NGOs Are The Deep State’s Trojan Horses

NGOs Are The Deep State’s Trojan Horses

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NWO “Antifascism” aka Fascism with Opposite Sign aka Communism Governs the World through Soros/City of London. Here Is how “Emperor” Soros Manages It

On 15 Aug. 2016 The Observer  brought a story of  George Soros´ data files  for manipulating elections in Europe via his non-government organizations being hacked.These DC Leaks revealed more than 2,500 files from Soros’ groups, most notably the Open Society  Foundations.

I am shocked by the contents of these leaks. I never thought that Soros had an influence of that magnitude – in fact it is universal (Apart from Russia, where Soros is banned). That man appears to be the emperor of the world.

But before we proceed, let´s have a look at who George Soros is:
He is a Hungarian Jew who has migrated to the US, becoming the streetpolitically  activist arm of the City of LondonBy means of Rothschild capital, he started making money at the cost of States (Blood hound of South East Asia, breaking the Bank of England (belonging to his master Rothschild!  who just printed more notes out of thin air as ususal to replace Soros´robbery) – and then he started launchingcolour revolutions worldwide, as well as US riots like Fergusonville, Baltimore (with hired trouble makers) and Charlottesville as well as the Purple Revolution against Pres. Trump,  funding them via his Open Society” in cooperation with his US stooges, the NED and the Freedom House and others which stands for break-down of national borders and nationalism to open these societies for free looting by Rothschild´s many banks.
If a society declines opening, it is risking being punished by City of London´s military arm: The US.

He is a Rothschild agent.

And he has bought and bullied politicians to support his master: The relationship between his organisations and Brussels was laid bare in 2017, with the leak of a 177-page document prepared for Open Society by lobbying firm Kumquat Consulting. Entitled ‘Reliable Allies In The European Parliament’, it contained a list of 226 MEPs thought ‘proven or likely’ to advance the agenda of Soros’s organisations. Among them former  EU Parliament President Martin Schulz.
‘Open Society should seek to build lasting and trusting relationships with these European lawmakers.’


Soros is unscrupulous – making his first fortune on peaching on Hungarian Jews to   the Gestapo and confiscating their property when they were sent to concentration camps. And he is proud of it – see this video:

Have you ever wondered about the wave of white, Non- Muslim billow of violence in Europe associated with peaceful demonstrations against  islamisation?
The masterminds call their organisation Antifa:
Rioters are being  paid by German Social Democrats. The Social Democrat youth organisation, JUSO, even boasts of paying professional rioters 25 euros an hour for making  riots.
And they (Antifa) are strongly represented in German state governments.

George Soros also funded the American “Refuse  Fascism”  (The Daily Caller 7 July 2017). Refuse Fascism  claims to have a “German contingent” at the massive G20 protests in Hamburg, Germany this week. Soros has sworn to subject Germany to shock therapy for refusing to make the EU a fiscal union with Germany as paymaster for the weak South European economies.

Infowars 29 May 2018: Billionaire globalist George Soros unveiled his plans to “reinvent” the EU, even though he is responsible for most of the crises currently plaguing Europe.

The EU faces three pressing problems: The refugee crisis; the austerity policy that has hindered Europe’s economic development; and territorial disintegration, as exemplified by Brexit,” Soros wrote in a Project Syndicate  op-ed on Tuesday.
Soros spoke of “voluntary” cooperation from EU states to take in migrants, but then immediately contradicted himself by saying it wasn’t “realistic” to keep their borders closed to them.
The EU must protect its external borders but keep them open for lawful migrants.Member states, in turn, must not close their internal borders,” he said.

“Indeed, the whole of Europe has been disrupted by the refugee crisis,” he added. “Unscrupulous leaders have exploited it even in countries that have accepted hardly any refugees. In Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán based his re-election campaign on falsely accusing me of planning to flood Europe, Hungary included, with Muslim refugees.”

Falsely accused? Soros openly admitted his desire to unleash millions of economic migrants into Europe in 2015, right at the beginning of the crisis.

He even earmarked $500 million to pro-migrant NGO’s, including ones that helped ferry migrants into Europe from the Mediterranean.

Next, Soros says the way to tackle the migrant and debt crisis is with more debt (interest for his master Rothschild!!!), by creating a “Marshall Plan for Africa,” which would see the EU hand over $36 billion a year to Africa to facilitate a more “orderly [migration] process,”

Finally, despite the British people’s clear vote in favor of Brexit, the decision to leave the EU must still be challenged before Brexit is finalized because the EU needs England’s money, Soros said.

“That is the goal of an initiative called Best for Britain, which I support,” he said.“


In The New Eastern Outlook 19 Apr. 2017 Phil Butler, a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, has analyzed these  DC Leaks.

The Documents  prove without question, the hedge fund billionaire is the single antagonist in the current European catastrophe. At least he’s the single most powerful “visible” arch villain. There’s ample evidence George Soros is the architect and dictator of the entire migrant/refugee situation destroying Europe today. With control mechanisms purchased or leveraged in every sphere that matters, it is not unreasonable to assume:

Soros directs EU leadership like a master puppeteer.

Most policy experts know billionaire George Soros wields mighty influence. The man behind the anti-Trump chaos,  Soros is the real world equivalent of Dr. Evil. But up until now the world at large has tolerated his machinations. Up until now the world could not see clearly how Soros billions brought misery and suffering on a billion people.

There’s evidence inside these leaks to suggest George Soros exerts undue influence not only on leaders like Angela Merkel and her eastern European counterparts, but on the very organizations in place to mediate conflict. From the OSCE to a vast array of so-called “human rights” NGOs, Soros acts as a kind of “Godfather” figure. The favors he offers, which no one seems able to refuse” now extend past the purchasing power of money alone. I can only imagine the level of blackmail or bullying a man like Soros could exert. Today, when any government threatens dissent against the liberal-globalist movement, Soros rallies (OSCE and NGOs versus Hungary) a massively powerful army of collaborators.

What’s becoming vividly clear is the enigma called George Soros, one man exerting tremendous influence on all our lives.
The EUobserver ASBL fund was set up and funded by Soros in order to straight out “buy” major European media. What this means is, Soros funded the EUobserver plan with $130,922 dollars and bought 128 influential articles Europeans read across the EU.
That’s roughly $1000 dollars per article for op-ed pieces, which is enough to sway the opinions of 90% of the European journalists I know of. The document outlining that plan goes so far as to label the areas of focus these articles were intended for, and included; Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, and the UK.

Open Society Foundations also funded EUobserver to “recruiting a network of independent journalists in EU capitals – funded with $75,000 dollars, but there’s no indication how many “recruits” this initiative hired.

Stoking the Marginalized Fires of Youth

As disturbing as the DC Leaks revelations of Soros direct media corruption is, the greater societal manipulation the various Soros NGOs have had are staggering, e.g. the European Alternatives – Italian branch.  Through a series of support mechanism, Soros sought to convert Italy’s young, the LGBT community, and basically any contra-conservative gang it could through the use of media “humor and satire”. A web entity was created, Voice of the Voiceless EU, which  metastacized into a much broader movement we can now see in media, academia, and across the spectrum. The

is one mirror mechanism for Soros’ homogenization of youth ideals.

Without the metaphors, Soros brainwashed a generation of vulnerable youth to believe in contra-convervative ideals and quests.

Reading this it is easy to envision George Soros as the real life “Big Brother” from George Orwell’s 1984. The list of programs and their dramatic goals for subverting and concerting free thought into “Soros” driven ideals is almost unimaginable. One of the other programs were:
European Elections 2014: countering the rise of hate-speech – This helped homogenize the LGBT community, the Roma, and women into one wieldable political tool

 Rothschild´s City of London is demarcated by 4 dragons – devil symbols

Of course, London City´s/Soros´goal is to globalize, promote racial miscegenation/ islamisation of Europe

We here clearly hear this disgusting lying traitor first admitting that he betrayed his Jewish fellow-men – then later denying it when that is more opportune.

Then we hear this “his master´s voice” agitate against democracy by demanding rescinding of the Brexit adopted by the British population.

Europe has been disrupted by the refugee crisis, he hypocritically says – although he has admitted to be the mastermind and here  behind this catastrophic scandal.

Besides being a Rothschild agent directly, Soros is a member of the US Council of Foreign Relations  – which through  its CIA fathered the EU – built on Nazi money and Nazi people.

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