ISIS “Victories” Are Western “Victories”

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Every victory for Western-supported ISIS is a victory for the West in its publicly-declared regime change war against Syria and Syrians.

So, when Israel shot down a Syrian warplane on 24 July, as the plane was attacking ISIS near the occupied Golan Heights1it was a victory not only for ISIS, but for the West and its allies who seek regime change.  ISIS is good for Regime Change.

Separately, but related, ISIS and the West also scored a “victory” in the province of Sweida, Syria, on 25 July, 2018. What did the “victory” look like?” ISIS terrorists emerged from areas near the illegal U.S military base at Al-Tanf. They murdered about 240 Syrians, and wounded about 170. 


Syrian Ibrahim Muhammad reported the attack in these words:

In this bloody day we had to suffer the lost of 240 martyrs with over 170 wounded .. moons have ascended from the land of #Swaida to the sky, another pure souls from our beautiful country, another innocent lives were taken brutally on the hands of the most odious monsters in the world, #ISIS terrorists were hidden in the western desert of #Tanf area (under the noses of the #US military base), have launched a massive attack with more than 600 terrorists at 3:50 am.

The attack was carried out on several villages in the eastern countryside of Swaida province in conjunction with 4 suicidal bombers who exploded themselves in a building under construction, a vegetable market and two public squares, while the Popular Armed Committees manged to stop the 5th bomber and capture him to be hanged later that afternoon in front of the #National_Hospital (where he was going to bomb himself) with two ISIS attackers were also captured alive.

The attackers divided themselves into several groups of 30 to 50 operatives armed with machine guns and explosive belts, as well as other groups equipped with snipers and mortars, deployed on the outskirts of some villages, they manged to sneak into the villages trough the desert mountain area with the help of some sleeping cells.

Door by door, house by house they slaughtered and executed complete families, and kidnapped some others, they attacked unarmed civilians, committed one of the most brutal massacre since the beginning of the #Syrian_War, the villages were ( “Duma”, “Tema”, “Tarba”, “Al-Ksiab”, “Rami”, “Ghiddat Hamayel”, “Al-Shabky” and “Al-Shrehi”).

The attackers were faced with hard resistance by the residents and some deployed points of the #Syrian_Arab_Army, most of the first defenders were martyred and wounded till the arrival of the reinforcements from Swaida villages, Jaramana, and #SAA units, many of ISIS attackers were killed, numbers are estimated with about 300 over 80 of them were dragged to the national hospital of Swaida while the terrorists managed take the rest of their dead with them.

There’s no exact information till now of how many people were kidnapped.

This day is a living prove of the US collusion with those criminals, this day a living prove of the criminality of the all the terrorism supporters, bu it also the strongest prove of our dedication to defending our homeland.

In the map : Orange is the area that was attack, Blue is the area that under the protection of the US military base.

In the first video the residents with the Popular Armed Committees are evacuating a family from one of the villages under fire.

In the second video the residents with the Popular Armed Committees are securing families in there houses in addition to footage of some the clashes.

In the last two videos the residents with the Popular Armed Committees are dragging ISIS killed members.


“Rebels” and “moderates” do not exist.  They never did.  Canada and its allies support the terrorists, as described above, and Syria opposes them.  Canada and its allies are committing Supreme International War Crimes, and Syria is defending itself and the rule of International Law.


Mark Taliano is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) and the author of Voices from Syria, Global Research Publishers, 2017.



Order Mark Taliano’s Book “Voices from Syria” directly from Global Research.

Canadian Government Offers Safe Haven to …. Al Qaeda


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Most Canadians believe the dominant narrative from our controlled, monopoly media. But the dominant narrative is a lie. Russia is not the enemy.  We are.  We are the one’s supporting al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria, not Russia.

Recently, for example, the Canadian government announced that it will welcome 50 White Helmets and their families into Canada.  Here they will have a safe haven.1

The Canadian government and its agencies extol the imagined virtues of these “first responders”. 

 Chrystia Freeland, Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, tweeted:

Chrystia Freeland


The White Helmets are courageous volunteers and first responders who risk their lives to help their fellow Syrians. Our thanks to Israel, Jordan, US, UK, Germany and our other partners who have worked closely with Canada to make the evacuation of WH possible.

But we know, and it is well-documented, that the White Helmets are al-Qaeda auxiliaries.2 They stage false flags. They fight alongside their al-Qaeda/al-Nusra Front and affiliated terrorist brigades.

The White Helmets are part of a “smart power” complex3 that disguises terrorism and wars of conquest as “humanitarian”. These terrorists are not independent.  The West, including Canada4, supports them financially. 

None of this international criminality will ever benefit Canadians, and all of it is to the detriment of humanity.

If Canadians knew the truth, they would not support policymakers who are making decisions in favour of terrorism and never-ending wars of aggression.

Canadians need to know the truth.


Mark Taliano is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) and the author of Voices from Syria, Global Research Publishers, 2017.


1. «Le Canada va accueillir des héros d’« Al-Qaïda avec un lifting. » Le Tribunal de l’infaux
Crimes et délits des médias dominants. 22 July, 2018.( Accessed 23 July, 2018.

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Syria and Helsinki, Finally the Truth on Israel and Terrorism (Duff on Press TV)

The Israeli troll farms have been mobilized to block this video…make sure it is seen while it can be





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