“Prepare for Guerrilla War,” Say Police Special Forces as the Authority of the State Crumbles in France

IN THESE VIDEOS we see French police coming under Kalashnikov fire in Marseilles.

The local people interviewed about this incident afterwards said it was nothing special; things like that happen almost every day. Some of the footage showed them just walking around normally as the shooting went on.

Here, in a separate incident in another part of Marseille, we see a police car completely surrounded by moped-riding “jeunes” [young people]. They are intimidating the police.



Violences à Marseille – La vidéo choc de Samia Ghali sur @CNEWS

Marseilles is estimated to be about 40% Muslim now.

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Olivier Marteau@MarteauOlivier

“En France il n’y a plus une préfecture ou une sous-préfecture où il n’y ait pas 1 quartier chaud, 1 cité.
Même des petits villages de 5 000 habitants comme Trèbes, lieu de l’attentat contre Arnaud , ont 1 zone sensible”: Jérôme Fourquet de @IfopOpinion dans

In France, there isn’t a prefecture or sub-prefecture where there isn’t a “hot” district, an estate. Even small villages with 5,000 inhabitants like Trèbes, scene of the attack against Arnaud #Beltrame, have a sensitive zone”: Jérôme Fourquet in Le Figaro

Laurence Obertone wrote a book called France: Clockwork Orange about the disintegration of public order and decency and the innumerable small eruptions of incivility and crime. In the course of writing his book, he made many contacts in the police. Here he relays a message he received from an anonymous member of the GIGN (police special forces units).

Message just received, intended for my readers and more generally for the civil population. Share this warning massively.

“While the mass media inundate us with the marriage in England and the Cannes festival, a large number of events described as “Miscellaneous news”, unheard-of violence on the national territory, are moving into place: Marseille “busserine” [the shooting incident shown above] with armed groups and paramilitary techniques perfectly executed, a prosecutor satisfied with the police deployment and that no one was injured, numerous attacks on police in civilian clothes by groups of “jeunes” (Grenoble, Courcouronne, etc.), violence from 200 people in Lyon La Duchère, a man beaten to death by a group of teenagers in Pau, calls for jihad in France from imams in French mosques, but also repeated suicides of police and gendarmes abandoned by the Justice system and demeaned by the higher-ups with a fixed-duration contract project to come for the forces of order while training is still a real problem.

A large number of “faint signs”, as the politicians like to call them, are passing unnoticed.

Among my comrades in the GIGN assault unit, members of and connected to intelligence units, all of these signals confirm that a guerrilla scenario is establishing itself amid a deafening silence. Our message is simple: prepare yourself.”

* * *

Source: Diversity Macht Frei

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Emmanuel Macron and his mother, Francoise Noguès, a Jewess of Portuguese origin.

‘French’ President Emmanuel Macron has said that President Bashar al-Assad needs to be ‘overthrown’ in order to build a “new Syria” that will fit into the new world order. The Rothschild sponsored President spoke to Fox News on Sunday saying that France and its allies “would have to build a new Syria after the war,” adding that the US role would be “very important” in the process. Macron went on to say that foreign states should “remain in Syria” because of the “threat” of Iran and Syrian President Bashar Assad.


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Amid Reform Protests, Macron Says ‘No Disorder Will Stop Me’

  • Some 26 remain in custody on charges including suspicion of planning vandalism or weapons possession.

    Some 26 remain in custody on charges including suspicion of planning vandalism or weapons possession. | Photo: Reuters

Published 28 May 2018
On Sunday, marchers in the trade union organized event descended on the Bastille to show their opposition to the changes.

Thousands of people flooded the streets of France to demonstrate against President Emmanuel Macron’s economic reforms.

French Workers Protest Against Privatization of Public Services

“In the name of the poor, the humiliated, the homeless and the jobless, we are telling you, ‘Enough, enough of this world,'” leader of the far-left Defiant France party leader, Jean-Luc Melenchon, said.

On Sunday, marchers in the trade union-organizedevent descended on the Bastille to show their opposition to the changes. Protests were held across 160 locations in cities including Paris, Marseille and Nantes.

Macron says his economic changes are meant to increase France’s global competitiveness, adding that the protests will not block the country.

“No disorder will stop me, and calm will return.”

French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb accused the protesters, and by extension the unions, of being “passive complicity” with people who have smashed shops and banks and set fire to cars during demonstrations.

“What is astonishing is that the black blocs can do what they are doing in the middle of a crowd that, at the end of the day, does nothing. If we want to have the right to demonstrate, those taking part must oppose those smashing things up and not, by their passiveness, be accomplices to what is happening from a certain point of view,” Collomb said.

Former presidential candidate Benoit Hamon countered the foreign minister saying: “It’s for the police to protect the demonstrations instead of making us responsible for the behavior of an ultra-violent few.”

French train drivers have been protesting the Macron government reforms for the past three months. In recent demonstrations, Air France staff, students and other workers have joined the drivers.

Some 26 of 43 people who were arrested in Paris, remain detained on charges including suspicion of planning vandalism or weapons possession. Police estimated that 21,000 people took part in the Paris protest, while unions put the number at 80,000.

More than 1,500 police officers were dispatched in Paris.

Demonstrators denounced the overhaul of labor rules that would reduce worker protections, laws increasing police powers, a plan making it harder for students to attend the public universities of their choice, more restrictive immigration laws and police methods in underprivileged neighborhoods that protesters consider “repressive.”


New book alleges Anne Frank betrayed to Nazis by Jewish collaborator

Photo: AFP
Anne Frank
Photo: AFP -Ynet
New book alleges Anne Frank betrayed to Nazis by Jewish collaborator
Dutch-Jewish collaborator Ans van Dijk said to have given up location of Anne Frank, her family to Nazi authorities in occupied Netherlands after being arrested by Nazi intelligence herself; while claim is not new, book’s author provides testimony from his father, who knew the collaborator; Anne Frank House: van Dijk was taken into account as potential traitor, but no evidence was found in support of theory.

Anne Frank and her family were captured by Nazis after being betrayed by a Jewish woman, alleged a new book attempting to uncover the mystery of the Frank family being found in a secret annex of an Amsterdam building in 1944.


The Guardian newspaper reported Friday that according to the book—titled “The Backyard of the Secret Annex”—Dutch-Jewish collaborator Ans van Dijk reported their hiding place.

Van Dijk was executed after the Second World War for her collusion with the Nazis, after confessing to giving up 145 Jews, including her own brother and his family.

A new book alleges Anne Frank and her family were given up to the Nazis by a Jewish collaborator (Photo: AFP)

A new book alleges Anne Frank and her family were given up to the Nazis by a Jewish collaborator (Photo: AFP)


While it had been previously claimed she was also guilty of turning over the Frank family, the Anne Frank House museum in Amsterdam and its research center failed to reach any conclusion on the matter, despite studies and a police investigation into her actions.


In his new book, however, author Gerard Kremer, 70, claimed he has solved the mystery. Kremer’s father was a member of the anti-Nazi Dutch underground, and was an acquaintance of van Dijk in Amsterdam.

The author’s father, who died in 1978, was said to have been a caretaker in an office building in the Dutch capital, two floors of which were taken over by the German authorities and the Dutch Nazi organization—the NSB—during the Nazi occupation of The Netherlands.

Kremer’s father recounted van Dijk’s arrest by the Nazi intelligence service on the first day of Easter in 1943. After her arrest, she made frequent visits to the building, in costume, and used telephones in the appropriated offices.

The book further outlined that Kremer overheard talk in the Nazi offices in early August 1944 regarding the region where Frank and her family were hiding, and that van Dijk took part in those conversations.

Dutch-Jewish collaborator Ans van Dijk was later executed for treason

Dutch-Jewish collaborator Ans van Dijk was later executed for treason


Anne and her family members were arrested August 4, while van Dijk left Amsterdam for The Hague.

A spokeswoman for Anne Frank House told The Guardian that the museum contacted the book’s author, but he could provide no evidence proving van Dijk’s culpability.

“We consider Gerard Kremer’s book as a tribute to his parents,” she said, “based on what he remembers and has heard. In 2016, the Anne Frank House carried out research into the arrest of the Frank family and the other four people in hiding in the secret annex.”

“Ans van Dijk,” she continued, “was included as a potential traitor in this study. We have not been able to find evidence for this theory, nor for other betrayal theories.”

After the war and van Dijk’s move to The Hague, she was arrested at a friend’s house on June 20, 1945. She was later charged with 23 counts of treason and brought before a special tribunal in Amsterdam, where she confessed to all counts and was sentenced to death.

A spokeswoman for Anne Frank House said van Dijk had been included in a list of potential traitors, but that no conclusive evidence was found to show she was to blame (Photo: Massimo Catarinella, from Wikipedia)

A spokeswoman for Anne Frank House said van Dijk had been included in a list of potential traitors, but that no conclusive evidence was found to show she was to blame (Photo: Massimo Catarinella, from Wikipedia)


Her subsequent attempts to appeal the verdict and receive a royal pardon, with the claim she was merely acting out of self preservation, failed and she was executed by firing squad in January, 1948. The night before her execution she was baptized and joined the Roman Catholic Church.

Simone van Hoof, a spokesman for Lantaarn, the book’s publisher, said, “We can’t claim that this is 100 percent the answer but we really do think it is a part of the puzzle that may be able to complete the story.”

Anne Frank Hoax Exposed

Clever Jew Made Millions from Dead Daughter
by Dr. William L. Pierce (1980)

Tucked away on pages 119 and 122 of the October 6 issue of Der Spiegel, a weekly German news magazine comparable to Time or Newsweek, was a news item of considerable significance: A scientific analysis of the manuscript purported to be the original diary of Anne Frank, a Jewish girl who died in a German concentration camp during the Second World War, has revealed that the manuscript could not have been written before 1951, six years after the end of the war.

The significance of Der Spiegel’s revelation of this fraud is twofold. First, the printing of the story in a mass-circulation publication constitutes a major break with past treatments of similar news. The German news media, though not under the Jewish monopoly control which blights the media in this country, generally follow a pro-Jewish line, a heritage from the immediate postwar years when the Allied occupation forces gave publishing licenses only to those Germans who had proved their disloyalty to their country during the war. Consequently, most news tending to cast doubt on Jewish stories about gas chambers and the like from the World War II era has either been blacked out altogether or downplayed and given very unsympathetic treatment. The present article, though accompanied by copious apologies and held back for six months after it became news, would not have been printed at all a year or two ago.

Beyond this, the exposure of the Anne Frank forgery is important because of the sheer magnitude of the fraud and the key role it has played in underpinning the entire Jewish scenario of the war. What is known as a fact is that one Otto Frank, a Jewish merchant, formerly of Frankfurt, who had been arrested in the Netherlands and interned in the Auschwitz concentration camp during the war, began visiting publishers in 1946 with what he claimed was a diary written by his young daughter during the time the Frank family was hiding from the German police in occupied Holland. The girl later perished at Auschwitz, Frank said.

The diary, filled with touching adolescent reveries and homely little anecdotes, was exactly what the Jewish “Holocaust” propagandists were looking for: a highly effective piece of ammunition to generate a maudlin, emotion-laden sympathy for the poor, persecuted Jews — as typified by Anne Frank — and generate hatred against the wicked Germans, who had killed her and six million other Jews.

Otto Frank cashed in on the diary in a big way. Not only did he find a publisher, but he found people hot to buy stage and film rights as well. Shortly after its appearance in book form, the diary had been translated into a score of languages and printed in millions of copies, from all of which Frank received royalties. The English version alone, under the title Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, has sold more than 4,000,000 copies to date. A television dramatization based on the diary was aired in this country last month, accompanied by the usual ballyhoo.

Almost from the beginning there were charges that the diary was a hoax. Some of these charges were based on the gross inconsistencies between various translations and editions of the diary in book form; it was clear that the text had been heavily edited to help it sell well in different markets. Other charges were based on internal inconsistencies and credulity-straining elements in the diary itself.

And then there was the matter of the script for the film version of the diary: Otto Frank was sued by a New York scriptwriter, Meyer Levin, who claimed that Frank had taken large portions of a script he, Levin, had written and had not paid Levin for his work. The court ordered Frank to pay Levin $50,000. One can easily understand why some observers began to wonder how much, if any, of the content of the various Anne Frank books, films, and plays in circulation was actually written by a little Jewish girl named Anne Frank.

Otto Frank, father of Anne, displays what he says is his daughter’s diary, written in 1942–1944 while hiding from the Gestapo. Recent scientific tests have proved the alleged diary could not have been written before 1951. Frank made millions from his forgery before his death this year.

In Germany, however, it was not wise to speculate about such matters publicly. The line laid down by the government and the media is that Anne Frank is gospel, and anyone who suggests otherwise leaves himself open to criminal charges (“defaming the victims of Nazi persecution”) as well as to civil suits. Otto Frank himself made a regular habit of hauling Anne Frank detractors into German courts, which invariably decided in his favor — until recently, that is.

When Hamburg pensioner Ernst Roemer, 76, began spreading the accusation that Otto Frank had himself written what he was passing off as his dead daughter’s diary, Frank sued him. As usual, the court upheld the authenticity of the diary. Handwriting experts testified that the entire diary, including loose notes and insertions, had been written by the same hand, and that hand was Anne Frank’s.

Roemer appealed the court’s decision against him, and more handwriting experts were called in. Their conclusion was the same: Everything in the diary was in the same handwriting; there was no forgery.

Roemer appealed again, and this time the court asked for the technical services of the Federal Criminal Office (Bundeskriminalamt, similar to our FBI), which carried out a careful analysis of the original manuscript of the diary with microscope and ultraviolet illumination in order to confirm its authenticity — in particular, to determine when it was written.

The report of the technical experts was given to the court in April of this year, and it contained a bombshell: large portions of the alleged “diary” were written in ballpoint pen ink — which was not manufactured prior to 1951!

Were it not for the previous testimony of the handwriting experts that the entire diary, including the portions written with ballpoint pen, is in the same hand, the father might have claimed that he only “edited” his daughter’s work, “clarifying” passages here and there. But the evidence was quite unambiguous.

For example, the testimony of Hamburg graphologist Minna Bekker in an earlier trial was: “The handwriting of the diary in the three bound volumes — including all notes and additions on the glued-in pages as well as the 338 pages of loose material — including all corrections and insertions is identical . . .”

Otto should have been more careful in his choice of writing instruments. It is now quite clear that he finished hoking up the “original” of the diary after he had found a publisher for what, in 1946, was nothing more than some rough notes and an idea in his head which seemed to have prospects for making him a lot of money with little effort. First a typescript for the publisher, and then, as sales of the book began to mount, a completed handwritten “original” to show to doubters.

Just after the report of the Federal Criminal Office was given to the court, Otto Frank conveniently died — before he could be asked a number of very interesting questions. Meanwhile, the worldwide Jewish propaganda apparatus has continued its promotion of the Anne Frank myth as if nothing had happened. Der Spiegel seems to be the only mass-circulation news periodical to have exposed the fraud to date.

From Attack! No. 79, 1980, transcribed by Anthony Collins and edited by Vanessa Neubauer

EU coup d’etat in Italy, as Democracy across Europe is in peril

The Duran – News in Review – Episode 14.

The Five Star Movement and the Northern League agreed to form a coalition government that would have represented the two anti-EU parties which together won almost 50% of the vote in the parliamentary elections, and which have a majority in the lower house of the Italian Parliament the Chamber of Deputies.

There government formed represented the parties which won the parliamentary elections, and should have been allowed to take office and govern, but the European Union was not in agreement.

The strongly pro-EU Italian President Sergio Mattarella (a man who is not directly elected by the people, but is elected by an electoral college made up of the two chambers of the Italian parliament and of representatives of Italy’s regions), to the surprise of many agreed to the coalition’s suggestion that Giuseppe Conte be Italy’s new Prime Minister, but in a prearranged move vetoed the coalition’s nominee for Finance Minister, Paolo Savona.

In vetoing Paolo Savona, Mattarella did not question Savona’s qualifications for the Finance Minister post, or say that Savona was unfit to hold office, but instead Mattarella vetoed Savona’s appointment because of Savona’s known skepticism about Italy’s membership of the Eurozone, with which Mattarella happens to disagree.

Mattarella proceeded to dress up his veto by talking of the negative reaction to Savona’s appointment by the financial markets, and of his “duty” to protect Italy’s savers.

Read this post by Alexander Mercouris from more on Italy’s coup by the EU: http://theduran.com/italys-crisis-and-the-crisis-of-democracy-europe.

The Duran delivers a rational viewpoint amidst all the chaos and propaganda in the news today.

Thu May 31, 2018 01:16PM
Parliamentary group co-leaders of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party Alice Weidel (front L) and Alexander Gauland applaud during a session of the lower house of parliament, on March 23, 2018 in Berlin. (Photo by AFP)
Parliamentary group co-leaders of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party Alice Weidel (front L) and Alexander Gauland applaud during a session of the lower house of parliament, on March 23, 2018 in Berlin. (Photo by AFP)

Germany’s far-right party AfD has called for an inquiry into how Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government has allegedly mishandled the country’s asylum applications since 2014 when a massive wave of refugees began hitting German borders.

The Alternative for Germany, the largest opposition party in parliament, the Bundestag, filed a motion on Thursday to set up a committee to investigate the functioning and management of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), the government body that rules on asylum applications in Germany.

The BAMF is being criticized for a series of decisions in its Bremen branch where asylum requests have reportedly been approved with deliberate disregard for legal regulations and internal rules. Those irregularities, which have been branded in the German media as the BAMF scandal, were revealed after an internal review of some 4,568 asylum rulings.

The findings have also reinvigorated a public debate about pros and cons of Merkel’s decision to allow over a million and a half refugees into Germany over the past three years. The AfD’s rise in the German politics, which came during the September election, is believed to be a direct result of Merkel’s open asylum policy as nationalists and far-right groups continue to highlight the security and economic costs of mass refugee arrivals.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel looks on during her visit to the Institute for Research and Innovation in Health Sciences in Porto, Portugal, on May 30, 2018. (Photo by AFP)

The AfD has said a probe into BAMF scandal would not be enough and it will push for a broader inquiry into the government policy since 2014, the legal basis for the government’s 2015 decision to open the borders to refugees and how those decisions have affected Germany’s social and security systems and the costs included.

To set up the inquiry committee, the AfD would require the support of 25 percent of lawmakers. AfD co-leader Alexander Gauland said the party would do its best to gain that support despite the general tendency in the Bundestag in which other parties normally shun the AfD.

However, the liberal Free Democrats (FDP) have called for such a committee to be formed while senior figures in the Bavarian branch of Merkel’s Christian Democrats, (CSU) have also shown interest for an inquiry into the BAMF asylum rulings.

Greece – Convenient Victim or Complacent Masochist? The Devastating Social Impacts of IMF-ECB-EC “Economic Medicine”

In-depth Report: 

Why this title? – Because Greece doesn’t have to continue playing the card of the victim, nor being masochist. Greece seems to suffer under the Stockholm Syndrome – she is in love with her hangman. Greece could change this. Exit the prison, exit the EU and exit the euro. Greece could return to her sovereign national currency, her own sovereign central bank, make her own monetary policy and implement it with a sovereign public banking system that works solely for the Greek economy. Within less than 10 years Greece would have recovered and would even be able to pay back some of her illegally begotten debt.

Although, here it must be added, according to international law, most of Greece’s debt was imposed by the troika under illegal circumstances. It’s also called “odious debt”, the description of which reads “In international law, odious debt, also known as illegitimate debt, is a legal doctrine that holds that the national debt incurred by a regime for purposes that do not serve the best interest of the nation, should not be enforceable. Such debts are, thus, considered by this doctrine to be personal debts of the regime that incurred them and not debts of the state.” This doctrine is complemented by a similar one inscribed in the charter of the IMF that says that the IMF shall not make any loans to a country in distress, that will unlikely be able to reimbursed the debt and pay the debt service.

There is not a day that goes by without Greece making the headlines as being abused by the troika (IMF, European Central Bank – ECB and the unelected European Commission – EC) and by the Germans. Here are three of the latest examples, but there are many more – “Destroying Greek, Plundering Greece. The Latest Update” (by Leonidas Vatikiotis); “Austerity: Public Hospital Halts Chemotherapy, turns away Cancer Patients, because ‘Budget Exceeded’”; and “Greece Crisis: Cancer Patients Suffer as Health System Fails” (Giorgos Christides).

Already years ago, The Lancet reported an increase in Greek suicide rates and child mortality. The misery is indeed real and mounting every day. The western imposed atrocities also abound on a daily basis. Salary cuts – and at least five pensions reductions since 2010, an almost completely dismantled social safety net. Those who depend on it are generally poor. More than 4 million people out of a population of 11 million live at or under the poverty line; 15% live in absolute and abject poverty. About 28% of children live in absolute poverty, meaning malnutrition and diseases, stunting growth and brain development. At least a generation of Greek may be in part intellectually challenged, possibly implying health hazards and restricting economic development over the next 20-some years. Unemployment is hovering around 25% – 30%, with close to 50% for youth (18-35 years). The outlook is grim and promises to become even grimmer.

Public hospitals and schools are either privatized or closed because of lack of budget. Medication is scarce, as part of imposed import restrictions, imposed by Greece’s lovely European neighbors and allies or overseas masters. Specialized and expensive medication, for example cancer medicine, are especially scarce. People die from flu, from colds, from pneumonia – even intestinal diseases that could normally be healed as a matter of routine, but there are not enough antibiotics available. Austerity – budget cuts. Thanks to the brothers from Europe – and again their masters form overseas.

Greece has absolutely no control over her budget anymore. She had to sign this responsibility over to Brussels for what? – another ‘rescue package’ – what else. In September 2016, the Greek Parliament had to approve hurriedly, in less than a week’s time, a 2000-page text of legislation, drafted by Brussels in English, unreadable in this short time for most of the Greek Parliamentarians, with which the Greek Parliament signed away not only all of the publicly owned enterprises and infrastructure to the “European Stability Mechanism” (ESM) for 99 years, during which period all of it may be offered to fire sale prices for privatization, or outright demolition; but, as if this was not enough, the Parliament also signed away its sovereign authority over the Greek budget to Brussels.

Can you imagine? This in the 21st Century. It has not happened since in 1933 the Bundestag, the German Parliament, signed over all decision-making power to the “Führer” – Mr. Adolf Hitler. This is outright EU imposed fascism. The world watches silently – and in full complicity – the literal dismantling of a sovereign country, with the esclavisation and impoverishment of the population that goes with it.

This, though, is not news. It’s rather well-known. It has been written about umpteen times, by umpteen journalists and writers, to greater or lesser extent criticizing the troika, the Greek government, the EC / IMF / BCE imposed austerity, as all three know very well that austerity does not work, nowhere. Never did.

So, why repeat it here, in yet another article? – Because it must be said again and again, and repeated ever so often, until the Greek governing body listens. Greece could stop this bloodletting and misery for the majority of her people almost instantly – by quitting the euro, and by quitting the European Union. She would not be left alone. Acts of Solidarity would come from Asia, Latin America and even Africa. Such offers were already made in 2014 and 2015. But they were not heeded, since the Greek elite wants to part of the EU elite, rubbing elbows, being part of this nefarious club. Many pictures, too many, have been circulating of Mr. Tsipras and his buddies laughing and cajoling with the Lagarde’s and the Junker’s of this world.

Greece could have exited the EU and Eurozone from day one – with the first rescue package in 2010. But she didn’t, for whatever reason. Maybe personal threats to the Tsipras family and Government and / or the “left-wing” Syriza party? – We don’t know, but all is possible in a western civilization where opponents of the Master hegemon in Washington and his dark handlers, are simply assassinated. John Perkins, explains clearly how this works in his bestseller “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”.

But what about integrity of the leaders, of the party, their obligation to the Greek people? Integrity and support foremost to the average Greek, not the Greek elite which way before the troika-Germany onslaught, transferred billions of their euro holdings to Switzerland and other western safe havens. The Tsipras Government’s duty to the vast majority of Greek, who have to survive from their daily work and miserable pensions, has been betrayed. For these people integrity would have called for quitting the Eurozone and the EU.

Why holding on to a European Union that only despises Greece by its non-action, by watching passively over the destruction of their brother? There are no trustworthy allies in the EU. They are all beholden to Brussels and to Washington. There are only greedy enemies. Greece has been singled out as an example for worse to come. Other mostly southern EU countries that were given the insulting name, PIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain), would be treated equally, i.e. sucked into oblivion – if they would dare to resist the systematic milking by the western financial system.

This EU – euro system cannot be reformed. And since abolishment or the simple collapse which is clearly written on the wall, is being extended at all cost, including the blood and lives of the Greek population, there is only ONE WAY for Greece to safe itself – LEAVE THE EURO – LEAVE THE EU.

Greece’s debt today (January 2018) is € 320.2 billion, or 190.4% of GDP (€ 168.2 billion) – and steadily mounting – with an annual interest of € 17.6 billion, increasing at the rate of € 557 per second (€ 48.1 million per day) – See the Greek Debt Clock. So, there is no relief in sight, no matter what western pundits and the IMF are saying. All lies, as is usual in the western world. Greece will never get out of her mountain of debt, while being a member of the euro-zone and the EU.

Greece – wake up, you have the opportunity to walk out of the EU and save the lives of more than half of your population, who are at risk of famine and deadly diseases – Mr. Tsipras and Co. no matter what lengthy theories and economic projections the elite economists who want to save their billions of euros hidden in safe havens, will present to you – it is your duty, your civil obligation as an elected official, elected by the people, to honor the people’s lively interests and to exit this horrendous repressive and abusive club, called European Union.

Greece – you must regain your sovereignty.

Leaving the EU and the euro does not mean you are leaving Europe. Greece, as every pupil knows, is geographically anchored in Europe. Greece is one of the most dramatically beautiful southern European countries and will continue to be visited by millions of tourists from around the world, and naturally from Europe. Other nations will want to trade and deal with Greece and her charming, friendly and smiling people. Friendliness and beauty is one of the key trademarks of Greece. Greece will gain even more respect for standing up for herself.

It’s late – but never too late. Take back your local autonomous currency, take control of your economy through local public banking with low or no interests to stimulate yours – the Greek economy – not the German, not the European economy, but the Greek national economy. Within less than 10 years Greece would have recovered from the current depression. Others have done it, like Argentina, or even Germany, especially after WWII. You will not be left alone. Support, if needed, will be there, particularly from the East, from where the future is. Think of China’s One Belt Initiative (OBI) – which already is linked up with Greece through the Greek port of Piraeus. OBI is a multi-trillion-euro economic development program that will encompass China, Russia, Eurasia, eventually all the way to the western rim of Europe, securing jobs, scientific and cultural development, transcontinental land-and sea transport, trading and more – over the next few hundred years. The west is gone; passé. It’s greed and war-driven economy is slowly but surely committing suicide.

If Greece is not seizing this last-ditch opportunity to exit the euro and to exit the EU, to literally safe her people’s skin, one might legitimately ask, has Greece become a convenient victim, subservient to its own elite and the Brussels-Washington masters, or is she simply masochistically enjoying her misery, borne, incidentally, by 80% of her population?


Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a former World Bank staff and worked extensively around the world in the fields of environment and water resources. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for Global Research, ICH, RT, Sputnik, PressTV, The 21st Century (China), TeleSUR, The Vineyard of The Saker Blog, and other internet sites. He is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed – fiction based on facts and on 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe. He is also a co-author of The World Order and Revolution! – Essays from the Resistance


EU fancies itself a champion of democracy. Its actions show it’s only democratic when it’s convenient

eu flag

© Yves Herman / Reuters

The European Union fancies as a champion of ‘democracy,’ but its action show this doesn’t cover dissenting views, whether from an Eurosceptic party in Italy, austerity-hating Greeks, or any folks voting against its grand plans.

Concerns about Europe’s disregard for the opinions of normal, non-technocrat, non-banker people have bubbled to the surface of social media after Italy’s recent close-call with the near-formation of a government with a clear democratic mandate. But the EU’s glaring democracy deficit has been an inconvenient characteristic of the bloc since its founding.

The Lisbon Treaty: Because only important people need to approve treaties

Once upon a time – in 2004, to be exact – there was something called the Constitution for Europe. This proud document was meant to codify all the wonderful things that the European Union stood for: human dignity, free markets, the rule of law and democracy. Although it was enthusiastically agreed upon and signed by EU bigwigs, the constitution still required rubber-stamp ratification from each member state.

Much to the chagrin of Europe’s visionary leaders, voters in France and the Netherlands rejected this sacred document during a series of referenda held across Europe in 2015. In a refreshingly blunt speech given after the failed Dutch referendum, then-prime minister Jan Peter Balkenende nonchalantly remarked: “The idea of Europe has lived for the politicians, but not the Dutch people. That will have to change.”

And change it did. Sort of.

After a great deal of soul searching, Europe’s top minds came up with an ingenious way to ensure that there would be no more democratic roadblocks interfering with their grand plans for Europe: The constitution would simply be rebranded as the Treaty of Lisbon – and this time, no referendums. Instead, the treaty would be ratified by parliamentary processes.

Actually, there was one country which foolishly allowed its citizenry to vote on the Lisbon Treaty – but luckily this error of judgment was quickly rectified. In a 2008 referendum, Irish voters rejected the treaty by a majority of 53 percent. Not to be dissuaded by the will of the people, Ireland held another referendum on the treaty a year later – and this time the plebes voted the ‘correct’ way.

The Lisbon Treaty’s ultimate triumph over the annoying will of the European people would be the first among many victories against the EU’s arch nemesis – the democratic referendum.

Greeks vote against EU-imposed austerity, Brussels laughs and laughs

In July 2015, the Greek people voted decisively to reject harsh austerity policies sought by the EU and other global institutions in exchange for modest debt relief and a multi-billion-euro bailout.

But the Greek government, strong-armed by Germany and the European Central Bank, ultimately ignored the referendum results, and swiftly introduced tough austerity measures described as necessary in order to thwart economic collapse.

Commenting on the brazen affront to basic democratic principles, former speaker of the Greek Parliament Zoe Konstantopoulou said that the rubbished referendum showed how “Europe has steadily departed from its principal founding goals, democracy, human rights and freedoms and the prosperity of its people and its societies.”

Brexit: Making an example of EU party-poopers

In a 2016 referendum, which has since created incalculable reams of breathless headlines, Britain voted to leave the European Union in clear violation of Brussels’ zero-tolerance policy for anything that it doesn’t like.

Top EU officials wasted no time in calling the democratic result “stupid” and have even urged British youth to reverse the decision.

Although the UK is scheduled to depart from the EU in March, 2019, Brussels has shown little enthusiasm for the necessary negotiations and agreements to ensure an orderly transition. True to form, some within Britain’s political elite are openly campaigning to prevent Brexit from taking place. Former British prime minister Tony Blair has called for a second referendum, and has urged Brussels to do all it can to persuade the UK to remain in the bloc.

Aside from its bureaucratic foot-dragging and patronizing comments, Brussels has also cynically stoked fears about the economic and social consequences of Brexit. This tactic has been especially visible in the bloc’s dealings with Dublin.

“What looks like Brussels love is really an expedient exploitation of Irish concerns to try to weaken British democracy,” Brendan O’Neill, editor of Spiked Online, noted last year. “No one in Britain wants the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland to ossify. No one’s arguing for that. Rather, this fear of a firmer border has been ramped up by Brussels to paint Brexit as a harbinger of division.”

Recalling how pro-EU media had accused the Irish of being “treacherous” children who had “spat in the soup” after they voted against the Lisbon Treaty in 2008, O’Neill observed: “EUphiles suddenly love Ireland for one reason only: they see you as a potential truncheon against Brexit.”

Spain bludgeons peaceful independence movement, EU predictably silent

In October 2017, Catalonia held an independence referendum which had been declared illegal by Spain’s constitutional court. Organisers said 90 percent of voters backed independence, but turnout was less than 45 percent. Many voters who did go to the polls were greeted with police batons and arrests. More than 400 Catalans were reportedly injured as police forcibly removed voters from polling stations.

After Catalonia’s parliament honored the result (a massive EU no-no), Madrid dissolved the region’s parliament, sacked its leaders and called a snap election.

Usually eager to issue sanctimonious statements, Brussels was tellingly tight-lipped about the troubling human rights situation which unfolded in Catalonia. After all, the referendum was an “internal Spanish matter,” so why would the EU get involved?


We’ve now reached the present day, and the EU’s complicated relationship with democracy continues to manifest itself in new, even surprising ways. This week, Italy’s new government was essentially blocked from assuming power, after president Sergio Mattarella refused to approve the new minister of economy, arguing that his Eurosceptic views could endanger Italy’s eternal commitment to the euro. The move – described by analysts as blatantly unconstitutional – was followed by Mattarella’s appointment of a former IMF director as interim prime minister, who will now be charged with forming a different, more responsible government.

“They are with the bankers and the powerful ones. We are with the Italian people,” Matteo Salvini, the leader of Lega Nord, tweeted on Monday, shortly after Mattarella announced his decision to make ex-IMF head Carlo Cottarelli interim prime minister. The defiant message was accompanied by a photograph showing Mattarella, Cottarelli, former prime minister Matteo Renzi, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Mattarella. Salvini is pictured below, rallying a crowd.

There will almost certainly be new elections in the coming months, and the Euroskeptic parties, now more galvanized than ever, will likely turn parliamentary elections into a plebiscite on Italy’s relationship with the EU. Long-overdue karma for Brussels? Perhaps.


Assad: Syria to Beef Up Air Defenses Amid Threat From Israel

President of Syria Bashar al-Assad. (File)

© Sputnik / Alexei Druzhinin


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Syrian President Bashar Assad, in an interview with the news channel RT, commented on the issue of Iranian troops in Syria, the Israeli threat and US strikes on Syria.

Syria will continue beefing up its air defenses after getting help from Russia, Bashar Assad said.

“Our air defense is much stronger than before, thanks to the Russian support, and the recent attacks by the Israelis and by the Americans and British and French proved that we are in a better situation,” he said. “The only option is to improve our air defense, this is the only thing we can do, and we are doing that.”

Assad accused Israel of being in contact with Syrian militants from the start of the seven-year war. He said militants appeared to have acted in the interest of Israel when they picked air defense systems as their primary target.

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“The first target of the mercenaries in Syria was the air defense. Before attacking any other military base it was the air defense… This is the other proof that Israel was in direct link with those terrorists in Syria. So, they attacked those bases, and they destroyed a big part of our air defenses,” he pointed out.

US Strikes on Syria

Bashar Assad said that he did not exclude another US strike anytime as long as the United States continued to violate international laws.

“Of course, it could, because when the Unites States trampled over the international law, on daily basis sometimes in different areas for different reasons, any country in the world could have such an attack,” he said in response to whether an attack was likely.

“As long as you don’t have an international law that could be obeyed by the United States and its puppets in the West, there is no guarantee that it won’t happen,” Assad added.Assad said that Russia’s threat to strike at US launch sites had prevented a broader attack by the United States and its allies than the one Syria came under in April.

“The Russians announced publicly that they are going to destroy the bases that are going to be used to launch missiles,” he said. “Our information — we don’t have evidence, we only have information, and those information are credible information — that they were thinking about a comprehensive attack all over Syria, and that’s why the threat pushed the West to make it on a much smaller scale.”

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“We were close to have direct conflict between the Russian forces and the American forces, and fortunately, it has been avoided, not by the wisdom of the American leadership, but by the wisdom of the Russian leadership,” he said.

The president stressed Russia’s support was needed to stabilize the country, “but we need at the same time to avoid the American foolishness,” he added.

“Our enemies and our opponents – mainly the West led by the US, and their puppets in Europe and in our region, with their mercenaries in Syria – they try to make it farther, either by supporting more terrorism, bringing more terrorists to Syria or by hindering the political process.

Assad said his government faced the challenge of acting faster than its adversaries to “close the gap between their plans and our plans.” “I think we are succeeding in that regard,” he added.

The United States carried out a series of airstrikes on Syria’s alleged chemical sites on April 14 in a joint effort with the United Kingdom and France.

Iranian Troops in Syria

Despite Israel’s claims there are no Iranian troops in Syria, but there are Iranian officers who assist as military advisers, Bashar Assad said.

“The most important fact regarding this issue, is that we do not have Iranian troops. We never had, and you cannot hide it, and we are not ashamed to say that we have, like we invited the Russians, we could have invited the Iranians,” Assad stressed.

The Syrian president noted, however, that there were Iranian officers “who work with the Syrian Army as help.”

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“The starkest fact about their [Israel’s] lies about this issue, the Iranian issue, that the recent attack a few weeks ago, they said that they attacked Iranian bases and camps, as they said, allegedly, and actually we had tens of Syrian martyrs and wounded soldiers, not a single Iranian. So, how could they say that we have it? So, it is a lie,” Assad stressed.

Syrian Conflict Not Civil War

The conflict in Syria is not a civil war, since the very beginning it was a struggle against terrorists and “the West’s mercenaries,” Syrian President Bashar Assad said.

“The word ‘civil war’ has been used widely since the beginning of the conflict in Syria, even by our friends, and by our allies by mistake, without understanding the content of this meaning. Syrian ‘civil war’ means there are sectarian lines based on either ethnicities or sects or religions or maybe political opinion or political currents, let’s say, something we do not have in Syria,” Assad said.

The Syrian president noted that people of various ethnicities and religious beliefs resided in the area controlled by the government, but all of them backed Damascus.

“What we have actually from the very beginning are mercenaries, Syrians, and foreigners being paid by the West in order to topple the government … If we had civil war for seven years, we should have been divided by now. You cannot have one country, united country, united society, it is not geographically because now of the Unites States’ puppets and the Turkish puppets. If there were a civil war, then you should have a divided society,” Assad stressed.

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“The more we get closer to the end, the more they want to make it farther … The more reconciliation you have in one area, the more killing and destruction and trying to capture more areas by the terrorists we will have. That is why within the reconciliation, when we started reconciliations in many areas, the other factions in the same area tried to destroy it, because they have the orders from the outside not to go toward any reconciliation, of course, you have the orders with the pocket of money,” Assad said.

The Syrian president stressed that the farther the situation escalated, the more determined the Syrian government was “to solve the problem.”

“Because you do not have any other choice – either you have a country or you do not have a country,” Assad said.

Talks With SDF

Syrian President Bashar Assad said that his government is ready for peace talks with the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces but the military option remains on the table.

Assad said the United States put its faith in the SDF, a militant alliance of predominantly Kurdish fighters controlling Syria’s north, after other “moderate” rebel groups it backed turned out to be Islamists.

“They are looking for another card. This card is the SDF now because when we are moving forward in different areas to defeat the terrorists the only problem left in Syria is the SDF,” he said.

“We are going to deal with it by two options,” Assad continued. “The first one: we started now opening doors for negotiations, because the majority of them are Syrians… If not we’re going to resort to liberating those areas by force.”

The president said the areas under SDF control would be retaken “with Americans or without Americans.” “And the Americans should leave somehow. They are going to leave,” he added.

Israel MK calls for occupation of Gaza

Ayelet Shaked, Israel’s Justice Minister of the far-right Jewish Home party [Quds News Network/Facebook]

In a radio interview with Janoob FM yesterday, Israeli Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked said that it is time to get ready to occupy the Gaza Strip.

Following the firing of mortars from the Gaza Strip towards the surrounding settlements in response to the recent crimes committed against Palestinians by the occupation, Shaked said: “It is time to get ready to occupy the Gaza Strip as part of efforts to destroy the authority of Hamas.”

Commenting on the fall of a mortar near an empty nursery early yesterday, she said: “A great disaster would have happened and it could have led to war.”

Hamas: We have a right to respond to Israel’s crimes

“The response must be very severe, as if blood was shed here … All options are possible, including the occupation of the Gaza Strip.”

“When we talk about decisiveness, we mean destroying Hamas’ authority with the full sense of the word,” she continued.

“It also means occupying the Gaza Strip, and this is a possible alternative. Truth must not be hidden.”

Bashar Assad: ‘We were close to direct conflict between Russia and US inside Syria’

Bashar al-Assad and Vladimir Putin

© Mikhail Klimentyev / Sputnik vie Reuters

Syrian President Bashar Assad says Moscow deterred the West from launching a devastating country-wide air strike last month, and believes that Damascus has nearly won the seven-year war, despite continued US “interference.”

“With every move forward for the Syrian Army, and for the political process, and for the whole situation, our enemies and our opponents, mainly the West led by the United States and their puppets in Europe and in our region, they try to make it farther – either by supporting more terrorism, bringing more terrorists to Syria, or by hindering the political process,” Assad told RT correspondent Murad Gazdiev, during a sit-down interview in Damascus, noting that without outside funding his opponents inside the country could be subdued “within a year.”

After having to switch its support between the various anti-Assad factions, and the recapture of the key cities of Aleppo and Deir ez-Zor by government forces over the past two years, Washington, the Syrian leader believes, is “losing its cards” and can be brought to the negotiating table.

Our challenge is how can we close this gap between their plans and our plans,” Assad said.

‘World didn’t buy US chemical weapons story’

The Syrian leader believes, however, that the closer the deadly conflict comes to an end, the more desperate his opponents’ measures become. He cited the alleged Douma chemical weapon attack (“Is it in our interest? Why, and why now?” he asks) as a last-ditch Western attempt to sway international opinion – one that failed.

“They told a story, they told a lie, and the public opinion around the world and in the West didn’t buy their story, but they couldn’t withdraw. So, they had to do something, even on a smaller scale,” Assad said, referring to the joint airstrikes against purported Syrian chemical weapons facilities, carried out on April 14 by the US, UK, and France.

Assad says Moscow also played a role in restraining Washington’s influence and meddling in the region, both generally since its invitation to aid Damascus in September 2015, and in this particular incident.

‘Russia deterred larger-scale attack on Syria’

“The Russians announced publicly that they are going to destroy the bases that are going to be used to launch missiles, and our information – we don’t have evidence, we only have information, and that information is credible information – that they were thinking about a comprehensive attack all over Syria, and that’s why the threat pushed the West to make it on a much smaller scale,” the Syrian president said.

With Western ‘advisers’ deployed alongside their proxy forces in Syria, Assad also thanked Russia for not triggering face-to-face confrontation with the US, which is operating in close proximity both in the air and on the ground.

“We were close to have direct conflict between the Russian forces and the American forces, and fortunately, it has been avoided, not by the wisdom of the American leadership, but by the wisdom of the Russian leadership,” Assad told Gazdiev. “We need the Russian support, but we need at the same time to avoid the American foolishness in order to be able to stabilize our country.”

‘Either you have a country or you don’t have a country’

Despite praising the diplomatic efforts of the Astana peace process, and emphasizing the government’s own drive to win the hearts and minds by restoring order in liberated areas, and initiating a process of reconciliation, Assad says there are still some victories that will have to be won on the battlefield.

“Factions like Al-Qaeda, like ISIS, like Al-Nusra, and the like-minded groups, they’re not ready for any dialogue, they don’t have any political plan; they only have this dark ideological plan, which is to be like any Al-Qaeda-controlled area anywhere in this world. So, the only option to deal with those factions is force,” Assad said, emphasizing that there is no stepping back now.

“The more escalation we have, the more determined we’ll be to solve the problem, because you don’t have any other choice; either you have a country or you don’t have a country,” the Syrian president told RT.

Comment: Syrian President Bashar Assad, in an interview with the news channel RT, commented on the issue of Iranian troops in Syria, the Israeli threat and US strikes on Syria.

Syria will continue beefing up its air defenses after getting help from Russia, Bashar Assad said.

“Our air defense is much stronger than before, thanks to the Russian support, and the recent attacks by the Israelis and by the Americans and British and French proved that we are in a better situation,” he said. “The only option is to improve our air defense, this is the only thing we can do, and we are doing that.”

Assad accused Israel of being in contact with Syrian militants from the start of the seven-year war. He said militants appeared to have acted in the interest of Israel when they picked air defense systems as their primary target.

“The first target of the mercenaries in Syria was the air defense. Before attacking any other military base it was the air defense… This is the other proof that Israel was in direct link with those terrorists in Syria. So, they attacked those bases, and they destroyed a big part of our air defenses,” he pointed out.

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America’s Incredible Shrinking Influence – Ron Paul

Weekly Update — America’s Incredible Shrinking Influence

America’s Incredible Shrinking Influence

Just two weeks after President Trump pulled the US from the Iran nuclear agreement, his Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, issued 12 demands to Iran that could never be satisfied. Pompeo knew his demands would be impossible to meet. They were designed that way. Just like Austria-Hungary’s ultimatum to Serbia in July, 1914, that led to the beginning of World War I. And just like the impossible demands made of Milosevic in 1999 and of Saddam Hussein in 1991 and 2003, and so many other times when Washington wanted war. These impossible demands are tools of war rather than steps toward peace.

Secretary Pompeo raged at Iran. The mainstream news media raged at Iran. Trump raged at Iran. But then a strange thing happened: nothing. The Iranians announced that they remained committed to diplomacy and would continue to uphold their end of the nuclear agreement if the Europeans and other partners were willing to do the same. Iranian and European officials then sought out contacts in defiance of Washington in hopes of preserving mutually-beneficial emerging commercial relations.

Washington responded to the European snub by threatening secondary sanctions on European companies that continued doing business with an Iran that had repeatedly been found in compliance with its end of the bargain. Any independent European relationship with Iran would be punished, Washington threatened. But then, again, very little happened.

Rather than jump on Washington’s bandwagon, German Chancellor Angela Merkel made two trips to Russia in May seeking closer ties and a way forward on Iran.

Russia and China were named as our prime enemies in the latest National Security Strategy for the United States, but both countries stand to benefit from the unilateral US withdrawal from the Iran deal. When the French oil company Total got spooked by Washington threats and pulled out of Iran, a Chinese firm eagerly took its place.

It seems the world has grown tired of neocon threats from Washington. Ironically the “communist” Chinese seem to understand better than the US that in capitalism you do not threaten your customers. While the US is threatening and sanctioning and forbidding economic relations, its adversaries overseas are busy reaping the benefits of America’s real isolationism.

If President Trump’s canceled meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un remains canceled, North and South Korea have shown that they will continue with their peacemaking efforts. As if Washington was no longer relevant.

I’ve often spoken of the unintended consequences of our aggressive foreign policy. For example, President Bush’s invasion of Iraq only helped Iran – our “enemy” – become more dominant in the Middle East. But it seems new consequences are emerging, and for the neocons they must be very unintended: for all of its bellicosity, threats, demands, sanctions, and even bombs, the rest of the world is increasingly simply ignoring the demands of Washington and getting on with its own business.

While I am slightly surprised at this development, as a libertarian and a non-interventionist I welcome the growing irrelevance of Washington’s interventionists. We have a far better philosophy and we must work hard to promote it so that it can finally be tried after neocon failure becomes obvious to everyone. This is our big opportunity!

(Republished from The Ron Paul Institute by permission of author or representative)

The Occupation: Reflections on a Recent Trip to Iran

Gearoid a83b4

Excessive emotional focus on the brutality the Israeli Defense Forces in Palestine, while justified, nevertheless serves to mask the deeper forces driving the world to war: Jewish eschatology, anti-Gentilism, and the Israeli occupation of the Western mind. It is time to break the taboo.

I visited Iran last week for the Sixth International New Horizons Conference in the religious city of Mashad. The New Horizons conference is organised by an Iranian NGO and invites writers and intellectuals from all over the world to debate and discuss problems in international relations. This year’s conference focused on the recent US embassy move to Jerusalem.

I wrote a paper for the conference book entitled ‘The Noahide Laws: Bedrock for a Planetary State called Israel’ arguing that many Jewish rabbis and influential oligarchs wish to see Jerusalem as the capital of a world government which would have one set of laws for Jews and another for gentiles. I described how the legal mechanisms of Jewish-dominated global governance are already being implemented at UN level, unbeknownst to most of the world’s population. Globalisation is as much a matter of a certain religious fanaticism as it is of monopoly capitalism – a fact dialectical materialists cannot and will not ever comprehend.

This was my fourth trip to Iran, the third on an official basis. Mashad is home to the tomb of the Eight Shiia Imam. The city never sleeps with pilgrims arriving all the time from all over the world. I visited Mashad university with former US Psychological Operations Counterterrorism analyst Scott Bennett where I delivered a lecture on the history of European anti-Semitism.

I argued that European anti-Semitism was principally due to the cruel behaviour of Jewish financiers who repeatedly and relentlessly got princes and paupers into debt through the illicit practice of usury. One simply needs to read the extensive literature on the topic written by Jews such as Bernard Lazard, Heinrich Graetz, Werner Sombart, Cecil Roth or Gershom Sholem to understand why gentiles distrusted and despised Jews. Since Christ cleared the money-lenders from the temple, Roman Catholic teaching has proclaimed usury to be a mortal sin equivalent to murder.

Jews are encouraged by the Talmud to lend to the gentile at interest: it is the fundamental difference between the Jew and the Christian,  a fact understood by all Europe’s great philosophers from Augustine to Aquinas and from Nietzsche to Marx, but lacking among the craven clique of contemporary philosophasters.

In most cases, those who denounce anti-Semitism have never read any of the relevant literature.

Multipolar chaos or Christian world order

There were important disagreements at this conference. Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin contended that a multipolar world of traditional civilisations would resolve many of the problems of the current world disorder. But Catholic intellectual E. Micheal Jones, Tehran-based Islamologist Blake Archer Williams and this writer argued that the natural tendency of the world is towards unification.

To be sure, national democratic revolutions propelled by populism can open avenues of resistance to globalisation but only on an extremely limited scale. For example, Trump’s presidency has allowed debate on the origins of climate change to flourish. Now, thousands of important dissenting voices in the scientific community can finally be heard and the project for one-world government – the driving force behind climate pseudo-science is weakened.

Nonetheless, I believe we will have a global super-state in time whether we like it or not. Multipolarity has not brought global peace, nor did the multipolar order of 1913 prevent the first world war.

Only a return to traditional Roman Catholicism could offer the prospect of overcoming the challenges of multicultural Europe. For the basis of European civilisation is constituted, as Alain Soral has wisely noted, by the Greek logos and the Roman caritas which are united in Christianity. Today logos has been buried in liberal and atheistic irrationalism and pseudoscience, while we have lost all sense of the beauty and necessity of Christian compassion or charity.

The Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church was intended by God to be the guide of humanity, a link between heaven and earth guiding all men to their salvation. It was meant to be a one-world government under God. Since the Enlightenment ( a revolt against reason rather than for it) godless elites have striven for the creation of a universal republic, a Promethean dream of humanist supremacy, a universal Anti-Church- a world government under Satan.

Communism can deliver man from the tyranny of capital but it cannot deliver man from his fallen nature if it is not the communism of Acts 4 -32-35. In Stalin’s USSR and Enver Hoxha’s Socialist Albania, valiant efforts were made to encourage self-criticism and altruism but the revolutions were overthrown. At the conference, I met Olsi Yazeji , an Albanian political commentator. He told me that the successes of Hoxha’s socialist revolution were undermined by state atheism. According to Bill Bland, Hoxha never supported the introduction of state atheism. In fact, he supported Khomeini’s revolution in Iran. But Ever Hoxha was not a dictator; he had to conform to the ‘wisdom’ of the party. It was the ultra-leftist democratic will of the people to make atheism the state doctrine. Democracy becomes tyranny when the collective will is based on individual ignorance.

As Chesterton points out in his book ‘The Everlasting Man’, Marxists are deluded into thinking that man’s primary need is material; nay, man’s primary need is to understand why he is here.

 Archbishop Fulton Sheen said that communists in the USSR during Stalin’s time were far more like Christians than Americans; but they carried a cross without Christ, whereas Americans wanted Christ without the cross. Sheen’s strategy to defeat communism was ironically similar, mutatis mutandis, to Stalin’s attempt to spread it: build a revolutionary Christian society in one country and the world will follow.

Today, the ‘Left’ is comparable to the Roman soldiers at Golgotha: they leer at, mock and torment anyone who upholds the value of truth. They are smug middle-class conservatives with no theory for change; a pompous troupe of lily-livered social degenerates incapable of lifting anything of value, let alone a cross!

 In Iran, Shiia theologians see Islam as the path to Christ. It is on that basis alone that Muslims and Christians can form an alliance -albeit agonistic – against the Luciferian world disorder.

The very fact that New Horizons Conferences exist in Iran is an attestation of a multi-polar world but it is a world teetering on the edge of the abyss as the prospect of war looms. Roman Catholics do not want a multi-polar world; we want a divine world order which is the mystical body of Christ. Russian Orthodox Christianity is vital to that unification but only if Russia is consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Mary, according to the vision of Fatima. In his last visit to the Vatican President Vladimir Putin is reported to have asked the Apostate Pope about the Third Secret of Fatima. If it is true, it shows that Putin’s Russia sees its historical and eschatological role in the framework of a Third Rome.

According to Father Kramer, the Apostate Francis refused to discuss Fatima with President Putin.


Jewish and Israeli organisations have played a key role in promoting ‘multiculturalism’ in Europe. Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is acculturation. I say this as someone who began his writing career as a propagandist for multiculturalism. Polyglots love diversity. It is what attracts us to foreign languages. Multicultural Europe, however, is total homogenisation. But we should not fall into the trap of those godless alt-rightists who blame the victims of globalisation.

Many African migrants in Europe keep our churches open and they are far more moral than many of our indigenous citizens. Europeans and Africans will only achieve a higher civil synthesis through faith. The current war in the Holy See between Cardinal Sarah and the ‘Apostate’ Francis is symbolic.

Sarah, an African, appears to be one of the few cardinals currently defending the Roman Catholic Church against the perverted sycophants of the Bishop of Rome. Traditional Roman Catholics, whom petty bourgeois leftists slander as racists, are praying for Sarah to become pope. I am not saying we in Europe should be happy about becoming an ethnic minority, which if mass immigration continues, we will certainly become.

Only fools and self-hating petty bourgeois White leftists seek the annihilation of their own race. But we should look at our situation in world-historical terms. The Goths and Visigoths destroyed the Roman Empire, but they also helped build a far more important civilisation: Christendom.

A return to Christianity will bring about a return to natural law, reason and the scientific method based on proofs, not consensus.

The populist movements are a step in the right direction in so far as they challenge EU centralisation. But many of those movements are in alliance with the Jews against the Muslims. There must be an alliance of Muslims and Christians against the Zionists. The alliance must be Leninist in form. That is to say, the Christians must seek to convert Muslim immigrants. There cannot be several truths. Either Christ is the Messiah or he is not. For Roman Catholics, Islam is a Christian heresy; it is what all the Church fathers taught. The Muslims, on the other hand, also have the duty to convert the Christians. They have every right to do so.

Our alliance will not be easy. But we should see Muslims and Christians as committed to two versions of Christianity. We need to work on our common ground. Muslims, through their espousal of family values; of the religious way of life; of a belief in charity and generosity, are our brothers and sisters. This agonistic alliance is already happening in Paris, the ‘capital of subversion’, where traditional Roman Catholic priests are going into working-class Muslims communities to preach the gospel and are being warmly received there.

Is Trump Iran’s ally?

Those who voted for Donald Trump have far more in common with the values of the people who revere Imam Khomeini. In many respects, both political revolutions represent a rejection of the bourgeois liberal catechism of human rights and the specious dogmas of modernity. Trumpism and Khomeinism both represent a resurgence of the reality principle in a world of postmodern chaos.

To be sure, Trump is doing the bidding of the ultra-Zionist Jews Sheldon Adelson and Paul Singer who have partly funded him. But the liberal wing of international Jewry is far more powerful. French Jew and self-professed Satanist Bernard-Henri Lévi recently compared Trump to Emperor Diocletian, who some Rabbis claimed took revenge on the Jews while in power after being bullied by them in his youth.

Bernard-Henri Lévy is under no doubt about who runs the USA.

‘There is a law that governs the relations between the Jews and the rest of the world. That law was articulated in one form at the time of the trial of Adolf Eichmann, when the great Jewish thinker Gershom Scholem faulted Hannah Arendt for falling short of “ahavat Israel” — for showing insufficient “love of the Jewish people.This love is precisely what is required of an American president in dealings affecting Israel.’

Love for Israel and the Jews is the sacred law which must govern the ‘rest of the world’. But Bernard-Henri Lévy does not believe Trump really loves the Jews. For Lévy the election of Trump is strengthening:

the most shortsighted and therefore suicidal fringe of Israeli politics. It may send the wrong signal to those who would be only too happy to see the United States set the example of making unilateral, unnegotiated decisions, thereby opening the way to other shows of force. In the United States, it may generate an overly enthusiastic embrace by pro-Israel Jews of a volatile president (one likely, depending on the needs of his deals, to change his mind), one who is so deeply unpopular with so many Americans that his embrace of Israel, however fleeting, could endanger the bipartisan consensus that has been so beneficial to Israel over the decades

A nation which dominates another cannot be free because it constantly lives in fear of revolt. Now the entire liberal intelligentsia in Europe can see that Israel is the real reason for Trump’s hostility to Iran; that Zionism commits mass murder with impunity; that ultra-Zionist populism endangers Jewish power in the world. Given Trump’s bad cop image, it is more difficult for the liberal press to justify his measures  – to the benefit of Israel’s enemies.

The fact that so many European and American intellectuals at the Iran conference preferred Trump to Clinton proves that Bernard-Henri Lévi’s anxieties are well-founded. Internationalist liberal values are the fons et origo of Jewish power in the world. The gentile rebellion against those fake values, while ensconced in ultra-Zionist discourse, nevertheless represents the possibility of a deeper apostasy from political Judaism. No matter how much largesse Trump bestows upon the Jews, they will not be at peace until Rome falls and Judea triumphs. We are not suggesting Trump is somehow ‘ on our side’ or that he represents a major rupture in US imperialism. We are simply pointing out that the Zionists want to replace the United States as the ruling state in the world, a fact alluded to repeatedly by Sheikh Imran Hosein. To that end, the last vestiges of Christendom must fall. Jewish intellectuals have a considerable advantage over many of their gentile critics: they are well-read in the history of Western civilisation. In his book ‘l’Esprit du Judaisme’ Bernard-Henri Lévy argues that the Jewish spirit is the eternal enemy of ‘Rome’.  Rome is the world empire that became Christian. Lévy wants to see a Jewish world empire. He does not disguise that fact, nor should we.

During the conference in Mashad, we had the opportunity to see a video of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urging the US Congress to bombard Iran through strategically-placed satellite dishes with the Jewish-owned entertainment industry, in order to corrupt the values of the nation’s youth. The Jews boast about the fact that they use the entertainment industry to dominate the gentiles. Are gentiles afraid to speak of such things? A majority that fears a minority deserves to be enslaved.

As I write, historian Hervé Ryssen is being arraigned before a French court for having simply described what Jews say about themselves. He is guilty of “malicious intent” and has broken the law which says you must love the Jews more than God. When fools rail at us for anti-Semitism we must denounce them for anti-Gentilism! For that is what political Judaism is: one vast conspiracy against gentiles and Christianity in particular.


Jewish gatekeepers


I have noted before that Jewish, left-liberal Palestinophiles often have a note-worthy tendency to deflect attention from the obvious elephant in the room when we talk about the occupied territories: the role of the Jewish Lobbies in the West; Jewish-controlled media both mainstream and ‘alternative’; Jewish finance and supremacist Talmudic ideology.

 Jewish gate-keepers in the pro-Palestinian movement will try to make you believe the Jewish Lobby does not exist. They are always viscerally opposed to ‘conspiracy theory’; they have a good reason! You will learn nothing from them about Israeli false flag operations; Israel’s role in 911 and subsequent false flag terrorist attacks. But there is one conspiracy theory they like to propagate: those who wish to discuss these problems are Nazis and have been put into the pro-Palestinian movement by Israel to discredit it!

They never produce any evidence to back up their claims. I just hope all those Mossad payments to my Paypal are not discovered! The Jewish gatekeeper’s role in conferences is to interrupt and bully, Goebbels-like, those who do have the courage to broaden the parameters of the debate on the Jewish Question. For them, there is no Jewish Question; there is only the Palestinian Question. But it was two millennia of Jewish hatred and opposition to Christian civilisation which turned Palestinians into refugees. There was never a Palestinian Question before 1948. The President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas is well read in that history and is not afraid to say it.

But you won’t hear about it from the Jewish ‘pro-Palestinian’ gatekeeper. As the Israelis say ‘ By deception we wage war’.

To those who would call Catholic Judeologist Mark Glenn and me, ‘Nazis’, it is imperative to quote from Father Fahy’s 1935 book ‘The Mystical Body of Christ and the Reorganisation of Society’ for the correct Christian view on the heinous ideology called national socialism:

‘ The Jews, as a nation, refuse to accept the Divine Plan for order. They, as well as the National-Socialists, want to impose on God their plans for the glory of their race and nation. They deify their own nation. Hence both the Jewish Nation and the National-Socialist movement reject our true divinization, through our lord Jesus Christ.The ideals and aims of both these sections of the naturalistic army are opposed to the Catholic idea and infinitely inferior to it. And both these forces are being used by Satan to bring disaster on the world. There is laughter in hell when human beings succumb once more to the temptation to the temptation of the Garden of Eden and put themselves in place of God, whether the new divinity be the Jewish race or the German race’.

 It is the Zionists who are the Nazis, not traditional Roman Catholics!

Deicide is the supreme crime

The Palestinian uprising against the Jewish State’s attempt to make Jerusalem the capital of a Satanic world order must be accompanied by a worldwide awakening to and rejection of political Judaism’s methods of mass manipulation: Hollywood and the entertainment industry; the mass media, and bourgeois liberal consensus politics.

There is no long-term political solution to the occupation of Palestine; it is a manifestation of a global psychological occupation which inverts reality, making us perceive our servitude as freedom. French theologian Monsignor Delasus in his 18th-century book ‘ La Conjuration anti-Chretienne’ warned that if men left the Catholic Church they would be ruled by the Jews. The dispossession and genocide of the Palestinians is an intimation of humanity’s fate extra ecclesiam. 
 That Judaism has entered and corrupted the Catholic Church since the heresies of the Vatican II council, there can be no doubt.The Jews boasted about their conquest!

Until the publication of the heretical encyclical Nostra Aetate in 1965, traditional Catholic teaching on the Jews was that they were destined to wander the world until they accepted Christ as their saviour. Nostra Aetate is not based on Catholic doctrine: it provides no Biblical evidence to support its outrageous claims.

Catholic doctrine is crystal clear that the supreme crime of history is deicide: the crucifixion of Christ; and the Jews were responsible for that crime. It is our duty as Roman Catholics to politely remind our Jewish friends that this and only this can count as history’s greatest murder. Jews must never be harmed; they must be protected, loved and we must pray for their conversion so that their souls may be saved. There is no ‘Judeo-Christianity’;  Christianity and Judaism are the opposite of each other. For Christians, the crucifixion is the only historical fact which is both an object of worship and study. The sufferings of the Jewish people are a matter of history and are thus subject to the rigour of study and critical analysis; they cannot and should not ever be the object of worship.

Since the 1960s, these key doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church have been abandoned. Traditional Roman Catholics cannot support and collaborate with Zionism as the Jews have no right to Palestine.  To be sure, the Vatican is, and has been for some time, occupied by a homosexual, free-masonic cult of Satanists but the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church, as the mystical body of Christ, the only institution in the world founded by God, is divine, eternal and indestructible; and it is the salvation for all mankind. The Church was a corrupt failure before it was even founded; Peter betrays Christ three times! That is why it is the truth of humanity. The corruption of the clergy has always been surpassed by the truth of the doctrine.

Persia and Rome versus Judea!

 Only a Catholic revolution will save Europe from ‘the occupation’. The social cohesion promoted by Iran’s Islamic Revolution; its particular form of theocratic democracy or religious politics; its humility and quest for knowledge, has made it the centre of a global movement against Zionism and political Judaism. Europeans have much to learn from Persia for it will take a far more radical and fundamental revolution in Europe to liberate us from ‘the occupation’.

This is the deeper significance of Iran’s Islamic Revolution and why it leads the struggle for the liberation of the Middle East and the world: Iran rejects the bourgeois liberal order and its fake religion of human rights, democracy and freedom  – all of which mean the opposite.

That is why international Jewry will do everything in its power to destroy the Islamic Republic of Iran and its people. We say international Jewry as we are not simply talking about Zionists such as Netanyahu here; we are talking about ‘internationalists’ George Soros and other banksters, most of whom are Jewish and see their Judaism as fundamental to their worldview.

Iran understands that this is a religious war waged by the Great Satan against those who love and fear God. Soros, though an ostensible enemy of Israel, does far more to push Jewish power in the world, than Benjamin Netanyahu. While the latter props up terrorists in Syria, the Soros-funded Human Rights Watch blames their crimes on their victims while playing the same role as the Jewish gatekeeper: keep critics of Israel focused on Gaza and away from the question of Jewish power.

The Jews say that anti-Zionism is tantamount to anti-Semitism. They are correct. For to be anti-Semitic is to be opposed to a system called Semitism, which we translate as Jewish supremacy. That does not make us opposed to all semites, whether Arabs or Jews. We should also point out that Iran, a predominantly Indo-European nation, counts many Jews and Arabs among its Semitic religious minorities. In fact, Iran’s Jewish community is the largest in the Middle East outside Israel and it supports the Islamic Republic. Last year I interviewed a well-known Jewish deputy in the Iranian parliament, which you will see in my forthcoming documentary on Iran.

Who is afraid of being called anti-Semitic? What a noble thing it is to be against Semitism, against Jewish racist supremacy! It is a compliment to be called anti-Semitic!

Polite liberal claptrap about human rights and international law will do nothing to end ‘the occupation’. The problem lies at the very core of Western civilisation which is on its deathbed. Palestine is crawling with NGOs and well-meaning ‘activists’ who bravely stand before tanks and gunfire, organise conferences and events but who have no knowledge of the Jews and their history. Those people are motivated more by emotion than reason. Take the pathetic example of French Trotskyite Olivier Besancenot, crying on television when he was called an ‘anti-Semite.’

Abby Martin is another case in point. She rants and raves about the “fascist” Israeli regime; yet when asked why the United States supports it, pathetically responds, “ I don’t know”. How can she not know! It seems the whole point of her vituperative tirade against Israel is to preclude open, honest, calm factual analysis of the problem. The Israeli Defense Forces are a minute symptom of the far more complex, global phenomenon discussed here.

What we need is a virile response to the Jewish occupation of our formerly Christian minds, of our schools, media, courts and universities. We need to learn the history of Jewish anti-Gentilism. As Roman Catholics, we must love and respect all individual Jews. We cannot succumb to hatred of any other human beings.

In Bull ‘Sicut Judaeis’ Pope Alexander III (1159-1181) writes:

[The Jews] ought to suffer no prejudice. We, out of the meekness of Christian piety, and in keeping in the footprints of Our predecessors of happy memory, the Roman Pontiffs Calixtus, Eugene, Alexander, Clement, admit their petition, and We grant them the buckler of Our protection.
For We make the law that no Christian compel them, unwilling or refusing, by violence to come to baptism. But, if any one of them should spontaneously, and for the sake of the faith, fly to the Christians, once his choice has become evident, let him be made a Christian without any calumny. Indeed, he is not considered to possess the true faith of Christianity who is not recognized to have come to Christian baptism, not spontaneously, but unwillingly.
Too, no Christian ought to presume…to injure their persons, or with violence to take their property, or to change the good customs which they have had until now in whatever region they inhabit.
Besides, in the celebration of their own festivities, no one ought disturb them in any way, with clubs or stones, nor ought any one try to require from them or to extort from them services they do not owe, except for those they have been accustomed from times past to perform.
We decree… that no one ought to dare mutilate or diminish a Jewish cemetery, nor, in order to get money, to exhume bodies once they have been buried.
If anyone, however, shall attempt, the tenor of this decree once known, to go against it…let him be punished by the vengeance of excommunication, unless he correct his presumption by making equivalent satisfaction

 The key to resolving the occupation of the Middle East is for Europeans to adopt a Christian attitude towards the Jews. There is no other solution to the problem. Secularists cannot and will not ever solve the problem of the Jewish occupation of Palestine because they do not understand Jewish eschatology; they naively believe the problem is secular Jewish nationalism and far-right American Christian evangelism. The problem is far more complex.

According to French oligarch Jacques Attali, the project of moving the Israeli capital to Jerusalem is part of the attempt to make the city the capital of a future world government in preparation for the return of the Jewish Messiah. Attali also believes non Jews are subhuman; it’s a common Talmudic belief. Christians should not lose sight of the fact that Jerusalem is our sacred city too.

The New World Order is the future triumph of evil on this earth. It is the dream of those who say they are Jews and are not but are the Synagogue of Satan’. (Revelation 3.9).

The Western mind is an Israeli-occupied territory. We are are living under Jewish occupation. But in these dark, end times, a new horizon has opened in Persia where imams are calling for the return of Christ and an end to the global, Satanic propaganda machine, an end once and for all to the occupation.


Israel in panic over losing their ‘dear’ ISIS and Al-Nusra terrorists in Syria – Assad

Israel in panic over losing their ‘dear’ ISIS & Al-Nusra terrorists in Syria – Assad
Striking targets in Syria and threatening to assassinate the leader on the pretext of fighting Iranian influence is a sign that Israel is in “panic” after losing its “dear” terrorist assets, President Bashar Assad told RT.

Over the last couple of months, Israel has intensified its bombing of military infrastructure in Syria, arguing that the Iranian presence in the Arab Republic jeopardizes its own national security. However, Israel’s justification for its air strikes based on alleged Iranian assets is a “lie,” Assad told RT’s Murad Gazdiev in an exclusive interview.

“We don’t have Iranian troops,” Assad said. “We always said that we have Iranian officers, but they work with our army, we don’t have [Iranian] troops.”

Some Israeli politicians have threatened to “liquidate” Assad and topple his government if Iran continues to operate in Syria and transfer weapons to the Lebanese Hezbollah. The Syrian president, however, has made it clear that he is not afraid of the threat.

“The Israelis have been assassinating, killing, occupying for decades now, for around seven decades, in this region, but usually they do all this without threatening. Now, why do they threaten in this way? This is panic, this is a kind of hysterical feeling because they are losing the ‘dear ones,’ the dear ones Al-Nusra and ISIS, that’s why Israel is panicking recently, and we understand their feeling,” Assad said.

Rejecting claims that Syria’s air defenses are practically useless against Israeli jets, the 52-year-old Syrian leader said the old Soviet weapons were capable of repelling numerous IAF strikes and the US-led bombardment in April, when the US, Britain, and France fired over 100 cruise missiles at Syria.

“Our air defense is much stronger than before, thanks to the Russian support and the recent attacks by the Israelis and by the Americans and British and French proved that we are in a better situation” than at the start of the civil war seven years ago, he said.
To protect the sovereignty of Syria, Assad vowed to “improve our air defense, this is the only thing we can do, and we are doing that.”

READ MORE: Israeli military on’ high alert’, reservists and bomb shelters primed over Iran activity in Syria

Assad also said that crippling Syria’s air defenses was one of the original tactics used by the “mercenaries” at the beginning of the conflict, and that it was never designed to aid the “peaceful demonstrators,” but would certainly help in case of a foreign military intervention to depose the government.

“So, they attacked those bases, and they destroyed a big part of our air defenses,” he said, arguing that Israel continues to take advantage of that to this day. “This is the other proof that Israel was in direct link with those terrorists in Syria.”

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‘The jihadists JEWHADISTS


U.S. walks-out of UN Disarmament Forum – because Syria was allowed to speak

Today, we were told that the US ambassador to the UN in Geneva led a protest over Syria’s role at head of the Conference on Disarmament, calling the event a “travesty.”

Apparently, US officials left the room when Syrian representative took the floor.

“Syria’s presence here is a travesty. This regime has committed countless crimes against its own people through the use of chemical weapons, and it is just unacceptable for them to be leading this body,” said US ambassador Robert Wood.

Wood also threatened more actions led by the US designed to undermine and damage the UN conference, saying that he also said that he “will be taking other actions that you will see over the course of Syria’s presidency, so please stay tuned”.

Of course, this pattern of behaviour is nothing new – where US officials rail in anger anytime Syrian officials are allowed to speak in an international forum. It is now a normal occurrence for US ambassador to the UN, Niki Haley to get up and leave a room whenever either Syria or Palestinian envoys address a UN forum, as Washington does not recognise Syria’s government or its overwhelming mandate as “legitimate”, although for some reason US officials still generally recognise the receding conclave of jihadist militants in Syria as legitimate “opposition forces.”

What Washington officials fail to acknowledge however, is their own sordid role in a massive illegal weapons trafficking operation into Syria starting from 2012, and escalating through 2014 – 2017, culminating in 350 diplomatic charter flights transporting US-procured weapons destined for conflict areas like Syria, with much of the cargo heading for known terrorist enclaves in Syria, where weapons fell onto the hands of al-Nusra Front (al Qaeda in Syria) and ISIS. Additionally, other arms made their way to other conflict zones including Central Asia and Africa.

Haaretz (via Reuters) reports…

The United States staged a walkout in protest at Syria’s presidency of the Conference on Disarmament at the United Nations in Geneva on Tuesday.

The delegation stood from their seats as the Syrian ambassador to the U.N., Hussam Edin Aala opened the latest round of the conference.

Wood said Syria’s presidency of a body committed to non-proliferation was a travesty, given that “the regime was responsible for killing countless of its own civilians, many of whom have been impacted by chemical weapons attacks.”

Washington did not plan a boycott of the four-week presidency but wanted to hold Syria to account for its use of chemical weapons, he said.

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Syria civilians protest against US-backed Kurdish forces

Kurdish PKK marching with their flags [KurdishstruggleWikipedia]

Kurdish PKK marching with their flags [KurdishstruggleWikipedia]

Syrian civilians held demonstrations across the city of Raqqa yesterday calling on US-backed Kurdish militias to leave the area, according to Syria Call news agency.

Protests took part in the main Al-Sakia Street as well as in several of the city’s neighbourhoods, including Al-Mashbal. Demonstrators shouted slogans against the Kurdish authorities and expressed opposition to the federalist system they seek to implement in the northern territories under their control.

HalabToday حلب اليوم


حملة الرقة تذبح بصمت تنشر فيديو لمظاهرة بالقرب من شارع الساقية تطالب بخروج وحدات حماية الشعب الكردية من مدينة الرقة.

People’s Protection Unit (YPG) militias sent security reinforcements to suppress the demonstrations and reportedly fired on the crowded protesters, resulting in several injuries.

The protests come a week after the YPG imposed forced conscription on residents of the city, mandating that men between the ages of 18 and 30 join militias for at least nine months, dubbing the policy “compulsory conscription in the duty of self-defence”.

The YPG, an offshoot of the designated terror organisation the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), has started to face increasing resistance to its policies from Syrians, including the formation of a new battalion called the Al-Raqqa Brigade.

READ: 23 civilians killed in Syria in suspected US coalition air strikes

Earlier this week, Kurdish militias stormed a bastion of the group in an operation that left three opposition fighters dead. Despite the attack, Al-Raqqa Brigade called on civilians to show their resistance to the YPG in yesterday’s demonstrations.

US-backed Kurdish forces, known collectively as the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), have secured swathes of land in the north of Syria causing heightened tensions with neighbouring Turkey.

Since January, Turkey has undertaken an air and ground offensive in Syria as part of “Operation Olive Branch” against the YPG in Afrin. The move prompted the Kurdish militia to call on the Syrian regime of President Bashar Al-Assad to aid them in the fight against Turkish soldiers.

Cooperation between the YPG and the Syrian regime is ongoing, with a member of the Central Committee of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria revealing last week that the YPG had handed over more than 90 Kurdish detainees to the security branch of the Assad government, after withdrawing from the city of Afrin in the north-west of Aleppo.

The YPG has also received increased backing from Europe; French forces have established six artillery batteries in the north of the country and along the Syria-Iraq border since their arrival last month.