Last Days of America

based on comments
edited by Lasha Darkmoon

“If you run out of places to hide, there’s always Antarctica.” 
— Winston

The Darkmoon sites presents articles, links, and comments that clearly identify an agenda of planned destruction. I refer to the historical record. This plainly shows an implementation of step-by-step destruction. 

The situation in the USA with AIPAC today is far worse than the one at the close of the FDR administration, when one of President Truman’s first executive acts was to shut down the communist infested OSS, rotten to the core. It was at this time, through Operation Paperclip, that a good number of talented German Scientists and Counter Intelligence assets were brought to America. The so called “Red Scare” of the 1950s was based on historically proven realities. The much maligned McCarthyite cleanup was absolutely necessary.

Today, it is not the Executive branch alone that is infested. Congress is rotten to the core with Israel firsters, and the FBI and other Intel Agencies need to clean house. I’m reluctant to say more than this: if a sweeping cleanup operation is not done soon,  there will be disaster. Zionist brinkmanship has only just begun to explode in their own faces. There is precious little time left to distance and separate the endless military demands made by Zionist Israel from an economic and socially collapsing USA. The military is already far too overstretched. This cannot go on. It has to stop.

When Jews have to monger more and more legislation in a land that once felt that “less legislation is more” — meaning that widely held traditional values made it unnecessary to burden ourselves with oppressive ‘laws’ that only serve to increase our servitude and make life easier for our Jewish masters. All these recent developments are surely signs of an increasing desperation. With the massive Jew-driven immigrant influx, things have radically changed for the worse. Things are not what they used to be. The old America is dead. We are the mourners now presiding over our country’s funeral.

The Enemies within, like rats under the floorboards gnawing away at the infrastructure of our crumbling world, have been  traditionally very good at subverting and destroying all the things we hold dear.

Maintaining respect for the traditional values that once underpinned our civilization, allowing for dissenting views that might actually be beneficial to all parties, was something clearly beyond the limited capacities of our Khazarian masters.

What they wanted for America is not what we wanted. The “American dream” they foisted upon us has become our nightmare. This is no longer our country.

In the former Soviet Union, since predatory loan sharking was outlawed, many Jews found themselves forced into careers in Science and other generally less lucrative livelihoods. Most of them left for greener pastures as soon as they were able to do this after the Communist collapse. Many of these adventurers, in search of richer pickings, headed for America — their new Promised Land. America is now the New Zion  No sooner had these predatory strangers landed in our midst than they began to befoul their new nests.

They may be running out of greener pastures.

Getting Power is one thing, holding on to it is another.

—  §  —

America has degraded to the point of near total loss of credibility in terms of Mondo political theater.

Don’t say America is devoid of spiritual or moral elements. America is full of good people. There is a large US Navy hospital ship anchored and serving in Puerto Rico. There are American Buddhists, Hindus, and Christians aplenty who feed people not only here but also all round the world on a daily basis. There is no country, not even the European Union, that comes even remotely close to us in humanitarian generosity.

We need to pry the wealthy Kushnerite Israeli thieves away, the predators and corrupters. There are far more needy people than the fat ones in Occupied Palestine, living high on the hog while others starve.

If Donald  Trump can’t read the riot act to Mr Sessions and his deputy, beaucoup quick he deserves to go.

The problem for the Trump Administration, including Mr Pence, is that by the time they finish their so-called  “investigation”, Mueller will be well into indicting and prosecution. At that point, any attempt to hire a Special Prosecutor to go after career criminal Hillary Clinton will give every appearance of a vain attempt to cover up the President’s “misdeeds” as concocted by the dirtiest cop in America, Robert Mueller.

“the dirtiest cop in America”

This is a race, given the situation.

Any immediate action taken now — for something can always be added to it later — would look like a natural progression. Watergate started with a minor event, then mushroomed. There is now an increasing disgust at the way things are going. This is far more than mere disappointment. The theater, the danse macabre, has gone on far too long. We are sick of it. Elites don’t have the slightest idea of the daily desperation felt by most Americans. They continue with a “just be patient” patronizing attitude. Wait till it reaches their throats; it will then be too late.

Laws have been blatantly and publicly VIOLATED by a shameless national and international career criminal politician. The domestic contempt for double standards, for rank incompetence in government, for all-time highs in the level of corruption in Washington, all grow with each passing day. According to surveys, over 50 per cent of Americans qualify as “conspiracy theorists” — so described by braindead talking heads in television’s la-la land.

It just keeps getting worse.

There is nothing to stop this President from taking swift, decisive action – if he can be bothered. So why doesn’t he? What’s stopping him?

“There is nothing to stop this President from taking swift, decisive action –
if he can be bothered. So why doesn’t he? What’s stopping him?

—  §  —

To the terrorized in other lands, and to those about to be terrorized, I say this: what is going to happen to you when (((They))) come to your country? What will you do then?

How will you escape their “rough love” when they bring you freedom and democracy through the barrel of a gun? when they force you to accept happiness with the help of drones dropped on wedding parties? I guess you can always get out of their way by heading for Siberia. Or the Gobi Desert. Maybe you can seek refuge in the Australian outback. I hear Patagonia’s a fine place. There are probably some nice places to hide in the Canadian wilderness.

Have you ever been visited by the strange thought that you might be missing a lot of fun by staying behind in America and falling to pieces bit by bit? that it’s not much fun hanging round on a Sinking Ship?

Makes you think: when the Titanic hits the iceberg, what’s it like for the rats in the hold?

Our country is divided.

There is still major racial segregation in the USA, and it ain’t going away. See how many blacks are welcome to intermarry with Hasidic communities. Not even one! See how many non-suicidal whites go to reside in predominantly black areas of Chicago. The murder rate in such sink cities, almost completely black-on-black, exceeded the entire rate for all of last year a month ago. The Hispanics are not flooding in any more. More confrontation will be seen within “sanctuary cities”, bastions of Cultural Marxism. In fact, more confrontation can be expected everywhere. More violence, more vice, more pain, more misery.

America bleeds. America’s suppurating sores exude a cancerous pus. America is turning into a mad menagerie. America is now a police state run by psychopaths.

The Jews are not monolithic. Right now the right wing faction is bringing a bloodbath to liberal pedophile pervert Hollywood. It’s just getting started.

The deep state knows that public appetites require an occasional victim. These victims need to  be thrown to the wolves to appease their jaded appetites. A facade of justice needs to be maintained within the human zoo. The guys who run the asylum need to keep up the pretence that they are the sane ones, presiding over a largely insane population of inmates. It wouldn’t do at all if the news leaked out that the patients are the sane ones! — and that the doctors and the orderlies are the ones who are stark raving mad!

If I were Bill or Hillary Clinton, I’d be very careful and start vetting my bodyguards a bit more carefully; a double check is highly recommended.

“Getting out of the freaking way”, in the sense of avoiding conflict wherever possible, is good advice as a general rule. But not among us dissidents. Not here. We need to be aware of what is going on and never let our guards down. We don’t need to surrender or quit the struggle.

I mean it’s relatively safe here, isn’t it? It’s fun to sit around here and see their crimes exposed. We need to go much deeper on Trump and the Kushners. The Congress. The whole rotten lot. That is,  if they keep on going down the “let’s start a war with Iran for Israel” route.

Let’s be creative, having learned what didn’t work with Bush and Cheney. Getting out of the freaking way, in this kind of scenario, is only an invitation to those who will never stop at anything to get their way — unless they encounter serious resistance.

As in nature, predators prefer the weak. They prefer those who cannot or will not resist. Yes, it’s the weak who always go to the wall. So let’s be strong, my friends! Let’s stand and fight. Flight is of course always an alternative — a last, last resort when the game is up. But meanwhile, let the fight continue. Please join us in New Zion as we grapple with our implacable Enemy.

If you run out of places to hide, there’s always Antarctica.

Thoughts on “Last Days of America”

  1. Australia owns, as territorial waters, the greatest part of our planet, the continent of Antartica. It is just south of Tasmania. Us Australians will not let our greater territory become a wild American, Jewish run menagerie. We have our Jews under control. So, Australia or the Great Southland is the only future you have. I am part of the world’s revival and future. We are the only hope you have. I am a wild colonial boy. Trouble is, too many Yanks are now appearing on Oz TV. They are ugly Jewish females with hooked noses and wide, gaping mouths. I could mAke sexual ref to them, but i am reformed.

    1. Excellent article. Although I doubt President ‘bonespur’ will ever do anything to bite the hand that’s fed him all of his career. He’s just as comfy under the covers with Jews and they are with one another. Though he’s not viewed as one of ‘them’, he’s kept in his place as a puppet to further their agenda. If he flinches of shows weakness, or opposes them, he will be removed. He lives at the whim of the jews who put him there. He’s no threat to the status quo.

      I work with lawyers and I’ve said on multiple occasions, when they regularly bemoan the ridiculous state of American politics, “the ONLY ones who can change it are Lawyers. But you’re all too busy climbing the golden ladder; thinking about your next expensive car or suit. Stop complaining and start writing legislation, because you are the ONLY ones who can. Unless YOU do, you have no place to complain about anything!” It’s a painful truth for them to hear, but they do agree. Alas, nothing can change in DC as long as the treasonous act of dual-national Israeli citizenship is allowed to flourish in the halls of the capitol building.

      @ Max Bliney,
      “…I am part of the world’s revival and future…..” Surprising that you allude to Yanks appearing on Oz TEEVEE.
      One can never be a meaningful part of any reform/revival/future movement and still pay tribute to the stupid box. If you’re not aware that jews own/control/create TV, then you’re not part of any movement except the movement to keep the mental slaves in a box. Lemme guess – you believe the Las Vegas shooting was ONE MAN!

  2. There is nothing to stop this President from taking swift, decisive action – if he can be bothered. So why doesn’t he? What’s stopping him?

    Two of Trump’s offspring are married to Tribe members and the third one is dating a Jew. No doubt Baron Trump will follow suit.

    One doesn’t make and lose four multi-billion dollar fortunes in NYC, then acquire another fortune w/o being in bed with the Ashkenazi gangsters that control that city and DC.

    Other than playing to his flyover country crowd and occasionally tossing them some red meat, don’t expect Trump to upset his real base, Wall Street and Tel Aviv Jews.

    1. Greg Bacon,
      A highly unfair comment about Barron (that two r’s). The kid is still only 11 years-old and should be off limits.

  3. This is an outstanding article. Good job, Winston and LD.

    This is a fact from the article:
    “Our country is divided.”

    AND…. therefore, controlled by fraudulent means… with SECRET BALLOTS… producing the selected results to benefit the rulers of the divided captives.

    The same is a fact in all countries using secret ballots. Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) make it even easier today.

  4. Lasha has done a wonderful job of assembling Winston’s usually great comments into an excellent article, now published at Truthseeker. Kudos to Winston and LD. 🌟🌟🌟

  5. Pat Buchanan’s , almost word by word but with a clear called to arms that is missing in Buchanan’s rant. All the western world is in deep jewish shit, only Usa with his legions of veterans and gun owners can free us all. Forget Trump.there is no easy way out.

    1. Carn –

      “Has the world gone mad, or is it me?”

      It is not you at all.

      The world has gone soft. Politicians were flogged and beaten and stabbed and shot regularly in times past.

      Tarring and feathering killed some of them.

      That’s why Congress had to leave several locations where they gathered in secret…. like gypsies…. such as in Albany and NYC and Philly and Princeton and Annapolis and get their own COMPOUND in DC…
      ……to meet in SECRET…!! 🙂

      And later in Philly:

      1. Pat, how true. It really was a much different nation.
        Like when the Ohio Congressman stuck his pistol into Sam Houston’s ribs and …

      2. Yes, HP –

        Andy Jackson carried several bullets to the grave. One was from a duel. Another was from the 1812 kerfuffle.. 🙂

  6. When the jews did 9/11, they basically walked into a gambling casino and put everything they had on the table. They emptied their pockets; 9/11 was an all or nothing deal for the collective.

    What we have in 9/11 is a perfect microcosm of jewish evil. It’s all there; all their scheming; all their tactics, all their actors; all their brazenness; all their Satanic goals.

    We have the involvement of the Israeli government at the highest level; we have the involvement of the Israeli Mossad; we have the involvement of jewish sayanim; we have the involvement of corrupt Israel-first goy politicians who’ve sold their souls to the beast; we have plotting; we have the preparatory illegal spying; we have the preparatory propaganda campaign; we have the mass murder and the destruction; we have the subsequent attack on the constitution; we have the fraudulent “war on terror”; we have the aggression against the Arab/Islamic world, and all the squandered blood and trillions; of course we have the cover-up; and last but not least, we have the insurance fraud…the in-your-face insult that the jews must always add to the injury.

    Ironically, when they did 9/11, the jews in a sense provided us with a weapon that could very likely slay the beast. And now here we are in late 2017, obviously in the “Last Days of America”, and Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and Dr. J. Leroy Hulsey have proffered to the world a scientific study that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that WTC7 was brought down by a controlled demolition…which implies that 9/11 was an “inside job”.

    In the face of the by now overwhelming, incontrovertible evidence, there’s no more “sitting on the fence”. There’s no neutral position on 9/11. There’s no more “debate”. There’s no more room to maneuver. If Trump does not now use every instrument at his disposal as president to investigate 9/11, then he is just another traitorous jew-puppet. Nothing else matters; his action or failure to act on 9/11, by itself, completely defines him. And so far we have every indication that he our “president” will DO NOTHING REGARDING 9/11.

    “There is nothing to stop this President from taking swift, decisive action – if he can be bothered. So why doesn’t he? What’s stopping him?”

    What’s stopping him is the fact that he doesn’t work for “us”. He apparently sold his soul a long time ago and he now worships the beast. So rather than pick up the weapon offered to him on a silver platter and at least attempt to slay the beast, he steers the Titanic into the iceberg with one hand while he furiously re-arranges the deck chairs with the other hand.

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