resources and we have the technology to extract them without physically working a day.

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The solution

More to the point, there are brilliant minds “out there” discussing the concept of a resource based economy for decades. One example is mister Jacque Fresco, a brilliant industrial designer and social engineer, who spent most of his life designing the future.

The cities proposed by Mr. Jacque Fresco will be built by autonomous construction robots and will be eco-friendly & self-sustainable, earthquake & fire proof. Learn more here.

Other people are already discussing the transition plan towards the economy of the future, where money are no longer required and all individuals will be offered the best conditions to reach their highest potentials — all for the benefit of our species, as a whole.

So, my question is: are we ready to embrace the future and escape the control of the “elite” in a world without money, or are we going to allow the New World Order to happen?

By Alexander Light, HumansAreFree.com


The NWO is the British Empire – the Whole World to Belong to the Rothshild/Jesuit City of London.

“I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire and I control the British money supply.” (Nathan Rothschild said (1777-1836)).

“The truth is that the United States, under its present administration, is the tool of the British Empire – the monetary financial empire which sits like a parasite, sucking the life out of Britain from the City of London and which has never gone away. (John Yoo in an article for the National Review – quoted by The UKColumn 4 Jan 2012″.


The  League of Nations after WWI was seen as a failure. Nevertheless, It was the beginning of the final attempt of achieving total world domination by the “British Empire” and the “British Crown”, the NWO,  –  cover names for the rule of the world through the City of London by its masters, the Jesuits/ Rothschild dynasty.

great-seal-hexagram-of-pentagramsThe Great Seal of the USA was  a gift from Mayer Amschel Rothschild to his Masonic/Illuminati brethren in “The New World” to remind them of his and Weishaupt´s New Order – brought byRothschild´s agent, Haym Salomon, who raised the money for the American Revolution.illuminati-horus-osiris-eye-200

The following Report is nearly 100 years old – and the British empire has apparently vanished in the meantime – and the USA has not returned to the British “Crown” – or has it? The Telegraph 18 Aug 2014“The United Kingdom may now be a second-rate power, but the City’s unparalleled legacy as a global financial capital still underpins its pre-eminence.” Forbes found London and New York held a “hegemony” over the rest of the world.”

Henry Makow 4 oct. 2014: “The New World Order is an extension of the imperialism of the “Crown”, a clique of Jewish bankers and their Gentile accomplices devoted to “absorbing the wealth of the world” (in Cecil Rhodes words) and enslaving the human race. The first step was Wilson’s plan for the League of Nations “which we prepared for him.”

We are being colonized by this financial invisible invader. The bogus “War of Terror” obviously is directed against us.  Our jobs and resources are exported. Illegal aliens are imported. The education system is used for mass indoctrination. News is controlled. Entertainment is filled with trivia, the occult, violence and pornography.”

The London City rules the US FED and Wall Street, The rulers of the USA, the Council on Foreign Relations, the AIPAC, the ADL, the whole Jewish Lobby are servants of the the Jesuits/Rothschild. The US was founded by Masons and Illuminati – who work for a united world under the British “Crown” – i.e. the Jesuit/Rothschild dynasty.

Edward_Grey_1914The UN is the continuation of the League of Nations woven into the Peace Treaty of Versailles after WWI. It was conceived by the British Foreign Minister, Edward Grey (1905–1916), until 1910 under King Edward VII, the Rothschild puppet, who was the son of Lionel Rothschild, and closely collaborating with Col. Edward Mandell House, Pres. Woodrow Wilson´s Rasputin. Grey´s next master, King George Vhimself thus City-of-london-tower-of-babela grandson of Lione
was also surrounded by Jewish–intermarried nobility.

The immensely wealthy private bank of N. M. Rothschild & Son controlled the British Empire then as well as now –  took over the Bank of England in 1815.Then it controlled the press, the railroads and the industries with minor exceptions. It is building the Tower of Babel in defiance of God –  since their God is Lucifer.

mandell-houseJesuit and Jewish Rothschild agent Colonel Edward Mandell House was the driving force behind the Federal Reserve coup d´Etat in 1913, behind the Council on Foreign Relations in 1921 –  and behind Pres. Woodrow Wilson´s decision to enter WWI –  as well as Wilson´s chief negotiator at the Versailles Peace Negotiations. More about Mandell House.

“The Colonel House Report (1919)” aka the “Col. E. M. House letter”: This report, or letter, was presented to the House of Representatives by Congressman Thorkelson of Montana, and is published in the Congressional Record of October 13, 1919, p. 598-604 inclusive. Its authenticity was discussed by members of the House and an effort was made to strike it from the Record, which failed.
No minor official would dare write such a letter to the British Prime Minister (Lloyd George), or dare discuss the important subjects contained in it; except in the line of duty. It was not written by Col. E. M. House – a nom de plume. It discloses that it was probably written by Lord Northcliffe, who was at that time the head of the British Propaganda Department in enemy countries. He sustained toward Lloyd George the same intimate relationship that once existed between Woodrow Wilson and Colonel House, and this fact may explain the name he assumed.

NorthcliffeLord Northcliffe aka Viscount Alfred Charles William Harmsworth was a famous journalist and publisher of the Daily Mail, The Daily Mirror, and The Times. He was Prime Minister Lloyd George´director of propaganda – and exercised vast influence over British popular opinion. Lord Northcliffe helped Lloyd George into power –  but later turned against him, when Lloyd George would not punish the defeated Germans as hard as Northcliffe wanted. Lord Northcliffe was a founder of the notorious Tavistock Institute to manipulate the British public opinion to accept war with Germany (WWI). This brainwashing octopus was funded by the British Royal family and the Rothschilds (to whom Northcliffe was said to be related by marriage) – and spread to the US –  where no one gets a high public office without a Tavistock brainwashing.

This is the plan of the British Illuminati elite for their one-world government, the “British Empire”. The British Royal family is Jewish (see above and here in comment 2) and Masonic, servants of the Jesuits/Rothschilds.

The Colonel House Report (1919)” aka the “Col. E. M. House letter
“The World’s Peace Foundation has issued for us a series of League of Nations pamphlets, which, with our other literature, tax the mails to the limit of their capacity. Our film concerns are preparing an epoch-making picture entitled “The League of Nations.” In brief, our entire system of thought control is working ceaselessly,tirelessly, ruthlessly, to insure the adoption of the League. And it will be adopted, for business wants peace, the righteous cannot resist a covenant, and the politicians, after shadow-boxing for patronage purposes, will yield valiantly lest the fate of the wanton and wilful pursue them.

By these means we hope smoothly to overcome all effective opposition on the part of our colony America to entering the League — that is, the Empire. As soon as the League is functioning properly, His Majesty in response to loyal and repeated solicitation, might graciously be pleased to consent to restore to this (American) people their ancient right to petition at the foot of the throne; to confer the ancient rank and style of governor general upon our Ambassador, that this colony may enjoy a status inferior to no other colony’s.

Round-tableCecil-rhodesSince that memorable day, September 19, 1877, on which the late Cecil Rhodes devised by will a fund “to and for the establishment, promotion, and development of a secret society (The Round Table)– the true aim of which and object of which shall be the extension ofBritish rule throughout the world, and especially the ultimate recovery of the United States of America as an integral part of the British Empire” — the energy and intelligence of England has not been spent in vain. It would perhaps be presumptuous of me to refer here to the admirable services rendered not only by LORD NORTHCLlFFE (the probable author of the report).

The Carnegie League to Enforce Peace and its affiliate League of Small Nations are even now leading the van in our fight. Only the last great battle remains to be fought — the battle to compel America´s acceptance of the terms of the League of Nations.”

City-of-london-british-empireLeague-of-nationsFrom the moment of my arrival here, it was evident to me that such an Anglo-American alliance as would ultimately result in the peaceful return of the American Colonies to the dominion of the Crown could be brought about only with the consent of the dominant group of the controlling clans.

For those who can afford the universities, we are, as I have already mentioned, plentifully supplying British-born or trained professors, lecturers, and presidents.  British-born editors and reporters now create imperial sentiment in most American newspapers. A Canadian-born admiral now heads the United States Naval College.

Through the Red Cross, the Scout movement, the YMCA, the church, and other humane, religious, and quasi-religious organizationswe have created an atmosphere of international effort which strengthens the idea of unity of the English-speaking world. In the co-ordination of this work, Mr. Raymond Fosdick, formerly of the Rockefeller Foundation, has been especially conspicuous.

As the consortium for China, and the security company for Mexico show, our brokers and their aids have become the unchallenged financiers of the world. We have been particularly fortunate in our fiscal agents here, Messrs Pierpont Morgan & Company.Lamont and Davidson gave you valuable aid at the peace conference. They loaned $200,000,000 to Japan that our ally might build a fleet to compete with America on the Pacific carrying routes. Their attempts to retain for us control of the international mercantile marine are well known to you.

City-of-londonThrough our fiscal agents we have become the world’s purchasers. Moreover, the war has made us the custodian of the greater part of the world’s raw materials and we now largely control the oil fields of the world and thereby the world’s transportation and industry. This control would enable us to exert such pressure as would make American industrial interests amenable to His Majesty’s pleasure.
In the financial world the Anglo-American alliance is a well-established fact.

City-of-london2The City of London is an independent state marking its limits by the symbol of the Devil: dragons. The world economy is ruled from here.

We must quickly act to transfer its (US) dangerous sovereignty  to the custody of the Crown (City of London). We must, in short, now bring America within the Empire. The first visible step in this direction has been taken; President Wilson has accepted and sponsored the plan for a League of Nations which we prepared for him (Rothschild puppet Edward Grey – see above). We have wrapped this plan in the peace treaty so that the world must accept from us the League or a continuance of the war. The League is in substance (the Jesuit/Rothschild) Empire with America admitted on the same basis as our other colonies.

The Americans must see that far from surrendering their independence to the League they are actually extending their sovereignty by it. Pres. Wilson alone can satisfy them on this. He alone can father an anti-Bolshevik act which judicially interpreted — will enable appropriate punitive measures to be applied to any American who may be unwise enough to assert that America must again declare her independence. And he alone, therefore, is qualified to act for us as first president of the League.”

Jesuit Pope Francis I has a coats of arms full of pagan symbols –  turned upside down it shows the satanic pentagram (left). On 28/29 June 1963, The Vatican  alongside with Albert Pike’s Southern division of the Scottish Rite Freemasonry celebrated a black mass in the Cappella Paolina in the Vatican –  making Satan the head of the Church. Right: Detail from the  Jesuit College.


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