NEW WORLD ORDER EXPOSED by former Jew Benjamin H Freedman


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Amazing speech by Benjamin H Freedman a Jewish man who totally exposes the New World Order from it’s beginnings to what they have planned for the future.

The Black Pope AKA “Father General” or
Superior General of the Society of Jesus.

Who’s Superior?

“Rarely is the questioned asked: Is our children learning?” George W Bush —Florence, S.C., Jan. 11, 2000

How come we don’t have a man as intelligent as Peter Hans Kolvenbach as the President of the United States? Instead we get people like George Bush.

There’s a new Black Pope: Reverend Father Adolfo Nicolás Pachón, S.J., S.T.D. (born April 29, 1936) is a Spanish priest of the Roman Catholic Church. He is the thirtieth and current Superior General of the Society of Jesus, the largest male religious order of the Roman Catholic Church. ~More Info

Jesuit Headquarters in Rome Italy

Jesuits Countering the Reformation.

Jesuits are the Counter-Reformation.

The Reformation wanted freedom from the papacy and challenged their authority by showing that their doctrines were unbiblical.

CIA                            FBI  

Who formed the CIA? It was a Catholic Knight of Malta, William “Wild Bill” Donovan. He was considered the “father of the CIA.” he was also the former head of the OSS before he was used to create the CIA.

Donovan was given an especially prestigious form of knighthood that has only been given to a hundred other men in history. ~Source

Over the years there have been many CIA bosses who were also Knights of Malta and/or jesuit trained.

Like CIA directors, William Casey, Allen Dulles, William E. Colby, John McCone, George Tenet. CIA Officers, William F. Buckley, Jr., James Jesus Angelton.

Nazi Officers, Reinhard Gehlen, Heinrich Himmler, Franz von Papen.

Other Fascist Leaders who were Knights of Malta, Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini, Augusto Pinochet.

These are just a few….

Who Formed the FBI? It was a powerful Roman Catholic who was also a Knight of Malta and a trustee of The Catholic University of America. Charles Joseph Bonaparte.

Here you can see they are still close knit. From Left to right you have: Louis B. Freeh, director of the FBI (When Waco went down), President of CUA (Same University Bonaparte’ was a trustee of) David M. O’Connell, C.M., SJ (Jesuit), and Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston (Big time Pedophile Priest).

Some more CIA – Knights of Malta Connections:

Director of such propaganda organizations as the U.S. Information Agency, Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. Also executive vice-president of CBS-TV and vice-chairman of RKO General Inc. He is currently chairman of the board of trustees at the Heritage Foundation, a right-wing think tank.

William Simon
Treasury Secretary under President Nixon. In the private sector, he has become one of America’s 400 richest individuals by working in international finance. Today he is the President of the John M. Olin Foundation, a major funder of right-wing think tanks.

William F. Buckley, Jr.
CIA agent, conservative pundit and mass media personality.

James Buckley
William’s brother, head of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty.

Clare Boothe Luce
The grand dame of the Cold War was also a Dame of Malta. She was a popular playwright and the wife of the publishing tycoon Henry Luce, who co founded Time magazine.

Francis X Stankard
CEO of the international division of Chase Manhattan Bank, a Rockefeller institution. (Nelson Rockefeller was also a major CIA figure.)

John Farrell
President, U.S. Steel

Lee Iacocca
Chairman, General Motors

William S. Schreyer
Chairman, Merrill Lynch.

Richard R. Shinn
Chairman, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company.

Joseph Kennedy
Founder of the Kennedy empire.

Baron Hilton
Owner, Hilton Hotel chain.

Patrick J. Frawley Jr.
Heir, Schick razor fortune. Frawley is a famous funder of right-wing Catholic causes, such as the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade.

Ralph Abplanalp
Aerosol magnate.

Martin F. Shea
Executive vice president of Morgan Guaranty Trust.

Joseph Brennan
Chairman of the executive committee of the Emigrant Savings Bank of New York.

J. Peter Grace
President, W.R. Grace Company. He was a key figure in Operation Paperclip, which brought Nazi scientists and spies to the U.S. Many were war criminals whose atrocities were excused in their service to the CIA.

Thomas Bolan
Of Saxe, Bacon and Bolan, the law firm of Senator McCarthy’s deceased aide Roy Cohn.

Bowie Kuhn
Baseball Commissioner

Cardinal John O’Connor
Extreme right-wing leader among American Catholics, and fervent abortion opponent.

Cardinal Francis Spellman
The “American Pope” was at one time the most powerful Catholic in America, an arch-conservative and a rabid anti-communist.

Cardinal Bernard Law
One of the highest-ranking conservatives in the American church.

Alexander Haig
Secretary of State under President Reagan.
dmiral James D. Watkins
Hard-line chief of naval operations under President Reagan.

Jeremy Denton
Senator (R–Al).

Pete Domenici
Senator (R-New Mexico).

Walter J. Hickel
Governor of Alaska and secretary of the interior.

When this group gets together, obviously, the topics are spying, business and politics.

The CIA has also used other religious and charity organizations as fronts. For example, John F. Kennedy — another anticommunist Roman Catholic who greatly expanded covert operations — created the U.S. Peace Corps to serve as cover for CIA operatives. The CIA has also made extensive use of missionaries, with the blessings of many right-wing, anticommunist Christian denominations.

But the World Grows Wise…
It was only a matter of time before other nations caught on to these fronts. They learned that when the CIA comes to their countries to commit their crimes and atrocities, they come disguised as American journalists, businessmen, missionaries and charity volunteers. Unfortunately, foreigners are now targeting these professions as hostile. In Lebanon, terrorists held U.S. journalist Terry Anderson hostage for nearly seven years, on the not unreasonable assumption that he was a spy. Whether or not this was true is beside the point. The CIA has put all Americans abroad at risk, whether they are CIA agents or not. In hearings before the Senate in 1996, many organizations urged Congress to stop using their professions as CIA cover. Don Argue of the National Association of Evangelicals testified: “Such use of missionary agents for covert activities by the CIA would be unethical and immoral.” 13

From the Cold War to the Class War

~More detailed info

Christianity or Paganism?(This topic moved HERE)

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Martin Sheen
(My information on Martin Sheen has been moved HERE)

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(Left) Pope Pius XII with Bishop Fulton Sheen.
(Hitler’s Pope, Signed a Concordat With Hitler in 1933)

Bishop Fulton Sheen is the one Martin Sheen took his stage name after. Martin Sheen’s real name is, Ramon Gerardo Antonio Estevez.

Another Movie Martin Sheen played in is called, “The Conflict” a.k.a. “Catholics”

Watch Online

Link One

Link Two

Synopsis: In this drama, a conservative Catholic priest (Martin Sheen) representing the Pope (And the Black Pope) is sent to Ireland to settle down a few influential radical priests whose doctrine is contrary to standard church guidelines. AKA The Conflict. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide.

Description: “…In the near future, the Catholic church has joined with other western religions in an ecumenical movement that has washed out much of the original message of the religion. A group of Irish monks have begun saying the mass again in Latin and have begun to have an international following. Martin Sheen is sent from Rome to bring them to task and they must confront what is truly…….”

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Martin Sheen (Jesuit Coadjutor) and some other Jesuit protesting the shooting a some Jesuits in El Salvador.

Martin Sheen gets an audience with pope John Paul II

The Titanic


Martin Sheen narrated National Geographic: Secrets of the Titanic andDiscovery’s Two Part Documentary. Now get this, the pictures that were used in this film were taken by a Jesuit Priest Francis M. Browne, SJ from Ireland who boarded the ship and exited conveniently before the last fateful voyage. When the Titanic went down, so did three of the richest and most prominent men in the world. These three men were against the forming of the federal Reserve Bank to whom all Americans are indebted and in bondage to. Additional link

The Three men of Whom I speak were:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Benjamin Guggenheim John Jacob Astor IV Isidor Straus

“Dear Brother Eric and Brethren in Christ Jesus,

The National Geographic special “The Secrets of the Titanic” is on YouTube. Here the links to the five parts (about 10 min each) of the documentary. Watch it while it’s still available.Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

At 6:16 of Part 1 Coadjutor Sheen describes authentic pictures of Titanic before she sailed for the last time. These photos were taken by Irish Jesuit Fr. Francis M. Browne (referred to as “a vacationing priest”) by Coadjutor Sheen never admitting Browne was a Jesuit nor does he explain why Jesuit Browne disembarked from Titanic after briefing Temporal Coadjutor Captain Edward John Smith that he had bring Titanic down deliberately and ignore any warnings of icebergs. Disclaimer-the following info (I’m paraphrasing) was on Wikipedia which I am not completely sure of in terms of veracity. I will see if
more credible and reliable sources confirm this.

> >From

Browne’s Jesuit provincial forewarned him by ordering him to “GET OFF THAT SHIP-PROVINCIAL” after he requested permission from his superior
Father Provincial to travel to New York with an American millionaire couple who offered to pay Jesuit Browne’s way to New York and back in exchange for his company during the voyage.

This web site is the Father Browne Photographic Collection. Not surprisingly it does not detail what Jesuit Browne’s provincial actually told him but it does say he was ordered to disembark from the doomed Titanic.

Robert D. Ballard is reported to be the first to discover the wreckage of the Titanic. It is disputed whether Ballard truly found the remnants of Titanic because a Royal Navy vessel in 1977 according to found it first.
Ballard and coadjutor Sheen worked together in this documentary. Ballard directed it and Sheen narrated. As a matter of fact, Ballard will be my graduating class’ guest Commencement speaker on May 21. I believe it is possible Ballard is a coadjutor himself because he refuses to address the possibility that a rival team of discoverers got to Titanic first. He might be aiding the Jesuit cover-up. Perhaps because Ballard receives the praise of the Pope’s CFR press, notoriety, fame, and recognition for his discovery he keeps his mouth shut not telling the truth (for fear of death) about why Titanic was sunk and was always meant to be destroyed from its inception just like the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center.

Brother Nicholas”

Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones


Alex Jones is a CIA agent of the continued Project Mockingbird and Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor and alternative Media Gatekeeper for the Vatican. 

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson receiving his Honorary Doctorate at LOYOLA “Jesuit” Marymount University in LA back in May 2003. Who’s he with? Jesuit William J Fulco.

mel gibson anti-semitic jesuit catholic

Fr. Bill Fulco, SJ, professor of ancient Mediterranean studies at Loyola Marymount University, translated Mel Gibson’s film script for The Passion of the Christ into Aramaic and Latin and was language coach for the actors on location in Italy.

Mel Gibson’s first name comes from a 5th-century Irish saint, Mel, founder of the diocese of Ardagh containing most of his mother’s native county, while his second name, Columcille is also linked to an Irish saint. Columcille is the name of the parish in County Longford where Anne Reilly was born and raised. – Hutton Gibson’s new Web site

Hutton Gibson’s Video

Another Link Exposing Mel Gibson’s “The Passion”

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Christoph Cardinal Schoenborn, the Archbishop of Vienna, is shown here after celebrating a Mass for the Dead. As befits such an austere ceremony, the Cardinal is wearing the simple mitre of plain white damask. This would also be the kind of mitre he would wear if in the presence of the Pope.

Steve Saxton – SMOM

Sheikh Saeed Bin Maktaum Bin Rashid Bin Saeed and Sir Steven Saxton

Steven Saxton: Chairman, Founder, and CEO of Hollywood Studios International In 2004, he was inducted as a Knight by the Knights of Malta Coptic Catholic. Sir Steven Saxton’s nomination has been endorsed by Grand Master H.S.H. Prince Antonio Ruspoli, approved by Cardinal Stephanos II, Patriarch of Alexandria, blessed by his eminence, Pope John Paul II and is on record at the Vatican in Rome .

Steven Saxton visits with His Highness Sheikh Majid Bin Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum in Dubai

Mark Wahlberg Has A Vatican Cross In His Bedroom

Mark WahlbergReligious The Departed star Mark Wahlberg has turned his bedroom into a sacred space, complete with holy water and the replica of a crucifixion art piece that stands at the Vatican. The Catholic actor takes his religion seriously and claims his Frederick Hart clear resin cross with a statue of the crucified Christ inside is one of his proudest possessions.

Wahlberg showed off the sculpture, which stands in an antechamber of the master bedroom he shares with girlfriend Rhea Durham and their two kids, as part of a recent interview with movie magazine Premiere. Wahlberg says, “(Hart) was a famous sculptor who’s done all kinds of religious work… for cathedrals and stuff. There’s two of these (sculptures) – one in the Vatican and one here. The actor keeps a bottle of holy water by the side of the Hart cross so he can use the antechamber as his own personal chapel whenever he’s home.”

Lionel Ritchie 

Lionel Ritchie with J. Donald Monan, SJ.
(President of Jesuit Boston College)

Lionel B. Ritchie—“a superstar in the dazzling Motown constellation,” said his BC citation—who received an honorary degree on May 19. Ritchie was recognized for his role in producing “We Are The World,” a chart-topping song that raised millions of dollars to fight famine in Africa. During the ceremony, at the urging of Fr. Monan, Ritchie sang a verse of “We Are the World,” and was joined in song by the many thousands on the field and in the stands.

TOM CRUISE – Is he a Psy-op? (Full Page Here)

Hmmm, why would i say that..? Well, first off, he was raised Catholic and he even studied to be a Catholic Priest. His mother is a practicing Catholic AND Scientologist. Tom Cruise is also godfather to Jennifer Lopez’s and Marc Anthony’s twins. Lopez and Anthony are very religious Roman catholics so it’s odd that they would have Tom Cruise to be the godfather of their Catholic twins.

Here’s where a big piece of a possible Psy-Op (Psychological Operation) comes in. Tom’s former wife, Nicole Kidman is a Roman Catholic and stated publically that scientology isn’t compatible with catholicism and thus aided the split between them ending in divorce. What more public way could Roman Catholicism be divided from Scientology?

Oh, I could go on here and piece together a lot more regarding this. But let me say Scientology is very odd in itself. I believe Scientology is in fact a huge Psy-Op. Think about the fact that L Ron Hubbard was NAVY Intelligence officer. He then starts this religion and begins stating that the CIA and FBI is bad. Congressman leo Ryan who was Jesuit trained was an outspoken critic of Scientology and then was assassinated in Guyana investigation Jim Jones and Jonestown. In the wake of Leo Ryan’s assassination, CAN (Cult Awareness Network) was created. CAN went after Scientology and was sued by scientology and Scientology won, and then took over CAN. Are you beginning to see what’s happening?

There seems to be a tremendous drama being played out before our eyes. The whole thing seems contrived and I suspect the ending of this drama won’t be very nice.

-Thomas Richards

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Rupert Murdoch (More on this topic here)

04/03/08 Murdoch defends News Corp The Georgetown Voice – Washington,DC,USA by John Cooke Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation is just like the Jesuits, he told a mostly-full Gaston Hall yesterday, “except we don’t insist on vows of 

(Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of News Corporation)Papal Knight of St. Gregory. Rupert Murdoch was born Catholic. His mother’s maiden name was “Greene”  In 1998 Rupert was made a Knight of the Order of St. Gregory the great. Another Knight of the Order of St Gregory the Great was John J Raskob who was married to another “Greene” (Helena).

Greene is not of Jewish origin. You can see the roots of the Greene name here.

Later some Jews took the name “Green (e)” but it’s highly unlikely and is not proven that Rupert’s mother was Jewish or that Raskob’s wife was Jewish.

Interesting point, The powerful and controversial Roman Catholic, José María Aznar is President of the Board of Directorsof Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation

Re: NewsCorp

Dear friends,

Here’s good tidbit of information. Viet Dihn, main architect of the U.S. Patriot Act is also on the board of directors of the powerful News Corporation owned by Rupert Murdoch.

  • Viet Dinh Professor of Law Georgetown University

And the powerful Roman catholic, Fascist, former president of Spain, and personal friend of King Juan Carlos of Spain, José María Aznar is current President (of the board of directors). He is the one Hugo Chavez called a Fascist and King Juan Carlos told Hugo to “shut up”.

To the left Chavez calls Aznar a “Fascist” and above you see they are all really allies.

(Mr. Aznar has been a Distinguished Scholar at the Edmund A. Walsh School of Georgetown University since 2004 ~Link

Another member of the Board is, Andrew Stephen Bower Knight (born 1 November 1939 in England) is a journalisteditor, and media baron.

He was educated at the Roman Catholic school Ampleforth College, where he was appointed Head Boy, and was awarded an Exhibition to Balliol College, Oxford(MAModern History).

Director of Rothschild Investment Trust Capital Partners plc since 1997

Interesting and strange connection: Another NewsCorp board member Rod Paige(2nd Link)was sitting with George W. Bush at the Emma E. Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Florida, when Bush received the news that a second plane had hit the World Trade Center in the September 11, 2001 attacks.

He is also prominent member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.

Walter Annenberg, created TV Guide Was also a Knight of the Order of St Gregory.

U.S. Media Executive/Publisher/Diplomat

As a media magnate Walter Annenberg controlled important properties in the newspaper, television, and magazine industries. Perhaps most significantly, he was responsible for the creation of TV Guide, the largest circulation weekly magazine in the world, a magazine central to understanding television in America. He was also very active in the arena of American politics, and served as United States Ambassador to the Court of St. James. In his later life, Annenberg became renowned for his substantial philanthropic activities, which included significant donations to educational institutions and public television.

Henry R. Luce (center) – Knight of Malta; Member, Council on Foreign Relations; Editor, Time/Life, whose office was in Rockefeller Center across the street from Cardinal Spellman’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral; purchased the Zapruder Film for 150,000 Federal Reserve Notes two days after the assassination and published the notorious forgery of Sward holding a rifle on the cover of Life magazine. (Cardinal Spellman, Right) From VaticanAssassins.Org

Chris Matthews Pat Buchanan

Chris Matthews as a
Holy Cross student

Pat Buchanan as Georgetown
University Student

Phil Donahue
In 1953, Donahue was a member of the first graduating class of St. Edward High School, an all-boys college prep Catholic high school run by the Brothers of Holy Cross in suburban Lakewood, Ohio. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a B.B.A. in 1957.

When Billy Graham appeared on the Phil Donahue Show of October 11, 1979, in discussing Pope John Paul II’s visit to the United States of America, Billy Graham said, “I think the American people are looking for a leader, a moral and spiritual leader that believes something. And he (meaning the pope) does.

Al Roker
He was raised Catholic (in the faith of his devoutly Catholic mother) and graduated from the prestigious Xavier High School in New York City,

Fr. Jonathan Morris (born August 221972 in Cleveland, Ohio), is an American Roman Catholicpriest and vice-rector of the Legionaries of Christseminary in RomeItaly. He is currently a news contributor and analyst for the Fox News Channel.

From 2002 to 2004, Morris worked as a theological advisor in the making of Mel Gibson‘s motion picture The Passion of the Christ.

Tim Russert 

Tim Russert of NBC (Who was trained by Jesuits) was the Master of Ceremonies at The Catholic University of America Twelfth American Cardinals Dinner New York Friday, April 27, 2001. He also was given the honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters by Br. Liguori of The Congregation of Christian Brother’s Iona College.

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Political analyst James Carville and Tim Russert Catholic Politicians in the U.S.: Their Faith and Public Policy ~LINK

Interesting Fact: James Carville who accredited for getting Clinton elected president married someone who was instrumental in getting George HW Bush elected.

Here is a video clip of Tim Russert giving Louis Farrakhan a platform to preach his jew hating propaganda. Video

Farrakhan With Rev. M. Pfleger
Who hates the 2nd Amendment

Farrakhan “I’m to black people what Pope is to white people”

July 09, 2008

Minister Louis Farrakhan is currently the leader of a reconstituted Nation of Islam, the original organization having been renamed and eventually dissolved by Warith Deen Muhammad. The Nation of Islam’s National Center and headquarters is located in Chicago, Illinois and houses its flagship Mosque No. 2, Mosque Maryam in dedication to Mary, mother of Jesus.

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Inside of Mosque Maryam (Notice the eight pointed star
which is associated with black magic)

Farrakhan’s Early life

Farrakhan was raised within the West Indian community in the Roxbury section of Boston, Massachusetts. His mother had emigrated from Saint Kitts and Nevis in the 1920s; his father was a Jamaican cab driver from New York, but was not involved in his upbringing.

As a child, he received training as a violinist. At the age of six, he was given his first violin and by the age of 13, he had played with the Jesuit Boston CollegeOrchestra and the Boston Civic Symphony. A year later, Walcott went on to win national competitions, as well as the Ted Mack Original Amateur Hour. He was one of the first blacks to appear on the popular show.

In Boston, Farrakhan attended the prestigious Boston Latin School. The school symbol is Romulus, the mythical founder of Rome! and English High School, graduating from the latter1. He attended college for two years at Winston-Salem State University teachers college, but left to continue a career as an entertainer. In the 1950s, Farrakhan became an up-and-coming calypso singer. He recorded several calypso albums under the name “The Charmer.” [1] In 1955, while headlining a show in Chicago entitled “Calypso Follies,” he first came in contact with the teachings of the Nation of Islam.

Check out this ARTICLE Called: “Louis Farrakhan claims he is both a Muslim and a Christian (Catholic)” Quote from article, “A packed house welcomed Minister Louis Farrakhan to St. Sabina Catholic Church on Friday night with a standing ovation and cheers for his health.

The 74-year-old provocative Nation of Islam leader, who has endured a series of health setbacks, didn’t speak from the Quran but from the Bible (The Catholic [Per]Version).

“Even though I am a Muslim — I don’t apologize for that — I’m also a Christian,” he told the crowd at 1210 W. 78th Pl. “Islam considers the Bible a sacred book.” (Yes, but the Bible considers Islam a Daughter to the Mother of Abominations – Revelations 17:5)

“Reverend” Jesse Jackson

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Joseph Retinger (Right)

Description: The key person in the formation of the Club Bilderberg has been Joseph Retinger. The plan of the British intelligence was using Joseph Rettinger, one of the founders of the European Movement in organizing the Club Bilderberg as the real power in the shadows behind the American and European governments.

As Coleman continues this segment of detailing the Committee of 300 structure, he moves on to Joseph Rettinger, “Perhaps the most important member of the Bilderbergers, a foreign policy body 52 of the Committee (of 300)… Rettinger was a well-trained Jesuit priest and a 33rd Degree Freemason.” pp. 51-52 Source

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Jesuit Trained William (Bill) Clinton who is supposed to be Baptist
(maybe he means to say Papist) receives of the heretical ‘holy eucharist’.

More about Clinton Crimes and Jesuit affiliations and pictures.

John Forbes Kerry receives his law degree from the Jesuit’s Boston College

Senator Kerry received the “Founder’s Medal”, the highest award of the Boston College Law School in honor of achievement and service in the legal profession at the 1990 Law School Commencement.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Jesuit Trained, Liberal democrat, pro-abortion, Skull and Bonesmember John Forbes Kerry
receives heretical ‘holy eucharist’ which only devout practicing Catholics may partake of.

Catholic Skull and Bonesmen Bush and Kerry attending Catholic Mass on Ash Wednesday. (Where a priest makes a mark of a cross in ashes on their foreheads.) 

WASHINGTON, D.C. – As a tribute to his outstanding service as a member of the United States House of Representatives, Georgetown University Law Center Professor Robert F. Drinan, S.J. was presented a Congressional Distinguished Service Award.

Left to right: Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.), Prof. Robert Drinan, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca.), and Dean T. Alexander Aleinikoff.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif. greets Pope Benedict XVI, as President Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice look on. (AP Photo / April 16, 2008)

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Hugo Chavez

If you want more info on Hugo Chavez, I Created a whole page for him HERE.

Alex Jones thinks Hugo Chavez is a hero of some sort and so do many others in the ‘Truth Movement’ as well. But if you do some research you will find that Chavez is a devout Roman Catholic Socialist who has given himself many dictatorial powers as Hitler did through theEnabling Act.

The following taken from online blog:

About two months ago, after hearing all the praise everyone was giving Chavez, including Alex Jones and others alike, I decided to look into this guy a little. I discovered that he called for a New World Order not once, but twice BEFORE everyone started praising him and this has bothered me greatly since I found this out. And today, for the THIRD time he has called for a New World Order so lets see if these big-shot ‘truth seekers’ will start talking about this now. I have emailed a link to Paul Joseph Watson ( so lets see if this article gets posted and if Alex Jones speaks out about this on his show… which is due to start in two and a half hours. I have also emailed Jack Blood and urged him to talk about this on his show. Chavez is part of the problems we are facing in the world today and it’s time for everyone to stop talking about him as if he is some kind of god. My guess is that Chavez is part of the ‘bring down America’ agenda which we are clearly seeing taking place right now.

Here’s Texe Marrs quoting from Catholic Chavez. Texe Marrs is proving
himself to be a anti-semetic Jesuit coadjutor as well.

Extra Links: Evangelists and Rome – Transcripts
“pat robertson” catholic – Google Search
Christian Coalition’s Catholic front
Pat Robertson – General Teachings/Activities
Challenge to Texe Marrs
Benny Hinn – Catholic Mystic
“benny hinn” catholic – Google Search 

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From the common man, to mainstream political entities, they must all kiss this man’s hand! This is an open act of worship the pope is receiving with complete agreement.

Often the pope won’t even raise his hand for the person to kiss it. They literally have to bow before him to kiss his hand dangling at his side as we see Mexico’s former President Vincent Fox doing in that photo. It used to be not so many days past that it was the pope foot you must kiss as is shown in this etching…

Hugo Chavez said: I am a Catholic and a Christian and a very committed Christian and I was talking to the Pope about the struggle against poverty -I call it Christ’s cause. Then he was talking about the first time he had met Fidel Castro. Search Alex Jones’ web site. Notice that not one word of Hugo Chavez’s call for a NWO is mentioned. Why? Alex is supposed to be covering everything pertaining to a NWO.

Former President of
Mexico Vincent Fox

Additional Links Associated With Chavez Calling For a New World Order
One Two Three

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy with Pope John Paul II.
Under Reagan’s presidency official diplomatic ties were reestablished between the Vatican and the U.S. they were broken in 1865 after President Lincoln’s assassination and for orchestrating the Civil War!!

Knight of Malta and Future President Bush Sr was Vice president at the time (under control of the Jesuits). Many say he was really running everything. George H. W. Bushwas a ex CIA agent, the former director of the CIA, former director of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) the former ambassador to the United Nations and also the son of Prescott Bush who was a Nazi banker and senator.

George Bush with Cardinal Egan and former Governor of the State of New York Hugh L. Carey, Cardinal Egan.

Excerpt from vaticanassassins.orgThe power of the Archbishop of New York has not diminished but rather grown.

Today, the man who wields the power of Cardinal Spellman from the Powerhouse in New York – St. Patrick’s Cathedral across the street from Rockefeller Center and continues to suppress the truth about the assassination of President Kennedy by virtue of his Oath as a Cardinal, is the arch-conspirator, traitor to his American countrymen and master of the infamous, Jesuit-trained agitator, high-level Freemason and CFR member, former President Bill Clinton, and now master of Skull and Bones member, President George W. Bush, whose father, George H. W. Bush, is also a high-level Freemason, a former Director of both the CFR and CIA, as well as a participant in the Kennedy Assassination.

Donald Rumsfeld meets Pope Paul VI in 1964. Rumsfeld was a young member of the United States House of Representatives for the 13th Congressional District in Illinois at the time.

Pope Paul VI with the Black Pope at that time, the twenty-eighth Superior General (1965-83) of the Society of Jesus, Fr. Pedro Arrupe, S.J.

John F. Kennedy, Cardinal Spellman and Richard Nixon.


Francis Cardinal Spellman – Jesuit-trained at Fordham University in New York and the American College in Rome; Archbishop of Rome’s wealthiest and most powerful Diocese; Military Vicar of the American Empire controlling the Knights of Malta, Shriner Freemasonry, the Knights of Columbus and the Mafia’s Commission; the acting King of the Pope’s Fourteenth Amendment Holy Roman American Empire ruling from his Palace in the city of the Empire State along with his Papal Maltese Knights of the Roundtable overseen by the Professed Jesuits Jesuits under Extreme Oath of the Fourth Vow) at Fordham University including now Cardinal Avery Dulles, the nephew of past Secretary, Vice President, and President of the Cardinal’s Council on Foreign Relations (1933-1950), past CIA Director until fired by President Kennedy and member of the deceptive Warren Commission.

The Jesuits notorious uncle was none other than The Gentleman Spy, Rome’s prostitute Protestant Presbyterian and Shriner Freemason, Allen Dulles. Spellman therefore controlled the Council on Foreign Relations, the FBI, the CIA, Military Intelligence including the Office of Naval Intelligence and the Secret Service, the Power and Mastermind behind the assassination of President Kennedy and subsequent Cover-up, continued by Cardinals Cooke and O Connor.

The present Archbishop, Cardinal Egan will continue the Great Jesuit Cover-up, as evidenced by his Oath as a Cardinal, his first and foremost loyalty is not to the People of the Constitutional Republic of these United States, but to his master in the Vatican, his supposed King of kings and Lord of lords, Jesuit General Kolvenbachs “infallible” god who sits in St. Peter s Chair, Pope John Paul II! For he holds the Devils Papal Office of the Jew-hating and blasphemous Seventh Roman Caesar who has not yet come and, when indwelt by Satan upon rising from the dead, will be the Eighth Roman Caesar – the beast Revelation 17:10,11.

33rd degree Freemason Gen. MacArthur and Military VicarCardinal Spellman

Father Edmund A. Walsh, S.J. conferring with 33rd Degree Freemason General Douglas MacArthur in Tokyo, 1948.

Strongly anti-Communist, it is alleged that Walsh was the man who first suggested to Senator McCarthy hat he use this issue in order to gain political prominence.
Walsh vigorously promoted anti-Communist thought throughout his career.

Senator Joseph McCarthy who was a Graduate of a Jesuit University must have been easy to manipulate at the hands of Jesuit Edmund Walsh who suggested to McCarthy that he could make a name for himself by taking an extreme anti-communist
stance thus coining the term McCarthyism which also ended up with the Senators total downfall

For more on this Read the 4th Chapter of Avro manhattan’s “Vietnam, Why did we go?”

Former Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, meeting with Pope Benedict

Groveling before a MAN. He’s no Vicar of Christ either. Here Jeb Bush is being made a 4th degree K of C.

If Bush is a Christian and says Jesus is his Saviour
then why is he giving the pope an idol of Mary?

Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick of Washington, greets Supreme Knight
of Columbus (which is the ‘right arm of the Catholic church’ in American)
Carl A. Anderson and Ted Koppel, who narrated Washington Speaks.

President Kennedy sits with Pope John Paul VI

Former New Jersey Gov. Brendan Byrne with the Pope and future Pope

Bush, The Catholic Papal Puppet

Pope John Paul II with the trilateral commission 

Montini [a.k.a “pope” Paul VI] pictured giving a speech on October 4, 1965
at the United Nations Montini in his address to the United Nations, called
that godless monstrosity [The UN] “the last, best hope of mankind…”


This is a hand sign of the devil worshippers (goat horns).

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The First Black Pope and Jesuit General Ignatius Loyola who was Formerly a military soldier, a witch and a member of the Illumbrados.

This is the third Jesuit General (Black Pope)
Francis Borgia who is always depicted with a skull.
Notice the Crown on the skull….

Papal Octopus

Former Black Pope with his predecessor Pedro Arrupe

This is the Jesuit General (the Black Pope) Peter-Hans Kolvenbach with Pope John Paul II (who worked for I.G. Farben helping make the Zyklon B cyanide gas which killed hundreds and thousands of Jews at Auschwitz)

Black Pope Peter-Hans Kolvenbach with Pope Benedict Formerly
Cardinal Ratzinger and before that Hitler youth

Picture of Ratzinger when he was Hitler youth.
Couldn’t they find someone else to be Pope?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, SJ
(born in Druten, November 30, 1928),
is the 29th and current Superior General
of the Society of Jesus,
the largest religious order
of the Roman Catholic Church.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting At Vatican Council II,
Fr. Joseph Ratzinger (above right)
receiving orientation from his mentor,
progressive theologian Karl Rahner SJ.
(Society of Jesus)

In January 1933, the Belgian mathematician and Catholic priest Georges Lemaitre traveled with Albert Einstein to California for a series of seminars.
After the Belgian detailed his Big Bang theory, Einstein stood up applauded, and said, This is the most beautiful and satisfactory explanation of creation to which I have ever listened. Lemaitres theory, the idea that there was a burst of fireworks which marked the beginning of time and space on a day without yesterday, was a radical departure from prevailing scientific understandings, though it has since come to be the most probable explanation for the origin of the universe. (In other words, a Jesuit was behind the embarrassing doctrine of the “Big Bang” theory. -TR )

January 20, 1942 – The Wannsee Conference…… another Lie Crused


One of the high-profile claims in this regard was made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, at the UnitedNations in 2009, when he held up a copy of the minutes of the Wannsee meeting, and told the world that:

“There, on January 20, 1942, after a hearty meal, senior Nazi officials met and decided how to exterminate the Jewish people. The detailed minutes of that meeting have been preserved by successive German governments. Here is a copy of those minutes, in which the Nazis issued precise instructions on how to carry out the extermination of the Jews. Is this a lie?”

The simple answer to Netanyahu’s question is, yes, this is a lie. An outright, shameless, blatant lie.

The actual minutes of the Wannsee Conference can be read in their entirety—in the original German here,

In reality, the Wannsee meeting and its minutes do not contain a master plan to kill Jews;

– Nowhere in the meeting’s minutes is genocide discussed, planned, proposed, or even suggested;

– The Wannsee meeting never discussed gas chambers, shootings, or any of the fantasies propagated by the exterminationists;

– The Wannsee Minutes reported that there were only 4.5 million Jews under German control (yet 4.3 million Jewish compensation claims have been lodged against the postwar German government);

– The Wannsee meeting was a planning meeting on how Europe’s Jews should be deported, via transit camps, to the East; with able-bodied Jews being forced to build roads and other labor intensive tasks in those regions;

– The Wannsee Conference also made allowance for specific exceptions to Jewish evacuation, such as Jewish German World War I veterans; ALL Jews over the age of 65; and ALL Jews working in industries vital to the German war effort, to be released from the threat of evacuation and be allowed to stay in Germany.

There is therefore, no justification for the allegation that the Wannsee Conference was a ‘master plan for mass murder’ and everyone who claims this to be the case, from Netanyahu down, is simply lying.

Yehuda_BauerThat the Wannsee Conference never discussed killing Jews in any way, has actually been confirmed in public by Yehuda Bauer, professor of Holocaust Studies at the Avraham Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Bauer is also the founding editor of the journal Holocaust and Genocide Studies, and a member of the editorial board of the Encyclopaedia of the Holocaust, published by Yad Vashem in 1990.

He is not, therefore, as some Holocaust storytellers claim, some obscure figure, but a leading and major—in fact, one of the most senior—Jews promoting the Holocaust fable.

As long ago as 1992(!), Bauer, speaking at a conference held in London to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Wannsee meeting, told the audience that the claim that Wannsee was a “master plan” to kill Jews was nothing a but a “silly story.”

Bauer’s remarks were reported in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency of January 23, 1992, and the Canadian Jewish Times of January 30, 1992.


Titled “Nazi Shceme Not Born at Wannsee, Israeli Holocaust Scholar Claims,” the JTA report continued:

London (JTA)—An Israeli Holocaust scholar has de-bunked the Wannsee Conference, at which top Nazi officials are said to have gathered at a villa in a Berlin suburb in 1942 to draw the blueprints of the ‘Final Solution.’

According to Prof. Yehuda Bauer of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Wannsee was a meeting, ‘but hardly a conference’, and ‘little of what was said there was executed in detail.’

Bauer addressed the opening session of an international conference held here to mark the 50th anniversary of the decision to carry out the “Final Solution”. “But it was not made at Wannsee”, the Czech born scholar said.

The public still repeats, time after time, the silly story that at Wannsee the extermination of the Jews was arrived at, Wannsee was but a stage in the unfolding of the process of mass murder,” he said.


His comments were repeated in the Canadian Jewish News, which read as follows:

Wannsee’s importance rejected 

London (JTA) — An Israeli Holocaust scholar has debunked the Wannsee Conference, at which top Nazi officials are said to have gathered at a villa in a Berlin suburb in 1942 to draw the blueprints of the “Final Solution.”

According to Prof. Yehuda Bauer (photo) of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Wannsee was a meeting, “but hardly a conference”, and “little of what was said there was executed in detail.”

“The public still repeats, time after time, the silly story that at Wannsee the extermination of the Jews was arrived at.”

In other words, even the leading “Holocaust scholar” in Israel knows that to claim that the Wannsee Conference was all about “killing Jews,” or as Netanyahu told the United Nations, that the minutes contain “precise instructions on how to carry out the extermination of the Jews . . .” is an outright lie, a “silly story.”

Once again, like everything else associated with the “Holocaust,” the Wannsee Conference myth collapses when subjected to even the most basic investigation.

 Armistice 1918

The Treaty of Versailles


The Contradictions & Impossibilities Of The “Holocaust by Bullets” Allegation & Why It’s Critical The Story Is Believed

By John Wear

The “Holocaust by Bullets” is becoming an increasingly popular theme among defenders of the Holocaust story. The allegation is that the Einsatzgruppen with support of the German army attempted to murder every Jew in the Soviet Union. This article will discuss the absurdity of this allegation.

The Traditional Analysis

Jewish Princeton University historian Arno Mayer summarizes the mass shootings carried out by the Einsatzgruppen in the Soviet Union:

Even so, and notwithstanding the unparalleled magnitude of the Jewish suffering, the extermination of eastern Jewry never became the chief objective of Barbarossa. The fight for Lebensraum and against bolshevism was neither a pretext nor an expedient for the killing of Jews. Nor was it a mere smoke screen to disguise the Jewish massacres as reprisals against partisans. The assault on the Jews was unquestionably intertwined with the assault on bolshevism from the very outset. But this is not to say that it was the dominant strand in the hybrid ‘Judeobolshevism’ that Barbarossa targeted for destruction. In fact, the war against the Jews was a graft onto or a parasite upon the eastern campaign, which always remained its host, even or especially once it became mired deep in Russia.

When they set forth on their mission, Einsatzgruppen and the RSHA were not given the extermination of Jews as their principal, let alone their only, assignment.[1]

In Mayer’s analysis, the massacres of the eastern Jews were not part of a comprehensive plan of extermination. Rather, the killing of Jews in the Soviet Union occurred as the result of the inexorable radicalization of the war in the east, and because many Soviet Jews were classified by the SS as carriers of Bolshevism.[2]

In the eyes of the SS and the civilian population of the Soviet Union, many Soviet Jews were regarded as being responsible for or accomplices to the Communist acts of violence. For example, the massacres of Jews committed by Ukrainians and SS men in July 1941 in Lemberg and other Galician towns were primarily retaliations for the mass murders of Ukrainians committed by the Soviets between June 22 and July 2, 1941. The reports of the Einsatzgruppen furnish evidence of this:

In Tarnopol 5,000 Ukrainians kidnapped, 2,000 murdered. As counter measures arrest operation initiated against Jewish intellectuals, who shared responsibility for the murder and besides were informers for the NKVD. Number estimated at about 1,000. On July 5, approximately 70 Jews rounded up by Ukrainians and shot. Another 20 Jews killed on the road by military and Ukrainians, as response to the murder of three soldiers who were found chained in jail, with tongues cut out and eyes gouged out.[3]

Other Jews were shot in retaliatory measures after the discovery of Soviet torture chambers. For example, after the discovery of a torture chamber in the Tarnopol courthouse, the Germans reacted as follows: “The troops marching through who had the opportunity to see these atrocities, above all the bodies of the murdered German soldiers, killed all of the approximately 600 Jews and set their houses on fire.”[4]

The dominant and active role of Jews in the Bolshevik Revolution & the Soviet Union was well known. Even Winston Churchill highlighted the predominant Jewish role in the world-wide communist movement in the following 1920 article.

Modern Historiography

Israeli Holocaust historian Yitzak Arad and other historians are now promoting the idea that the Einsatzgruppen with support of the German army murdered almost every Jew in the Soviet Union.[5] In his book The Holocaust in the Soviet Union, Arad discusses the difficulty of obtaining exact figures of Jews who died in the Soviet Union during World War II.

The absence of accurate Soviet statistics on the number of evacuated Jews into the Soviet rear areas and German documentation on the number of Jews remaining in the occupied Soviet territories makes it difficult to sum up the number of Jews who perished in these territories. The Soviet administration did not conduct any kind of census of the inhabitants, including Jews, who survived the German occupation. German statistics are incomplete on the number of Jews murdered during the years of occupation. The Einsatzgruppen reports and other German documents give the numbers of Jews murdered by them in specific locations, but they don’t include all of the murder sites, and there is doubt as to the accuracy of these statistics. Reports on the many massacres conducted by the Orpo and local police forces are only partial.[6]

Despite this lack of documentation, Arad produces estimates of Jewish deaths in the German-occupied Soviet Union during World War II that show only slight variations. Arad estimates that there were 2,612,000-2,743,500 Jews in the German-occupied Soviet Republics. Of this number, 103,000-119,000 Jews are estimated to have survived, while 2,509,000-2,624,500 Jews are estimated to have died.[7] Using the mid-range of these estimates, this equals a Jewish death rate of 95.85%, with a survival rate of only 4.15%.

Arad estimates that there were 2,105,000-2,225,000 Jews in the German-occupied Soviet Republics of Belorussia, Ukraine and Russia. Of this total, 42,000-55,000 Jews are estimated to have survived, while 2,063,000-2,170,000 Jews are estimated to have died. Using the mid-range of these estimates, Arad thus estimates that only 48,500 Jews survived out of 2,165,000 total Jews in Belorussia, Ukraine and Russia.[8] This equals a Jewish death rate of 97.76% in these three Soviet republics, with a survival rate of only 2.24%.

Arad provides no documentation for his estimated Jewish death totals in the Soviet Union. Arad’s assumed death total of Jews in the Soviet Union is absurd. The German army and the Einsatzgruppen were engaged in a monumental struggle against the Soviet army. The Germans could not possibly have killed such a high percentage of Jews based solely on verbal orders from Heinrich Himmler[9] while engaging in battles of epic proportions with the Soviets.

Yitzak Arad has given out false historical information in the past to support the official Holocaust story. Regarded by many as the leading Treblinka expert, Arad distorted a report dated November 15, 1942 by saying the report referred to gas chambers instead of steam chambers as the murder weapon at Treblinka.[10] Arad had to make this change because the official historiography now states that steam chambers were never used to kill Jews at Treblinka.[11]

Mr Arad neglects to acknowledge the Bolshevik Holocaust killed by some estimates approx. 60 million people and that the role of numerous Jews, including Stalin’s Jews, were also known and widely resented as depicted in this non-too-subtle graphic. It is logical that war & reprisals against Soviet Bolsheviks would therefore include suffering & fatalities by some Jews. Claiming 98% died is such an extreme overreach it insults the memory of all victims of Bolshevik-Communism.
Aktion 1005

Since the bodies of the alleged 2.5 million murdered Soviet Jews have not been found, the official Holocaust historiography claims that they were cremated in what is called Aktion 1005. An article in the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust defines this operation:

Operation 1005, code name for a large-scale activity that aimed to obliterate the traces of the murder of millions of human beings by the Nazis in occupied Europe.”[12]

It is unrealistic to assume that Aktion 1005 succeeded and the Germans exhumed and burned over 2.5 million bodies. This would mean that within a period of 13 months the Germans had to have emptied thousands of graves in a territory of more than 1.2 million square kilometers–all without leaving behind any material or documentary traces. The mass exhumation of such a large number of bodies in such a short period of time is quite impossible.[13]

Furthermore, we know that no Soviet planes discovered and photographed the burning bodies, because otherwise the Soviets would have exploited the photographs for propaganda purposes. The thousands of pyres burning through the night would have been photographed by the Soviets if such mass exhumations had taken place.[14]

Yitzak Arad attempts to explain away these problems by stating that Aktion 1005 was a failure:

Aktion 1005 was a highly classified operation. Orders and reports were given and received verbally, and no German documents were saved to provide evidence. The SS, which was responsible for the operation, did everything in its power to prevent a leak of information on the site…

There is no way of knowing how many corpses were cremated in the course of the operation—hundreds of thousands, certainly, possibly even millions. But millions of corpses remained in the pits in which they had been buried. This tangible evidence—the corpses of millions of Jews and non-Jews, murdered by Nazi Germany and its collaborators in the occupied Soviet territories—remained for posterity. In its main objective—destroying the evidence of mass murder—Aktion 1005 failed.[15]

The problem with Arad’s explanation is that neither the Soviets nor anyone else have found the mass graves in which large numbers of Jews were supposedly buried in the Soviet Union. Germar Rudolf writes:

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, numerous mass graves, containing altogether hundreds of thousands of bodies of victims of the Soviets, were discovered, excavated, and investigated. Not only was the number of victims determined, but in many cases the specific cause of death as well. In the same regions where many of these mass graves were found, one million Jews are said to have been shot by the Einsatzgruppen. Yet no such grave has ever been reported found, let alone dug and investigated, in the more than half a century during which these areas have been controlled by the USSR and its successor states.[16]

Thus, the undocumented and imaginary Aktion 1005 provides no evidence of a German program of genocide against Soviet Jews.

Arad’s mass graves are not present in this dramatic Wikipedia map of the Holocaust in Russia. By I, Dennis Nilsson, CC BY 3.0

The Einsatzgruppen trials that took place in Nuremberg from September 1947 to April 1948 form the basis for the allegations that the Einsatzgruppen and other German forces murdered millions of Jews and other people in the “Holocaust by Bullets”. The defendants in these trials were 24 commanding and senior officers of the Einsatzgruppen.[17]   

Benjamin Ferencz, the chief prosecutor at the Einsatzgruppen trials, has admitted to using death threats to obtain evidence. Ferencz said in an interview:

You know how I got witness statements? I’d go into a village where, say, an American pilot had parachuted and been beaten to death and line everyone up against the wall. Then I’d say, “Anyone who lies will be shot on the spot.” It never occurred to me that statements taken under duress would be invalid.[18]

Ferencz, who enjoys an international reputation as a world peace advocate, further related a story concerning the interrogation of an SS colonel. Ferencz explained that he took out his pistol in order to intimidate him:

What do you do when he thinks he’s still in charge? I’ve got to show him that I’m in charge. All I’ve got to do is squeeze the trigger and mark it as auf der Flucht erschossen [shot while trying to escape]…I said “you are in a filthy uniform sir, take it off!” I stripped him naked and threw his clothes out the window. He stood there naked for half an hour, covering his balls with his hands, not looking nearly like the SS officer he was reported to be. Then I said “now listen, you and I are gonna have an understanding right now. I am a Jew—I would love to kill you and mark you down as auf der Flucht erschossen, but I’m gonna do what you would never do. You are gonna sit down and write out exactly what happened—when you entered the camp, who was there, how many died, why they died, everything else about it. Or, you don’t have to do that—you are under no obligation—you can write a note of five lines to your wife, and I will try to deliver it…” [Ferencz gets the desired statement and continues:] I then went to someone outside and said “Major, I got this affidavit, but I’m not gonna use it—it is a coerced confession. I want you to go in, be nice to him, and have him re-write it.” The second one seemed to be okay—I told him to keep the second one and destroy the first one. That was it.[19]

This and other admissions by Ferencz cast an immediate shadow over the entire proceedings. Is this the sort of legal person who can be relied upon to present fair and objective evidence at a major trial?[20]

Benjamin Ferencz took only two days to present the 253 captured documents in the Einsatzgruppen case. These documents were the primary evidence used to convict the defendants in these trials.[21]

The accuracy and authenticity of the Einsatzgruppen reports have been called into question by many researchers. The originals of the Einsatzgruppen reports have never been produced, and many of the copies that have been produced show clear signs of postwar additions. For example, Einsatzgruppen Report No. 111 contains garbled wording and a clear addition to the end of a paragraph (highlighted in bold below):

These were the motives for the executions carried out by the Kommandos: Political officials, looters and saboteurs, active Communists and political representatives, Jews who gained their release from prison camps by false statements, agents and informers of the NKVD, persons who, by false depositions and influencing witnesses, were instrumental in the deportation of ethnic Germans, Jewish sadism and revengefulness, undesirable elements, partisans, Politruks, dangers of plague and epidemics, members of Russian bands, armed insurgents—provisioning of Russian bands, rebels and agitators, drifting juveniles,Jews in general.[22]

Defenders of the Holocaust story often state that the Einsatzgruppen reports were captured by the U.S. Army when they took control of the Gestapo Headquarters. However, even Benjamin Ferencz has admitted that the copies of these reports originated with the copies held by the German Foreign Office in Berlin, which makes them Soviet-origin papers.[23]

The unreliability of the Einsatzgruppen reports was acknowledged in the trial of German Field Marshal Erich von Manstein in 1949. Von Manstein’s lawyer demonstrated that whole areas claimed by the reports to be “cleared of Jews” actually contained many flourishing Jewish communities that were untouched throughout the entire war. The trial court accepted the argument that the Einsatzgruppen reports were unreliable, and Von Manstein was acquitted in regard to the Einsatzgruppen activities in his command sector.[24]

Dr. Arthur Robert Butz explains why the Einsatzgruppen documents were forged:

It is not difficult to see why these documents exist; without them the authors of the lie would have no evidence for their claims except testimony. We have seen that with Auschwitz there was an abundance of material facts to work with and whose meanings could be distorted: shipments of Jews to Auschwitz, many of whom did not return to their original homes, large shipments of a source of hydrogen cyanide gas, elaborate cremation facilities, selections, the stench. The situation with the Einsatzgruppen was different; there was only one fact, the executions. Standing alone, this fact does not appear impressive as evidence, and this consideration was no doubt the motivation for manufacturing these documents on such a large scale.[25]


The Einsatzgruppen were assigned the tasks of killing Soviet Commissars and fighting partisan activity in the Soviet Union. Large numbers of Jews and non-Jews were killed in these operations.

Because German forces were always limited and always in demand at the front, German military authorities were all the more fearful of the disruptions partisans could bring. Consequently, the Einsatzgruppen and German army officers took severe measures against partisan activity in the Soviet Union. This resulted in the Einsatzgruppen and the German military engaging in mass killings of partisans, including the execution of many civilians. However, the Einsatzgruppen did not serve the additional purpose of committing genocide against Soviet Jewry.[26]

The increased death toll in the “Holocaust by Bullets” is being used today by Yitzk Arad and other historians to offset the diminishing estimated deaths in the German camps. This is the only way in which the alleged 6 million deaths in the so-called Holocaust can still be maintained.      

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FBI documents found on pedophile Anthony Weiner’s laptop contained classified information

Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton leaked classified docs to pervert Weiner.

If justice truly is blind, than the latest Judicial Watch revelation that at least five emails (among the 2,800 documents stored on a laptop belonging to Anthony Weiner) were in fact determined to be classified, should place Huma Abedin and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton swiftly in prison for treason.

President of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton announced Thursday that the State Department will be releasing a portion of the documents found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop on Friday.

The Gateway Pundit, previously reported that conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch revealed in October the State Department admitted it received 2,800 Huma Abedin government documents from the FBI that were found on her husband Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

Judicial Watch’s president Tom Fitton says in his experience dealing with Abedin emails on Weiner’s laptop, docs will include classified information.

The FBI seized Weiner’s laptop after he was caught sexting with an underage teenager and discovered CLASSIFIED INFORMATION on the disgraced politician’s computer.

The Daily Mail now reports that at least five emails determined to be classifiedwere found among 2,800 documents stored on a laptop belonging to Anthony Weiner, whose then-wife Huma Abedin was deputy chief of staff to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The State Department released hundreds of pages of materials Friday afternoon, including a total of eight pages classified at the ‘confidential level,’ the third most sensitive level the U.S. government uses.

The emails date from 2010, 2011 and 2012 and concern discussions with Middle East leaders including some from Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.

Large portions, including entire pages, were redacted before the documents’ release.

Three of them were sent either to or from an address called ‘BBB Backup,’ which one email identifies as a backup of a Blackberry Bold 9700, presumably belonging to Abedin.

One page of a document released Friday is heavily redacted and marked ‘classified’; it mentions ‘update on Hamas-PA talks,’ referring to the Palestinian Authority.

Another is a four-page ‘call sheet’ meant to guide Clinton through a sensitive phone call with Benjamin Netanyahu.

The work-related emails and other documents were recovered from Weiner’s computer last year by the FBI.

Civilians like Weiner, who was once a congressman but resigned in mid-2011, are prohibited from possessing or reading classified documents without a security clearance.

Zerohedge reports that as a civilian, Weiner – though once a congressman, was unlikely to have possessed the proper clearance to view or store the classified documents on his laptop.

A sample of the documents can be seen below, first, a “Call Sheet” prepared for Hillary’s discussion with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:

An update regarding “Hamas-PLO Talks”…

Zerohedge further reports that in at least two instances, Abedin directly forwarded Anthony Weiner official conversations – one of which included Hillary Clinton and senior advisor Jake Sullivan with subject “Lavrov” – referring to Russia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergey Lavrov. The email discusses an official response by a “quartet” of envoys (The US, EU, UN, and Russia) over Israel’s announced changes to its Gaza policy, ending a contentious blockade.

One wonders why Anthony Weiner would need to know about this?

Abedin also forwarded Weiner an email discussion from July 22, 2012 which had previously been released by WikiLeaks – which included the Ambassador to Senegal, Mushingi Tulinabo. While the contents of the email are redacted, Senegal had elected a new President earlier that month. Of note, the Clinton Foundation has supported or been involved in several projects in the country.

Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton had this to say about the new Huma, Hillary document dump from the US State Department…

“After years of hard work in federal court, Judicial Watch has forced the State Department to finally allow Americans to see these public documents. It will be in keeping with our past experience that Abedin’s emails on Weiner’s laptop will include classified and other sensitive materials. That these government docs were on Anthony Weiner’s laptop dramatically illustrates the need for the Justice Department to finally do a serious investigation of Hillary Clinton’s and Huma Abedin’s obvious violations of law.”

Fitton also noted how “outrageous” it is to have Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin walk out “of the State Department with classified documents and the Obama FBI and DOJ didn’t do a thing about it.”

Thanks to @JudicialWatch, State Department now posting government docs from Clinton/Abedin found on Anthony Weiner laptop. Weiner campaign received classified info through Abedin/Clinton emails. Docs being posted here:

Zerohedge reports that Huma Abedin was spotted heading into the Hillary Clinton offices in midtown Manhattan earlier today just a few hours before the release of the 2,800 emails.  Seems you’re never too old to be called into the Principal’s office…We’re confident this will all be promptly dismissed by Hillary as just another effort to “criminalize behavior that is normal “because what government employee hasn’t shared classified materials with their convicted pedophile husband? Certainly, just another boring day in Washington.

Jews Jacok Frank & Weinstein

Viciousness and Ignorance: New York Times Columnists on the Rampage

Amanda Hess and Manohla Dargis on the Weinstein-Spacey-Louis C.K. affairs

The New York Times has been at the forefront of the campaign over sexual misconduct in the entertainment industry in particular, which has now been extended to the political arena (preposterously in the case of Sen. Al Franken). The newspaper has devoted considerable resources and published dozens of articles and “exposés” on the subject since early October, when it ran a story recounting allegations of sexual harassment against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

Harvey Weinstein (Photo credit: David Shankbone)
Harvey Weinstein (Photo credit: David Shankbone)

The campaign has a deeply reactionary and anti-democratic character. The Times and other media outlets, on the basis of allegations alone, have already ruined the lives and careers of a number of individuals and there is no reason to believe they will stop there. In its treatment of the issue, the Times entirely disregards elementary constitutional rights, including the presumption of innocence, due process, the ability of the accused to confront and respond to witnesses and more. The individuals in question are pronounced, either by the Times or by those it cites, to be monsters, worthy of destruction.

The methods of the McCarthyite witch-hunts of the 1950s have been taken out, dusted off and brought to bear without any serious opposition within the artistic world. Once again, individuals are named and denounced, found guilty and excluded with hardly a voice being raised against the process. All of this has taken place without a single charge being laid, much less a guilty verdict having been reached by a jury.

This may outrage the Times’ editors and surprise a large portion of the newspaper’s readership but Weinstein, Brett Ratner and James Toback—not to mention Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K., Franken and countless others being drawn into the dragnet of yellow journalism—are owed the legal protections due every citizen.

The attack on democratic rights often begins with relatively easy, even “guilty” targets and proceeds from there. The elimination of constitutional protections, under conditions of a ruling elite moving at the speed of light toward authoritarianism and war, has extremely dangerous implications for the entire population. Today’s moral guardians may well find themselves bearing a share of the responsibility for openly dictatorial and fascistic measures in the not so distant future.

Amanda Hess (
Amanda Hess (

Two recent articles in the Times exemplify the ignorant and pernicious character of the current offensive on sexual matters, “How the Myth of the Artistic Genius Excuses the Abuse of Women,” by Amanda Hess, and “Louis C.K. and Hollywood’s Canon of Creeps,” by Manohla Dargis.

Neither author shows any evidence of having thought through the issues involved. Hess makes a number of wide-ranging comments about art and the history of art on the basis of superficial observations about recent developments in the American entertainment world. She writes like a glorified lifestyle columnist, which is what she is. On her own website, she cites the comment of fellow columnist Benjamin Freed in regard to her work, “I can’t think of anyone who writes about personal identity or relationships in a more intelligent or engaging fashion.”

Dargis, a film critic at the Times, has apparently composed her piece on sexual misconduct primarily out of personal spite and bitterness. Her article is hardly more than a series of unenlightening complaints and grumbles about Louis C.K. and Woody Allen and their purported relations with or fantasies about young women. If anything, her comment is pitched at an even lower and more vindictive level than Hess’s. She begins her article: “Soon after Harvey Weinstein was first outed as a sexual predator, I created a document titled ‘Creeps’ in which I tried to list every man who had sexually harassed or assaulted me.” Frankly, why should anyone be the slightest bit interested? Let us hope that Dargis finds the will-power to control the urge to share her story with the rest of the world.

These are two highly paid, privileged members of the American affluencia, writing for a “prestige” publication, who would have one believe they are horribly oppressed. It’s all self-pitying nonsense for starters, and that needs to be said.

Louis C.K.
Louis C.K.

It is also useful to bear in mind, to put matters in proper perspective, that Hess and Dargis write for a newspaper that published barefaced lies about “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq (notably by the infamous Judith Miller), which helped justify the criminal US intervention responsible for more than one million deaths. Dead Iraqis, Afghans, Syrians, Libyans, Somalis, Yemenis and Pakistanis do not perturb our authors, both of them undoubtedly supporters of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party, one of the two war parties.

Ultimately, such individuals—like their counterparts in academia engaged in what might be termed “gender cleansing”—are most interested in clearing a career and income path for themselves. A vicious settling of scores is at work here. There is almost nothing as ruthless as the petty bourgeoisie when it smells blood. The watchword in these circles today is clear enough: certain tides taken at the flood “lead on to fortune.”

A very large portion of the top posts in the entertainment and media world is held by men. Hess and Dargis would like to see them pushed out the door. That would open things up and make life generally more pleasant—and lucrative—for people like themselves.

Would the female sector of the corporate species be any less swinish in their own fashion (or more talented) than Weinstein and the others if that sought for eventuality were to come to pass? One doubts it. Their lack of compassion and empathy, the absence of any democratic sensibility in what they write, provide a sense of what Hollywood et al would look like under their domination, and it is not a pretty prospect.

For her part, Hess would like to rewrite artistic and cultural history. She wants to do away “with the idea of ‘separating the art from the artist’ … Whenever a creative type (usually a man) is accused of mistreating people (usually women), a call arises to prevent those pesky biographical details from sneaking into our assessments of the artist’s work.”

Kevin Spacey (Photo credit: Pinguino k)
Kevin Spacey (Photo credit: Pinguino k)

Referring to “the Hollywood players accused of sexual harassment or worse—Harvey Weinstein, James Toback, Kevin Spacey and Louis C.K.,” Hess goes on, “We’re learning more every day about how the entertainment industry has been shaped by their abuses of power. It’s time to consider how their art has been, too.”

It may be time for such a consideration, but Hess doesn’t indulge her readers by actually offering one. She carelessly throws a number of things into the pot, including Bernardo Bertolucci’s alleged mistreatment of Maria Schneider in the making of Last Tango in Paris (1972) and Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier’s disoriented cinematic rubbish, within which “riling actresses” is hardly the greatest of his crimes, but comes up with very little of substance. She cannot stop herself from smearing Roman Polanski in passing, but, again, since she makes no concrete analysis of any of Polanski’s film work, her pledge to examine the “art” in light of sexual misconduct remains a dead letter.

Hess, like Dargis, concentrates much of her time and energy on the case of Louis C.K. Her description of his work, however, suggests that the comic, for all his peculiarities and excesses, has been capable of providing more insight into sexual and social relations than Hess herself. Disapprovingly, in the light of the recent accusations, she writes, “What once looked like creative provocations now read like justifications of a moral universe where women are as complicit in sexual violation as men are, and where sex that begins with force easily gives way to mutual desire.”

The subjectivism in Hess’s approach should be noted. “We once admired Louis C.K. for his comic efforts,” she argues, in effect, “but now we’ve discovered they mean something quite different.”

Hess claims that a “proclivity for reprehensible acts is built right into the mythos of the artistic genius—a designation rarely extended to women. … The art excuses the crime.” While she refers sweepingly to 19th century culture, Hess again excuses herself from providing one example of the trend she identifies.

The relationship between the life and personal behavior of the artist and his or her body of work is a complex one. No one ought to suggest that talent or even genius excuses everything. As we noted years ago at the time of the “rehabilitation” of Hollywood director-informer Elia Kazan, an accurate assessment of artistic achievement inevitably requires “making a certain distinction between the artist and his or her art. We do not go searching through garbage cans for all the ways in which the writer, painter or composer falls short. But the distinction is a relative, not an absolute one.” Mozart is remembered fondly as a human being, while Wagner, the composer of much beautiful music but a horrible anti-Semite, is not.

At that time, the opposite argument to Hess’s was often being made: artists like Kazan were boasting in their memoirs of their rotten behavior and implying that rottenness was a necessary ingredient of artistic genius. We noted that imperfect human beings produced art, along with everything else. “They inevitably sin against others and against themselves,” we wrote. “But why make a virtue out of those inevitable errors and misdeeds, much less a program? History teaches us that class society occasionally mutilates very gifted people beyond recognition, so that artistic genius and personal vileness coexist within a single human being. Why not simply recognize this as an unfortunate fact of that society, another sign of its incompatibility with the demands of human happiness, and not as a proof that genius feeds on vileness?”

However, criticism of the existing social order and what it does to people is beyond Hess and Dargis, a pair of extraordinarily self-satisfied petty bourgeois.

On the basis of her arguments, Hess would presumably urge reconsidering or even proscribing the work of every male artist who mistreated women (or who were merely alleged to have done so). She and Dargis essentially rejoice in the destruction of Louis C.K. and Kevin Spacey. Dargis writes of the former: “I don’t feel bad for him or mourn a career that may be over. He’s rich and can crawl into a cushy hole.” An individual capable of writing such a foul sentence, shamelessly expressing delight in another person’s humiliation, is worthy only of contempt.

In fact, the purging of Spacey and Louis C.K. and the series with which they are connected will have an immediate impact on television in particular, not to mention a chilling effect on possible future ventures, helping to render the medium less critical and more conventional. If Hess and Dargis were allowed to carry out their purges, the results would be disastrous for cultural life.

Already we have the appalling example of Spacey being excised from a finished film, Ridley Scott’s All the Money in the World, and his scenes re-shot with Christopher Plummer in his stead. Stalin comes to Hollywood! Scott and Plummer ought to be ashamed of themselves, but there is no indication they are.

Louis C.K. is not a fiend deserving to be liquidated. He appears to suffer from emotional disorders that find expression in his compulsive exhibitionism. There must certainly have been a way to deal with his form of behavioral disorder without ending his career as an actor and comic. Perhaps one of his producers, directors or agents might have done more, or anything, to help Louis C.K. if he or she had not been so fixated on making as much money off the comic’s work as possible.

What if the moral criteria advocated by Hess and Dargis were to be applied retroactively?

August Strindberg
August Strindberg

Perhaps the writings of Ernest Hemingway, August Strindberg and Lord Byron (notorious for their stormy or difficult relationships with the opposite sex), the films of Charlie Chaplin (who married 18-year-old Oona O’Neill when he was 54) and the paintings of Egon Schiele (arrested for having sex with a teenage girl) and Fra Filippo Lippi (the Renaissance artist who scandalously seduced a young nun) should be removed from libraries, cinemas and galleries, respectively. Charles Dickens abandoned his wife for a younger woman, Leo Tolstoy broke from his on the eve of his death.

Oscar Wilde could easily be viewed as a sexual “predator” for his relationships with working class adolescents. And let us not forget that Lord Alfred “Bosie” Douglas, was not quite 21 when he first had sex with Wilde. Of course, there is evidence that Bosie may have been the aggressor, but let’s not quibble over facts and miss the bigger moral picture. Perhaps the Marquess of Queensberry, Lord Alfred’s father, deserves belated thanks for having served as the agent of Wilde’s destruction.

Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde

Should we continue down the list of artistic miscreants whose works might, in light of their notorious exploits, merit destruction? The painter Caravaggio and the poet François Villon may well have been murderers. Balzac, a little less recklessly and bloodily, had a child with one married woman and a decade-long intimate correspondence with another. Conservative contemporaries generally regarded him and his work as immoral and dangerous. What about Frida Kahlo, the icon of present-day feminists, who was relentless in her pursuit of sexual conquests, choosing targets of both genders?

Hess, Dargis and the rest of the middle class moralizers never stop to consider whether there is an element in art that transcends the individual life and personal conduct.

In fact, the more insightful writers on aesthetics over the past two centuries have understood that the great artist immerses him or herself as thoroughly as possible in the material at hand, largely setting aside his or her own personality and its individual characteristics. The artist becomes the particular means through which the theme that has seized him or her is formed.

But Hess and Dargis construct art according to their own petty intellectual and moral dimensions, as something narrow and thoroughly subjective. Of course the artist deals in sensations and perceptions, but as Marxists insist, the question of questions is: “Do our subjective sensations have objective significance?”

Our authors never concern themselves with whether or not the work of a given artist, even with his or her socially produced deformities, contributes to our understanding of the world and of ourselves. One of the difficulties is that both operate in the shallow and stagnant waters of contemporary American popular culture, where nothing especially illuminating does occur at present.

Dargis writes: “One fallacy about criticism is that it can be practiced objectively, as if we could see and write about movies from some sort of out-of-body experience. As if it were possible for me to watch a movie in which women are abused for no apparent reason—without even a pretense of narrative rationale—and view this exploitation as simply another formal attribute, like the cinematography, soundtrack or superb camerawork.”

As is the habit with philistines, Dargis identifies “objectivity” with passive impartiality. The aim is not to write about or regard films from “some sort of out-of-body experience,” but to treat them with regard for their truthfulness, their correspondence to the way the world is. Films that present women or any other portion of humanity in a dishonest or exploitative manner need to be rejected, although again Dargis’s selective perception is worth noting. She is evidently not upset by films that defend US imperialism’s crimes and paint Iraqis as a form of alien life, having placed Clint Eastwood’s foul, pro-military American Sniper at the top of her list of 2014 films “that meant the most to me.”

American Sniper (2014)
American Sniper (2014)

Art arrives at objective truths about reality, as science does, although obviously by other means. The recent series Geniusplayed upon Albert Einstein’s supposed misdeeds as a husband. It chose to suggest, as the WSWS review observed, that his first wife, Mileva Maric, “came up with the ideas and mathematics for special relativity and that Einstein essentially stole her ideas.” This was wrongheaded enough, but suppose another film or series were to take a different tack: that the theory of relativity itself is tainted and needs to be reexamined in the light of Einstein’s unhappy relations with certain women in his life.

There is a lengthy intellectual and social history behind the retrograde positions advanced by Hess and Dargis, as they have emerged and flourished within the well-heeled professional middle class.

On the one hand, we have suffered through decades of postmodernism and identity politics with their extreme subjectivism and relativism, which write off the possibility of establishing the objective truth about society or history. On the other, whatever meager democratic residue that remained within official American life has been worn away through the endless “war on terror,” with its “human rights” justifications of military interventions, detention without trial, torture and other atrocities, along with a series of manipulated sex scandals.

The entire identity politics crowd in the US, like the establishment as a whole, is moving sharply to the right, toward support for censorship, political or moral witch-hunting and outright repression. The Weinstein-Spacey-Louis C.K affairs (with more to come!), combined with the “fake news” and anti-Russia campaigns, have simply provided these people the occasion for more brazenly embracing a right-wing, anti-democratic program.

(Republished from World Socialist Web Site by permission of author or representative)




Social media like Twitter is revealing in that it demonstrates the interpretative frameworks of various so-called “influencers” and their followers. Case in point was a Twitter storm between Laura Loomer and one Tariq Nasheed, a black self-described historian and MLK Conservative. Nasheed has 212,000 Twitter followers, has a radio show and spends most of his efforts playing on the one-trick pony “white supremacist” epithet. He does this against personalities in the Alt-Right, including what The New Nationalist (TNN) feels is controlled-opposition Alt-Right. Loomer has 114,000 followers on Twitter.

Nasheed decided to challenge some assertions from Loomer that Jews control the media and finance. He asked for evidence that this was the case.

Laura Loomer (a Jew) set Nasheed straight. Hundreds of cognoscenti jumped all over the rather elementary factoid about Jewish Power like it was some kind of revelation and Eureka moment. It was retweeted, discussed, and given likes all over Twitter.

TNN Takeaway: We wonder if Loomer, as a Jew, is just bragging, or does she have a larger issue to address?  We also wonder what the response would have been if little ol’ goy TNN had called Nasheed out for his astonishing ignorance of such an important fact. We would suggest that it is at worst prohibited or at best frowned upon. Indeed, the brainwashing is so pervasive that ownership of such a topic is claimed by Jews. We here at TNN have a modest goal of extending the Overton Window wide enough to permit non-Jews to enter this conversation. Would that be okay, controllers?

In the meantime, here are the facts about Jewish ownership and management control of all media. To Nasheed: Jewish control is not the same animal as “white” control. As usual, we need to ask the Loomer-Nasheed cognescenti: How has that been working for ya?

Who controls the news? Of the 67 senior executives of the major television and radio news networks, 47 are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 70%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population. Therefore, Jews and spouses of Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major television and radio news networks by a factor of 35 times, or 3,500%.

Who controls corporate media? Of the 12 senior executives of the “Big Six” media corporations, nine are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 75%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population. Therefore, Jews and spouses of Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the “Big Six” media corporations by a factor of 37.5 times, or 3,750%.

Who controls Hollywood?  Of the 60 senior executives of the major Hollywood studios, trade unions, and talent agencies, 50 are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 83%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population. Therefore, Jews and spouses of Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major Hollywood studios, trade unions and talent agencies by a factor of 41.5 times, or 4,150%.

Who controls television? Of the 64 senior executives of the major television broadcast networks, cable networks and production companies, 56 are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 88%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population. Therefore, Jews and spouses of Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major television broadcast networks, cable networks and production companies by a factor of 44 times, 4,400%.

Who controls music? Of the 50 senior executives of the major music labels and trade organizations, 39 are Jews. This is a numerical representation of 78%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population. Therefore, Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major music labels and trade organizations by a factor of 39 times, or 3,900%.

Who controls radio? Of the 46 senior executives of the major radio broadcast networks and station owners, 28 are Jews. This is a numerical representation of 61%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population. Therefore, Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major radio broadcast networks and station owners by a factor of 30.5 times, 3,050%.

Who controls advertising? Of the 46 senior executives of the major advertising corporations and trade associations, 31 are Jews. This is a numerical representation of 67%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population. Therefore, Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major advertising corporations and trade associations by a factor of 33.5 times, 3,350%.

Who controls print news?  Of the 65 senior executives of the major newspapers and news magazines, 42 are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 65%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population. Therefore, Jews and spouses of Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major newspapers and news magazines by a factor of 32.5 times, 3,250%.



I get PTSD each time I look at photos of this Laura Loomer Jewess. And those tits! lol

The sadistic kike Laura Loomer has posted a tweet exposing the Jewish control of the media. There is some debate about Rupert Murdoch being a Jew, but if this Jewess says he is a Jew than we’ll just run with it. At the very least he’s a Zionist who has supported all sorts of Jewish causes.

JEWISH Owners/ CEOs of Top Media companies:

FOX News: Rupert Murdoch
CNN: Jeff Zucker
NBC: Brian Roberts
CBS: Murray Rothstein
ABC: Robert Iger
NY Times: Arthur Sulzberger Jr
Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg
HBO: Richard Plepler

Do you need me to name any more  for you Tariq? 

Even if you want to convince yourself that Rupert Murdoch isn’t Jewish, Disney chairman Bob Iger IS Jewish, & he’s buying Fox. His company just made its agreement official to buy 21st Century Fox in a $52.4 BILLION deal.

So, now Fox will be Jewish owned too.

Sit down, Tariq. 

But considering Loomer’s track record, it is safe to assume that this is part of some type of diabolical kike plot. After all, this is the same Jewess who lied about her tire being slashed. If she speaks truth, it is likely designed to further a larger goal that she has.

But why else would a Jewess like herself willingly expose the Jewish control of the media? Is she trying to make us believe that she’s a good self-hating Jew? Is she trying to attract a Nazi to rape?

Nice try Laura. Even though we appreciate you exposing the filthy kikes who control the media, you will never be accepted in our circles. You are a racial enemy who has a track record of spreading lies and deception for thousands of years. You should just crawl back into the hole you came from.













POTUS Trump opens up new front against Jeff Bezos and Amazon

Amazon should pay “MUCH MORE” in shipping fees.

US POTUS Donald Trump tweeted out that Amazon should pay ‘MUCH MORE’ to ship packages, as the US President claims that the current status quo makes Jeff Bezos’ Amazon richer while the US Postal Service loses money.

The feud between Trump and billionaire globalist Bezos has been on consistently shaky ground considering the Amazon CEO also owns anti-Trump news outlet The Washington Post.

‘Why is the United States Post Office, which is losing many billions of dollars a year, while charging Amazon and others so little to deliver their packages, making Amazon richer and the Post Office dumber and poorer?’ the president asked on Twitter.

‘Should be charging MUCH MORE!’

Why is the United States Post Office, which is losing many billions of dollars a year, while charging Amazon and others so little to deliver their packages, making Amazon richer and the Post Office dumber and poorer? Should be charging MUCH MORE!

Via The Daily Mail

The USPS has posted losses for 11 straight years, largely on the basis of gigantic legacy pension and health care costs.

And while online shopping has led to growth in its package-delivery business, fewer Americans send letters via first-class mail every year.

Federal regulators moved recently to allow bigger jumps to stamp prices beyond the rate of inflation, which could eventually increase companies’ shipping rates.

Amazon, on the other hand, has the markings of an unstoppable juggernaut – and one analysis shows that the Postal Service is giving it a free ride.

An April report from Citigroup found that the fast pace of change in the shipping business has left the USPS struggling to allocate its expenses correctly.

Bureaucrats have fixed the share of infrastructure costs associated with packages at a 5.5 per cent, but package shipments now make up 25 per cent of the USPS’s business.

Factoring in the actual expenses associated with delivering more packages than their price model allows for, boxes should cost postal customers $1.46 more than they do, on average – building the equivalent of a government subsidy into the final price.

‘It is as if every Amazon box comes with a dollar or two stapled to the packing slip — a gift card from Uncle Sam,’ a Wall Street Journal commentator wrote in June.

Amazon acquired Whole Foods Markets in August, pushing its third-quarter revenue to $43.7 billion.

Amazon’s stock price has jumped by 23 per cent in the past 90 days.

Yet the company continues to see shipping as a loss-leader, reporting that it lost $7.2 billion shipping packages in 2016.

Customers can receive free two-day shipping on most items by paying for a $99 annual ‘Prime’ membership. Some of those packages arrive via USPS but many are sent through UPS and FedEx.

Even with the cost of shipping, Amazon posted an overall profit of $2.4 billion in 2016, up from $596 million a year earlier.


Fury over Amazon denial books

Autralian Jewish News

AMAZON has come under fire for offering books on Holocaust denial to the public and could be in breach of the Racial Discrimination Act.

The B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC) has slammed Amazon for offering titles such as Did Six Million Really Die?The Six Million: Fact or Fiction?The Myth of the Extermination of the Jews and The Hoax of the Twentieth Century: The Case Against the Presumed Extermination of European Jewry.

All these titles are available from the online provider through a simple Google search that takes readers to the Amazon site.

ADC chair Dr Dvir Abramovich told The AJN this week that Amazon Australia could be in breach of Section 18C of the federal Racial Discrimination Act, which prohibits material likely to “offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate” on the basis race or ethnicity.

He said Amazon Australia “should not be a hothouse and a cesspool of racism, xenophobia and bigotry and should not act as a gateway for young people to enter a world of hatred”.

“It is inexcusable for Amazon Australia to serve as a vehicle and a platform for bigots to disseminate and propagate their toxic and harmful invective. Literature that promotes and incites hatred against the Jewish people by demonising and defaming them, that denies and trivialises the Holocaust, and which foments racial violence, should not be normalised and mainstreamed,” he stated.

“I am sure that neo-Nazis, racists and radical groups, who cannot offer their heinous materials to traditional publishers, are delighted that this vile content, which glorifies Nazis and white supremacists, and which dehumanises Jews, is available in hard copy and ebook format for mass consumption.

“At a time of a dramatic rise in anti-Semitism, hate speech, and violence against Jews, to have such revolting, poisonous tracts, easily accessible for download, only helps to blow on the embers of prejudice and extremism.”

Abramovich added, “Companies have a moral responsibility and should review and evaluate their practices and guidelines. We urge Amazon Australia to do the right thing, and to withdraw these titles from its virtual shelves immediately.”

Amazon’s head office in the United States had not responded to The AJN at the time of going to press.


Amazon’s holocaust of holocaust books: MSM in denial

Amazon has “kindled” a bonfire of historical and scientific books – just like the Nazis did 80 years ago

False Flag Weekly News embedded above! Watch REAL news media (as opposed to the fake news MSM) cover this and all the other biggest stories of the week, featuring special guest Vinnie Eastwood. Click HERE for the list of stories we covered.

By Kevin BarrettVeterans Today Editor

The mainstream media (MSM) are refusing to report’s recent burning, shredding, and suppressing of at least 147 scientific and historical books. Most, though not all, of the suppressed titles involve what is loosely termed “holocaust revisionism.”

This is outrageous, un-American suppression of freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Yet the NY Times, Washington Post, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and all the rest of the supposed “free press” won’t even report it, much less protest.


If Trump and Steve Bannon ever decide to send thugs in jackboots into corporate mainstream media offices (including Amazon offices, where Bezos and his Washington Post front for the CIA) to eject or imprison those “enemies of the American people,” many of us who would otherwise have defended the media, had it been remotely doing its job, are going to feel ambivalent, to put it mildly. The ongoing media coverup of all of the worst aspects of US Deep State corruption — 9/11 and other false flags, political assassinations, the pedophile elite, wars for Israel, and so on — has led many people of good will to feel even more contempt for the MSM than Trump does.

And now, the MSM’s silence in the face of Amazon’s latest atrocity is the last straw.

This is not a matter of “suppressing hatred.” It is a manner of maintaining officially-mandated hatred (of Germans, primarily; and by extension, of anyone Zionist Jews don’t like, such as Arabs, Muslims, and Palestinians).

Amazon has “kindled” a bonfire of historical and scientific books – just like the Nazis did 80 years ago

Interviewed on Truth Jihad Radio last night, leading revisionist publisher Germar Rudolf explained that virtually all of Castle Hill Publishers’ 68 books banned by Amazon on March 6th are dispassionate scientific and historical treatises. They feature no incitements to hatred, nor any derogatory language toward any racial, ethnic, or religious groups.


So why were they banned?

Rudolf’s one-word answer: “Success.” He elaborated:

“Just over two years ago, in December 2014, we had our first collision with Amazon. At that time a new book came out by the Swiss-British Jew Gerhard Menuhin, Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil, published by the Barnes Review. They were looking for a (distribution) partner in the UK. My company, Castle Hill Publishers, took it on.

“It was the perfect moment for such a book to become successful…on the topic of Jewish power and influence, and the manipulation of the holocaust narrative to protect themselves from criticism. Because it was written by a person of Jewish descent, people take him seriously. When a ‘goy’ writes a book like this, and there are dozens out there, nobody takes them seriously, because people have a psychological twist in their minds that criticism of Jews has to come from Jews, otherwise it’s the third rail, you can’t touch it.

“Sales (of Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil) were going through the roof. It was Christmas season; that’s when people buy presents. Orders were coming in so fast that we had problems fulfilling, we had problems getting the books. Sales were going exponentially up. And Amazon has a policy that if you don’t fulfill your order within a certain time frame, you can get in trouble. So we got in trouble, and they pulled the plug on us. But the kind of trouble we were in is not a reason to cancel an account. And they refused to reinstate us. The same thing happened to Barnes Review, even though they were not in violation of anything, they had no fulfillment issues. So it wasn’t about fulfillment, it was the result of a massive complaint coming from certain quarters that didn’t like this book being successful.

“So then we shifted to printers who work directly with Amazon, and expanded our offerings. At the end of last year we had some 100 titles listed, almost all of them highly controversial. And soon we were observing sales statistics with some of these books that were similar to comparable books representing orthodoxy. Sometimes ours were selling better than those of the orthodoxy. And that development was prevalent since last summer and early fall. I was observing that we were catching up and overtaking the sales of the other side.

“Well, the Jewish lobby can read those statistics too. It is a matter of cultural hegemony. This topic is extremely crucial for their cultural hegemony: Put a guilt trip on everyone because of the poor Jews being exterminated, and the threat of them being exterminated again. They can manipulate everyone, including their own people: Jews are being educated to be paranoid against non-Jews, to keep the sheep in the flock. So they use it for both sides. So these (sales statistics) showed there was a paradigm shift, a cultural threat, and if they let it happen it would strike at the very core of their hegemony. And so something was bound to happen.

“The first case of them screaming bloody murder came in Australia, where our sales were first overtaking those of the other side. Then starting in fall last year, the Guardian and others were saying this (success of holocaust revisionist books) was scandalous.

“Then we had, here in the US, the case of (Jewish) cemetery vandalism, which I think kick-started the whole thing…whether it was a false flag or a real event still needs to be investigated.

“Then you see Yad Vashem saying Amazon really should pull those books, because in this atmosphere, anything has to be done to combat anti-Semitism. And again, they quoted irrelevant books; they never really named any of the things that were targeted (to avoid giving them publicity). And that was in early March. Then we had the ‘incident’ in New York that wasn’t an incident; it was basically just a neglected cemetery. Things had crumbled over the years, and nobody cared. But  in the current atmosphere of paranoia, they screamed bloody murder and used it to twist some more arms. And then Amazon pulled the plug.

“I got a notification on Amazon Kindle, the ebook branch, that has almost a monopoly, that a huge list of 70 titles had been pulled, and if I ever tried to post anything similar to that content again, I face penalties up to termination of my account.”


Other publishers have also had their books suppressed. The total number of banned books is heading into the hundreds.

As I recently wrote in an article for American Free Press:




Germar Rudolf writes (March 12, 2017):

Here is the latest list of books banned by Amazon. The count is up to 147 titles, 72 current, 75 out-of-print.

Note that almost all books banned by Amazon last Monday, march 6, were also simultaneously banned by Barnes & Noble. They are supposed to be competitors, but when it comes to these things…

Revisionist Books Banned by Amazon (72)
Title (linked to CHP Amazon Store
The Hoax of the Twentieth Century (2015) Buy it! USA UK DEU
Auschwitz: A Judge Looks at the Evidence (2015) Buy it! USA UK DEU
Der Holocaust: Die Argumente (2nd ed.) Buy it! USA UK DEU
The Dissolution of Eastern European Jewry (2015) Buy it! USA UK DEU
Holocaust High Priest Buy it! USA UK DEU
Auswanderung der Juden aus dem Dritten Reich Buy it! USA UK DEU
The “Extermination Camps” of “Aktion Reinhardt”, vol. 1 Buy it! USA UK DEU
The “Extermination Camps” of “Aktion Reinhardt”, vol. 1 Buy it! USA UK DEU
The Real Case for Auschwitz Buy it! USA UK DEU
Schiffbruch Buy it! USA UK DEU
Vorlesungen über den Holocaust Buy it! USA UK DEU
Die Bunker von Auschwitz Buy it! USA UK DEU
Der Holocaust vor Gericht Buy it! USA UK DEU
Die Leuchter-Gutachten Buy it! USA UK DEU
Air Photo Evidence Buy it! USA UK DEU
The Giant with Feet of Clay Buy it! USA UK DEU
Der Jahrhundertbetrug Buy it! USA UK DEU
Die Zentralbauleitung der Waffen SS Auschwitz Buy it! USA UK DEU
Chelmno Buy it! USA UK DEU
Sobibor Buy it! USA UK DEU
Der Auschwitz-Mythos Buy it! USA UK DEU
Kardinalfragen an Deutschlands Politker Buy it! USA UK DEU
The Cremation Furnaces of Auschwitz, vol. 1 Buy it! USA UK DEU
The Cremation Furnaces of Auschwitz, vol. 2 Buy it! USA UK DEU
The Cremation Furnaces of Auschwitz, vol. 3 Buy it! USA UK DEU
“Die Vernichtung der europäischen Juden”. Raul Hilberg… Buy it! USA UK DEU
Breaking the Spell Buy it! USA UK DEU
Debating the Holocaust Buy it! USA UK DEU
The Central Construction Office of the Waffen SS Auschwitz Buy it! USA UK DEU
Dissecting the Holocaust Buy it! USA UK DEU
The First Holocaust Buy it! USA UK DEU
The Leuchter Reports Buy it! USA UK DEU
Exactitude. Festschrift for R. Faurisson Buy it! USA UK DEU
Holocaust-Revisionismus Buy it! USA UK DEU
Jewish Emigration from the Third Reich Buy it! USA UK DEU
Debunking the Bunkers of Auschwitz Buy it! USA UK DEU
Auschwitz: Plain Facts Buy it! USA UK DEU
Auschwitz: Nackte Fakten Buy it! USA UK DEU
Auschwitz: Die erste Vergasung Buy it! USA UK DEU
Feuerzeichen: Die Kristallnacht Buy it! USA UK DEU
Auschwitz: The First Gassing Buy it! USA UK DEU
Das Konzentrationslager Stutthof Buy it! USA UK DEU
Curated Lies Buy it! USA UK DEU
Concentration Camp Stutthof Buy it! USA UK DEU
Fail: “Debunking Holocaust Denial Theories” Buy it! USA UK DEU
Special Treatment in Auschwitz Buy it! USA UK DEU
Auschwitz Lies Buy it! USA UK DEU
Sonderbehandlung in Auschwitz Buy it! USA UK DEU
Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil Buy it! USA UK DEU
Gesundheitsfürsorge in Auschwitz Buy it! USA UK DEU
The Holocaust: An Introduction Buy it! USA UK DEU
Fail: “Denying the Holocaust” Buy it! USA UK DEU
Auschwitz: Crematorium I Buy it! USA UK DEU
Auschwitz: Krematorium I Buy it! USA UK DEU
Auschwitz: Open-Air Incinerations Buy it! USA UK DEU
Freiluftverbrennungen in Auschwitz Buy it! USA UK DEU
Belzec Buy it! USA UK DEU
Treblinka Buy it! USA UK DEU
Sobibor Buy it! USA UK DEU
Concentration Camp Majdanek Buy it! USA UK DEU
Inside the Gas Chambers Buy it! USA UK DEU
Auschwitz-Lügen Buy it! USA UK DEU
Till Bastian, Auschwitz und die Auschwitz-Lüge Buy it! USA UK DEU
Fail: “Denying History” Buy it! USA UK DEU
Healthcare in Auschwitz Buy it! USA UK DEU
The Gas Vans Buy it! USA UK DEU
Der Holocaust: Die Argumente (3rd ed.) Buy it! USA UK DEU
Chelmno Buy it! USA UK DEU
P. Winter, The Six Million: Fact or Fiction Buy it! USA UK DEU
D. Hoggan, The Myth of the Six Million Buy it! USA UK DEU
V. Thorn, The Holocaust Hoax Exposed Buy it! USA UK DEU
S. King, The Bad War Book Search USA UK DEU
Revisionist Out-of-Print Books Banned by Amazon (75)
Title Availability Amazon Store
Das Rudolf Gutachten, 1st ed. 1993 Book Search USA UK DEU
Das Rudolf Gutachten, 2nd ed. 2001 Book Search USA UK DEU
The Rudolf Report, 1st. ed. (2003), pb Book Search USA UK DEU
The Rudolf Report, 1st. ed. (2003), hc Book Search USA UK DEU
Dissecting the Holocaust, 1st edition (2000) Book Search USA UK DEU
Auschwitz: Nackte Fakten, 1st ed. (1995) Book Search USA UK DEU
Auschwitz: Plain Facts, 1st ed. (2005) Book Search USA UK DEU
Vorlesungen über Zeitgeschichte, 2nd ed. (2005) Book Search USA UK DEU
Vorlesungen über Zeitgeschichte, 3rd ed. (2012) Book Search USA UK DEU
Vorlesungen über Zeitgeschichte, 4th ed. (2015) Book Search USA UK DEU
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Concentration Camp Stutthof, 1st ed. (2003) Book Search USA UK DEU
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The Giant with Feet of Clay, 1st ed (2001) Book Search USA UK DEU
The Hoax of the Twentieth Century (1977) Book Search USA UK DEU
The Hoax of the Twentieth Century (1985) Book Search USA UK DEU
The Hoax of the Twentieth Century (1992) Book Search USA UK DEU
The Hoax of the Twentieth Century (1998) Book Search USA UK DEU
The Hoax of the Twentieth Century (2003) Book Search USA UK DEU
Die Auflösung des osteuropäischen Judentums 1st ed. (1983) Book Search USA UK DEU
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Belzec: Propaganda, Zeugenaussagen, archäologische Untersuchungen, historische Fakten (2004) Book Search USA UK DEU
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Belzec in Propaganda, Testimonies, Archeological Research, and History, 1st ed. reprint (2010) Book Search USA UK DEU
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Auschwitz: Open Air Incinerations, 1st ed. reprint (2010) Book Search USA UK DEU
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Auschwitz: The First Gassing, 2nd ed. (2012) Book Search USA UK DEU
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Germar Rudolf


Syria Eyewitnesses Provide Evidence of US Support of ISIS Terrorists


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Trump lied claiming his administration’s highest priority is “defeat(ing) and destroy(ing)” ISIS and other terrorist groups.

Washington created and supports them. Trump continues the imperial agenda he inherited from his predecessors – a warrior president deploring peace and stability.

Earlier photographic evidence showed ISIS using US-made TOW-guided anti-tank missiles against government forces.

Their tanks, artillery, mortars and other heavy weapons come from foreign suppliers – notably from America, other NATO countries and Israel.

Without their material support, ISIS and other terrorist groups couldn’t exist.

Earlier Russian Defense Ministry satellite images showed US support for these groups, including their use of US-produced Humvee armored vehicles used by Pentagon special forces.

Sergey Lavrov earlier condemned Washington’s refusal to combat al-Nusra terrorists, calling US policy “absolutely unacceptable.”

New accusations of US support for ISIS come from eyewitnesses, reported by Syrian media – residents of Deir Ezzor saying US helicopters evacuated jihadist fighters.

Sources reported them taken to al-Hasakah province in northeastern Syria, the area controlled by US forces.

Damascus informed UN authorities about what’s going on to no avail, no actions taken by the world body to denounce US support for ISIS and other terrorist groups.

Earlier Syrian reports said US helicopters evacuated wounded ISIS fighter to receive medical treatment from Doctors Without Borders.

Russia’s Defense Ministry accused the US-led “coalition” of training jihadist fighters in al-Hasakah, reorganizing the so-called New Syrian Army, comprised of cutthroat killers.

Earlier reports indicated US helicopters evacuated ISIS field commanders from Raqqa, Deir Ezzor, and Mayadin.

Russia’s reconciliation center in Syria also accused the US-led “coalition” of relocating jihadist fighters to continue combatting government forces.

Washington’s goal in Syria remains unchanged – regime change, replacing Assad with pro-Western puppet rule, controlling the country, looting its resources, subjugating its people, and isolating Iran ahead of a similar strategy to undermine its government.

Geopolitical conditions are dismal, Trump continuing the belligerent agenda of the Clintons, Bush/Cheney and Obama – escalating conflicts, not ending them, risking war in new theaters.

Prospects for the new year look grim, no end of Washington’s rage for imperial wars of aggression. Its aim for unchallenged dominance threatens everyone.

Stephen Lendman is a Research Associate of the CRG, Correspondent of Global Research based in Chicago.

My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”


Call It Like You Hear/See It!


Health Editor’s note:  Have you ever heard someone talking and want to say, “Why are you speaking?”  I certainly have. Guess what!  Even if the person who is speaking is the “now president of the U.S., there can be a resounding “WHY ARE YOU TALKING MOMENT OR TWO.” I do not even think you need to be a psychiatrist/psychologist to make a diagnosis about someone’s mental state.  After all, it can just be your opinion and you are not getting paid for that……..Carol 

‘Goldwater Rule’ Under Fire Again

Psychiatrist calls APA dictum ‘paternalistic’ and ‘outdated’

by Shannon Firth, Washington Correspondent, MedPage Today December 27, 2017

The New England Journal of Medicine rekindled the debate over whether psychiatrists should speak publicly and candidly on the state of President Trump’s mental health, in a pair of articles published Wednesday.

Facing off were Claire Pouncey, MD, PhD, a psychiatrist for Eudaimonia Associates in Philadelphia, and Jeffrey Lieberman, MD, past president of the American Psychiatric Association (APA), which has long promulgated a rule for members strictly forbidding them from commenting on any individual’s mental health without having performed a personal examination.

Technically Section 7.3 of the APA’s code of ethics, it’s often called “the Goldwater rule.” The APA issued it following a successful lawsuit by then-Sen. Barry Goldwater (R-Ariz.) against a magazine named Fact that published an article quoting psychiatrists who gave him mental illness diagnoses based solely on Goldwater’s public statements.

When psychiatrists began openly defying the rule earlier this year, the APA doubled down. It declared that “any opinion on the affect, behavior, speech or other presentation of an individual that draws on the skills, training, expertise and/or knowledge inherent in the practice of psychiatry” can only be provided in the context of a formal, in-person procedure.

In her Perspective article, Pouncey defended another psychiatrist, Bandy Lee, MD, MDiv, of the Yale School of Medicine’s Law and Psychiatry Division, who recently published a collection of essays entitled The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President, setting off a new wave of discussion around the issue.

“[T]awdry, indulgent, fatuous tabloid psychiatry:” that was Lieberman’s succinct review of the book in Psychiatric Times.

Pouncey objected. “The APA keeps reiterating that in order to make a formal psychiatric diagnosis, you have to have a sit-down formal diagnostic interview and you have to get a release of information to share the information,” she said.

Such rules are “paternalistic” and tantamount to a “gag order,” she said in a phone call with MedPage Today.

“Everyone uses psychiatric terminology except for us, because the APA says that for us to use it constitutes a formal diagnosis, and I’m saying, ‘No, it doesn’t,” she said.

While her use of diagnostic language carries more weight than that of, for instance, a reporter for MedPage Today, Pouncey said, that shouldn’t preclude psychiatrists from using such terms — and it doesn’t stop them being citizens.

Moreover, she said the association’s rules are “outdated.” Comments to the press, “middle-of-the-night tweets” and public statements, are all sources of information from which psychiatrists and others can evaluate public figures, she said.

While it’s important to be mindful, Pouncey said, “We can’t stop being the people that we are and wearing the various social hats that we wear, and we shouldn’t have to.”

As for the book, Pouncey said, it isn’t about diagnosis at all.

“This book is about dangerousness. What the author is doing is saying these neuropsychiatric patterns show someone who doesn’t have the ability to make safe decisions,” she told MedPage Today in a phone call.

In her NEJM article, she wrote, “I believe that the APA, in the interest of promoting public health and safety, should encourage rather than silence the debate the book generates. And it should take caution not to enforce an annotation that undermines the overriding public health and safety mandate that applies to all physicians.”

Pouncey was not entirely dismissive of the rule, saying it “reminds us to remain humble about the claims we can reasonably make and to present ourselves responsibly for the sake of our patients and our profession.”

But the APA’s continued insistence on the rule contradicts the “moral obligation” language of Section 7 of the American Medical Associations’ Principles of Medical Ethics, which stresses physician’s duty to promote public health and safety, Pouncey argued.

In response, Lieberman, of the Department of Psychiatry for the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City, firmly backed the APA position.

Lieberman wrote that “brand[ing] elected officials with neuropsychiatric diagnoses” is “political partisanship disguised as patriotism.” He cited historical examples of psychiatrists’ unsavory involvement in politics, including “collusion in Nazi eugenics” and “the involuntary confinement in mental hospitals of dissidents and religious groups in the People’s Republic of China.”

He also noted there is an existing mechanism by which the president can have a psychiatric diagnosis made or ruled out: the 25th Amendment, under which the vice president and cabinet can require it.

While Lee and Pouncey may be acting in “good faith” they espouse a “misguided and dangerous morality,” Lieberman asserted.

For more discussion on “misdiagnosing Trump” see MedPage Today’s exclusive interview with prominent psychiatrist Allen Frances, MD, who led creation of diagnostic criteria for narcissistic personality disorder.


Iran slams ‘duplicitous, opportunist’ US support for protests

Sat Dec 30, 2017 12:06PM
Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi
Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi has denounced US officials’ “duplicitous and opportunist” support for recent gatherings in protest against economic conditions in some Iranian cities.

“The great Iranian nation regards the opportunist and duplicitous support of the American officials for certain gatherings over the recent days in some Iranian cities as nothing but [part of] the deceit and hypocrisy of the US administration,” Qassemi said on Saturday.

He condemned the “cheap, worthless and invalid” remarks by US officials and said, “The Iranian people attach no value to the opportunistic remarks by American officials and [President Donald] Trump himself.”

He emphasized that the Iranian people are the main pillar of the country’s security and progress.

In a tweet on Friday, Trump made meddlesome remarks about the recent gatherings in protest against economic conditions in Iran and said the Iranian government should “respect their people’s rights, including right to express themselves. The world is watching!”

The US reaction was made after groups of Iranian protesters held rallies in several cities this week to voice their anger over rising prices and unemployment.

Qassemi further said the noble Iranian nation is closely monitoring Trump’s active role in human rights violations in Palestine, Yemen and Bahrain.

The nation also remembers Trump’s “spiteful” bids to bar Iranians from entry to the United States and “the arrest of many Iranians residing in that country under baseless pretexts,” he added.

“The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran has envisaged democratic structures to legally protect people’s civil demands, and it is completely possible to follow up on these demands within the framework of law,” he said.

The Iranian spokesperson pointed to nearly 70 years of interference of different US administrations in the Islamic Republic’s internal affairs and said, “US officials are not in a position to sympathize with the great and wise Iranian nation.”

Mission Accomplished Redux: Theresa May’s Claim of ‘Victory Over ISIS’ Doesn’t Square with Reality

Patrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire

As the new year approaches, some will look back on 2017 as the year the Islamic State in Iraq and Sham (ISIS) was finally defeated on the battlefield. Unfortunately, certain western political leaders have been quick to try and claim credit for a ‘win’ which is not really theirs. This recent attempt to put on airs by the British PM is certainly reminiscent of one of the most grievous political flops in living memory.

From an ‘optics’ perspective, nothing could be more regrettable than US President George W. Bush’s anti-climatic “Mission Accomplished” speech on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincolnon May 1, 2003. As it turns out, his celebration was about seven years premature. But the opportunity for grand-standing was there and it’s hard to find a politician today who wouldn’t balk at a chance for an iconic photo-op, especially in the run-up to an election year. Like so many stage-managed public relations stunts performed by Washington in those days, it must have seemed like a good idea at the time.

That didn’t stop British Prime Minister Theresa May from trying out her own rendition of the Bush classic.

Last week, May spoke to her troops at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus, which was the staging ground for “Operation Shader” (the operational code name given to the UK contribution in the fight against ISIS), which is said to have successfully targeted ISIS in Iraq and Syria. The UK was one of 68 nations which formed the lofty “Global Coalition to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria,” as part of the Combined Joint Task Force assembled in “Operation Inherent Resolve.”

Prime Minister May stated:

“Let’s be clear just what a difference that has made,” May said. “Just three years ago, Daesh [IS] declared a caliphate in Iraq and Syria, a safe haven in which to carry out the most barbaric acts and in which to plot murder on our streets at home.

“But today, thanks in very large part to your efforts, the so-called caliphate has been crushed and no longer holds significant territory in Iraq and Syria. You should be incredibly proud of that achievement.”

Not surprisingly, what May has conveniently left out of her grand geopolitical narrative was the UK’s essential role in the deception and illegal entry into the Iraq War which then enabled the US-led botched invasion of Iraq in 2003, which created the conditions for both al Qaeda and ISIS to fester and grow in the region. For most reasonably educated people, neoconservative revisionists excluded, this should be beyond debate by now, and it’s totally understandable why western politicians simply cannot bring themselves to dwell on such inconvenient truths. Just ask former Prime Minister Tony Blair who spends most of his time in hiding between his villas in Tirana and Marrakesh.

This leads us to another inconvenient truth: Iraq and Syria, not the US and UK, have stopped ISIS in its tracks.

For the most part, Iraq’s resounding victory over the foreign-backed ISIS menace has gone mostly unnoticed by western media, which is odd considering how much oxygen the US, UK and western corporate media giants gave ISIS during the last three and half years. The amount of free PR this terrorist group received was unprecedented. Western media outlets would routinely air press releases from ISIS’s alleged news agency, AMAQ, as if it was a legitimate news source. More often than not, by doing this, western media outlets were repeatedly and willingly spreading disinformation to their audiences. Hanging on their every word, it wasn’t long before CNN became the AMAQ’s number one global media megaphone.

So it’s a surprise then that the recent announcement on Iraqi national TV  two weeks ago by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi received almost no western media coverage. In his speech to the nation, PM al-Abadi stated:

“Honorable Iraqis, your land has been completely liberated… The liberation dream has become a reality. We achieved victory in difficult circumstances and with God’s help, the steadfastness of our people and the bravery of our heroic forces we prevailed.”

“The flag of Iraq is flying high today over all Iraqi territory and at the farthest point on the border,” he said.

After years of continuous around-the-clock fear-mongering by the likes of CNN and their fraternal media affiliates, you’d think that celebrations would have been in order after successive announcements made by both Iraq and Syria earlier this month.

Credit where credit’s due though, at the end of November, Theresa May made the effort to travel to Iraq and publicly congratulated PM Haider al-Abadi and the Iraqi Armed Forces for their hard-fought victory in liberating their country from ISIS, although she still had to issue the usual caveats at the end, warning that the terror group “is not yet defeated” (Yes Minister, and no one knows this more than the Iraqis do).

Subtext: ‘And don’t you Iraqis worry, because as your former colonial masters, we’ll be there with our laser-guided Pavement Bombs should those nasty jihadis rear their ugly heads again,’ right? Sadly, this War on Terror has become as predictable as the most trite Hollywood B movie script.

In what can only be viewed as token gesture, May went on to announce a £10 million “boost” to Iraq’s counter-terrorism operations. Compare this paltry sum to the hundreds of millions being pumped into illegal “civil society” pseudo NGOs set-up by the UK Foreign Office in al Nusra terrorist-held areas in Syria, through their controversial Conflict Stability and Security Fund(CSSF). If you want to know why some of these terrorists groups are able to hold territory and thrive for years on end, just follow the money.

Back to this ‘Mission Accomplished’ scene in Cyprus two weeks ago. May went on the address British troops and alluded to the UK’s continued role in training the Iraqi Armed Forces to defend against ISIS reprisals. She said:

“While we need to deal directly with the threat they still pose in the region, we also need to focus on training the Iraqi security forces to keep Daesh out.”

While we can give some points to May for acknowledging the seriousness of the situation, it has to be said that the ignorance displayed by the British Prime Minister here is nothing short of remarkable. For the Iraqis, after three and a half years of fighting ISIS on Iraqi soil, and probably losing as many or more men than the combined losses of both the US and UK military did in all of their wars and interventions since after Vietnam – it should go without saying that Iraq certainly knows and understands more about ISIS and how to fight terrorism than the US and UK can ever pretend to pontificate on (but that won’t ever stop them from pontificating).

For whatever reason, call it post-colonial exceptionalism, or just a chronic case Orientalism, no matter what the Iraqis (or the Syrians) do, there seems to be no end to the grandiose western-centric lectures and gripping polemics about the never-ending War on Terror. More than any single population, Iraqis have heard enough lectures from the bevy of self-serving political opportunists wanting to look strong and stable while posturing in front of a staged backdrop and over-priced military hardware. George W Bush should have killed that genre, if only.

IMAGE: President Bush flashes a thumbs-up after declaring the end of major combat in Iraq in 2003, and Theresa May declares ‘victory over ISIS’ in Dec 2017.

In the real world which exists outside of Washington and London’s groupthink bubbles, the two most important interventions in the Iraqi theatre in the battle against ISIS, or Daesh, were the immediate assistance by neighboring Iran, and even more crucial, the formation in June 2014 of the Shia-led, 120,000 person-strong People’s Mobilization Units (PMU), aka the Hash’d al-Shaabi– placed under the command of the Iraq Military. These two factors were decisive in turning the tide against ISIS and achieving eventual victory. To suggest that the UK, or even the US, played any significant role in winning any of the many hard-fought battles to retake and re-secure territory across their own country as the Iraqi Forces have – is practically delusional.

It should also be noted that the US government invoiced the government in Baghdad for all of its “anti-ISIS airstrikes.” That’s right: Uncle Sam charged Iraq for the privilege of flying its glorious birds in the epic Fight Against ISIS. Sort of takes the romance out of it for Washington, doesn’t it? Especially when you consider how the US has intentionally downplayed its role in covering-up its mass civilian casualties during those airstrikes after all its gallant show-boating over Mosul. Interesting transactional relationship there.

For May to ignore these and other known facts is hardly surprising considering the anti-Shia and anti-Iranian party line firmly held by the US (as an extension of Israeli-dictated foreign policy) and to a lesser degree by the UK, but more than this, implying that the UK played any significant role in the fight against ISIS could also be viewed as a desperate attempt to try and excavate some political capital for her imploding leadership bid at home.

Beyond that, Britain’s insistence to be involved in the bomb-dropping party has always been motivated by the need to showcase its lucrative bomb-making industry for the international arms market, as evidenced by David Cameron’s relentless drive to twice get a Commons mandate for a military intervention in Syria – even though Britain had nothing much to offer next to US and Coalition forces. In spite of all that, there’s also the fact that the UK was already pumping billions in taxpayer funds into Syria for regime change operations, working like busy bees to try and create shadow government entities in Syria through a chain of bogus UK-funded ‘civil society’ constructs like the White Helmets and the Free Syrian Police, both deployed exclusively in terrorist-held areas of Syria, like East Aleppo and the new de facto ‘Islamic State’ in the Idlib province in northern Syria currently occupied by the remaining US Coalition-backed al Qaeda affiliated terrorist brigades, or what the US and UK still erroneously refer to as “the opposition.”

In the same vein, western politicians will always omit the primary sponsors of ISIS fanatic mercenary brigades. The corrupt Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, admittedly Washington and London’s “best friend” and ally in the region, along with supporting elements located in GCC partners UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait – have been a driving force behind the proliferation of extremist brigades terrorizing the region from Syria to Iraq, and to Yemen, and also in the international recruitment drive of extremist fighters through a network of Gulf satellite TV channels and radical Wahhabi preachers placed in Gulf-funded mosques worldwide. Because Saudi Arabia is the US and UK’s best weapons customer, you will never hear any meaningful protests from either Washington or London about the Kingdom’s sordid role in spreading sectarian hate and their toxic takfiri ideology, much less the illegal undeclared war of aggression (with the military assistance of the US and UK) against their neighbor Yemen which began in March 2015.

SEE ALSO: YEMEN: Ten Myths about Saudi War of Aggression Debunked

Let us also not forget that ISIS weapons and supplies have also been provided by the US and NATO member states, as well as Israeli arms and other Israeli military equipment making its way into terrorist hands. ISIS can also credit their extended presence in Syria and Iraq to NATO member Turkey thanks to a network of protected rat-lines and staging areas over the Syrian border in Turkish territory, and the facilitation of ISIS black market oil sales partly by the Kurdish Regional government and British-owned oil firms. It shouldn’t take a genius then to see exactly how ISIS was able to hold out that long.

The US and UK will of course continue with their diplomatic charade, but it won’t bring them any closer to relevancy in the region. As a result of the ISIS crisis and subsequent victories by Iraq and Syria, and the complete failure of a seven year-long US-UK-Turkey-Saudi-Qatari-Israeli-Jordanian led proxy war in Syria – US hegemony and influence is now waning in the Middle East. One simple reason for this is that the US can no longer dictate facts on the ground and create the narratives they’ve been used to creating for the last 30 years. Despite all of the hollow proclamations by Trump, May and Macron, real stakeholders in the Middle East know full well that the real war against ISIS was fought on ground, and not from a situation room in Cyprus, or from an air-conditioned US CENTCOM multimedia suite in Doha, and the real victors in this war are the Iraqi Forces and the Hashd al-Shaabi, and the Syrian Arab Army, with Hezbollah defense forces, the Iranian Quds Forces, and the Russian air force and Russian military police in Syria. What these victors have lost collectively in terms of men while fighting both ISIS and al Nusra and Co. on the ground – should never go unmentioned, and yet for the West it always does. For US and UK politicians not to acknowledge those tens of thousands of martyrs in the fight against ISIS – is something so far beyond the pale and demonstrates an almost obscene level of ignorance by myopic and self-centered political elites in the west. If the West had any true statesmen left, they would see this and acknowledge it, and then real diplomacy could begin in earnest, and who knows, maybe some real progress.

This Christmas and New Years season, let’s not forget who we should be thanking for pushing ISIS to the wall.

Likewise, let us also never forget who put ISIS there in the first place.

The following news report was aired on Iraq Insider TV, featuring and extended interview at the end with 21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen, including clips from Patrick and 21WIRE associate editor Vanessa Beeley on location in Iraq:

YouTube Video Preview

Patrick Henningsen is an American-born writer and global affairs analyst and co-founder and executive editor of 21st Century Wire.  He is also host of the SUNDAY WIRE weekly radio show broadcast globally over the Alternate Current Radio Network (ACR).

READ MORE IRAQ NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire Iraq Files


PA has to announce ‘death’ of Oslo Accords, insists Hamas official

PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat, Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin after the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1993 [Saar Yaacov/Flickr]

PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat, Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin after the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1993 [Saar Yaacov/Flickr]

A senior Hamas official in Gaza has insisted that the Palestinian Authority should announce the “death” of the Oslo Accords signed with Israel in 1993, reported on Friday. Mahmoud Al-Zahar made his comments on Turkey’s Channel 9 television.

“Oslo did not bring our nation anything except destruction,” Al-Zahar explained, “and the last chapter of this was Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.” He stressed that the Palestinians have to stick to the option of all kinds of resistance, including “armed resistance”. The PA, he added, should also declare the whole of Palestine to be occupied territory.

However, noted Al-Zahar, the PA does not want to abandon Oslo. He pointed out that the late PA President Yasser Arafat was killed because he wanted to use the “armed resistance” to push Israel to “turn to him” and “to achieve political gains through negotiations”.

When asked about internal reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah, Al-Zahar said that his movement had “conceded everything” to guarantee its success. Nevertheless, he insisted that Hamas would never accept the ongoing procrastination should the PA continue to refuse to take full responsibility for the Gaza Strip.


Jewish Mindset

Israel pushes NBA to delete ‘Occupied Palestine’ from website

Gary Paton playing in the NBA Asia Challenge 2010 in the Philippines [inboundpass / Flickr]

Gary Paton playing in the NBA Asia Challenge 2010 in the Philippines [inboundpass / Flickr]

America’s National Basketball Association has removed reference to the “Occupied Palestinian Territories” from its new website following complaints from Israeli ministers, it was reported on Friday. The name appeared on a list of countries which enables fans to vote for their favourite players for the 2018 All-Star Game.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely said that politics should not be mixed with sport. She claimed that referring to land “connected with the Jewish nation for thousands of years” as “occupied” is a mistake.

Her cabinet colleague, Culture and Sports Minister Miri Regev, sent a letter to the NBA Commissioner Adam Silver calling on him to remove “Occupied Palestinian Territories” from the list. “I was surprised to discover that on the official website of the NBA… the state of ‘Palestine — Occupied Territory’ was listed as one of the many countries to which basketball fans belong,” she wrote. “Palestine is a country everyone knows doesn’t exist. I view the inclusion of ‘Occupied Palestine’ … as legitimising the division of the State of Israel and as gross and blatant interference, in contrast to the official position of the American administration.”

Silver explained that the NBA does not produce the country listings for the website. “As soon as we became aware of it, the site was updated. We apologise for this oversight, and have corrected it.”

Commentators have pointed out that the site was not incorrect in the first place. The State of Palestine is recognised by the UN, and its territories are designated as occupied in international law, including East Jerusalem. “This is yet another example of Israeli officials twisting reality to justify their brutal military occupation,” said MEMO’s senior editor Ibrahim Hewitt. “Their arrogance is breathtaking.”

Probe into police slaying of Palestinian math teacher to close

Israel’s justice ministry intends to close a probe into the January killing of a Palestinian citizen by police in the Bedouin village of Umm al-Hiran in southern Israel.

For a second time the ministry’s police investigations unit has recommended to state prosecutors that no charges be filed against police.

Israeli police assert that Yaqoub Abu al-Qiyan, a 50-year-old math teacher, deliberately ran over and killed a police officer, 37-year-old Erez Levi.

“Verification of killing”

However, analysis by the UK-based research group Forensic Architecture indicates that Abu al-Qiyan was driving slowly and his vehicle only accelerated after he was shot at by police, suggesting he lost control of his car.

Candid photograph of smiling man
Yaqoub Abu al-Qiyan (Mossawa)

In one of the recordings, a single gunshot can be heard after Abu al-Qiyan’s car comes to a stop.

“This last shot is consistent with what the Israeli security personnel calls ‘verification of killing’ – the shooting to kill of already neutralized people,” according to Forensic Architecture.

Adalah, a rights group which filed a request for an investigation by the justice ministry’s police conduct unit into Abu al-Qiyan’s slaying, protested the recommended closure of the probe.

“The closure of this investigation means the [Police Investigations Department] continues to grant legitimacy to deadly police violence against Arab citizens of Israel,” Adalah stated.

“Though it was clear from day one that officers opened fire on a civilian without justification and in contravention of the police’s own open-fire regulations, it appears as if the [Police Investigations Department] is again whitewashing the most serious incidents.”

No police officer has been held responsible in more than 50 cases of Palestinian citizens killed by police since 2000, according to Adalah.

Home demolition raid

Abu al-Qiyan was killed as Israeli forces were preparing to demolish several buildings in Umm al-Hiran.

The Israeli government seeks to evacuate the Palestinian Bedouin village in order to build a Jewish settlement in its place.

Several demonstrators – including Ayman Odeh, a Palestinian member of Israel’s parliament, the Knesset – were injured by sponge-tipped bullets and other weapons fired by police during the raid.

Israeli media have reported that the police conduct unit will also recommend closing an investigation of officers suspected of assaulting the Palestinian lawmaker.

Police and senior Israeli government officials wasted no time in framing Abu al-Qiyan as a terrorist immediately after his death.

Despite repeated requests, the Israeli justice ministry police conduct unit has not given Abu al-Qiyan’s widow a copy of her late husband’s autopsy report, according to Adalah.

Odeh told the Israeli daily Haaretz that he had little expectation that the police who shot Abu al-Qiyan and prevented him from receiving first aid, leaving him to bleed to death, would be held accountable for their actions.

“Shouldn’t someone also be punished for that?” Odeh stated.

Two boys lose eyes to Israeli fire

Israeli forces shot 14-year-old Mohammad al-Farani in the face with a tear gas canister, causing skull fracture and loss of his right eye. (DCIP/Mohammad Abu Rukbeh)

With Israel’s crackdown on protests over Jerusalem has come a spike in violations of Palestinian children’s rights.

Since 6 December, when President Donald Trump announced that the US recognized the city as Israel’s capital and pledged to move the country’s embassy there, Palestinian children have been among the hundreds injured and arrested by Israeli forces.

Several children have suffered potentially irreversible head injuries, according to Defense for Children International-Palestine.

Two have lost eyes.

Two boys were hit in the face with tear gas canisters fired by Israeli soldiers from a watchtower near Erez checkpoint during an 11 December protest at the Gaza-Israel boundary.

Mohammad al-Farani was sitting on a concrete block when he was hit.

“It was so painful, I don’t know how to describe it. There was a lot of blood running down my face,” the 14-year-old told Defense for Children International-Palestine.

The group stated that the child “was treated for a fractured cheekbone, head gash, internal bleeding in the brain and later underwent eye surgery to remove his right eye.”

Nidal al-Majzoub, also 14, was standing nearby and was hit soon after Mohammad, according to Defense for Children International-Palestine. He required 10 stitches to his forehead.

Shot in head with live ammunition

In the occupied West Bank, a 15-year-old boy was shot in the face with live ammunition near the town of Salfit on 12 December. He was detained and reportedly remains hospitalized in critical condition.

Israel initially claimed that the boy, identified by media as Hamed al-Masri, was attempting to stab soldiers when he was shot. Later they said that the child was “suspected of an attempt to attack on the border.”

Defense for Children International-Palestine also documented “two live fire injuries including a 16-year-old who was shot above his right eye, causing skull fractures and vision loss. The teen told DCIP he participated in a march on 8 December near Tulkarem in the northern West Bank.”

Other children were seriously injured by “less lethal” ammunition fired by soldiers.

A 15-year-old boy identified by the group as Qassam K. was critically injured when he was shot in the skull with a rubber-coated metal bullet during a late-night raid in the occupied West Bank city of Nablus on 20 December.

Muhammad Tamimi, 15, was seriously injured when he was shot in the face with a rubber-coated metal bullet fired at close range in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh on 15 December.

He required complex surgery and was placed in an induced coma and doctors fear he may be left with permanent disabilities.

His cousin, 16-year-old Ahed Tamimi, was arrested days later during a night raid on her home after she was seen in a widely circulated video slapping and shoving an Israeli soldier on her family’s property shortly after Muhammad was shot.

Ahed’s mother and another cousin were also arrested.

An Israeli military court extended all three of their detention orders by another four days on 25 December.

The military court judge “accepted police claims that Ahed Tamimi presents a danger, and that she could impede soldiers in their work,” the Israeli daily Haaretz reported.

“I remember my face bleeding”

A 16-year-old boy seen blindfolded and frogmarched by a group of Israeli soldiers in a now iconic photograph taken in the West Bank city of Hebron is among the 77 children who have been newly detained at Ofer military prison in the first three weeks of December, according to Defense for Children International-Palestine.

The boy, who has been identified by media as Fawzi al-Juneidi, told the rights group that he had been beaten and verbally abused for two hours before he was taken in for interrogation.

“When I arrived at the checkpoint, I remember my face bleeding, mostly my lips because of the beating. They took me to a room, knocked me down to the floor and began kicking me all over my body,” the boy testified to Defense for Children International-Palestine.

Palestinian media reported that the child was released Wednesday night. A video shows the boy upon his release:

In the video, Fawzi appears with his arm in a sling and states that his injury was from the beating by Israeli soldiers.


How They Do It– ‘A Jewish state cannot tolerate corruption’

ed note–as you read this, please reflect on a few salient items.

The entire ‘Jewish state’ paradigm, beginning with the biblical story of Abraham selling his wife Sarah into forced sexual servitude to Egypt’s Pharaoh, to Jacob’s theft of Esau’s inheritance to the mass murder of the indigenous inhabitants of the Holy Land as commanded by the Judaic god and announced through the mouth of Moishe (Moses) has been nothing but corruption, organized crime, murder, graft, etc. It is as much in the spiritual DNA of Judaism as humility and honesty were/are the calling cards of both Jesus and Mohammed.

Therefore, essays of this sort need to be viewed for exactly what they are–seances meant to seduce the Judaic mind that may be in the process of realizing the scope and scale of the corruption that has been the footprint and fingerprint of all Judaic activity for thousands of years. It is nothing more than an extension of the same ‘By way of deception, we shall make war’ paradigm that is the proud motto of Israel’s Mossad and as such functions as an anesthesia that has been injected into the Judaic mental bloodstream to put Jews back to sleep and thus into the complaint and cooperative mode necessary if the entire Judaic machinery for world domination is to continue moving forward.

By MK Dov Lipman, Jpost

The raging debate in Israel that has spread from the Knesset to the streets regarding corruption is not simply about cigars and champagne. It goes to the core of who we are as a Jewish state.

The Bible (Exodus 23:7) teaches outright: “Distance yourself from a false word.” The Talmud (Shavuot 31a) lists many actions which are not outright lies, but which are forbidden based on this verse because they are misleading.

Moses warned Jewish leaders not to take bribery because doing so “blinds the vision of the wise” (Deuteronomy 16:19).

Israel’s Declaration of Independence makes clear that the state “will foster the development of the country for the benefit of all its inhabitants; it will be based on freedom, justice and peace as envisaged by the prophets of Israel.” Those prophets are quite strong on the importance of truth and honesty:

King David declared that a person should strive to “speak the truth in his heart” (Psalms 15:2), and should “guard lips from speaking deceit” (Psalms 34:13).

His son King Solomon taught that “Unequal weights are an abomination to the Lord, and false scales are not good” (Proverbs 20:23).

Jeremiah criticized his generation in which people “have taught their tongue to speak lies, they weary themselves to commit iniquity” (9:4). He continued, decrying that “one speaks peaceably to his neighbor with his mouth, but in his heart he lays in wait for him… ‘Shall I not punish them for these things?’ says the Lord” (9:7-8).

Zephaniah foretold that “The remnant of Israel shall not do iniquity, nor speak lies, neither shall a deceitful tongue be found in their mouths” (3:13).

The Sages in Talmudic times drove this point home even further. Tractate Pesahim (113b) teaches that God “hates a person who says one thing with his mouth and another in his heart.”

Tractate Shabbat (55a) declares that the “seal of God is truth.”

The Mishna (Bava Batra 5:10) describes in great detail how a shopkeeper must wipe down his measures and scales to make sure that all of his business deals are scrupulously honest. And most glaringly, the Talmud teaches (Shabbat 31a) that God’s first question to people after they pass away and face judgment is whether they were honest in their business dealings.

Perhaps the greatest sign of the importance of honesty and truth in Jewish thought and tradition is that Jews all over the world introduce the Yom Kippur service with the Kol Nidrei prayer. The day on which we ask God for atonement begins universally with an annulment of our vows, and the recognition that we must be a people who are true to our word.

I was thus astonished to hear that leading rabbis in the religious Zionist movement met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week and emerged making light of the allegations against the prime minister.

“To say that there is a problem because you accepted a cigar?” said one rabbi. “If it weren’t humorous it would be an unparalleled scandal… People want to change the government in this way because they can’t succeed at doing it through the ballot box.”

Another rabbi said: “Those who are supposedly fighting corruption are themselves corrupt.”

I am in no position to determine whether the prime minister is guilty – there is a legal process that must make that determination. But to dismiss the possibility that he was involved in receiving gifts in exchange for personal favors before the criminal justice system has run its course is to belittle not only an important Jewish value, but a pillar upon which Israeli democracy is based. They are so concerned about the scandal toppling a right-wing government that must preserve greater Israel? What type of Israel are they indeed trying to preserve? An Israel which does not hold itself to the standard of the prophets of Israel?

The same question must be asked of the ultra-Orthodox minister and fellow Knesset members who are trying to pass a law about the Sabbath day in Israel in the “holy and righteous” guise of preserving Judaism and Jewish tradition. Are they going to step down and topple the government if the police do recommend that the prime minister be indicted? If not, how can they claim to be the guardians of “authentic Judaism” while continuing to serve in a government led by a prime minister who the police recommend be indicted for bribery and dishonesty? Are they unaware of what Judaism has to say about such behavior?

I hope that the anti-corruption demonstrations continue from both left-wing and right-wing Israelis, and that if the police recommendations regarding the prime minister are as daunting as they are rumored to be, that all of Israel – Likud voters included – will stand tall and say we cannot tolerate this type of behavior from a leader in a Jewish state.

Burn, Baby, Burn…Judaic hellfire, from the Dawabshe family to the Middle East and beyond

‘I will place you high in my councils Trash, and I will send you to burn…’

–The devil speaking to the pyromaniac ‘Trashcan Man’ in Stephen King’s horror novel The Stand

‘Oscars’ season is over, and as such, the infamous hive of enchanters, witches, and sorcerers making up that place of ill-repute known as Hollywood are now basking in the afterglow of yet another successful year.

And with good reason are they celebrating. As expected, the previous year’s black magic indeed did the trick in (further) intoxicating and incapacitating the collective American mind, degrading it deeper and deeper into its already seemingly bottomless stupor and narcosis. The ship of fools making up Populus Americanus, proudly and yet stupidly characterizing their sinking ship of state as ‘the land of the free’ and ‘home of the brave,’ continue their steady stampede backwards, all the while the Spielbergs, Weinsteins, Katzenbergs, Milchons, Seinfelds, Silvermans, Sandlers, etc, continue grinding forward with all the unstoppable inertia of an Israeli Merkava tank flattening a matchstick-constructed Palestinian home filled with terrified women and children.

Such success being ‘a wrap’ however–even amidst the ongoing reverberations of ‘Mazel Tov’‘L’Chaim’ and the celebratory clinking of wine glasses full of Manischewitz and Magen David–doesn’t mean that the ‘fat lady’ has sung and that those holding membership in the coven have been granted a sabbatical. Indeed, Hollywood sorcery after all being a never-ending/ever-occurring process and as unavoidable as death and taxes means that–just as the old saying indicates–‘the show must go on’, as there is no rest for the wicked and the Devil’s work is never done.

And nowhere is all this show business more apparent–complete with volume, makeup, theatrics and special effects–than with the all-star lineup and over-the-top ‘jrama’ on display in the aftermath of the recent ritual murders of 18-month old Ali Saad Dawabshe and his father Sa’ad by Jewish terrorists aiming to appease the violent, vengeful, vindictive god of Israel.

Despite what has been a very loud, public, and–at the risk of over-repetition–‘jramatic’ gang war taking place these days within the organized pro-Israel community (otherwise known as La Kosher Nostra) with right-wing Likud and left-wing Labor trading political bullets with each other on the streets of Tel Aviv, D.C., New York, etc, nevertheless both sides have now declared a temporary cease-fire of sorts in order to deal with what inarguably is one of the most dangerous existential threats the Jewish state has faced in a long time. The deliberate, premeditated, and (more importantly) religiously-driven incineration of a Palestinian father and his tiny son, not as an accident or ‘incident’ (as obligatorily portrayed in both Israeli and American media when it invariably takes place) has brought not only new curiosity to the kinds of ‘ethics’ guiding the Jewish state and her ‘chosen people’, but new clarity as well. This combination of both curiosity and clarity on the part of civilized Gentile peoples the world over (heretofore obediently compliant to Israel’s demands of blind acceptance and unquestioning recognition) and increasing in intensity on a daily basis portends nothing less than what paleontologists refer to as an ‘ELE’, or ‘Extinction Level Event’ in terms of the Jewish state’s future survivability. Similar in many respects to those moments where some Hollywood icon is caught on film saying or doing something erupting in some scandal where irrevocable damage is done to the refined and sophisticated image falsely crafted by their handlers for the furtherance and maintenance of their stardom, likewise the recent tragedy surrounding the deliberate holocausting of two innocent Palestinians has ripped away the thin mask of civility and ‘humanness’ inaccurately and unjustifiably attributed to the Zionist entity from its inception, a gross misappropriation of respect that has functioned as the primary mechanism by which this dysfunctional and dangerous criminal enclave has been provided an undeserved seat at the table of nations.

Now however, Gentiledom–whose political and monetary support is as intrinsically necessary to the continued existence of the Jewish state as healthy blood is to mosquitoes, lice, and other parasites–is obviously having second thoughts about further investment. The exponentially-increasing instances of overt, extreme, epileptic violence against non-Jews, both in Israel and beyond, resulting from the yet-to-be-named religiously-induced mental illness Jtosis (the inevitable end result of Judaic ‘ethics’ being imposed on an otherwise healthy human mind) is reviving all the old stereotypes fairly and accurately attributed to Jews as a group since the days of the Pharaohs as described in the book of Genesis. Day by day, with each new episode of violent, psychotic behavior on the part of the self-appointed/self-anointed Chosenites, the mountain of money and resources expended over the last century by groups such as ADL, WJC, etc, in drugging the Gentile mind with various hallucinogenic ideas designed to bring about the equivalent of an ideological ‘acid trip’ where Jews are seen as a harmless, powerless, beneficent people who just want to ‘get along’ with their Gentile counterparts shatters into tiny shards of sharp, cutting reality, leaving the broken fantasy naked before the world in all its brutal, ugly truth.

And both sides of the right/left spectrum operating at the higher levels within the Kosher Nostra power structure know this. They understand that this latest act of religiously-induced psychosis whereby a Palestinian father and his tiny son become the sacrificial burnt offerings in a Judaic black mass in honoring the violent, racist, Old Testament god of Israel stands no chance of being ‘explained away’ as typically takes place whenever the Jewish state embarks upon one of her chronic feeding frenzies of innocent non-Jews. Both sides know there is no amount of sorcery or seduction that can succeed in painting this as a case of the Jewish state ‘defending’ itself against terrorism or ‘protecting’ itself against those who pose an ‘existential threat’, as ceremoniously occurs each and every time some Judaically-inspired, ritualistic bloodbath explodes in Gaza or wherever.

Rather, they know that it is what it is, and, more importantly, that it will be seen for what it is–the deliberate, pre-meditated murder of 2 innocent Gentiles (more and more characterized these days by Jewish religious and political leaders as ‘donkeys’, ‘cockroaches’ ‘beasts walking on two legs,’ etc) by Judaic terrorists acting in accordance with what their Judaic ‘ethics’ demand.

As such then, both sides understand the looming danger associated with this latest act of Judaic terrorism in an up-until-now sleeping Gentile society of 7 billion souls coming to rational terms with the dangers posed–not only to those in the tragic circumstance of living in close proximity to the 6,000,000 + mentally-unstable individuals making up ‘the Jewish state’, but as well–to all Gentiledom by a sprawling, organized criminal conspiracy operating at the highest levels within the world’s most powerful nations and protected by layer upon layer of obscurity and duplicitous denial.

And it is for this reason then why suddenly–despite a years-long campaign of snarling, scratching, hissing, and biting at each other–the two otherwise bitter enemies are now putting down their Tommy guns, folding up their switchblades, pocketing their brass knuckles and finding themselves the best of friends. Putting aside their ‘differences’–in truth more methodological than ideological in nature–they are now seen rushing together with the same speed as newlyweds to their first-time marriage bed in offering their empty condemnations of the deliberate ritualistic murders of father and son Dawabshe and with all the same ‘jrama’, special effects, and theatricism successfully used year after year by extended family members with names such as Spielberg, Weinstein, Katzenberg, Milchon, Seinfeld, Silverman, Sandler, etc.

Netanyahu–personally responsible for the incineration of THOUSANDS of innocent Palestinians just like the Dawabshe family in the various bloodbaths he has personally ordered and overseen on a regular basis against the people of Gaza, nevertheless playing the role of the ‘compassionate‘ Jew acting in accordance with his ‘compassionate’ Judaism by visiting the hospital room of the surviving family members writhing in agony as they fight tooth and nail to save every microbe of life left in them following being doused in gasoline and set aflame by Jewish terrorists…Rabbis, both in Israel and throughout Gentiledom, slithering their way to the nearest microphone to condemn such savagery with truckloads of well-rehearsed, over-the-top theatrics and buckets of crocodile tears, claiming that such evil, barbaric behavior contradicts the basic precepts of ‘Jewish ethics’ as laid out in both the Torah and Talmud, despite the fact they themselves know better than anyone else exactly what appears in black and white and in impossible-to-misunderstand clarity within the various chapters and various books making up the beating heart of ‘Jewish ethics’, to wit–

“When the LORD your God brings you into the land you are to possess and casts out the many peoples living there, you shall then slaughter them all and utterly destroy them…You shall save nothing alive that breathes…You shall make no agreements with them nor show them any mercy. You shall destroy their altars, break down their images, cut down their groves and burn their graven images with fire. For you are a holy people unto the LORD thy God and He has chosen you to be a special people above all others upon the face of the earth…”–Book of Deuteronomy

…and all of this, with quivering, sympathetic lower lips and watery eyes gushing rivers of faux tears, a lump of behavioral Fool’s Gold meant to whet the appetites of world Gentiledom seeking some expression of humanity in a morally bankrupt Jewish state over-funded to the hilt by gullible Gentile investors.

But then, what must be remembered is that–as an operational protocol–lying is indeed as much the Judaic way as tomatoes are the main component making up tomato sauce. ‘Deception’ and ‘Judaism’ are as much irrevocably intertwined with each other as are the two strands making up the double helix in a molecule of DNA. It was neither by some grammatical accident that Israel’s Mossad happened to adopt ‘by way of deception, we shall make war’ as its motto, given that dishonesty, duplicity and all their synonymic cousins have always functioned as the pistons and spark plugs driving Jewish interests in their war against Gentiledom. Beginning with the biblical account of Abraham selling his wife Sarah into prostitution to Egypt’s Pharaoh under the pretext she was his ‘sister’ rather than his wife, to Jacob stealing his brother Esau’s inheritance through the Judaic involuntary reflexes of chicanery and identity fraud, to the Pharisee’s use of false witness and perjury in removing the troublesome Jesus of Nazareth as a political threat to Israel’s deliberate murderous attack on the USS LIBERTY that was characterized as a case of ‘mistaken identity’, lying–seen more as a virtue than a vice–is not as much ‘necessary’ in furthering Judaic interests as it is ‘indispensable’.

Indeed, the biblical account of Jesus praising the character qualities of Nathanael, one of His up-and-coming footsoldiers in the fight against Jewish supremacism, in saying ‘Behold, an Israelite in whom there is no deceit’ was not as much a compliment towards the individual as it was a general statement about the seemingly magnetic pull that those holding membership in the Judaic cult possess towards all flavors of dishonesty, a nuanced fact that sadly the ‘Christian West’ seemed to have overlooked when allowing this toxic element to dwell within its midst for the last 20 centuries now.

Besides the political damage–in both the near and distant future–that the deliberate burning-to-death of the Dawabshe family portends for Israel and for institutionalized Jewish power around the world, what both sides making up the Judaic right/left paradigm fear viz a viz this new  ‘curiosity’ on the part of ‘the nations’ is a more-precise understanding of just what-the-hell (no pun intended) authentic Judaism in all its myriad of forms and structures truly is. Like any crime organization whose true nature must remain obscure and subterranean and whose members are sworn under pain of death never to reveal the inner workings of ‘the family’, likewise the inner workings of Judaism must be–as described by former AIPAC official Steve Rosen when discussing the machinations of the Zionist power structure in America–‘Like a night flower that thrives in the dark & shrivels up in the sunlight.’

Likewise then, Judaism as an organized conspiracy against Gentiledom can only exist where an accurate understanding of its inner workings remains foggy and confused. What the ‘made’ members of  Kosher Nostra fear now resulting from the increasingly frequent instance of anti-Gentile Judaic violence is that along with this new curiosity comes its inevitable by-product–a chain reaction of sorts resulting in a reversal of the amnesial spell cast upon the Gentile mind over the last century as to the nature of the conspiracy working against them, thus revealing Judaism in all its forms to be the violent, racist, imperialist, rapacious ideology that it is.

The truth is, the only difference between what took place in setting aflame the Dawabshe family by Jewish terrorists and what takes place with periodic regularity by Israel in inflicting state-sponsored terrorism against Gaza (or wherever) is purely cosmetic. In the case of the Dawabshes, those tossing the Molotovs weren’t wearing IDF uniforms and doing so with courtesy-of-Uncle-Sam-state-of-the-art equipment and therefore forfeiting that certain degree of legitimacy that generally accompanies a nation’s right to engage in war to protect itself.

All those inclined to be receptive to the present theatrics surrounding the ritualistic murder of the Dawabshes and thus seduced into believing what both sides of the Judaic power structure are putting forth, namely that it is/was an aberration and an abrogation of ‘Judaic ethics’ should remember well that as Gaza was being annihilated, incinerated, immolated, and in general ripped to pieces by Judaic dogs clad in IDF uniforms during various Judaic massacres proudly bearing made-for-Hollywood titles such as ‘Cast Lead’, Pillar of Cloud’ and ‘Defensive Edge’, Jews the world over celebrated and supported the carnage taking place and did so in numbers as high as 95%. They danced in the streets, wrote supportive OpEds in their local papers, gathered at the border with refreshments to watch the carnage with shock and awe and Tweeted about the ‘orgasms’ they experienced when hearing about Palestinian children being killed.

In other words, thousands of families being incinerated in the very same religiously-ritualistic manner as the Dawabshes (and of Mohammed Abu Khdeir last year, forced by Jewish terrorists to drink gasoline before being set on fire) was a cause for celebration, but one family being burned to death was a cause for ‘soul searching?’

As they say on Oscar’s night before announcing the winner for best screenplay, ‘The envelope please…’

More than this though as it relates to the recent holocausting of the Dawabshe family, what the goombahs of Kosher Nostra fear more than anything is the Gentile nations coming to understand how central to Judaic ritual murder–past and present–is the burning of innocent living creatures. Lest we forget, it was none other than Abraham himself, as recounted in the book of Genesis, hearing voices in his head commanding him to murder his own son Isaac and then incinerate his young body in ‘proving’ his love to the god of Israel, just as took place with Mohammed Abu Khdeir, the Dawabshe family and every other family in Gaza or wherever when Israel hears the call of the wild and decides to obey it. Following the conquest of the Holy Land and the mass murder and displacement of every non-Judaic people living there, the slaughter and incineration of innocent living creatures then becomes the focal point of all Judaic religious ritual, to wit–

‘The priest is to lay his hand on the head of the goat and slaughter it at the place of the burnt offering. The priest is then to take some of the goat’s blood and smear it on the horns of the altar of burnt offering and then pour out the rest of the blood at the base of the altar. He shall remove all the fat and then the priest shall burn the victim on the altar as an aroma pleasing to the LORD, and in this way the priest will make atonement for the people of Israel and they will be forgiven their sins.’–Book of Leviticus

And today, Gentiles occupying no place higher in value than donkeys, sheep, and cattle, it is easy to see then how various holocausts of innocent people–from Mohammed Abu Khdeir to the Dawabshes to the people of Gaza and beyond–are consummated and then celebrated.

More than this though, what both wings of the Kosher Nostra vulture fear is the Gentile awareness that it is not just some small house owned by a Palestinian family named Dawabshe that has been set on fire, but rather that the entire world has been set ablaze, a case of deliberate mass-arson on the part of organized Jewish interests who believe that burning down the entire non-Judaic system of the civilized world becomes in effect ‘an aroma pleasing to the Lord’, as written in the various ‘holy’ books of Judaism. Besides the Judaically-engineered (and demanded) literal incineration of countries such as Iraq, Palestine, Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc, there are the symbolic infernos and holocausts to consider as well. Europe and the West, seen as the legacy of Rome and as the great, great, grandchildren of the same Romans who destroyed Jerusalem in 70 A.D. watch helplessly as their economies go up in flames, due entirely to the undeniable, overwhelming control that Judaic interests maintain over money and finance. The societies of the West–ravaged by the flames of moral and social breakdown as the Judaic virtues of vice, vulgarity, viciousness, venality, and violence become the new catechism–are powerless in extinguishing the flames presently devouring their communities and families, a situation due entirely to the undeniable, overwhelming control that Judaic interests maintain over media and other forms of mass-mind control. The political structures of the West, thousands of years old, having gotten their birth in ancient Greece and Rome, are now left smoldering ruins, as nations ranging from the US to Canada to Great Britain, France, Germany and beyond are unable to act in their own best interests, due entirely to the undeniable, overwhelming control that Judaic interests maintain over the political affairs of Gentile nations.

Like the character ‘Trashcan Man’ in Stephen King’s horror novel The Stand, a psychotic with a penchant for pyromania who hears voices in his head from the devil instructing him to burn, likewise will Israel and all her people continue to heed the call of the wild and to follow in the footsteps of all those who have done likewise in their own Judaic past because, at the end of the day, it is in the nature of the beast to do so.

All can be rest assured that the present Judaic theatrics surrounding the holocausting of Sa’ad Dawabshe and his infant son by Jewish terrorists acting in accordance with the ‘ethics’ of Judaism, theatrics represented in the present over-the-top/pedal-to-the-metal wailing and gnashing of teeth splayed across newspapers and the internet is but a small portion of the noise taking place surrounding it, in that after the show is done and the audience has gone home, behind closed doors where Gentile ears are not welcome are heard shouts of Mazel Tov’‘L’Chaim’ and the celebratory clinking of wine glasses full of Manischewitz and Magen David. The wailing is replaced with singing–nothing sad, somber, serious, or solemn, but rather–something orgasmic, such as that disco song from the 1970’s made fabulously popular by certain promoters with names such as Spielberg, Weinstein, Katzenberg, Milchon, Seinfeld, Silverman, Sandler, etc–

‘To my surprise…

One hundred stories high…

People getting loose y’all

Getting down on the roof

Folks are screaming…

Out of control…

It was so entertaining…

When the boogie started to explode

I heard somebody say

Burn baby burn…

Burn baby burn…

Burn baby burn…

Burn baby burn…

Satisfaction came in a chain reaction

Couldn’t get enough…

So I had to self-destruct…

The heat was on

Rising to the top

Everybody’s going strong

And that is when my spark got hot

I heard somebody say

Burn baby burn…

Burn baby burn…

Burn baby burn…

Burn baby burn…

Mark Glenn, 2015




Jewish Army Injures Seven Palestinians Near Jerusalem, Abduct One In Hebron

 December 30, 2017 11:06 PM  IMEMC News HebronIsraeli attacksJeninJerusalemNews ReportWest Bank 0

30 DEC
11:06 PM

Israeli soldiers shot, Saturday, seven Palestinians, and caused 23 others to suffer the effects of teargas inhalation, in Abu Dis town, east of occupied Jerusalem, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) has reported. The soldiers also abducted one Palestinian near Hebron, and installed roadblocks near Jenin.

The PRCS said that many army jeeps invaded Abu Town, and fired dozens of gas bombs and rubber-coated steel bullets at local youths, who hurled stones at the armored jeeps.

It added that the soldiers shot seven Palestinians with rubber-coated steel bullets, and caused 23 others to suffer the effects of teargas inhalation.

In related news, the soldiers invaded the al-Fawwar refugee camp, south of the southern West Bank city of Hebron, and abducted a young man in his twenties, identified as Mohammad Khaled Abu Rabea’.

Also Saturday, the soldiers installed roadblocks on the main entrances of Rommana and Zabbouba villages, west of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, before stopping and searching dozens of cars, and interrogated many Palestinians while inspecting their ID cards.


Edward I Expells the Jews from England(1290)

In 1290 King Edward I of England (Longshanks)Offsite Link issued an edict expelling all Jews from England.

“Lasting for the rest of the Middle Ages, it would be over 350 years until it was formally overturned in 1656. The edict was not an isolated incident but the culmination of over 200 years of conflict on the matters of usury. The first Jewish communities of significant size came to England with William the ConquerorOffsite Link in 1066. On the conquest of England, William instituted a feudal system in the country, whereby all estates formally belonged to the king, who appointed lords over vast estates, subject to duties and obligations (financial and knights) to the king. Under the lords were further subjects such as serfs, which were bound and obligated to their lords. Merchants had a special status in the system as did Jews. Jews were declared to be direct subjects of the King, unlike the rest of the population. This had advantages for Jews, in that they were not tied to any particular lord, but were subject to the whims of the king. Every successive King formally reviewed a royal charter granting Jews the right to remain in England. Jews did not enjoy any of the guarantees of Magna Carta of 1215.

“Economically, Jews played a key role in the country. The church at the time strictly forbade usury, or the lending of money for profit. This left a hole in the heart of the European economy that Jews quickly filled (canon law was not considered to apply to Jews, and Judaism permits loans with interest Offsite Linkbetween Jews and non-Jews).  As a consequence, some Jews made large amounts of money. However, taking advantage of their unique status as his direct subjects, the King could expropriate Jewish assets in the form of taxation. He levied heavy taxes on Jews at will without having to summon Parliament.  The Jewish community acted as a kind of giant monetary filter: Jews collected interest on money loaned to the people which the King could take at his pleasure.

“Jews acquired a reputation as extortionate money lenders which made them extremely unpopular with both the Church and the general public. While antisemitism was widespread in Europe, medieval England was particularly antisemitic. An image of the Jew as a diabolical figure who hated Christ started to become widespread, and antisemitic myths such as the Wandering Jew and ritual murders originated and spread throughout England; as well as Scotland and Wales.  Jews were said to hunt for children to murder before Passover so they could use their blood to make matzah. Antisemitism on a number of occasions sparked riots where many Jews were murdered, most famously in 1190 when over a hundred Jews were massacred in the city of York.

“The situation only got worse for Jews as the 13th century progressed. In 1218, England became the first European nation to require Jews to wear a marking badge. Taxation grew increasingly intense. Between 1219 and 1272, 49 levies were imposed on Jews for a total of 200,000 marks, a huge amount of money.  The first major step towards expulsion took place in 1275, with the Statute of Jewry. The statute outlawed all usury and gave Jews fifteen years to readjust. However, guilds as well as popular prejudice made Jewish movement into mercantile or agricultural pursuits almost impossible.

“While in GasconyOffsite Link in 1287, Edward ordered English Jews expelled. All their property was seized by the crown and all outstanding debts payable to Jews were transferred to the King’s name. It was a bleak sign of things to come. Edward’s personal views on Jews are something of a mystery. In the glimpses we have of his dealings with them, he seems interested but unsympathetic. His mother, however, does seem to have been anti-semitic. Whatever his personal feelings, by the time he returned to England in 1289 Edward was deeply in debt. The next summer he summoned his knights to impose a steep tax. To make the tax more palatable, Edward in exchange essentially offered to expel all Jews. The heavy tax was passed, and three days later, on July 18, the Edict of Expulsion was issued. One official reason for the expulsion was that Jews had neglected to follow the Statute of Jewry. The edict of expulsion was widely popular and met with little resistance, and the expulsion was quickly carried out.

“The Jewish population in England at the time was relatively small. While population estimates vary, probably less than 1% of England was Jewish; perhaps 3,000 people.  The expulsion process went fairly smoothly, although there were a few horrific stories. One story told of a captain taking a ship full of Jews to the Thames while the tide was going out and convincing them to go out for a walk with him. He then lost them and made it back to his ship before the tide came back in, leaving them all to drown. Other stories exist of Jews being robbed or killed, but the majority of the Jews seem to have crossed the channel in safety” (Wikipedia article on Edict of Expulsion, accessed 02-15-2009).

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Photo: AP
Queen Elizabeth II must sign decree
Photo: AP
British Jews be advised: Edict of expulsion still valid
Decree calling for expulsion of Jews from Britain, passed in 13th century, never formally revoked. British Foreign Ministry: No real need to do so

The Edict of Expulsion, passed by King Edward I in 1290 and calling for all Jews to leave Britain, has never formally been revoked. In order to rescind it, Queen Elizabeth II must sign a contrasting decree.


According to an article published by Israeli historian Ori Katzir on his blog, Aplaton, King Edward I decided in 1290 to evict all Jews from Britain. The reasons for this were many and varied, including blood libel against the Jews.

King Edward signed edicts sent to sheriffs across England, in which he stated that all Jews are to leave the country or to be executed. The signatory date coincided with the Jewish date of Tisha b’Av.


The edict has not been cancelled

Katzir writes, “Although this sounds surprising – even unbelievable – the edict has not been cancelled and is still listed among British legal documents. It was actively in effect for decades until Oliver Cromwell allowed the Jews to return in the middle of the 17th century. In the past 350 years, the British Jewish community has become one of the largest and most thriving in the world, but the edict is still in effect.”


Katzir states that it is clear that the edict is a disregarded law, and that England does not behave in accordance to Medieval norms manifested in the decree. However, in theory, the British have the capacity to kick out Israeli Jews, for example, when they come to visit in England.


“All that needs to be done is for the queen to sign a contradictory decree, and this has never been done. I wonder when the Israeli government will appeal to the UK to have Queen Elizabeth II sign such a decree and revoke the edict issued by one of her forefathers.”

The British Foreign Ministry issued a response Sunday stating that the ministry’s legal advisor doesn’t agree that there is a need to revoke the edict.


Jews, like other religious minorities, received equal rights over a century ago, beginning with formal Jewish Emancipation in 1858, at which point Lionel de Rothschild was allowed to sit in the House of Commons after the law restricting the oath of office to Christians was changed, the ministry said.

Sydney Morning Herald, July 26, 2014
An Israeli wearing a kippah (yarmulke) watches the Israeli attack on Gaza, July 19, 2014



Roman Catholic Leaders Confess: Jesuits Run The CIA

Roman Catholic Leaders Confess: Jesuits Run The CIA


Donald Trump Was Trained By Jesuits – The World’s A Stage

Donald J. Trump … the anti-establishment hero, chosen by the establishment. Trump has major ties to insider banking elites in New York, and is indisputably trained by the Jesuits. This means that the (s)elections in the United States, the Republican / Democrat deception, is only about the illusion of choice. Rome has been ruling undercover (through banking) for some 150 years. The Rothschilds just “guard” the Papal Treasure, they don’t own the treasure. They are high paid international money launderers. The Jesuits and the Papacy rule America through high level freemasonry via the American arm of The Knights of Malta called the Knights of Colombus and they rule through the Cardinal Provincial system that breaks America up into 10 districts. A large portion of this presentation is by Walter Veith, of DiscoverMinistriesAfrica on youtube, the rest is by me. An extra point, check out Henry Makow of late, he’s saying “flat earth is a psyop” because it derails the racist-bigot trap of ‘it’s the jews’… There is a large “anti-semite” trap that he pushes that destroys any real conversation around these topics because it terrifies the brainwashed public, they have a trauma -based reaction to the words ‘jew’ – “holocaust” – 9/11 – israel – palestine … while it’s true there is a major faction that is in ties with the jesuits which they utilize in america heavily, they’ve also simultaneously pushed a huge psychic ww2 brainwash about offending jewish peoples. By controlling all 3 of the big religions of the book, and any subsidiary churches through ecumenism, and by controlling the U.S/China/Russia world war scare tactic/reality (because they ‘spark” the wars and drive them falsely, thus they are able to play us ALL like fiddles. Its a Hegelian TRI-alectic, or multi-alectic, they balance many delicate issues that trigger huge portions of the population, (anywhere in the world). Catholics, Buddhist, Protestant, Lutheran, Orthodox, Baptist, Spanish, English, White, Black, Asian, Caribbean, Rap, Rock, Jazz, Classical, choose your ‘genre’ and they control it.

Why Israel’s capture of Eichmann caused panic at the CIA

Information that could have led to Nazi war criminal was kept under wraps
On May 23 1960, when Israeli prime minister David Ben-Gurion announced to the Knesset that “Adolf Eichmann, one of the greatest Nazi war criminals, is in Israeli custody”, US and West German intelligence services reacted to the stunning news not with joy but alarm.Newly declassified CIA documents show the Americans and the German BND knew Eichmann was hiding in Argentina at least two years before Israeli agents snatched him from the streets of Buenos Aires on his way back from work. They knew how long he had been in the country and had a rough idea of the alias the Nazi fugitive was using there, Klement.

Even though German intelligence had misspelled it as Clemens, it was a crucial clue. The Mossad effort to track Eichmann had been suspended at the time because it had failed to discover his pseudonym. They were ultimately tipped off by a German official disgusted at his government’s failure to bring the war criminal to justice.

Washington and Bonn failed to act on the information or hand it to the Israelis because they believed it did not serve their interests in the cold war struggle. In fact, the unexpected reappearance of the architect of the “final solution” in a glass box in a Jerusalem court threatened to be an embarrassment, turning global attention to all the former Nazis the Americans and Germans had recruited in the name of anti-communism.

Historians say Britain and other western powers probably did the same, but they have not published the evidence. The CIA has. Under heavy congressional pressure, the agency has been persuaded to declassify 27,000 unedited pages about American dealings with former Nazis in postwar Europe.

One of the most startling of those documents is a CIA memo dated March 19 1958, from the station chief in Munich to headquarters, noting that German intelligence (codenamed Upswing) had that month passed on a list of high-ranking former Nazis and their whereabouts. Eichmann was third on the list. The memo passed on a rumour that he was in Jerusalem “despite the fact that he was responsible for mass extermination of Jews”, but also states, matter-of-factly: “He is reported to have lived in Argentina under the alias Clemens since 1952.”

There is no record of a follow-up in the CIA to this tip-off. The reason was, according to Timothy Naftali, a US historian who has reviewed the freshly-declassified archive, it was no longer the CIA’s job to hunt down Nazis. “It just wasn’t US policy to go looking for war criminals. It wasn’t British policy either for that matter. It was left to the West Germans … and this is further evidence of the low priority the Germans gave to hunting down war criminals.”

It was not just a question of bureaucratic inertia. There were good reasons not to go hunting for Eichmann. In Bonn, the immediate fear was what Eichmann would say about Hans Globke, who had also worked in the Nazis’ Jewish affairs department, drafting the Nuremberg laws, designed to isolate Jews from the rest of society in the Third Reich. While Eichmann had gone on the run, Globke stayed behind and prospered. By 1960 he was Chancellor Konrad Adenauer’s national security adviser.

“The West Germans were extremely concerned apparently about how the East Germans and Soviet bloc in general might make use of what Eichmann would say about Hans Globke,” Mr Naftali said.

It was not just a West German concern. Globke was the main point of contact between the Bonn government, the CIA and Nato. “Globke was a timebomb for Nato,” Mr Naftali said. At the request of the West Germans, the CIA even managed to persuade Life magazine to delete any reference to Globke from Eichmann’s memoirs, which it had bought from the family.

But it was not just Globke. When Eichmann was captured the CIA combed files it had captured from the Nazis to find information that might be useful to the Israeli prosecution. The results caused near panic among the CIA’s leadership because, unknown to the junior staff who had looked through the files, a few of Eichmann’s accomplices being investigated had been CIA “assets”.

An urgent memo was sent to CIA investigators urging caution and pointing out that if Moscow discovered these ex-Nazis had been working for the Americans that would make those agents “very vulnerable”.

Meanwhile, some of the CIA’s German agents were beginning to panic. One of them, Otto Albrecht von Bolschwing – who also had worked with Eichmann in the Jewish affairs department and was later Heinrich Himmler’s representative in Romania – frantically asked his old CIA case officer for help.

After the war Bolschwing had been recruited by the Gehlen Organisation, the prototype German intelligence agency set up by the Americans under Reinhard Gehlen, who had run military intelligence on the eastern front under the Nazis. “US army intelligence accepted Reinhard Gehlen’s offer to furnish alleged expertise on the Red army – and was bilked by the many mass murderers he hired,” said Robert Wolfe, a historian at the US national archives.

Alongside the Gehlen Organisation, US intelligence had set up “stay-behind networks” in West Germany, who were supposed to stay put in the event of a Soviet invasion and transmit intelligence from behind enemy lines. Those networks were also riddled with ex-Nazis who had horrendous records.

One of the networks, codenamed Kibitz-15, was run by a former German army officer, Lieutenant Colonel Walter Kopp, who was described by his own American handlers as an “unreconstructed Nazi”.

Most of the networks were dismantled in the early 1950s when it was realised what an embarrassment they might prove.

“The present furore in western Germany over the resurgence of the Nazi or neo-Nazi groups is a fair example – in miniature – of what we would be faced with,” CIA headquarters wrote in an April 1953 memo.The new documents make clear the great irony behind the US recruitment of ex-Nazis: for all the moral compromises involved, it was a complete failure in intelligence terms. The Nazis were terrible spies.

“Subject is immature and has a personality not suited to clandestine activities,” the CIA file on one of the stay-behind agents said sniffily. “His main faults are his lack of regard for money and his attraction to members of the opposite sex.”

Those were the least of their flaws as would-be anti-communist agents. They had not risen in the Nazi ranks because of their respect for facts. They were ideologues with a keen sense of self-preservation.

“The files show time and again that these people were more trouble than they were worth,” Mr Naftali said. “The unreconstructed Nazis were always out for themselves, and they were using the west’s lack of information about the Soviet Union to exploit it.”

The lesson would be well learned by young CIA case officers today.

“Threats change rapidly, and it’s always exiles and former government elements who are the first to come running to us saying – we understand this threat. We have seen it with Iraqi exiles. No doubt we’re seeing it now with Iranian exiles. We have to be smart and we have to know who we are really dealing with.”

Protected Nazis

Adolf Eichmann The SS colonel who organised the final solution was so enthusiastic about his work that he carried on even after Heinrich Himmler had called a halt. He was captured by US troops but escaped to Argentina. Israeli agents tracked him down in 1960 and he was hanged in 1962.

Hans Globke A Nazi functionary working with Eichmann in the Jewish Affairs department who helped draft the laws stripping Jews of rights. After the war he rose to become one of the most powerful figures in the government. As national security advisor to Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, he was the main liaison with the CIA and Nato.

Reinhard Gehlen A major general in the Wehrmacht who was head of intelligence-gathering on the eastern front. He sold his supposed inside knowledge of the Soviet Union to the Americans who made him head of West German intelligence, an organisation he led until 1968.


David Ben-Gurion


Masonic Italy – P2 Lodge / Propaganda Due

Propaganda Due

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Propaganda Due (Italian pronunciation: [propaˈɡanda ˈduːe]P2) was a Masonic lodge founded in 1945 that, by the time its Masonic charter was withdrawn in 1976, had transformed into a clandestine, pseudo-Masonic, ultraright[1][2][3] organization operating in contravention of Article 18 of the Constitution of Italy that banned secret associations. In its latter period, during which the lodge was headed by Licio Gelli, P2 was implicated in numerous Italian crimes and mysteries, including the collapse of the Vatican-affiliated Banco Ambrosiano, the murders of journalist Mino Pecorelli and banker Roberto Calvi, and corruption cases within the nationwide bribe scandal Tangentopoli. P2 came to light through the investigations into the collapse of Michele Sindona‘s financial empire.[4]

P2 was sometimes referred to as a “state within a state[5] or a “shadow government“.[6] The lodge had among its members prominent journalists, members of parliament, industrialists, and military leaders—including Silvio Berlusconi, who later became Prime Minister of Italy; the Savoy pretender to the Italian throne Victor Emmanuel;[7] and the heads of all three Italian intelligence services (at the time SISDESISMI and CESIS).

When searching Licio Gelli’s villa in 1982, the police found a document called the “Plan for Democratic Rebirth”, which called for a consolidation of the media, suppression of trade unions, and the rewriting of the Italian Constitution.[8]

Outside Italy, P2 was also active in Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina, with Raúl Alberto Lastiri, Argentina’s interim president (between 13 July 1973 and 12 October 1973) during the height of the “Dirty War” among its members. Emilio Massera, who was part of the military junta led by Jorge Rafael Videla from 1976 to 1978, José López Rega, minister of Social Welfare in Perón‘s government and founder of the Argentine Anticommunist Alliance(“Triple A”), and General Guillermo Suárez Mason were also members.[9]


Propaganda” was founded in 1877, in Turin, as “Propaganda Massonica”. This lodge was frequented by politicians and government officials from across Italy who were unable to attend their own lodges and included prominent members of the Piedmont nobility. The name was changed to “Propaganda Due” following World War II, when the Grand Orient of Italy numbered its lodges. By the 1960s, however, the lodge was all but inactive, holding few meetings. This original lodge, however, had little to do with the one Licio Gelliestablished in 1966, two years after becoming a freemason.[10]

Freemasonry in Italy had been outlawed by the fascist regime of Benito Mussolini, but it was reborn after the Second World War with American encouragement. However, its traditions of free-thinking under the Risorgimento transformed into fervent anti-communism. The increasing influence of the left at the end of the 1960s had the Masons of Italy deeply worried. In 1971, Grand Master Lino Salvini of the Grand Orient of Italy—one of Italy’s largest Masonic lodges—assigned to Gelli the task of reorganizing the lodge.[11]

Gelli took a list of “sleeping members”—members who were not invited to take part in masonic rituals anymore, as Italian freemasonry was under close scrutiny by the Christian Democrats in power. From these initial connections, Gelli was able to extend his network throughout the echelons of the Italian establishment.[12]


The Grand Orient of Italy officially expelled Gelli and the P2 Lodge in 1976.[13] In 1974 it was proposed that P2 be erased from the list of lodges by the Grand Orient of Italy, and the motion carried overwhelmingly. The following year, however, a warrant was issued by the Grand Master for a new P2 lodge. It seems the Grand Orient in 1976 had only suspended, and not actually expelled, the lodge on Gelli’s request. Gelli was found to be active in the Grand Orient’s national affairs two years later, financing the election of a new Grand Master. In 1981 a Masonic tribunal decided that the 1974 vote did mean the lodge had factually ceased to exist and that Gelli’s lodge had therefore been illegal since that time.[10]


The activities of the P2 lodge were discovered by prosecutors while investigating banker Michele Sindona, the collapse of his bank and his ties to the Mafia.[14] In March 1981, police found a list of alleged members in Gelli’s house in Arezzo. It contained 962 names, among which were important state officials, important politicians and a number of military officers, including the heads of the three Italian secret services.[11] Future Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi was on the list, although he had not yet entered politics at the time. Another famous member was Victor Emmanuel, the son of the last Italian king.

Prime Minister Arnaldo Forlani (whose chef de cabinet was a P2 member as well)[11] appointed a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry, headed by the independent Christian Democrat Tina Anselmi. Nevertheless, in May 1981, Forlani was forced to resign due to the P2 scandal, causing the fall of the Italian government.[5][15]

In January 1982 the P2 lodge was definitively abolished by the Law 25 January 1982, no. 17.

In July 1982, new documents were found hidden in the false bottom of a suitcase belonging to Gelli’s daughter at Fiumicino airport in Rome. The documents were entitled “Memorandum sulla situazione italiana” (Memorandum on the Italian situation) “Piano di rinascita democratica” (Plan of Democratic Rebirth) and are seen as the political programme of P2. According to these documents, the main enemies of Italy were the Italian Communist Party (PCI) and the trade unions. These had to be isolated and cooperation with the communists (the second biggest party in Italy and one of the largest in Europe), which was proposed in the historic compromise by Aldo Moro, needed to be disrupted.[11]

Gelli’s goal was to form a new political and economic elite to lead Italy away from the danger of Communist rule. More controversially, it sought to do this by means of an authoritarian form of democracy.[16] P2 advocated a programme of extensive political corruption: “political parties, newspapers and trade unions can be the objects of possible solicitations which could take the form of economic-financial manoeuvres. The availability of sums not exceeding 30 to 40 billion lire would seem sufficient to allow carefully chosen men, acting in good faith, to conquer key positions necessary for overall control.”[11]

P2’s influence

Opinions about the importance and reach of P2 differ. Some see the P2 as a reactionary, shadow government ready to preempt a take over of power in case of an electoral victory of the Italian Communist Party. Others think it was nothing more than a sordid association of people eager to improve their careers by making powerful and important connections.[17] Nevertheless, P2 was implicated in numerous Italian scandals and mysteries.

Corriere della Sera takeover

In 1977 the P2 took control of the Corriere della Sera newspaper, a leading paper in Italy. At the time, the paper had run into financial trouble and was unable to raise bank loans because its then editor, Piero Ottone, was considered hostile to the ruling Christian Democrats. Corriere’s owners, the publishing house Rizzoli, struck a deal with Gelli. He provided the money with funds from the Vatican Bank directed by Paul Marcinkus. Ottone was fired and the paper’s editorial line shifted to the right.[11][18]

The paper published a long interview with Gelli in 1980. The interview was carried out by the television talk show host Maurizio Costanzo, who would also be exposed as a member of P2.[19] Gelli said he was in favour of rewriting the Italian constitution towards a Gaullistpresidential system. When asked what he always wanted to be, he replied: “A puppet master”.[11][20]

Bologna massacre

P2 members Gelli and the head of the secret service Pietro Musumeci were condemned for attempting to mislead the police investigation of the Bologna massacre on 2 August 1980, which killed 85 people and wounded more than 200.[21]

Banco Ambrosiano scandal

P2 became the target of considerable attention in the wake of the collapse of Banco Ambrosiano (one of Milan‘s principal banks, owned in part by the Vatican Bank), and the suspicious 1982 death of its president Roberto Calvi in London, initially ruled a suicide but later prosecuted as a murder. It was suspected by investigative journalists that some of the plundered funds went to P2 or to its members.[citation needed]

Protezione account

One of the documents found in 1981 was about a numbered bank account, the so-called “Protezione account,” at the Union Bank of Switzerland in Lugano (Switzerland). It detailed the payment of US$7 million by the president of ENI, Florio Fiorini through Roberto Calvi to the Italian Socialist Party (PSI) leader Claudio Martelli on behalf of Bettino Craxi, the socialist Prime Minister from 1983–1987.

The full extent of the payment only became clear twelve years later, in 1993, during the mani pulite (Italian for “clean hands”) investigations into political corruption. The money was allegedly a kickback on a loan which the Socialist leaders had organised to help bail out the ailing Banco Ambrosiano. Rumours that the Minister of Justice, Martelli, was connected with the account had been circulating since investigations began into the P2 plot. He always flatly denied them. However, learning that formal investigations were opened, he resigned as minister.[22]

Criminal organization

Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry

The Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry, headed by Anselmi, concluded that the P2 lodge was a secret criminal organization. Allegations of surreptitious international relationships, mainly with Argentina (Gelli repeatedly suggested that he was a close friend of Juan Perón) and with some people suspected of affiliation with the American Central Intelligence Agency were also partly confirmed; but soon a political debate overtook the legal level of the analysis.[23] The majority report said that P2 action resulted in “… the pollution of the public life of a nation. It aimed to alter, often in decisive fashion, the correct functioning of the institutions of the country, according to a project which … intended to undermine our democracy.” A minority report by Massimo Teodori concluded that P2 was not just an abnormal outgrowth from an essentially healthy system, as upheld by the majority report, but an inherent part of the system itself.[11]

New Italian law prohibiting “secret lodges”

Even though outlawed by Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini in 1925, Masonic institutions have been tolerated in Italy since the end of World War II and are quite open about their activities and membership. However, a special law was issued that prohibited secret lodges. The Grande Oriente d’Italia, after taking disciplinary action against members with P2 connections, distanced itself from Gelli’s lodge. Other laws introduced a prohibition on membership in allegedly secret organizations for some categories of state officials (especially military officers). These laws have been recently questioned by the European Court of Human Rights. Following an action brought by a serving British naval officer, the European Court has established as precedent the illegality of any member nation attempting to ban Masonic membership for military officers, as a breach of their human rights.[24]

Licio Gelli’s list found in 1981

On 17 March 1981, a list composed by Licio Gelli was found in his country house (Villa Wanda). The list should be contemplated with some caution[according to whom?], as it is considered[by whom?] to be a combination of P2 members and the contents of Gelli’s Rolodex. Many on the list were apparently never asked if they wanted to join P2, and it is not known to what extent the list includes members who were formally initiated into the lodge. Since 1981, some of those on the list have demonstrated their distance from P2 to the satisfaction of the Italian legal system.[25]

On 21 May 1981, the Italian government released the list.[26] The Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry headed by Tina Anselmi considered the list reliable and genuine. It decided to publish the list in its concluding report, Relazione della Commissione parlamentare d’inchiesta sulla Loggia massonica P2.[27]

The list contains 962 names (including Gelli’s). It has been claimed that at least a thousand names may still be secret, as the membership numbers begin with number 1,600, which suggests that the complete list has not yet been found.[11] The list included all of the heads of the secret services, 195 officers of the different armed forces (12 generals of the Carabinieri, 5 of the financial police Guardia di Finanza, 22 of the army, 4 of the air force and 8 admirals), as well as 44 members of parliament, 3 ministers and a secretary of a political party, leading magistrates, a few prefects and heads of police, bankers and businessmen, civil servants, journalists and broadcasters.[11] Also included were a top official of the Banco di Roma, Italy’s third largest bank at the time, and a former director-general of the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL), the country’s largest.[15]

Notable people on Gelli’s list

Receipt for membership of Silvio Berlusconi to the P2 masonic lodge

Some notable individuals include:

See also

The Vatican, the P2 Masonic Lodge, and the Mafia pt.1/5

… a former Masonic lodge known as Propaganda Due, or P2, a lodge originally formed by the Italian Grand Orient as a lodge of research. In 1975 an Italian fascist named Licio Gelli was made the Venerable Grand Master of P2 …”

“Then, in 1977, [Michele] Sindona brought in Roberto Calvi, head of the Banco Ambrosiano in Milan, which was closely associated with the papal bank, one of its major shareholders.”

“After Calvi was in with Gelli and Sindona, the Banco Ambrosiano helped to set up foreign shell companies, including ten in Panama, which were controlled by the papal bank.”

(Robinson, John J. Born In Blood: The Lost Secrets of Freemasonry. New York: M. Evans and Company, 1989, pg. 314)

Banco Ambrosiano was an Italian bank which collapsed in 1982. At the centre of the bank’s failure was its chairman, Roberto Calvi and his membership in the illegal masonic lodge Propaganda Due. Vatican Bank was Banco Ambrosiano’s main shareholder, and the death of Pope John Paul I in 1978 is rumoured to be linked to the Ambrosiano scandal, giving one of the subplots of The Godfather Part III. Vatican Bank was also accused of funneling covert United States funds to Solidarity and the Contras through Banco Ambrosiano.…

Propaganda Due, or P2, was a Masonic lodge operating under the jurisdiction of the Grand Orient of Italy from 1945 to 1976 (when its charter was withdrawn), and a pseudo-Masonic or “black” or “covert” lodge operating illegally (in contravention of Italian constitutional laws banning secret lodges, and membership of government officials in secret membership organizations) from 1976 to 1981. During the years that the lodge was headed by Licio Gelli, P2 was implicated in numerous Italian crimes and mysteries, including the nationwide bribe scandal Tangentopoli, the collapse of the Vatican-affiliated Banco Ambrosiano, and the murders of journalist Mino Pecorelli and banker Roberto Calvi.…

Roberto Calvi (13 April 1920 17 June 1982) was an Italian banker dubbed “God’s Banker” by the press due to his close association with the Vatican. A native of Milan, Calvi was the chairman of Banco Ambrosiano which collapsed in one of modern Italy’s biggest political scandals, and his death in London in June 1982 has been the source of enduring controversy. Calvi’s death was ruled as murder after two coroner’s inquests and an independent investigation, and, in June 2007, five people were acquitted of his murder after a trial in Rome.

Claims have been made that Calvi’s death involved the Vatican Bank (Banco Ambrosiano’s main shareholder), the Mafia (which may have used Banco Ambrosiano for money laundering), and the Propaganda Due or P2 masonic lodge.…

Licio Gelli (born April 21, 1919) is an Italian financier, chiefly known for his role in the Banco Ambrosiano scandal. He was revealed in 1981 as being the Venerable Master of the clandestine Masonic lodge Propaganda Due (P2).


The Shocking Truth Why Pope Benedict Resigned – Unedited Version was BANNED in YouTube!

The Shocking Truth Why Pope Benedict Resigned Unedited Version was BANNED in YouTube

What Francis Really Believes (4th Edition)

Lucifer is GOD declared by Pope Francis

Pope Francis and the Vatican has introduced the world to their god they been worshiping all along, Lucifer. According to Pope Francis and the Catholic Church, The Morning Star is the creator of the world and the father of Christ. He brought “light” to the human race.

Pope Francis Declares Lucifer As God. Pope Francis and the Vatican has introduced the world to their god they been worshipping all along, Lucifer. According to Pope Francis and the Catholic Church, The Morning Star is the creator of the world and the father of Christ. He brought “light” to the human race. This announced was made to the world April 27th, 2014 during a ceremony where Pope John Paul the 1st and Pope john Paul the 2nd.This declaration is unprecedented and should cause concern to the world. It’s no coincidence that the first Jesuit Pope would make such a shocking statement. He has been overhauling the Vatican since he got in. So far he has said Atheist will enter heaven as long as they do good works. He also stated Jesus is just a man and prays to the father and he is a co-mediator with mother Mary between God and man. This is their new statement made during Mass and other ceremonies:

“His flame dawning his own son
May, I say to you O’ lucifer who knows no setting
Christ is your son who came back from the dead
and shed his light to the human race
and is alive and reigns for ever and ever.”

In the 1970s, Father Jorge Bergoglio faced a moment of truth: Would he stand up to Argentina’s military neo-Nazis “disappearing” thousands including priests, or keep his mouth shut and his career on track? Like many other Church leaders, Pope Francis took the safe route, Robert Parry reports. The election of Argentine Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio as Pope Francis brings back into focus the troubling role of the Catholic hierarchy in blessing much of the brutal repression that swept Latin America in the 1970s and 1980s, killing and torturing tens of thousands of people including priests and nuns accused of sympathizing with leftists.


 The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government,

From the Shadows of the Cold War: the Rise of the CIA

Veteran journalist David Talbot, founder and former editor-in-chief of Salon, doesn’t skim over the surfaces of things. With the help of his long-time associate and ace researcher Karen Croft, he digs deep and keeps digging. Season of the Witch, his history of San Francisco in the late 1960s-early ’80s, is a must-read for anyone interested in the aftermath of the ’60s Bay Area counter-culture.

Talbot’s new book, The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government, is equally essential reading, especially for readers with even a passing interest in post-WW2 U.S. foreign policy.

The longest running director of the CIA (1952-1961), Dulles helped coordinate extremely bloody coups throughout the world. Not surprisingly, he comes off as a nasty piece of work. He and his brother John Foster Dulles both worked with the prestigious Wall Street firm Sullivan and Cromwell, which made a fortune representing cartels that were part of the Nazi war machine (John Foster Dulles went on to become Eisenhower’s Secretary of State). The Dulles brothers were quite cozy with Nazi higher ups in the ’30s and remained staunch apologists for Hitler well into the the ’40s.

Readers of Christopher Simpson’s excellent histories Blowback and The Splendid Blond Beast, which Talbot cites extensively, will be familiar with much of the history of U.S. intelligence recruitment of Nazis but Talbot adds plenty of interesting, albeit horrific, information. Talbot writes, “Like many convicted Nazi criminals in the early Cold War years, a number of the Nuremberg defendants sentenced to prison were later the beneficiaries of politically motivated interventions and early releases; few of the many thousand convicted Nazis were still in prison after 1953. A number of those interventions on behalf of fortunate war criminals could be traced to the quiet stratagems of Allen Dulles.”

Dulles insisted that in the post-war world, “you can’t run railroads without taking in some [Nazi] party members,” but he didn’t stop at efficiently run trains: Reinhard Gehlen, Hitler’s intelligence chief on the Eastern Front and an avid proponent of devilschesstorture, was set up as the head of West Germany’s new intelligence apparatus. Among Gehlen’s colleagues in his new post was Dr. Franz Six, in Talbot’s words “an intellectual architect of the Final Solution as well as one of its most enthusiastic enforcers.” Gehlen’s placement was controversial in Washington, but what Talbot calls “the Dulles faction within the national security establishment” had his back, and prevailed.

In Talbot’s words, “The Cold War in the West was, to an unsettling extent, a joint operation between the Dulles regime and that of Reinhard Gehlen. The German spy chief’s pathological hatred of Russia, which had its roots in Hitler’s Third Reich, meshed smoothly with the Dulles Brothers’ anti-Soviet absolutism. In fact, the Dulles policy of massive nuclear retaliation bore a disturbing resemblance to the Nazis’ exterminationist philosophy…” Thanks to Dulles and his colleagues, other prominent Nazi officials wound up providing their services to such stalwart U.S. allies as Franco in Spain and Pinochet in Chile.

Dulles was nothing if not industrious, and the book provides plenty of page-turning narrative focusing on some of the coups that Dulles was involved with. Starting with the overthrow of the Guatemalan government of Jacobo Arbenz (a bete noir of the Dulles-connected multinational United Fruit for his focus on land and labor reforms), Dulles’s operations moved from one country to another, destabilizing governments and coordinating the assassination or exile of any leader that threatened U.S. corporate interests. In addition to Guatemala, the book lays out the history of CIA actions in Iran, Congo, and Vietnam.

The Devil’s Chessboard also shows that one of the first cases of “extraordinary rendition” took place under Dulles’s watch. On March 12, 1956, Jesus de Galindez, a lecturer in Spanish and Government at Columbia University, was snatched off the streets of New York. Friends and colleagues never saw him again. Galindez’s crime was being an outspoken critic of Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo, whose friends in the CIA made sure Galindez was delivered to the Dominican Republic. Galindez was tortured to death by Trujillo underlings.

The New Republic printed a letter about the abduction in which one of Galindez’s students, Marina Joy, stated, “There is no hope … Everybody who has some sense of responsibility and a feeling for democracy and freedom should be concerned.” (Presciently, in 1955 Galindez told an FBI informant that “since John Foster Dulles entered into the picture, the United States has started to write the blackest pages of its international relations. Never before in the history of the world has one single Government more efficiently supported dictatorial powers in free nations.”)

Talbot and Croft combed through a decent-sized library of books for the details that pack The Devil’s Chessboard. Other sources include interviews with surviving Dulles colleagues and relatives (especially his daughter Joan Talley, who at 90 remains aghast at her father’s behavior); testimony of John F. Kennedy administration insiders and others on the scene at the time of the JFK assassination; and the papers of Dulles, his wife, and his mistress.

Though he had a soft spot for mass murderers, Dulles didn’t have much love to share with his family. In letters to his wife Clover he openly discussed his conquests of other women, one of whom eventually made friends with Clover (the two women also shared a psychoanalyst: Carl Jung). In a diary she left for her children, Clover was unsparing in her dissection of Dulles. She wrote, “It took me a long time to realize that when he talks it is only for the purpose of obtaining something. … He has either to be making someone admire him, or to be receiving some information worth his while; otherwise he gives one the impression that he doesn’t talk because the person isn’t worth talking to.”

Their son Allen Jr. returned from the Korean war with shrapnel in his head that left him brain damaged. Dulles’s response, as Joan Talley told Talbot, was to submit his son to treatments by doctors associated with the infamous mind control program MKULTRA (launched at the same time the CIA falsely claimed that North Korea was conducting similar sorts of testing). Talbot characterizes the experiments performed on the younger Dulles as “unspeakable.”

In both The Devil’s Chessboard and his 2007 book Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years, Talbot stresses John F. Kennedy’s more progressive tendencies. Talbot doesn’t deify Kennedy: he acknowledges that JFK was a masterful practitioner of realpolitique who often contradicted himself from one day to the next, depending on which group he was speaking to. This was especially true on Cuba policy. Talbot argues that JFK initially went along with the ill-fated Bay of Pigs invasion because he was boxed in by hawks in his administration. But in Talbot’s eyes JFK’s refusal to provide air support for the Bay of Pigs anti-Castro fighters rankled both the rabidly right wing Cuban exile community and the Dulles circle in the CIA. The book makes a convincing case that though the Kennedy brothers were never consistent on their line toward Cuba, and did indulge in gratuitous sword rattling, they never went far enough for right wingers in Florida and Washington, who saw them as traitors; the most deranged of JFK’s national security adversaries, Air Force chief Curtis LeMay, would have preferred nuclear annihilation of Castro’s island nation.

Talbot emphasizes the importance of French reporter Jean Daniel’s presence in Cuba at the time of the assassination. Daniel was an emissary from JFK sent to advance back-door peace negotiations, and said that when word of the murder reached Castro, the Cuban leader noticeably crumpled at the news, then said Kennedy could have become one of the greatest U.S. presidents. (For a more critical view of JFK and the leftward policies he may have been planning, see Noam Chomsky’s Rethinking Camelot.)

Talbot writes, “Over the final months of JFK’s presidency, a clear consensus took shape within America’s deep state: Kennedy was a national security threat. For the good of the country, he must be removed. And Dulles was the only man with the stature, connections, and decisive will to make something of this enormity happen. He had already assembled a killing machine overseas. Now he prepared to bring it home to Dallas. All that his establishment colleagues had to do was to look the other way – as they always did when Dulles took executive action.” So much for mincing words.

Among the assortment of damaged characters Talbot connects to the JFK assassination are William Harvey, a CIA killer based in Italy who, Talbot discovered, flew to Dallas shortly before the assassination (the CIA has ignored Talbot’s Freedom of Information Act request for the travel vouchers of Harvey and other CIA operatives). Talbot also cites intelligence sleazeball Howard Hunt’s deathbed confession to an assassination researcher about Hunt’s role in JFK’s murder.

Over the years there have been periods of increased pressure on the CIA to disclose information about its operations. To appease its critics the Agency has occasionally released carefully chosen (and often heavily redacted) documents. One, written at the time of the anti-Arbenz coup but not made public until 1997, was titled “A Study of Assassination.” The passages from this document Talbot quotes show exactly what the CIA stands for. “The simplest tools are often the most efficient means of assassination,” it explained. “A hammer, axe, wrench, screw driver, fire poker, kitchen knife, lap stand, or anything hard, heavy, and handy will suffice.” For those disturbed by such advice, the manual advised, “Murder is not morally justified … Persons who are morally squeamish should not attempt it.”

The Devil’s Chessboard (a reference to the Dulles brothers’s favorite board game) belongs on the shelf next to CIA books by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair, Gary Webb, Phillip Agee, and Michael Levine. The book has largely been ignored by mainstream reviewers, which is not surprising given the long history of corporate media fealty to CIA officials (see the mainstream U.S. press’s long-running demonization of Gary Webb). But The Devil’s Chessboard has become a bestseller anyway. That’s very good news – the book deserves to be widely read.

More articles by:

Ben Terrall is a writer living in the Bay Area. He can be reached 


The CIA and Nazi War Criminals

National Security Archive Posts Secret CIA History
Released Under Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act

National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 146

Edited by Tamara Feinstein

February 4, 2005

Gen. Reinhard Gehlen persuaded the U.S. Army and then the CIA to sponsor his intelligence network even though he employed numerous former Nazis and known war criminals.

Washington D.C., February 4, 2005 – Today the National Security Archive posted the CIA’s secret documentary history of the U.S government’s relationship with General Reinhard Gehlen, the German army’s intelligence chief for the Eastern Front during World War II. At the end of the war, Gehlen established a close relationship with the U.S. and successfully maintained his intelligence network (it ultimately became the West German BND) even though he employed numerous former Nazis and known war criminals. The use of Gehlen’s group, according to the CIA history, Forging an Intelligence Partnership: CIA and the Origins of the BND, 1945-49, was a “double edged sword” that “boosted the Warsaw Pact’s propaganda efforts” and “suffered devastating penetrations by the KGB.” [See Volume 1: Introduction, p. xxix]

The declassified “SECRET RelGER” two-volume history was compiled by CIA historian Kevin Ruffner and presented in 1999 by CIA Deputy Director for Operations Jack Downing to the German intelligence service (Bundesnachrichtendienst) in remembrance of “the new and close ties” formed during post-war Germany to mark the fiftieth year of CIA-West German cooperation. This history was declassified in 2002 as a result of the work of The Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Interagency Working Group (IWG) and contains 97 key documents from various agencies.

This posting comes in the wake of public grievances lodged by members of the IWG that the CIA has not fully complied with the mandate of the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act and is continuing to withhold hundreds of thousands of pages of documentation related to their work. (Note 1) In interviews with the New York Times, three public members of the IWG said:

  • “I think that the CIA has defied the law, and in so doing has also trivialized the Holocaust, thumbed its nose at the survivors of the Holocaust and also at the Americans who gave their lives in the effort to defeat the Nazis in World War II.” – Former congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman
  • “I can only say that the posture the CIA has taken differs from all the other agencies that have been involved, and that’s not a position we can accept.” – Washington lawyer Richard Ben-Veniste
  • “Too much has been secret for too long. The CIA has not complied with the statute.” – Former federal prosecutor Thomas H. Baer

The IWG was established in January 11, 1999 and has overseen the declassification of about eight million pages of documents from multiple government agencies. Its mandate expires at the end of March 2005.

The documentation unearthed by the IWG reveals extensive relationships between former Nazi war criminals and American intelligence organizations, including the CIA. For example, current records show that at least five associates of the notorious Nazi Adolf Eichmann worked for the CIA, 23 other Nazis were approached by the CIA for recruitment, and at least 100 officers within the Gehlen organization were former SD or Gestapo officers. (Note 2)

The IWG enlisted the help of key academic scholars to consult during the declassification process, and these historians released their own interpretation of the declassified material last May (2004) in a publication called US Intelligence and the Nazis. The introduction to this book emphasizes the dilemma of using former Nazis as assets:

“The notion that they [CIA, Army Counterintelligence Corp, Gehlen organization] employed only a few bad apples will not stand up to the new documentation. Some American intelligence officials could not or did not want to see how many German intelligence officials, SS officers, police, or non-German collaborators with the Nazis were compromised or incriminated by their past service… Hindsight allows us to see that American use of actual or alleged war criminals was a blunder in several respects…there was no compelling reason to begin the postwar era with the assistance of some of those associated with the worst crimes of the war. Lack of sufficient attention to history-and, on a personal level, to character and morality-established a bad precedent, especially for new intelligence agencies. It also brought into intelligence organizations men and women previously incapable of distinguishing between their political/ideological beliefs and reality. As a result, such individuals could not and did not deliver good intelligence. Finally, because their new, professed ‘democratic convictions’ were at best insecure and their pasts could be used against them (some could be blackmailed), these recruits represented a potential security problem.” (Note 3)

The Gehlen organization profiled in the newly posted CIA history represents one of the most telling examples of these pitfalls. Timothy Naftali, a University of Virginia professor and consulting historian to the IWG who focused heavily on the declassified CIA material, highlighted the problems posed by our relationship with Gehlen: “Reinhard Gehlen was able to use U.S. funds to create a large intelligence bureaucracy that not only undermined the Western critique of the Soviet Union by protecting and promoting war criminals but also was arguably the least effective and secure in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. As many in U.S. intelligence in the late 1940s had feared would happen, the Gehlen Organization proved to be the back door by which the Soviets penetrated the Western alliance.” (Note 4)

The documents annexed in the CIA history posted today by the Archive echo the observations of Professor Naftali. While placing much of the blame on the Army Counterintelligence Corps’ initial approach to Gehlen, this history emphasizes the CIA’s own reluctance to adopt responsibility for Gehlen’s organization, yet the documents show the CIA ultimately embracing Gehlen.

Some of the highlights from this secret CIA documentary history include:

  • A May 1, 1952 report detailing how Gehlen and his network were initially approached by U.S. army intelligence. (Document 6)
  • Two evaluations of the Gehlen operation from October 16 and 17, 1946, advising against the transfer of Gehlen’s organization to CIG hands and questioning the value of the operation as a whole. (Documents 21 and 22)
  • A March 19, 1948 memorandum from Richard Helms, noting Army pressure for the CIA to assume sponsorship of the Gehlen organization, and continued concern over the security problems inherent in the operation. (Document 59)
  • A December 17, 1948 report outlining the problems with the Gehlen organization, but ultimately recommending CIA assumption of the project. (Document 72)

In answer to the question “Can we learn from history?”, the IWG’s consulting historians noted “The real question is not whether we will make use of our past to deal with the present, but rather how well we will do so. To do it well, we need these documents.” (Note 5)

“This secret CIA history is full of documents we never would have seen under the Freedom of Information Act, because Congress in 1984 gave the CIA an exemption for its ‘operational’ files, on the grounds that such files were too sensitive ever to be released,” commented Thomas Blanton, director of the National Security Archive. “The Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act has proven this assumption false. Release of these files has done no damage to national security, has provided information of enormous public interest and historical importance, and however belatedly, has brought a measure of accountability to government operations at variance with mainstream American values.”


General Reinhard Gehlen: The CIA Connection Hardcover – November 6, 1990

This is the first authoritative account of the postwar relationship between General Reinhard Gehlen, a figure unique in the history of espionage, and American intelligence. Eleven years after the defeat of Germany, Gehlen, Hitler’s chief of eastern front intelligence, became head of the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) for the democratic West German government of Konrad Adenauer. The core of his staff in the BND were the same officers who had served with him under Hitler. The instruments for this metamorphosis were agencies of Gehlen’s former enemy: U.S. Army Intelligence and the CIA. How did this happen and why? Was there a Nazi connection? This book answers these questions in detail, combining the elements of a gripping novel of espionage with solid scholarship based on U.S. government documents and interviews with former G-2, CIC and CIA officers.




Leonard Feeney (1897-1978) was a Roman Catholic priest. He was born in Lynn, Massachusetts on 15 February 1897. In 1914 he became a Jesuit Novitiate of Saint Andrew in New York, with whom he studied for 14 years before taking religious vows as a son of Saint Ignatius, being ordained a priest on 20 June 1928. In the 1930s and early 1940s Fr. Feeney had attracted a large number of supporters, who were known as Feeneyites. In 1949 he was expelled from the Jesuits and a few years later was entirely excommunicated from the Church on February 13, 1953 because he would not change his tune on the Jews whom he accurately exposed as the eternal enemies of Christendom.

Fr. Feeney founded and led the Saint Benedict Center, which was located across the street from Harvard University. He also formed a religious association known as the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Feeney and his feeneyites preached every Sunday at Boston Common, but due to his honest preaching about the filthy Jews in his oratories, the police were usually required to be on hand to protect him and his Christian followers from the Jews and their paid for thugs. The Jews often targeted images of the Virgin Mary that Feeney brought to the Common. In one instance, a Jewish heckler spat on a banner of Our Lady of Guadalupe 24 times, leading the sorrowful Feeney to conclude, “That had to be diabolic. No normal human being who is not possessed can spit that much.” Maluf, an Arab, was also a target of choice, whom they often attacked en masse.[47] Fr. Feeney accurately taught that Jews were descended from Satan.

Racist Discrimination at Harvard Against Better Qualified Non-Jewish Students

Fr. Feeney regularly warned the students at Harvard “not to become like their (((secular and atheistic professors))), who were responsible for [inventions] such as the atom bomb,” although he found this missionary work very discouraging and once said: “How can I convince Catholic students that they are losing their faith at Harvard when my own brothers in religion, (i.e. Jesuits) are getting degrees there?” He also accused the Catholic Boston College of having “lost the faith and teaching heresy, namely that salvation could be obtained outside the One True Church”.

Father Feeney preaching on Boston Common in 1957

Feeney was editor of “The Point,” the successor publication to From the Housetops, which had ceased publication in 1949, from 1951-1959. The Point ran a mixture of theological and political articles; criticizing and the openly Christophobic agitations by Jews. Refusing to follow their agenda, they labeled him an “anti-semite“. The newsletter mentioned the following facts;

“Those two powers, the chief two in the world today, are Communism and Zionism. That both movements are avowedly anti-Christian, and that both are in origin and direction Jewish, is a matter of record.” (September 1958)

“As surely and securely as the Jews have been behind Freemasonry, or Secularism, or Communism, they are behind the “anti-hate” drive. The Jews are advocating tolerance only for its destructive value — destructive, that is, of the Catholic Church. On their part, they still keep alive their racial rancors and antipathies.” (January 1959)

Several back issues of The Point can be found here

The Point was a Catholic newsletter published by the Saint Benedict Center from 1952 to 1959. It was edited under Fr. Leonard Feeney, M.I.C.M. Most issues tackle the problems confronting Catholicism in the modern world by Americanism, Communism, Ecumenism, Freemasonry, Judaism, Protestantism, and Zionism.

A single year, 1957, saw the following article titles:

  • January: “Jewish Invasion of Our Country–Our Culture Under Siege”
  • February: “When Everyone Was Catholic–The Courage of the Faith in the Thirteenth Century”
  • March: “Dublin’s Briscoe Comes to Boston”
  • April: “The Fight for the Holy City–Efforts of the Jews to Control Jerusalem”
  • May: “Our Lady of Fatima Warned Us”
  • June: “The Rejected People of Holy Scripture: Why the Jews Fear the Bible”
  • July: “The Judaising of Christians by Jews–Tactics of the Church’s Leading Enemies”
  • August: “A Sure Defense Against the Jews–What Our Catholic Bishops Can Do for Us”
  • September: “An Unholy People in the Holy Land–The Actions of the Jews”
  • October: “The Jewish Lie About Brotherhood–the Catholic Answer–Israeli Brotherhood”
  • November: “Six Pointers on the Jews”

Feeney has been described as Boston’s homegrown version of Father Charles Coughlin, a priest who also heroically opposed Jewish machinations; particularly their exploitation of the poor and their campaign to drag the United States into the Second World War.[55]



Ive just read a newsletter from Fr Feeney from 1959. Having come across his name and excommunication, drew me to find out more about him. Having read quite a few articles about his views and understanding the teachings of the Church, this son of the same showed tremendous love and passion for the truth as he saw it, and in his time was clearly prophetic in his utterances. May his spirit of the Church militant continue to live in the hearts of those seeking the truth under the guidance and power of the HOLY SPIRIT. Amen



















Too few people understand how historically significant this book really is. “Maurice Pinay” was the pseudonym of 12 conservative members of the college of cardinals who were opposed to the abomination known as “Vatican II.” The Plot Against the Church was their attempt to expose the real historical context of Vatican II. In doing so, it tells the tale of history as Europe’s native clerical elite has perceived it– a tale that’s been all but lost, which we MUST NOT LOSE.

Though these cardinals’ political goals were frustrated, their book is still a fantastic catalog of Lost History. For this reasons alone, The Plot Against the Church is one of the most immensely important books of our time. The scholarship is also quite good, especially since the cited works are usually excellent historical sources written in languages other than English (Spanish, Italian, French, German, Russian) so you don’t see them cited much in English-language books dealing with the same subjects. Read it here !









The U.S. Has Been at War for Over 220 in 241 Years

The U.S. Has Been at War for Over 220 in 241 Years
Remarks presented at the Islamic Radio and Television Union Conference on July 3, 2017, in Mashhad, Iran

US terror 9b944


US terror 9b944

The United States presents itself to the world as a beacon of liberty and a proponent of human rights around the world, ready and willing to stand up for and defend the downtrodden. Florida Senator Marco Rubio recently said that the world looks to the U.S. as an example of democracy. This myth is not believed outside of the United States’ borders, and decreasingly within. There is simply too much evidence to the contrary.

The U.S. has been at war for over 220 of its 241 year history. During that time, it has shown a complete lack of respect for the human rights of both the citizens of the nations against which it wages war, and its own soldiers. We’ll take a look at examples from recent history, and see how the U.S. continues these barbaric practices today.

During the U.S. war against Viet Nam, which lasted for several years, conservative estimates indicate that at least 2,000,000 men, women and children were killed. Entire villages were burned; soldiers were told to assume that anyone, of an age, was the enemy.

U.S. soldiers gave poisoned cookies to children seeking their help. The My Lai massacre, in which between 350 and 500 innocent people were killed, mostly women, children and elderly men, garnered international publicity, but was only one example of U.S. barbarity.

U.S. soldiers returned home from this and later wars with severe physical and emotional problems. Veterans’ organizations worked for years to have the effects of ‘Agent Orange’, a chemical defoliant used in Viet Nam that caused birth defects in the children of soldiers who used it, recognized by the government so they could get government assistance. A generation later, the reality of Gulf War Syndrome was denied for years by the U.S. government.

How does this continue in the current environment? When the U.S. invaded Iraq early in the administration of President George Bush, it bombed residential areas in a country where over half the population was under the age of 15. It destroyed government institutions, even as it protected oil lines, leaving millions of people without essential services.

In Yemen, drones have killed at least 6,000 people. In the first drone attack authorized by then President Barack Obama, 34 people were killed. Of these, two were suspected of having ties to so-called terrorist groups. The other 32 were innocent men, women and children. And these atrocities continue to this day.

In Syria, the U.S. is supporting radical groups that are causing untold suffering. At least one third of the population of Syria has fled their homes; recently, due to the efforts of the Syrian army and its allies, some have begun to return. The death toll, directly attributable to the actions of the U.S., is at least half a million.

When it comes to a nation’s need to defend itself, the U.S. again has no equal when it comes to hypocrisy. Palestinians who defend themselves with rocks against the U.S.-provided weaponry with which Israel kills and oppresses them, are called terrorists. IDF terrorists and settlers, also terrorists, living in the West Bank in violation of international law, kill unarmed Palestinians with impunity.

What does all this mean for the basic human rights of the people whose nations fall victim to U.S. imperialism? Death, disease, homelessness, life in refugee camps, hunger, lack of medical care, lack of education opportunities, and much more.

The United States, despite its own claims to the contrary, has one of the worst records of human rights abuses of all the countries on the planet. They are worsened in war time, and as I mentioned earlier, the U.S. has been at war almost constantly since 1776.

This is the United States, that self-proclaimed beacon of peace and justice. This is international hypocrisy at it most blatant and deadly. People within the U.S. and without are working tirelessly to resolve these issues, but they are opposed by powerful interest groups. Yet such shocking cruelty and violations of international law and the human right of millions of innocent people cannot continue forever. The end of the injustices perpetrated by the United States will be a welcome day around the world.

War on Terror


Robert Fantina is an author and peace activist. His writing has appeared on Mondoweiss, Counterpunch and other sites. He has written the books Empire, Racism and Genocide: A History of U.S. Foreign Policy and Essays on Palestine.


John McCain is Not a War Hero – Sang Like a Bird – Protects Pedophiles – Did Syrian False Flag

There is no honor in attacking President Donald Trump – or in fighting illegal wars for banking profit

John McCain 21eef


John McCain 21eef

As a former Marine Corps infantry officer who also qualified in intelligence and as an Adjutant [1], it troubles me to see a sitting Senator take cheap shots at our Commander-in-Chief. [2]

John McCain was a naval officer shot down with ease because Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ), then the President, was giving the North Vietnamese the Air Target Order (ATO) 24 hours in advance via the Swiss Embassy, ostensibly as a humanitarian gesture but in fact directly supporting the repositioning of the anti-aircraft weapons for maximum effect. [3] Aiding the enemy is treason. LBJ – apart from his complicity and cover-up of the assassination of John F. Kennedy (JFK) by a hit team organized by Allen Dulles and rogue elements of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) [4] – was a traitor at multiple levels.

John McCain has suffered but he is no hero. He has a reputation for both spilling his guts while in prison – his nickname was “Songbird,” [5] – and then, as a Member of Congress, abandoning the last group of Prisoners of War (POW) because the asking price by North Viet-Nam was “too high.” [6] He hires pedophiles [7] and by one account is being blackmailed by the CIA as part of its on-going budget-building campaign. [8]

This is also the man reported to have cooked up the Syrian False Flag attack by the White Helmets in partnership with LtGen Herbert McMaster and former CIA director John Brennan, [9] so as to deceive and manipulate President Donald Trump into sending 150,000 US troops into Syria to help Israel and Saudi Arabia destroy what is left of that country. [10]

I find it beneath contempt for this Senator to be talking about bone spur deferments when we now all know that the Viet-Nam war was an illegal war, based on false testimony, and intended to use up our military so we would have to buy it again. [11]

Never will I regret serving my country or being a Marine, but at the age of 65 I now realize what General Smedley Butler, USMC realized in his own retirement: war is a racket. [12] If there is one person who is keeping the costly and dysfunctional war machine — and mass surveillance complex – alive, it is Senator John McCain.

Enough. With stellar support from Japan and our Secretary of State Rex Tillerson our legitimately-elected President is working hard to avoid war with North Korea – I pray the summit said to be backed by President Vladimir Putin and General Secretary Xi Jinping is successful [13] – and also by some accounts re-evaluating our entire relationship with the Zionists who are destroying the United States of America (USA) for their profit and pleasure – from Las Vegas to making it a felony to criticize Israel to Harvey Weinstein as the ubber pedophile of Hollywood to disaster relief being conditional on not boycotting Israel, I have had it with Zionists. [14] It’s time we clean house, and in the process educate our good-hearted but mis-led citizens on the difference between Zionists that sponsor state-terrorism along with high crimes and misdemeanors by most of our Members of Congress being bribed and blackmailed by Zionists, and Jews that live normal lives and are most welcome in every community.

It pains me greatly to say this, but Jane Fonda was right. We should not have been in Viet-Nam supporting a Catholic mandarin looting a predominantly Buddhist country, while his murderous sister took great pleasure in torturing whomever she wished. I was there from 1963-1967, as the son of an oil executive and I vividly remember both burning monks and double bombs (the second one timed to go off after the first responders arrived).

War is a racket of, by, and for the 1%. Peace is vastly more beneficial for the 99%, and if there is one significant difference between the senior Senator from Arizona and our President, it is – I hope – that the senior Senator is known to have sold-out – to have prostituted his office – over and over, while the jury is still out on President Donald Trump.

Our President is on record as saying that achieving world peace “would be the best deal.” [15] From where I sit, there is no difference between the banks, the Zionists, and John McCain – they want war at our expense for their private profit. I want – our public wants – and I believe our President wants – an end to war.

I envision a world in which all US military bases are closed – thus ending their use as lily pads for the smuggling of drugs, guns, cash, gold, and small children – and we bring all of our troops, without exception, home. [16] We need a Grand Strategy that addresses all threats across all policies; we need a 450-ship Navy that can deliver the first platoon of Marines anywhere in 24 hours; a long-haul Air Force capable of delivering an armored division anywhere within a week; and a properly armored-up Army based at home. [17] Somewhere in there we need to catch up on electromagnetic defense – something I warned the White House about in 1994 [18] – and get a grip on the fundamentals that our Founding Fathers understood so well: “A Nation’s best defense is an educated citizenry.”

There is work to be done. Perhaps the time has come for our President to understand, as Dennis Kucinich now understands, that the two-party tyranny is the enabler of perpetual war, [19] and that the best thing the President can do to end war is to first terminate the two-party tyranny and create an honest Congress that makes evidence-based decisions firmly rooted in the U.S. Constitution.

The Election Reform Act of 2017, [20] in combination with an offer of presidential pardons to every Member of Congress who sits down with a special Presidential Task Force to give up their blackmailers, will restore the integrity of Congress in one election. Add to this the abolishment of the National Security Council (NSC) that is the way in which the President is manipulated and lied to on a daily basis – substitute instead a Strategy Advisory Group (SAG) backed up by an Open Source Agency (OSA) inclusive of the Trump Channel, clearing the worthless press out of the space shown below so the President can have the bully pulpit and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) support he needs to Make America Great Again – and you have a genuine transformation, a non-violent revolution in favor of the 99%.

Strategies 5f727

If President Donald Trump wants to by-pass all intermediary institutions now communicating false narratives to the public, [21] and assure the election in 2018 of a sufficiency of Independent and Conservative and small party members to Congress such that we clean house, he can set that stage by Thanksgiving. The White House will be much improved by putting this space to better use.

*(Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee Sen. John McCain. Image credit: Dominique A. Pineiro/ Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Follow/ flickr)


[1] 1976-1979 active duty, including service with the current Commandant of the Marine Corps as lieutenants in Battalion Landing Team 3/4 across Asia, 1979-1996 reserve. I believe universal service is essential but with three options after a common boot camp: armed forces; peace corps; and first responders. A mid-career universal service “sabbatical” – and universal service for all immigrants – should also be considered.

[2] Aaron Blake, “McCain hits Trump where it hurts, attacking ‘bone spur’ deferments in Vietnam,” The Washington Post, 22 October 2017.

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[4] David Talbot, The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government (Harper, 2016); my summary review is here: 6-Star Reference for President Donald Trump — John Brennan Using Allen Dulles Playbook. My other JFK assassination reviews, including works that place but George Bush Senior and Yitzhak Rabin in Dallas for the assassination are here: “Steele Reviews on Assassination of JFK,” Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog, 13 December 2014.

[5] Wayne Madsen, “CIA Interference in US Election is Without Precedent – Blackmailing McCain & Graham,” Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog, 7 January 2017.

[6] North Viet-Nam engaged the US forces from day one with a strategic appreciation for the value of POWs – most of them were ransomed by the US as part of the war’s conclusion. A number – not well established but perhaps in the 1,000 or below range, were abandoned. Cf. Monika Jensen-Stevenson and William Stevenson, Kiss the Boys Goodbye: How the United States Betrayed Its Own POWs in Vietnam (Plume, 1991); Barbara Birchim, Is Anybody Listening?: A True Story About POW/MIAs In The Vietnam War (AuthorHouse, 2005); and Bill Hendon and Elizabeth Stewart, An Enormous Crime: The Definitive Account of American POWs Abandoned in Southeast Asia (Thomas Dunne, 2007);

[7] Sean Adl-Tabatabal, “John McCain Aide Arrested By Pedophile Ring Investigators,”, 5 March 2017.

[8] Supra Note 5.

[9] I expect Brennan eventually to be held accountable for his role in 9/11 – he was – together with Buzzy Krongard and George Tenet – one of the three principal intelligence officers supporting Dick Cheney and ensuring that 9/11 was exploited to the fullest rather than prevented. Cf. 9/11 @ Phi Beta Iota. I continue to believe in truth & reconciliation rather than vindictive justice. Educating the public at large is more important than hanging a few traitors.

[10] According to the inside source McCain, Brennan, and McMaster conspired with Israel and Saudi Arabia to pay the White Helmets between $300,000 and $400,000 for carrying out the false flag attack. Robert Steele, “False Flag Attack: Ex-CIA Officer Unravels Idlib Chemical Incident,”, 21 April 2017. An MIT professor has demonstrated that there was no sarin gas and no air delivery – it was an improvised ground-level explosive device: Theodore A. Postol, “Assessment of White House Intelligence Report of April 11, 2017 with Addendum,”, 13 April 2017.

[11] Daniel Ellsberg, “Lying About Vietnam,” The New York Times, 29 June 2001; and Charles P. Pierce, “Echoes Of Vietnam: The Pentagon’s Questionable Commemoration Of The 50th Anniversary Of The War,” Esquire, 1 December 2014. A perspective on Vietnam and 9/11 from a Deep State perspective is provided by Preston James, “Why Didn’t We Learn From Vietnam?” Veterans Today, 8 December 2013.

[12] Smedley Butler, War Is A Racket: The Antiwar Classic by America’s Most Decorated Soldier (Feral House, 2003).

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[5] Sam Reisman, “Trump Says Achieving World Peace ‘Would Be the Best Deal,’, 4 August 2016.

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[17] Robert Steele, “Grand Strategy, Global Reality, & Re-Inventing US National Security Centered on Re-Inventing the US Army,” Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog, 8 September 2016.

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[19] Adam Dick, “Dennis Kucinich: We Must Challenge the ‘Two-Party Duopoly’ Committed to War,” Ron Paul Institute, 9 October 2017.


[21] #GoogleGestapo would make any dictator proud. The best overview article is Robert Epstein, “The New Censorship: How did Google become the internet’s censor and master manipulator, blocking access to millions of websites?” US News & World Report, 22 June 2016. Here are just a few of the many recent articles about the degree to which Google particularly, but all social media platforms, are engaging in censorship and mind control. 21st Century Wire, “Google Is the Engine of Censorship,”, 11 August 2017; David Byman, “Should We Treat Domestic Terrorists the Way We Treat ISIS? What Works—and What Doesn’t,” Foreign Affairs, 3 October 2017; Susan Duclos, “Google-YouTube Goes Full Nazi Against Independent Media – Hiding ‘Controversial Content’ And ‘Redirecting’ Searches,”, 2 August 2017; Peter Hasson, “Anti-Corporate Voices On Both Right And Left Claim Google Censorship,” Daily Caller, 31 August 2017; David North, “An Open Letter to Google: Stop the Censorship of the Internet!”, 25 August 2017; Michael Nunez, “Former Facebook Workers: We Routinely Suppressed Conservative News,” Gizmodo, 9 May 2016; Valentina Palladino, “YouTube clarifies “hate speech” definition and which videos won’t be monetized,”, 2 June 2017; Bethania Palma, “Facebook Introduces Measure to Block Advertisements From Sites That Share Fake News,”, 28 August 2017; Robert Parry, “NYT Cheers the Rise of Censorship Algorithms,”, 2 May 2017; Aaron Renn, “How Apple and Google are censoring the mobile Web,” New York Post, 21 August 2017; Eric Sommer, “Google Censors Block Access to CounterPunch and Other Progressive Sites,” CounterPunch, 9 August 2017; Danny Sullivan, “Google’s ‘Project Owl’ — a three-pronged attack on fake news & problematic content,”, 25 April 2017; Margaret Sullivan, “When Facebook and Google are ‘weaponized,’ the victim is reality,” Washington Post, 4 October 2017; Whitney Webb, “YouTube Moves To Censor “Controversial” Content – Brings ADL On Board As Flagger,”, 7 August 2017.

John McCain


Robert David Steele is the Chief Enabling Officer (CeO) of Earth Intelligence Network. A former Marine Corps infantry and intelligence officer as well as Adjutant, and a clandestine operations officer (spy) for the Central Intelligence Agency, he was recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize in January 2017. He is the top Amazon reviewer for non-fiction, reading in 98 categories, and a prolific author on citizen-centered intelligence (decision-support) and evidence-based governance. In 2017 he founded the project #UNRIG with the intent of enabling an ethical non-violent revolution by the 99% against the 1%, first in the USA, then anywhere else that individuals desire to take back the power and end the looting of the Earth by the 1%.

Learn more about him at


How Trump Ruined Christmas for Palestinian Christians

American support for Israel is helping drive Palestinian Christians out

Christmas is a special time of the year in Palestine. From the beginning of December, Palestinian Christians and Muslims gather in town squares across the country to light Christmas trees and mark the advent of the holiday season.

Palestinian children look forward to the arrival of the traditional Arab Christmas cookie, maamoul, a small pastry stuffed with dates and nuts also served by Muslims in Ramadan.

A gloomy Christmas

This year, however, Christmas is a far more gloomy time than normal. In Bethlehem, the city of Jesus’s birth, the lights have been turned off on the large Christmas tree in Manger Square.

In Nazareth, where Jesus’s family hailed from, celebrations have been cancelled.

In Beit Sahour, the village where the shepherds spotted the stars that portended Jesus’s birth, the mood was summarised in the words of the former Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Michel Sabbah:

“Our oppressors have decided to deprive us from the joy of Christmas.”

Palestinian Christians have declared a Christmas blackout across the country in protest against US President Donald Trump‘s decision earlier this month to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

The move angered Palestinians of all backgrounds, but for Palestinian Christians it was an especially bitter blow given that Trump has professed concern for Middle East Christians and has made protecting them a repeated talking point.

US Vice President Mike Pence was meant to visit the region to meet with local Christian leaders ahead of Christmas, but every single one has now refused to see him.

Palestinians are angry because Jerusalem is a historically Palestinian-majority city, one that Israel occupied through military force in 1967 in a takeover that was never recognised by the international community.

In order to understand the depth of Palestinian Christians’ rage, it’s necessary to understand the history of Israel’s occupation and the toll it has taken on Jerusalem’s native people.

Driving Christians out

In 1948, when Israel was founded, 750,000 Palestinians were driven from their homes or were forced to flee – including nearly half of all Christian Palestinians, who became refugees overnight. When Israel occupied Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza in 1967, 300,000 more Palestinians were displaced.

This included an entire Christian neighbourhood of Jerusalem: the Syriac Quarter, home to Christian refugees from massacres in Ottoman Turkey in the 1910s who were given refuge in Palestine. Hundreds of Palestinian Christians thus became refugees two and even three times over.

Since 1967, Israel has maintained a policy of isolating Jerusalem from its hinterland through a system of military checkpoints and permits that cut off access to the city for Palestinian Christians and Muslims alike.

While Israeli Jews in Jerusalem enjoy full rights as citizens of a democracy, their Palestinian neighbours face discrimination in every aspect of life, including what the State Department terms “insurmountable obstacles” in tasks as simple as getting a building permit for their home.

These restrictions aim to pressure Palestinians to leave: since 1967, Human Rights Watch has documented nearly 15,000 Palestinian residents of Jerusalem who have been expelled merely for living away from the city too long under what Israel calls its “Centre of Life” policy.

Trump and Pence have made protecting Middle Eastern Christians part of their foreign policy goals in the region.

But among the West Bank’s 50,000 Christians, the Israeli occupation and its ensuing economic effects are regularly cited as the main reason for emigration. American support for Israel is helping drive Palestinian Christians out.

Since the beginning of the peace process in the early 1990s, Palestinians have sat down at the table with Israel over and over again to negotiate a lasting solution to the conflict. Despite Israel’s rhetoric of peace, however, the reality on the ground has been far different.

While at the beginning of negotiations there were around 280,000 Israeli settlers living in settlements in the occupied Palestinian West Bank and East Jerusalem – considered illegal under international law – today there are 700,000, or more than 10 percent of Israel’s population, according to Israel’s housing minister.

These settlements have been constructed so as to surround every Palestinian town from all sides, with Israeli civilians used essentially as human shields around Israeli military bases and checkpoints.

End Israeli violations

The result is strangulation for the Palestinians caught between them. Bethlehem, for example, is surrounded on every single side by Israeli military installations.

This includes 22 different settlements and a military base built around Rachel’s Tomb, a sacred shrine where Muslims, Jews and Christians used to all worship but which has now been taken over and surrounded by a 20-foot concrete wall with access forbidden to non-Jews.

According to the UN, more than 85 percent of the land around Bethlehem is off-limits to Palestinians, leaving little room for economic growth.

The Israeli settlement of Har Homa towers over Bethlehem from a nearby hill – one that was once covered in olive groves where Palestinian Christians traditionally picnicked on saint days after visiting the nearby Saint Elias Monastery.

Today, the olive groves have been bulldozed. Israel’s separation wall blocks Bethlehem’s Palestinian residents from reaching the monastery, which was once the start of the city’s Christmas parade. It is now cut off from the worshipers who once brought joy and laughter to its halls on Christian holidays.

If Pence wants to save Christmas and protect Middle Eastern Christians, it’s imperative that Trump’s decision to move the Israeli embassy to Jerusalem be stopped. Israel should be punished for its persecution of Palestinians – including Palestinian Christians – not rewarded.

To that end, it is imperative that US legislators end military aid to Israel, which currently stands at nearly $4bn a year, and ensure that the US has no role in supporting Israeli human rights violations.

The Israeli occupation is not happening in a vacuum – it is directly supported by the US government, Israel’s closest ally. All Bethlehem wanted for Christmas and the new year is an end to Israeli human rights violations. It’s up to Americans to make that happen.

Alex Shams is an Iranian-American writer and PhD student of anthropology at @UChicago. Previously based in Palestine. Former editor of @MaanNewsAgency.


Donald Trump and his Zionist partners in crime


Palestinian Christians and Muslims living in the Holy Land. A Christmas Message to Vice-President Mike Pence

Mr. Vice President:

As you celebrate Christmas with your family and listen to the gospel story of the birth of Jesus, I hope you will read and reflect on the following piece I wrote a few years back.

I want you to open your eyes to the situation facing Palestinian Christians and Muslims living in the Holy Land. And I want you to understand why the Arab Christian leadership in Palestine was so troubled by your blindness to their plight that they refused to meet with you.

Christmas: Then and Now

Two thousand years ago, Palestine was subject to a harsh occupation, much as it is today. In some ways, though, the conditions back then allowed the residents of occupied Palestine greater mobility than the current inhabitants of that land.

As we are told in the bible story, Joseph had to take his expectant wife from Nazareth, where they were living, to Bethlehem, their ancestral village, in order to fulfill a requirement imposed by the authorities to register as part of a nationwide census. Today, of course, all of that would be impossible.

In the first place no Palestinian originally from Bethlehem could ever have moved to Nazareth. The occupation and closure of the West Bank makes that sort of movement impossible. Furthermore, Israeli law prohibits an Arab from Nazareth from marrying a Bethlehemite and bringing their spouse across the Green Line to live with them in Israel.

Additionally, while thousands of Palestinians in Bethlehem, both Muslim and Christian, can see Jerusalem from their homes, they can not go to the Holy City to pray. And Arab Christians from Jerusalem, likewise, can not easily go the Christmas services in Bethlehem to pray alongside their co-religionists at the seasonal event.

Bethlehem of old was overcrowded and under siege. Today, as well, the city itself is being strangled, hemmed in by settlements that have confiscated the town’s ancestral lands to make way for a 30 foot barrier wall and massive Jewish-only housing colonies that cut the Arab residents off from nearby Jerusalem. The constriction of growth and the lack of economic opportunity have forced Bethlehemites to flee in search of jobs and freedom, with tens of thousands of them and their descendants now living in the U.S. and the Americas. They can return to visit Bethlehem with difficulty, but are not permitted by the occupation authorities to take up permanent residency in the town of their origins.

While the kings of old, we are told, were able to travel from afar bearing gifts to honor the newborn child, one can only imagine the difficulties they would encounter today dealing with Israeli soldiers at the Allenby Bridge. Having personally endured their interrogations, I can hear the kings answering hours of questions, such as “Where are you from?” “Who are your parents, grandparents?” “Why are you here?” Who are you visiting?” “What are these gifts for?” The questioning is reminiscent of Herod’s interrogation of the biblical visitors. In today’s Israel/Palestine, it is doubtful whether those hapless “kings from the East” would have gained entry.

That Joseph, Mary, and Jesus were able to flee to Egypt to escape Herod’s vengeful wrath was possible back then. Today, that option is unlikely. The barrier/wall that encapsulates the West Bank, the hundreds of checkpoints, and the closure of Gaza would make such a life-saving flight impossible.

Finally, as I reflect on the birth of Jesus, I can not help but think of the almost 400 babies who will be born, this very day, to Palestinian parents in the West Bank and Gaza. I think as well of the number of those who will perish at birth because of inadequate medical services (some babies have been put at fatal risk at checkpoints, because Israeli soldiers would not permit their delivering mothers to pass). And I think of Mary, 2000 years ago, and am grateful that, despite all she endured, there were no checkpoints blocking her way to Bethlehem.

Our traditions tell us that Mary’s joy at the birth of her son was tempered by foresight. She knew her child would grow and endure great suffering. Likewise, the joy that Palestinian parents experience when greeting new life these days must, no doubt, be accompanied by similar concerns. Not only must they question how they will provide for their new child, but they must face down their fears of bringing up a son or daughter under occupation, with its dangers and hardships. From the violence, pressures, and humiliation encountered daily by Palestinians in the West Bank at the hands of the Israeli military and settlers, to the grinding poverty and despair facing those trapped in Gaza, life under hostile foreign rule can drain joy out of even the most blessed events.

There is a traditional Christmas carol that asks the question “What child is this?” – the answer, of course, being “Jesus, the son of Mary”. But given the universal message conveyed by the Christmas story we also understand that the child is for us, a reminder of our responsibility to care for the helpless and the unrecognized. And so when we think of the vulnerable children born today not only in Palestine, but those born anywhere where life is at risk (including here at home), we are not to ask “What child is this?” – because we know that they are ours – to acknowledge and protect, like the shepherds and kings, enabling all of these children to grow, receive health care, and be educated so that they can grow and help change our world. Because all these children are ours, we have a responsibility to protect and care for them.

And so, Mr. Pence, as you reflect on the Christmas story, I ask you to open your eyes and heart to understand the Palestinian reality and to pay attention to their needs. They, too, are God’s children and are worthy of your compassion and commitment.


James J. Zogby is the president of the Arab American Institute.

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Is The British Royal Family Secretly Jewish?

The long term goal of multiculturalism is the genocide of White Nations to be replaced by a 99% coffee coloured, dumbed down, debt-slave race to serve a 1% jewish master race.

If the British Royal Family aren't jewish then how would they fit in to the New World Order?

If the British Royal Family aren’t jewish then how would they fit in to the New World Order?

Bearing this in mind, would  the British Royal Family really go along with the multicultural genocide of their own People if they aren’t jewish themselves? If the Royal Family aren’t jewish what role will they have in the multicultural rainbow Utopia of the future?

The British Royal Family. Do you really know whether they are White or jewish?

The British Royal Family. Do you really know whether they are White or jewish?

There have been widespread rumours since George 1 ( coronation 1714 ) that the British Royal Family are secretly jewish.
In 1694 the Bank of England was created giving control of the British money supply to several jewish banking families.
Seven years later in 1701 the Bevis Marks Synagogue was established in the City of London by the Bank of England.

The Bevis Marks synagogue in the City of London.

The Bevis Marks synagogue in the City of London.

In 1714 the Hanoverian Royal Family were invited by the City of London to be the British Royal Family , the Hanoverian Royal Family later changed their family name to Windsor.
The Hanoverian Royal Family were originally a jewish family that claimed to have converted to Christianity in the 15th Century.
The Sovereign Bible that all British Kings and Queens use at their Coronation has been in Hebrew since 1714.
All British Monarchs have to attend secret ceremonies at the Bevis Marks Synagogue (established 1701) in the City of London the night before their Coronation , these ceremonies are always attended by Britains’ senior jews and bankers.

Renée and Naim Dangoor in conversation with Prince Charles in 2001 at the Bevis Marks synagogue.

Renée and Naim Dangoor in conversation with Prince Charles in 2001 at the Bevis Marks synagogue.

Queen Victoria always claimed to be a direct descendent of jewish King David. Several items in the Crown Jewels are engraved with the Star of David.
In all Royal Palaces and other premises both Saturday and Sunday are treated equally as the Sabbath Day.
The Prince of Wales, Charles, was circumcised by Rabbi Jacob Snowman M.D, at the time the leading mohel in London and the circumciser to the Royal Family. This has long been a source of pride within the British jewish community.Rabbi Jacob Snowman M.D has only ever circumcised jewish patients.
All British Kings have been circumcised by jewish Doctors since 1714.

Jewish circumcision equipment.

Jewish circumcision equipment.

Prince Charles has his own blue velvet kippa with a royal crest on it in silver to wear at jewish weddings , he also has other jewish regalia the exact purpose of which is not known.
At ALL synagogues in the UK two daily prayers are always held, one for the Royal Family and one for the State of Israel.
Princess Diana’s mother, Frances Shand Kydd, was jewish — born Frances Ruth Burke Roche, a Rothschild.

Frances Shand Kydd - the jewish mother of Princess Diana.

Frances Shand Kydd – the jewish mother of Princess Diana.

That is sufficient for Princess Diana to be certified as jewish, as well as her son, Prince William, the future King of England. This also makes Prince Harry jewish , it is believed his appearance in a Nazi uniform at a party in January 2005 was his confused reaction to realising he was jewish.

Prince Harry has firmly rejected his jewish roots.

Prince Harry has firmly rejected his jewish roots.

Princess Kate’s mother, Carole Goldsmith (maiden name ) is the daughter of Ronald Goldsmith and Dorothy Harrison who were both jewish. That makes Carole Goldsmith jewish and, according to jewish law, her daughter Princess Kate Middleton would also be jewish.
Bearing this in mind that would make Prince William and Princess Kate’s  baby boy Prince George born on 23rd July 2013 jewish as well.

Princess Kate, Prince William and Prince George. Are they kosher?

Princess Kate, Prince William and Prince George. Are they kosher?

The Queen and her cousin Anthony Blunt. Blunt claimed the Royal Family were secretly jewish.

The Queen and her cousin Anthony Blunt. Blunt claimed the Royal Family were secretly jewish.

Articles on the British Royal Family being secretly jewish:

Iraq Redux in the Making? US Rhetoric on Iran Brings Back Memories of 2003

Sometimes you wake up in the morning and it’s 2003 all over again. That was the year when the United States embarked on its catastrophic course of intervention in Asia. It was at least somewhat justified in invading Afghanistan to eliminate al-Qaeda but then made the mistake of sticking around to fix the country, a repair job that has lasted sixteen years and counting with no end in sight. And it was also the time when the neoconservatives who were then controlling the Pentagon and White House decided that it was necessary to go after Iraq.

As Baghdad in no way threatened the United States, and everyone who had examined the actual evidence knew that to be the case, a false narrative about Saddam Hussein had to be contrived. The White House claimed that Iraq was supporting al-Qaeda, that it was seeking uranium to construct a nuclear weapon and that it was building gliders that could cross the Atlantic Ocean with cargoes of chemical and biological weapons.

None of that turned out to be true, but the piece de resistance of the go-to-war crowd was the presentation made by Secretary of State Colin Powell before the United Nations on February 5, 2003. With Central Intelligence Director George Tenet sitting behind him presumably to establish bona fides for the information that was about to be revealed, Powell detailed how Iraq was preparing and concealing from inspectors weapons of mass destruction, was avoiding disarming and was colluding with al-Qaeda. It was all a lie, intended only to make a minimal case to the U.N. that increasing the military pressure on Iraq was a supportable, indeed a necessary, policy. One month later President George W. Bush called on President Saddam Hussein to resign based on his failure to comply with U.N. demands and, when he did not do so, launched an invasion of Iraq.

America’s current United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley is no Colin Powell either in terms of intellect or credibility, but she did try to act like him when she spoke on December 14th in front of a sparsely attended press conference that was focused on a much larger US television audience. Haley displayed parts of what she claimed to be fragments from an Iranian-sourced missile that was allegedly used in an attack initiated by Houthi “rebels” and directed against the Saudi capital Riyadh. Haley denounced what she described as Tehran’s “increasing military role” all around the Middle East. She claimed hyperbolically

“It’s hard to find a conflict or terrorist group in the Middle East that doesn’t have Iran’s fingerprints all over it,”

and warned that Washington will “build a coalition to really push back against Iran and what they’re doing.” To give weight to her message, she pointed at the fragments and said

“They are allowing missiles like this to be fired over to innocent civilians.”

Haley’s blinkers, or ignorance, enable her to avoid any consideration of the US-supported war being waged by the Saudis against Yemen which has directly claimed upwards of 5,000 civilian lives while also introducing both famine and cholera to the Yemeni people. A major part of the Yemeni suffering has been inflicted by US manufactured munitions being dropped or fired by the Saudis during hundreds of sorties, many of which are directed against civilian targets. Direct involvement by Washington has also included supplying Riyadh with intelligence and aviation fuel.

Unfortunately, Haley is not alone. The United States is maintaining a military presence in Syria, even though ISIS has been defeated, to be able to threaten any developing Iranian permanent presence in the country. It is doing so even though it is in Syria illegally. Israel has also said it will take military action, presumably supported by Washington, if Iran establishes any military bases. The Wall Street Journal reports that the administration will not allow “Iran and its proxies to be able to establish a presence in Syria.” Donald Trump, during his successful electoral campaign, repeatedly denounced Iran, and his foreign policy team, including Generals James Mattis and H.R. McMaster, as well as CIA Director Mike Pompeo, are all unrelentingly hostile to Tehran, as are the pathologically pro-Israel Congress and mainstream media. Are we about to see Iran on center stage in a performance of Iraq Redux? Quite likely.

Philip Giraldi, Ph.D. is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest.

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Propaganda Aiming to Prove Iran Supplied Missiles Backfires

Closer look shows we are more vulnerable to ballistic weapons than we think. Here’s why.

Featured image: U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley supplies what she says is Iran’s destabilizing influence in Yemen during a news conference at Joint Base Anacostia-Boling in Washington, D.C., Dec. 14. (Source: DoD photo by EJ Hersom)

On December 12, America’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, gave a press conference on the grounds of Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling in Washington, D.C. The subject of this briefing: the threat posed by Iranian-supplied missiles employed by the Houthi rebels of Yemen in their ongoing fight against a Saudi Arabian-led coalition.

As a backdrop for this dramatic presentation, Haley had assembled various components and debris recovered from two previous missile attacks by the Houthi on Saudi Arabian targets.

“If we do nothing about the missiles fired at Saudi Arabia, we will not be able to stop the violence,” Haley warned. “There is clear evidence that the missiles that landed on Saudi Arabia come from Iran,” she said, adding: “The evidence is undeniable. The weapons might as well have had ‘Made in Iran’ stickers all over it.”

The facts of the matter, however, are quite different.

According to Haley, the weapons in question were Iranian-made Qiam-1 missiles, possessing a range of up to 800 kilometers. Haley was parroting the claims of the Saudi Arabian government, which had previously released a press statement about the Houthi missile attacks and their links to Iran. The Commanding General of U.S. Central Command, Lieutenant General Jeffrey Harrigianbacked up the Saudi claims, without providing any new evidence. Haley’s press conference, with its dramatic show and tell, was the first time the Saudi Arabian claims had been backed up by anything remotely resembling proof. Moreover, Haley’s comments were designed to set up a report by a panel of United Nations experts, who had travelled to Saudi Arabia to examine the missile parts in question and ascertain their origin. The findings of that report, scheduled to be released two days after Haley’s press conference, were mixed. “Design characteristics and dimensions of the components,” it read “inspected by the panel are consistent with those reported for the Iranian designed and manufactured Qiam-1 missile.” However, the panel also noted that “as yet has no evidence as to the identity of the broker or supplier.” Haley’s press conference was designed to eliminate any uncertainty on the matter.

A closer look, however, reveals the opposite. Rather than the Iranian-manufactured Qiam-1 missiles Haley and the Saudi Arabian government claimed, the debris presented by Haley were of a modified Soviet-manufactured SCUD-B missile; the airframe and engine are original Soviet-made components, and many of the smaller parts on display bear Cyrillic (i.e., Russian) markings. The transformation to the Burkhan 2-H design required the Houthi engineers to increase the size of the fuel and oxidizer tanks, and lengthen the airframe accordingly. This is done by cutting the airframe, and welding in place the appropriate segments (this also required that the fuel supply pipe, which passes through the oxidizer tank, be similarly lengthened.) The difference in quality between the factory welds and the new welds is readily discernable. The increased fuel supply permits a longer engine burn, which in turn increases the range of the missile. The Burkhan 2-H uses a smaller warhead than the SCUD B; as such, the guidance and control section had been reconfigured to a smaller diameter, and an inter-stage section added to connect the warhead/guidance section with the main airframe.

The warhead of the Burkhan 2-H, unlike the SCUD-B, is designed to separate from the main body of the missile during the final phase of its descent; this aids in accuracy and survivability, since most anti-missile radars (such as that used by the Patriot system used by Saudi Arabia) cannot readily distinguish between the smaller warhead and the larger mass of the airframe, sending the interceptors to the latter while the former falls unimpeded to its target. The bottle-nose shape produced by this smaller warhead, however, increases the missile’s overall drag coefficient, which reduced its range. To compensate for this, the Burkhan 2-H eliminates the tail fins found on the SCUD-B missile. This, however, creates stability and trajectory control issues at launch, for which the Burkhan-2 adjusts for by incorporating a more sensitive and responsive guidance and control system, which in turn is linked to similarly responsive actuators controlling the SCUD-B style jet vanes that steer the missile via thrust vectoring.

The reality is that the Burkhan 2-H is neither a completely indigenously-produced Houthi missile, nor is it an Iranian-manufactured Qiam-1. Instead, the Burkhan 2-H is a Soviet SCUD-B that has been significantly modified using Iranian design concepts and critical components (the guidance and control and thrust vector actuators stand out.) The ability to carry out the necessary modifications is not beyond the technical capability of the Houthi, who have assimilated most of the Yemeni missile engineers under their control. While the design aspect of this modification program appears to be Iranian, the actual technical modifications are more akin to a similar missile modification effort undertaken by Iraq in the 1980’s to 1990’s, where SCUD-B missiles were modified to become the longer-range Al Hussein missile used during the Iran-Iraq War and the Gulf War. Iraq and Yemen had a significant program of cooperation before the Gulf War, where Iraqi missile experts collaborated with their Yemeni counterparts to modify Yemen’s SCUD-B missiles to Al Hussein configuration. Iraq’s defeat at the hands of a US-led coalition, followed by the UN-directed dismantling of its long-range missile program, aborted this effort before it could be consummated, but not before a considerable amount of coordination had taken place, including a survey of the specific engineering resources needed to carry out the necessary modifications.

The missile debris in question actually contradicts the finding of the UN panel, which held that the missiles launched against Saudi Arabia had been transferred to Yemen in pieces and assembled there by Houthi missile engineers; it is clear that the missiles in question had been in the possession of Yemen well before the Saudi Arabian-led intervention of 2015, and that their source was either Soviet or North Korean. The modification kits, on the other hand, appear to be of Iranian origin, and were transported to Yemen via Oman. The UN panel claims not to have any evidence of “external missile specialists” working alongside the Houthi; indeed, the simplicity of the Burkhan 2-H modification concept is such that anyone already familiar with the SCUD-B missile system would be able to implement the required processes without outside assistance.

The fact that what is being discussed is the modification of existing Yemeni missiles, and not the provision of a new missile system, means that the already tenuous claims made by the Saudi Arabian and American governments that the Houthi missile attacks on Saudi Arabia represented a de facto violation of UN Security Council resolution 2231 (and, by extension, the Iran nuclear agreement) simply does not hold water. The entire Saudi-US effort in this regard was little more than a not-so-sophisticated propaganda exercise designed to bolster the Trump administration’s efforts to cobble together some sort of international consensus on doing away with the Iranian nuclear agreement. To this end, the Saudis and their American co-conspirators seem to have had little success.

As bad as that result may have been, it paled in comparison to what this entire charade could not obviate—that there has been little progress, if any, in the capability of nations armed with modern weaponry and advanced intelligence gathering systems to locate and interdict a mobile, relocatable ballistic missile force. The efforts of the Saudi Arabian-led coalition to neutralize the Houthi ballistic missile capability have been a dismal failure—there is no evidence of a single Houthi-controlled mobile missile launcher having been destroyed by coalition forces, despite hundreds of air sorties having been flown for just that purpose. The Houthi have displayed the capability to launch missiles targeting the most sensitive of Saudi Arabia’s political and economic infrastructure at will. Moreover, the unique characteristics of the Burkhan 2-H missile—a small, separating warhead, combined with a reduced radar cross section (by eliminating the tail fins of the SCUD-B) and a more responsive guidance and control system—have made it virtually impossible to intercept using the US-made Patriot anti-missile system. In many ways, the Saudi-led efforts against the Houthi mirrors the Great SCUD Hunt carried out by the United States during the Gulf War, where the Iraqis were able to continue launching missiles against Israel and Saudi Arabia up until the end of the war, without the loss of a single mobile missile launcher. Moreover, the inability of the Patriot missile to successfully intercept Iraqi-modified SCUD missiles seems to be the case today, with Saudi Patriot batteries impotent in the face of the Burkhan 2-H.

If a relatively unsophisticated foe such as the Houthi, using Iranian-modified Soviet and North Korean missiles derived from 40-year-old technology, can evade an enemy force using the most modern combat aircraft backed up by the most sophisticated intelligence gathering systems available, and successfully launch ballistic missiles that threaten the political and economic infrastructure of the targeted state, what does that say about the prospects of any U.S.-led coalition taking on the far more advanced mobile missile threats that exist in North Korea and Iran today? The fact of the matter is that no military anywhere has shown the ability to successfully interdict in any meaningful way a determined opponent armed with mobile ballistic missile capability. If the Saudi experience in Yemen is to teach us anything, it is that any military plan designed to confront nations such as North Korea, Iran and Russia that are armed with sophisticated mobile ballistic missiles had better count on those capabilities remaining intact throughout any anticipated period of hostility. No amount of chest-thumping and empty rhetoric by American political and/or military leaders can offset this harsh reality. This is the critical lesson of Yemen, and the United States would do well to heed it before it tries to foment a crisis based upon trumped-up charges.

Scott Ritter is a former Marine Corps intelligence officer who served in the former Soviet Union implementing arms control treaties, in the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert Storm, and in Iraq overseeing the disarmament of WMD. He is the author of Deal of the Century: How Iran Blocked the West’s Road to War (Clarity Press, 2017).