Europe’s twenty-first century witch trials


Today, I watched Vincent Lapierre’s EetR report on last week’s hearing at the court of appeal in Paris where patriot and author, Hervé Ryssen, stated his case against a 17-month prison sentence demanded by the state procurator and usual anti-racist [sic] busybody organisations (LICRA, SOS Racisme, Jewish Students Union, etc.)

The original verdict was upheld by the court, meaning that Ryssen could soon find himself behind bars. Several Ryssen supporters were brave enough to share their opinions with Lapierre. Notably, towards the end of Lapierre’s report, after the court’s decision had been announced, Parti nationaliste français spokesman and prominent French dissident, Yvan Benedetti, remarked that the anti-racism [sic] organisations’ barristers behaved like hyenas about to rip their prey to shreds. In this case, preyRyssen’s only crimes had been to publish a controversial book cover as well as several tweets about Jewish Bolshevik involvement in the massacre of 30 million ethnic Russians – an incontestable, verified historical fact which, if publicly stated by a person disliked by the powers-that-should-not-be, is nevertheless now a criminal offence in France.

Today in Lyon, it was the turn of Benedetti. Following the death of a French Antifa activist in 2013, the then prime minister, Manuel Valls, banned longtime nationalist organisation L’Œuvre française (OF), also led by Benedetti. In a show of defiance, Benedetti made it clear that the OF would continue to exist, despite Valls’ and ex-president François ‘Flamby’ Hollande’s opposition. Benedetti’s remark led to the prosecution asking the court to condemn him to six months in prison and a 15,000 Euro fine.

180604 e r threatInterestingly, Lapierre’s report of Ryssen’s appeal shows how the French authorities grant special privileges to members of the League de défense juive (LDJ – French equivalent of the Jewish Defence League (JDL), banned as a terrorist organisation in the USA and in Israel). Lapierre also captures what appears to be a menacing threat from one of the LDJ heavies outside court (see image left). The appeal hearing was held in the tiniest room available in the vast palais de justice. Support for Ryssen greatly outnumbered the LDJ presence – 50 turned out to cheer Ryssen to the LDJ’s five – but these five were allowed to enter the small court, meaning 90% of Ryssen’s support was excluded, seemingly deliberately. No doubt, there was also a LDJ presence today in Lyon.

Jewish supremacist LDJ thugs were also responsible for one of several physical attacks on the world’s foremost revisionist scholar Professor Robert Faurisson, the most recent leaving Faurisson in a state of chronic pain (see image below).

180604 faurisson en sang

Those responsible have never been brought to justice. But as far as these hyenas are concerned, their violent actions create a backlash: bloodied targets are quite rightly seen as victims – not a particularly desirable state of affairs when one’s own entire raison d’être centres on victimhood.

‘My family members died a terrible death in a death camp. Compensation is due forever and ever till the end of time. How dare you question the gas chambers and the six million. You must be an evil anti-Semite. Officer, arrest this person for hurting my feelz, NOW!’

Thought-crime trials continue unabated throughout Europe. As well as the recent jailing of German activist Gerd Ittner, British ex-serviceman Jez Turner and my own awaiting punishment, next month, German-Canadian siblings Alfred and Monika Schaefer will be on trial together in Munich. A confirmed source revealed today that 89-year old imprisoned dissident Ursula Haverbeck will be attending at the prosecution’s request, no doubt a nefarious attempt to procure unfavourable testimony against the Schaefers.

My own sentencing will take place on June 14th. As with all similar trials, the JDL contingent will show up waving Israeli flags outside court. Obonxious, oxymoronicsupporters of the right to free speech – for Tommy Robinson but not for Nazi scumChabloz. It is bemusing to hear them spouting such soundbites, exactly like Antifa protesters attempting to disrupt a peaceful gathering of British patriots.

No doubt down to a lack of ‘Holocaust’ denial law until now here in the UK, persons concerned are less emboldened than their French counterparts. Several videos have appeared since my guilty verdict. Fanatic, proponent of (((echoes))) on Twitter and silent Crown witness, Jonathan Hoffman, was there with his South African yoga teacher partner Sharon Klaff. Ex-Britain First official Paul Besser and CAA associate Melanie Graham were also on duty to give orders to police sent to keep the peace after scuffles broke out. ‘Arrest him! He made a Nazi salute! Arrest him! Do your job!’ Gemma Sheridan was also part of the posse, although somewhat hard to spot among the all portliness on display from the rest of the motley crew.

180604 jdl


Like a cartoon straight out of Der Sturmer
My belly is big – it used to be firmer 
I wrote to the judge to send him a sign 
That if he convicts then all will be fine


Kahanist JDL flag wavers (see above image). If they were in the US or in Israel, their activities would be subject to prosecution under anti-terrorism legislation. Think about it. There are currently a number of young British patriots languishing in jail – some on remand – for supposedly belonging to what the press label a ‘far-right terrorist organisation’, proscribed November 2016 by ex-home secretary Amber Rudd on the express demand of the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA). It’s now official: CAA chairman Falter has more power than the actual head of state, Her Majesty the Queen! He’s been received by the current prime minister when she was home secretary. Will someone soon be boasting an OBE under his kippah, along with other illustrious gong creeps, Jimmy Savile, Greville ‘Lord’ Janner, Nick Lowles, Fiyaz Mughal, ..?

How long are British, French and Germans going to allow these busybody organisations to call the shots? How long will our elected leaders and authorities heed demands of such ‘charities’ to the detriment of true western values of democracy and freedom of expression? How long will it be before at least one member of every remaining white family in Europe is in jail for politically incorrect speech?

Several comments from correspondents regards my conviction are worth quoting here:

  • The criminalising of “holocaust denial”, which this judgement effectively does, ill-serves even the cause of “holocaust education”, because the criminalisation itself creates (justified!) suspicion that the approved history cannot stand up to honest examination.
  • [On DJ Zani’s judgement that my songs were ‘intended to insult’]: The word ‘insult’ is peculiar and irrelevant. The object of any satire is bound to feel mocked, not insulted. Insult is an emotional reaction. The insult felt by the object of satire may be commensurate with its truth. In this case, you called this minority’s bluff. That is offensive to them.
  • Zani says you must have felt there was a risk of insulting them. If satirists refrained from satire because of the realization that there was a ‘risk’ of insulting their targets, there would be no satire.
  • It is absurd to pretend that any meaningful definition of difference between gross offence and offence can be made: such law is incompatible with a democratic and free society.
  • Through encouraging the conflation of criticism of Jews with promotion of Jew hatred; through insisting, through its prosecution of Alison Chabloz and Jeremy Turner, that Jewish racial superiority be, de facto, enshrined in law; in short, by fomenting the very crises they purportedly exist to fight, it is the CAA itself which has committed the prosecutable offense of inciting racial hatred and hatred of British Jews.


(For clarification regards CAA-approved trolls mentioned in my previous post, Steve (Sidney) Silverman admitted running the account @BedlamJones in papers submitted to court, December 2016. Under cross-examination, January 2018, Silverman admitted under oath that the account @NemoNemo50 (subject of my song ‘Nemo’s Antisemitic Universe) was run by Stephen Mark Applebaum).



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