Chinese and Sabbatean Mafia try to trigger WW III – Benjamin Fulford

NWO : Chinese Mafia destroy Illuminati

NWO´s Euromediterranean Process/Union for the Mediterranean: “The World´s Destiny Played out in Mediterranean”. Ministers Agree: “Migration and Interfaith Are Important Parts of Political Dialogue, an Asset to Build Bridges between the 2 Shores”.

IP/03/1613 Brussels, 28 November 2003 in Naples: (EU) ministers will discuss the political and economic prospects for the region offered by the EU’s Wider Europe policy. This initiative offers the EU’s neighbouring partners, in exchange for tangible political and economic reforms, gradual integration into the expanded European internal market and the possibility of ultimately reaching the EU’s four fundamental freedoms: free movement of goods, services, capital and people.

After the Barcelona Declaration of the Euromediterranean Process between the EU and 9 Muslim states + Israel and here, Nicolas Sarkozy had the Union for the Mediterranean proclaimed in July 2008 – now comprising all Mediterranean states except Libya, as well as the EU and Jordan. Previous Italian Foreign Minister Frattini promised the Union would some day include the Arabian peninsula!!!

The Union, which has been carefully concealed by the MSM, has a Parliamentary Assembly where elected politicians meet once a year. Its Secretariat is in Barcelona.

As stated in this Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) video the goal is integration of the 43 countries of the Ufm into one regional entity (See regionalisation as Brzezinski´s prerequisite for the One-World state and government).

The results of the Union have generally been inconspicuous – except for one area: MUSLIM IMMIGRATION TO EUROPE.

In its paper, The Union for the Mediterranean: an action-driven organisation with a common ambition it is stated:
Ministers confirm that all UfM activi ties should be essential contributions to the global  objective of intercultural dialogue (namely in the areas of women, youth and education). Coordination with all  relevant actors, to the implementation of the Migration. The existence in the EU of a large population originating from the Southern Mediterranean countries is an asset to build bridges between the two shores. 
In this regard, it is worth noting that during the 22 July 2015 meeting held at the UfM
headquarters in Barcelona, at the initiative of Spain, participating institutions dealing with
intercultural dialogue and interfaith dialogue agreed to strengthen their synergies and  complementarities and take joint action to reach a wider and significant impact.

The Mediterranean has  always been an area of mobility and migration.
It is  of paramount importance to confirm the need for a global and balanced 
approach to the issue of mobility,  migration and development
, building on existing  international instruments
2.2  Ministers agree to that effect that migration is an important part of their political dialogue  within the framework of the UfM.

ANSAmed 30 Nov. 2017:  “In the mediterranean the destinies of the world are being played out, on security, stability, and safeguarding human rights,” Italian Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano said.

Italian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Angelino Alfano, during Forum MED 2017 in Rome, 30 November 2017. ANSA/CLAUDIO PERI

ANSAmed 30 Nov. 2017:  The Mediterranean is an area in which the global agendas of world powers face off and often come into conflict.”

ANSAmed 30 Nov.2017  Rome will from Thursday until Saturday host the third edition of Mediterranean Dialogues, an international forum bringing together political leaders, entrepreneurs and analysts from the Euro-Mediterranean region and further afield.
The international conference, organized by the Italian foreign ministry and the Istituto per gli Studi Politici Internazionali (ISPI), thus has an important aim: to make sure that the exchange of ideas provides solutions to the many tensions crossing the region. However, ‘Beyond the Turmoil, A Positive Agenda’ is the sub-theme for this year’s edition for a reason, since there are many opportunities to be taken advantage of.
High-profile political leaders to attend include: Iranian foreign minister Mohammed Javad Zarif, his Iraqi counterpart Ibrahim Al-Jafaari, his Egyptian one Sameh Hassan Shoukry and Saudi Arabia’s Adel Al-Jubeir, as well as the Lebanese president Michel Aoun (who will be making the opening remarks at the conference alongside Alfano, with Italian president Sergio Mattarella present) and Libyan vice president Ahmed Maitig.
There will also be Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov and US Deputy Secretary of State Thomas Shannon.
High-level speeches will be made by representatives of China, India and international organizations like the UN and the EU.
Comment: This is not limited Euromed. This is an NWO   Dies ist ein NWO forum.  

A strong presence will also be seen of representatives of the economics and civil society sectors, with 800 people from 56 countries expected to attend. There will be 25 sessions centering on four pillars: Shared Prosperity, Shared Security, Migration, and Culture and Society.
”Italy, world champion of human rights, has saved half a million human lives in the sea. It will not turn aside when faced with violations,” Alfano said

In stranded Migrant camps in Libya inhuman conditions – e.g. long existing Muslim slave markets boom – now exist.In Abidjan, African and European countries have adopted a special joint declaration on Libya and said they want to repatriate migrants stranded in Libya to their countries of origin. But the question of who should pay for it has been carefully avoided. EURACTIV France reports from Abidjan. (EurActiv 1 Dec. 2017).

ANSAmed 1 Dec. 2017  The Mediterranean region has never been so dangerous, Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Hassan Shoukry said on Friday.

epa06166753 Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Hassan Shoukry (L) speaks to German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel (R) during a press statement on their bilateral meeting in Berlin, Germany, 27 August 2017. Both ministers discussed issues of migration, fight against terrorism and the importance of river Nile for Egypt and the Middle East. EPA/ALEXANDER BECHER

“The events of the last seven years, during which the institutions and governments have been targeted, have increased the threats for this region, in particular the threats of terrorism and extremism; these have undermined peaceful coexistence in the area, which is at its most dangerous,” Shoukry told Med Dialogues in Rome.
The defeat of ISIS in Syria and Iraq has caused combatants to flee to Africa, where they have created camps in sub-Saharan Africa and are “now threatening Egypt and brother African countries”.

 ANSAmed 2. Dec. 2017“Preventing exposure to poverty and radicalisation and protecting human rights” are the challenges facing the EU, Mogherini said.
She cited training for security forces in the Sahel, which “have to manage areas that are difficult to monitor on our behalf”.

Federica Mogherini the EU High representative for foreign policy gives a press briefing at the end of EU-Serbia Stabilisation and Association Council, in Brussels, Belgium, 16 November 2017.

Other challenges include “targeted development projects for young people” to reduce the risk of them becoming criminals or terrorists.
The EU is “the leading soft power” providing “global security” and the “largest donor of humanitarian aid”.

This is today´s Euromed. Process.   The Muslim mass immigration is a direct consequence of the “Human and cultural” 3. pillar of the Barcelona Process,which has otherwise largely been hampered by the unwillingness of the Europeans to pay the astronomic sums to “the partner countries” – money they know will have no effect on the standard of living of the Muslim low-IQ populations.

They know the money would end up in the pockets of African and Asian dictators: The Guardian 25 Nov. 2010: Hundreds of millions of pounds of European Union aid to help the poor in Africa is being handed over without public scrutiny to banks and private equity companies and funnelled into tax havens, a new report claims.Counter Balance, a group of non-government organisations, has investigated the €1.1bn (£932m) of annual aid from the taxpayer-funded European Investment Bank to Africa and the Caribbean. It alleges that the cash disappeared into African banks, a Luxembourg tax haven and a Nigerian bank whose managing director was under investigation for fraud. The report condemns the EIB for lack of checks and failure to make public what is happening to the cash. “The bank provides next to no information on where this money ends up.


The UfM has a Parliamentarian Assembly which meets once a year – and a secretariat in barcelona.



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USraels ISIS-Weihnachtsgruss: Ihr Todesgang / USrael´s ISIS Christmas Greetings: Your Death Walk

 The Daily Mail 4 December 2017:

ISIS = Israel´s Special Intelligence Service, finanziert, ausgebildet, ausgestattet durch die USA und Saudi Arabien wünscht Überlebenden  besinnliche Weihnachten:

ISIS = Israel´s Special Intelligence Service, funded, trained, equipped by USA and Saudi Arabia wishes survivors a pensive Christmas:


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