……Growing Up With The Jew York Times

Growing Up With The New York Times

Jewish Sayanim more DANGEROUS than al Qaeda cells

FACT – Jewish Sayanim are like al Qaeda cells… only much, much worse.


“Sayanim” – Examples

“Or were they acting as sayanim, the Hebrew word for helpers, whom the Mossad relies on across the globe to provide shelter, money, and logistical support … in this case identity.” ~ The Huffington Post: Mossad’s Little Helpers

“The sayanim are a pool of people at the ready who will keep quiet about their actions out of loyalty to “the cause”, a non-risk recruitment system that draws from the millions of” ~ WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

“The system is known as sayanim, a derivative of the Hebrew word lesayeah, meaning to help.” ~ Window Into Palestine

“Created by Meir Amit, the role of the sayanim is a striking example of the cohesiveness of the world Jewish community.” ~ Window Into Palestine

“With a network of ‘sayanim’ scattered everywhere throughout the world (as described by ex-Mossad officer Victor Ostrovsky in his book ‘By Way Of Deception’) Israel literally has millions of eyes and ears, watching and listening to everything as it all pertains to the Jewish state.” ~ The Ugly Truth

“A sayan, singular for sayanim, must be 100% Jewish, and in many cases a dual national.” ~ The Huffington Post: Mossad’s Little Helpers

“Israel knew it had made a big mistake invading South Ossetia (via Georgia the puppet) when it did, and the fact that they sent their man in charge of European operations, the sayanim Sarkozy, to ‘negotiate’ a truce/withdrawal of Russian forces, suggests they were doing a clean-up.” ~ brilliant russian blogalysts

“Operating as an adjunct to the Israel lobby as both a fundraiser and a member of Congress, Emanuel has long served as a loyal sayanim (Hebrew for “volunteer”) in support of policies pursued by Tel Aviv.” ~ Jeff Gates: Rahm Emanuel: Barack Obama’s Sarah Palin?

“If they were serious about resenting this so much maybe they should stop approaching vacationing mere-Jews with soft-sold proposals for sayanim activity.” ~ spies? jewish? never

“And now, with Sharon in limbo, the Rendon sayanim are flying blind.” ~ Think Progress » The Rendon Group: Proof The Administration Manipulated Intelligence

Show 10 more examples…

See: http://www.wordnik.com/words/sayanim

See: Jewish sayanim (not al Qaeda) arrested in US after 9/11 who knew it was coming and kept it “hush hush”: Fox News VIDEO: Israel spies on the USA part 1: http://youtu.be/JWpWc_suPWo

Sayanim in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

See: http://www.jewishchambersburg.com/links.html

Jewish Resources:

Jewish Reconstructionist Federation

Union for Reform Judiasm

United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

Orthodox Union

Shamash, The Jewish Network

Hebrew Union College

Jewish Theological Seminary

Academy for Jewish Religion

The Jerusalem Post

Virtual Jerusalem

Wailing Wall Web Cam



B’nai B’rith

Support Israel 

United Jewish Communities (UJA)

Israel Emergency Campaign

Union for Reform Judaism

Israel Emergency Fund

Jewish National Fund

American Friends of Mogen David Adom

Friends of the IDF (IDF = Israeli military)

Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI)

Reciprocal Links

Jewish Chambersburg, a congregant’s blog

Old Jewish Cemetery, Chambersburg, PA

Kosher Delight, PA


American Jews are anti-Christian and anti-Christ:

What are we to make of Jewish Americans who write and speak of RUINING Christian holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas? This is a very hateful thing to do, which no Christian would ever think of doing to a Jewish holiday, because people who follow Christ don’t think evil thoughts like this… but Jews do, why? Most all peoples like Jesus, because he’s a pretty likable guy (=love God and your neighbor) but Jews hate Jesus… they loath and despise him, and don’t simply “not like” him. Jews despise Christian holidays and plot way to RUIN them for people who believe in Jesus, why? Why such hatred and animosity toward fellow Americans? Why does the US support the Jewish state of Israel? and it’s murderous policies?

I think Jewish Americans have some explaining to do…

“But just imagine what it could be like if we really kicked it up a notch. What if we decked the halls with those autumnal wreaths you buy at the farmer’s market and stood gaping at department-store window displays depicting suffering pilgrims and audio-animatronic mannequins of Cher singing “Half-Breed”? Every living-room would be adorned with an enormous, fairy-light-bedecked cornucopia, or better yet, an enormous nest in which Thanksgiving Theo, an 8-foot-tall flying turkey, would “lay” his gifts during his midnight race across America. Planes, Trains & Automobiles—already one of the most Jewish movies ever made, given that it concerns the wanderings of a rootless stranger plagued by constant minor annoyances—would be the new It’s a Wonderful Life, and glorious, pine-scented Christmas would be demoted to the status of a scorned mistress, à la Fatal Attraction.”

See: A Very Tattler Thanksgiving: http://www.tabletmag.com/jewish-arts-and-culture/116920/a-very-tattler-thanksgiving

See: THE PROTECTION OF CHRISTMAS: http://www.fatherfeeney.org/point/58-dec.html

See: Zionism Unmasked: The Dark Face Of Jewish Nationalism: https://ajmacdonaldjr.wordpress.com/2012/03/26/alan-sabrosky-zionism-unmasked-the-dark-face-of-jewish-nationalism-sabbah-report/


VIDEO – US Military Knows Israel did 9/11: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qShoR5sXUJ0

VIDEO – Col. Alan Sobrosky PhD USMC (Ret.) – Israel Did 9/11 – 100% Certain: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQk4jOcV8RA

VIDEO – 9-11 WTC 7 Demolition – Penthouse Collapse Close Up, Flashes, And Gas Ejections [WCBS2]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VHZf9uyIJk

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