Leading Israeli rabbi: ‘The root and core of the Jewish state is the Torah’

Israel National News

“The ideals of religious Zionism through which we have been privileged to build the land are the branches,” Rabbi Shapira explained, adding, “The root, the core and the oven that warms the whole house of Israel is the depth of the Torah that flows through us.”

“This is a public issue that the entire public needs to enlist in, the entire public must feel its connection to it, and the entire public must feel that it draws strength from there.”

“We were partners in the establishment of the state and continued afterward to develop the land where others grew weak, and the building of the land, especially in Judea and Samaria, demanded of us strong idealism,” he continued.

“Now the question is – who are we, really? We have done all we can for the Land of Israel and we will continue to do all that is demanded of us within that context, but who are we? The truth is, that we cleave to the G-dly Torah and draw our life-force from there.”

Rabbi Shapira thus issued a rallying call to support the current campaign in support of Torah scholars.

“The most important thing one can do with his money is to support Torah learners, to uphold the Torah within himself and within the community and imbue new life into this nation. This is the main thing,” he said.

How They Do It– ‘Is Israel a racist state?’

ed note–please pay close attention to the mechanics and maneuvers taking place within this little drama.

1. Note how our esteemed Hebraic lawmaker does not deal substantively with the specific charges of Israel being a racist and terrorist state, and for the simple reason that she knows she can’t. The facts are stacked against her, and so, in typical Judaic fashion, what does she do?

Plan A–Deflect, divert, re-direrct, swerve, parry, and elude.  This is how they ‘do it’ when confronted with the ugly truth. If indeed Israel were not at its very core the ‘racist’ and ‘terrorist’ entity as rightly charged by the PA, our esteemed Hebraic lawmaker would list item after item after item of counter-proof  showing how the charge was wrong. Instead, she does what Jews always do-engage in a campaign of projection, followed up by the typically Judaic business of lying, in this case, her completely fallacious assertion that all persons, Jew as well as Gentile, enjoy equal rights in the Jewish state.

2. Next, keep in mind that the very idea of ‘democracy’ is inherently blasphemous and heretical within Judaic thinking. It is considered a ‘Gentile’ construction that was introduced first by the Greeks, who the Jews hated and viewed as mortal enemies every bit as much as they do the Ishmaelites, so whenever some pair of lips working in the service of Judea, Inc is whispering sweet nothings into the ears of western audiences about Israel being the ‘only democracy’ in the Middle East, consider that this statement–just like all others bubbling up out of the volcano of Judaic hasbara–are nothing but molten lies meant to incinerate any grain of truth entered into the discussion.

Israel National News

MK Sharren Haskel (Likud), who was recently elected to serve on the Israeli delegation to the Inter-Parliamentary Union’s (IPU) 137th assembly in St. Petersburg this week, responded to accusations from the Palestinian Authority that Israel is a “racist” and a “terrorist” state.

“You say that Israel has racist laws. The law in the Palestinian Authority says that anyone who sells land to a Jew will be killed. Is that a racist law? Your racist legislation has been racist against Jews for years now,” MK Haskel told the PA representative.

“Israel is the only country in the Middle East that is a democracy, that gives equal rights to all of its citizens, regardless of whether they are Muslim, Christian, Jews, Bedouin, Druze, or Arabs. In that sense, I think that it is quite obvious that when you say that the only problem is the occupation, you need to look inside. Have a look at what the problem really is. When you stop in inciting your terrorism, your violence, and your hatred, then we will really be able to live and coexist.

“We coexist in Israel with all of these multi-cultures and different religions, yet you still continue to incite your younger generation to more and more hatred and terrorism. Look at what happened in Gaza, with their autonomy. Where did they invest all of their infrastructure money, that they could sell towards water, or electricity, or education? Into terror tunnels! Into missile systems! Is that coexistence? Or is that more war, hatred and violence?

“When you will be willing to sit and negotiate the terms of real coexistence between us, with this hatred, without this violence, then we will be able to see a better future for both of us,” she concluded.

The IPU is one of the oldest international organizations, and possesses UN observer status. The Union serves as a forum for meetings and dialogue between members of parliaments from different nations in order to advance the goals of peace and cooperation between the nations, as well as the advancement of representative democracy.


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