NWO Puppet: Stephen Hawking Died and Has Been Replaced

Conscious Awareness for All — August 30, 2016

hawking1There simply is no way around it; acclaimed theoretical physicist STEPHEN HAWKING has died and been replaced [maybe even multiple times].
……….I don’t know why I [or the masses at large for that matter] have not realized this by now. I was recently awakened to this fact by researcher MILES MATHIS.
……….In 1963,  at the age of 21HAWKING was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis [also known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease].
……….Let me repeat that, NINETEEN SIXTY THREE. That was 53 YEARS AGO.
……….The prognosis for someone diagnosed with ALS is DEATH WITHIN 3 – 5YEARS.
……….ALS is a degenerative motor neuron disease. The motor neurons die, thus making it impossible to voluntarily control ones muscles and causes extreme muscle atrophy.
……….According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke:
“Most people with ALS die from respiratory failure, usually within 3 to 5 years from the onset of symptoms.”
……….Yet, instead of dying within 3 – 5 years,  HAWKING has supposedly thrived for 53 years?! Don’t buy it!
……….Let’s take a look at the evidence; mainly, the facial analysis:

hawking 1982

[ ^ This is HAWKING in 1982. Take special notice of the teeth; namely, how small they are ]
……….Then progress to this:


[ ^ This is HAWKING in 2014, some 32 years later ]
……….Are we to believe that his teeth have just magically grown back, and larger than before? He has absolutely no use for them as far as eating goes. According to a 2012 interview in the U.K.’s Independent newspaper:
“They feed him – a surprisingly violent maneuver involving pushing the food down his throat because of his impaired swallowing reflex …”
……….The official website of the ALS Association confirms that HAWKINGrequires a feeding tube in order to “eat.”
……….It has been independently confirmed that he doesn’t need the teeth for eating, and he doesn’t come across as the vain type, getting false teeth to improve his looks [especially considering that the new teeth look worse than the old ones]. The teeth are a major giveaway!
……….Next, take a look at these two photos of HAWKING:
hawking 1982 2007Does he look like he has aged 25 years in these photos? NO! And there are absolutely no records of him having any sort of plastic surgery.
……….Here is another example:
hawking 19702 1990sAgain, he doesn’t in any way, shape nor form appeared to have aged 20 years between these photographs, whether judging by normal standards or, especially, for someone with a degenerative disease!
……….For comparison, here is a typical ALS before-and-after:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

[ ^ Notice, this is after less than 3 years ]
……….ALS is also widely-known to cause dementia, yet we are expected to believe that he has had it for 53 years and remained a leading theoretical physicist, author and university professor all this time? Don’t buy it!
……….So, when did they make the switch? Probably in 1985. In that year, HAWKING came down with a life-threatening case of pneumonia while visiting the European Organization for Nuclear Research in France / Switzerland. It was so bad that his doctors urged his wife to take him off of life-support.
……….So, the real HAWKING most likely passed away [or was murdered] in 1985. This would correspond with events in his personal life, as it was around this time that he and his wife, JANE HAWKING split up [though they didn’t officially divorce at that time], leaving her free to get with JONATHAN JONES, whom she had been seeing since 1977.
……….The HAWKINGs “officially” divorced in 1995STEPHEN then supposedly married one of his nurses, ELAINE MASON. Was there another HAWKINGswitch made around this time?
……….STEPHEN and ELAINE officially divorced in 2006. Again, was there yet ANOTHER HAWKING switch made at THIS time as well? Remember, it was in 2007 [the very next year] that HAWKING started making loads of public appearances.
……….So, it is by no means going out on a limb to say that NO ONE CAN LIVE WITH ALS FOR 53 YEARS, no matter how good their care is!
……….The longest-living afflicted individual that I know of is former heavy metal guitarist JASON BECKER, who has lived with ALS for 26 years.
……….So, if HAWKING has been replaced, we must ask ourselves WHY? Why perpetrate this elaborate ruse? What is the agenda behind it? Has HAWKINGbeen kept in a drugged-up, suspended animation so that ThePowersThatBe can use his famous name and persona to push their agenda?
……….He has used his position to try to proliferate global government, urging Britain not to leave the European Union.
……….HAWKING has also claimed that extra-terrestrials will annihilate humanity. This meshes with former U.S. President RONALD REAGAN’s famous 1987 speech to the United Nations in which he said that the Earth would be united [i.e. install a one-world government] after an alien invasion, saying:
“Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.”
…….HAWKING has proliferated the idea that there is no God, saying:
“What I meant by ‘we would know the mind of God’ is, we would know everything that God would know, if there were a God. Which there isn’t.”
……….This meshes perfectly with the New World Order‘s agenda. Denounce any Gods that the masses may believe in in order to usher in a new “God” and a one-world religion and government. This will coincide with the global launch ofProject Blue Beam.
……….Whether HAWKING‘s opinions and ideologies on physics constitute mis/disinformation is in the eye of the beholder.
Stay conscious my friends.
~ Merit Freeman



Louder and Louder War Drums Announce: USrael/NATO under Illuminati Pressure for War on Russia, Syria, Iran Soon. Russia: They Are Nervous. They Have Something to Conceal!

“As Michel Chossudovsky says, the Western politicians and presstitutes who serve them are driving the world to extinction.  
It appears that the military/security complex is closing its grip on the Trump regime”. (Paul Craig Roberts 13 march 2018 –  President Reagan appointed Dr. Roberts Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy)


Wladimir Putin: “Maybe Russian Jews meddled with the US elections!” – see Jew – even King of Jews – Putin´s Jewish Oligarch friends .
“Such claims have one root cause – a hatred of Jews” (Ksenia Svetlova, Member of the Knesset) – Haaretz 10 March 2018.


So does Jew Putin really hate Jews, whom he has cherished so much? Certainly not. Consequently he must be under Masonic orders  – which he obviously is.

The Daily Express 13 March 2018 and  The Express brings this alarming message on the British verbal attacks on Russia for the poisoning of Russian double spy Skripal and his daughter:
Skripal happens to be a British citizen.

Prime Minister May who attacked Russia vehemently in the House of Commons does not have a shred of proof that Russia poisoned Skripal – apart from the poison purportedly being from the Soviet days (and thus possibly from the Ukraine  – or false flag?) – and that Putin has a reputation of murdering his enemies (Litwinenki, Politkovskaja, and many others).
But western intelligence services have an equqally heinous reputation for making false flags – – e.g. NATO´s Gladio and many others and here).

Reuters 16 March 2018: British Defence Minister Gavin Williamson to Russia:“Go away and shut up!”

That this solitary case can even be indicated as cause of WW3 is preposterous – but it shows how tense the East-West relations have been artificially escalated by some very obscure forces.

What do the Russians say?
Russia Today 15 March 2018: Labor MP Chris Leslie saying that Russia was “increasingly looking like a rogue state” and calling for its rights in the UN Security Council to be limited

President Vladimir Putin said he was “extremely concerned” by the “destructive and provocative” stance of the UK. Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said that the undiplomatic comment meant that the British authorities are nervous and have “something to hide.”
Sputnik 15 March 2018: Russian intelligence veteran: Russia had no reason at all to poison Skripal. He had been living in Britain since 2010, meaning that he didn’t possess any sensitive information [pertaining to Russian intelligence activities].Moreover, Skripal was being watched by MI-5, but was working for MI-6. Even assuming that someone might want to get rid of him, no one would risk doing that.

CNBC 13 March 2018:

In fact,   tensions have been developed in the Middle East by Masons on the Eastern and Western (Thesis/Antithesis) sides used by the London City and its masters to provoke the final Biblical war beginning with the destruction of Damascus (Isaiah 17) developing into  the Gog/Magog war (Ezekiel 38,39),  which the rulers of the world, the Chabad Lubavitch Pharisees, and here  see as the precondition for the coming of their Luciferian messiah, ben David.

They already have appointed Netanyahu as their forerunner messiah. ben Yosef.


Putin likes Trump – Trump likes Putin – but the US deep state forcing Trump into war on Russia
Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview released Wednesday that US President Donald Trump had left a good impression on him, and that he has “no disappointment at all” in their relationship thus far.

Speaking to state broadcaster Russia-1 for a documentary series called “The World Order,” Putin praised the American leader’s communication skills, saying “it’s possible to negotiate with him, to search for compromises.”
Putin did not have the same admiration for the US political system, however, which he said has “demonstrated its ineffciency and is eating itself up.” Deutsche Welle 7 March 2018.

You can see it: Putin likes Trump. It is, however,  necessary to understand the friendship between Putin and Trump. They do not want to fight each other. But they are Freeemason puppets – and have to fight each other when their masters command them to do so.

 They are brethren in Luciferic Masonry:

First it is necessary to recognize that Israel and the US under Donald Trump is practically one unit. Look at Netanyahu´s radiant face: He has got what he came for. And he mentions it: “We have to stop Iran. Our security services cooperate closely. Thank you for your tremendous friendship.” Trump: “We are very, very close militarily”.


 Global Res. 14 March 2018: Jon Rainwater, Executive Director of Peace Action, released the following statement:
“By tapping Mike Pompeo to be Secretary of State, Trump is handing over the reigns of U.S. diplomacy to one of the most hawkish members of his administration.For all of Tillerson’s flaws, he served as a check on Trump’s more hawkish positions. With Pompeo, Trump’s worst instincts on Iran and North Korea will be reinforced. Pompeo’s not only said his goal is ‘rolling back’ the ‘disastrous’ Iran nuclear deal, he earlier suggested military strikes as an alternative to diplomacy: CNN 13 March 2018: Pompeo has advocated for military strikes against Iran while lobbying hard against the nuclear deal with Tehran. He’s also been a force behind the administration’s drive to squeeze North Korea.

 Deutsche Welle 15 March 2018: The US Treasury Department issued tough sanctions against Russian entities and individuals for what it said were “ongoing nefarious attacks emanating from Russia.”
Among the institutions targeted in the new sanctions for election meddling were Russia’s top intelligence services, Federal Security Service (FSB), Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) and the Internet Research Agency.

Deutsche Welle 15 March 2018 France, Germany, Britain and the US have condemned a chemical attack on a Russian former double agent in the UK, blaming Moscow for the attack. NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said the incident must have “consequences.”

Global Res. 14 March 2018: Either Donald Trump fires all the apprentices who might slightly hesitate to wage a much larger world war and lets the bombs fly, or he will be replaced by one who will.
Signs are that he has learned what his job entails and the world will suffer more death and destruction as a result.


Washington´s Blog – Eric Zuesse 8 March 2018ISIS is defeated in Syria. Nevertheless Pres. Trump applies in Congress for another 60.-65.000 US troops on the ground in Syria. Purpose: Illegal regime change – although Assad obtained 89% of Syrian votes in internationally surveilled presidential elction 2014.
And note: When the Western Illuminati MSM writes about a government which their Jewish masters do not like, they call such governments “regimes” – while they never write so disparagingly of the totally undemocratic EU, Germany, France and other governments who put opposition into prison for “hate speech”, “fake news”, dubious Holocaust denial (Blogger Der Honigman died during imprisonment – although he never denied Holocaust). But even forbidding people denying Holocaust is characteristic of a  Zionist ruled “regime”, which never mentions the real masterminds behind the Holocaust!

ANSAmed 6 March 2018: The Trump administration is considering military action against the Syrian government after news that it is continuing to use chemical weapons, reports the Washington Post (No proof whatsoever).

The Telegraph 28 Febr. 2018: Satellite images reportedly show Iran has established a base outside of Damascus to house missiles capable of hitting Israel, crossing a “red line” for the Israeli government as it struggles to stop Iranian entrenchment in Syria.

From Haaretz 2 March 2018: This base may signal Israeli strike. Images from the Israeli satellite firm ImageSat International appear to show a pair of newly built missile hangars on the base in Syria, which strongly resemble hangars at another Iranian compound that Israel bombed last year

The base is located around eight miles north-west of Damascus and is being run by the Quds Force, the expeditionary arm of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.
If the base is confirmed to hold Iranian missiles, its presence will likely increase the tensions between arch rivals Israel and Iran over Syria, which has been growing sharply in recent months.
Western diplomats and the UN have repeatedly warned such skirmishes could easily erupt into a devastating full-blown conflict, potentially pitting Israel against Iran and its allies in both Lebanon and Syria.

Iran’s arming of Hizbollah in Lebanon and its establishment of bases in Syria is usually presented by Israel as evidence of Iran’s determination to wipe out the Jewish state.

Sputnik 28 Febr. 2018  Israel is taking all the possible measures to prevent Iran’s military expansion closer to the Israeli northern border via Syria, Nachman Shai, a member of the Knesset, told Sputnik on Wednesday.

“I cannot confirm whether [if] it is true or not, but in general we do not want to see Iran in Syria. We do not want to see Iran on our border. We will do our best to stop them as far as possible from our border.” Shai said.
Amid the tension, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel will further act to prevent Iran from establishing the permanent presence in Syria.

Haaretz 1 March 2018: “Southern Lebanon is where the next war is coming,” US Senator Lindsay Graham said at a press conference following the bipartisan trip to the Middle East that he had participated in.
Graham had referred to a report in January that revealed that Hezbollah, backed by Iran, has been constructing a precision weapons factory in Lebanon despite continued Israeli calls for the group to disarm.
He said, Israel wanted ammunition from the US  and U.S.’s backing should Israel have to resort to striking civilian targets in Lebanon, where it believes Hezbollah is operating.

Up to 200 Russian advisers killed in last week’s clash with US forces in Syria
DEBKAfile Feb 13, 2018

DEBKAfile 23 Febr. 2018 Two fifth-generation Sukhoi-57 stealth fighters landed Monday, Feb. 19 at Russia’s Syrian air base, along with 4 Su-35 fighters, 4 Su-25 strike aircraft and an A-50U radar command-and-control platform.

Another 2 SU 57 have been sent to Syria acc. to Sputnik 24 Febr. 2018 – making the total of 4. Russian lawmaker Vladimir Gutenov told Sputnik that  the presence of the Su-57s will doubtlessly send a political message, serving as a deterrent “for aircraft from neighboring states which periodically fly into” Syrian airspace uninvited.

It is also Russia’s response to Israel’s air offensive on Feb. 10, which targeted the shared Russian-Iranian T-4 air base near Palmyra and smashed four Iranian Revolutionary Guards forward command centers in Syria, after downing an Iranian drone. It is also seen in Moscow as a challenge for Israel’s newly acquired fifth-generation US F-35 combat aircraft.

Does Putin intend to order his mighty airborne strike force to go into battle against the US or Israel in the boiling Syrian arena?
The very presence of the Su-57 across the border has had the instant effect of reducing the Israel air force’s freedom of action over Syria and Lebanon.

Sputnik News 9 Jan 2017 – Putin´s mouthpiece: Israel has all the hallmarks of a rogue state!

Haaretz 3 Febr. 2018A delegation of Russian officials that arrived in Israel this week did so in an attempt to prevent a planned Israeli attack on Iranian missile factories in southern Lebanon and Syria, the Saudi daily ASharq Al-Awsat reported on Saturday.
Netanyahu tells Putin: Iranian missile factories in Lebanon are already in progress, we won’t accept this threat

DEBKAfile 1.Febr. 2018: Contrary to Moscow’s promises, the Russian military is not pulling out of Syria, but adding four more air bases (one shared with Iran) and 6,000 more troops.

DEBKAfile Febr. 28, 2018 Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s switch of loyalty to Hizballah and Iran shocks Riyadh and dismays Israel.

Bill van Auken, World Socialist Website 7 March 2018  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s five-day trip to the US has been dominated by a growing drumbeat for war against Iran, a regional struggle that would eclipse the immense carnage wrought by the past 15 years of uninterrupted US military intervention in the Middle East.

The Israeli prime minister spoke in apocalyptic terms of Iran’s growing influence in the Middle East, declaring “darkness is descending on our region” and pointing to a map in which countries that he alleged Iran was dominating were painted black.

“Iran is building an aggressive empire: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Gaza, Yemen, more to come,” he continued.

He went on to praise Trump for adopting a policy of provocation and aggression against Iran


As Trump and Netanyahu were meeting, The Washington Post revealed that the Trump White House, the National Security Council and the Pentagon have begun drawing up plans for a major new US military assault on the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad.
According to the Post account, there were sharp divisions among the generals who form the core of the Trump administration, with McMaster strongly in favor of an attack, and Mattis “adamantly” against it.
The domestic political crises faced by both US and Israeli leaders only serves to accelerate their drive to war.

Leading Democrats, including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi delivered speeches to the AIPAC convention unequivocally supporting Israeli aggression and suppression of the Palestinians as well as confrontation with Iran.

Indeed, the Western elite appears nervous and under stress. They seem to be whipping up an Anti-Russian mood at a breathless speed – and without any proof in the spy poisoning case, they all immediately stick together – uncritically risking a war with Russia.
I have a suspicion: They are obeying orders from above – from the Jesuit – Illuminati  Chabad Lubavitch orders via their Superlodges. Otherwise, there would not have been this immediate unanimity – but a lot of discussion to and fro, pro et contra.

As I wrote on 13 June 2017:   The 2009 Brookings paper Which Path to Persia is a signed and dated confession of the West’s proclivity toward using terrorism as a geopolitical toolWhile Western headlines insist that nations like Iran, Russia, and China jeopardize global stability, it is clear that they themselves do so in pursuit of global hegemony.

The Plan was elaborated by Rothschild´s US lawmaker Brookings.  This is what General Wesley Clark hints at in the above video.  USrael knows very well that hitting Iran means hitting Russia.
Pres. Trump has declared war on Iran



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