Professor Roman Yushkov is the First Russian On Trial for ‘Holocaust® Denial’

In May 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a draconian law that makes any “denial” of the official story of “Nazi crimes” a criminal offense. The law also includes “wittingly spreading false information about the activity of the USSR during the years of World War Two” or portraying the Third Reich in a positive light.

While many people within the alternative media worship Putin as a great White savior, some of us having been paying close attention to many indicators that the former Soviet Union has become increasingly repressive and totalitarian.

Putin has an army of jewish billionaires at his side, was voted Israel’s Man of the Year in 2015, married his daughter off to Kirill Shamalov (a jewish tycoon, like Jared Kushner), passed anti-gentile laws (like outlawing ‘anti-semitic’ Biblical criticism), is intimately tied to the Chabad mafia (along with Trump), and much more. Yet we are told by Putin apologists that these moves were symbolic and that we should not worry since Vladimir is a master 4D chess player and he is on our side. Some have put forth the theory that Putin only needed laws such as the one that forbids “Holocaust denial” in order to deal with fake “neo-Nazis” in Russia who are being funded by the evil Western powers. 

Now Roman Yushkov, a Perm University Professor, has been fired from his position and his social media and videos of his presentations thrown into Russia’s giant memory hole.

In “Trump and Corbyn And the Russian Warning Over Syria” by Israel Shamir, the news is reported:

The first ever trial of a Holocaust Denier in Russia is taking place now in Perm, the Doctor Zhivago city. Roman Yushkov, a Perm University Professor, had been sacked; his social accounts erased, his YouTube presentations removed; there is practically no publicity at all. He reposted an article expressing doubt of the amount of Jewish dead, and a local resident of Habad Chassid House reported him to authorities. There is no law forbidding H denial in Russia, but there is a law forbidding to cause interethnic wrangle. The verdict is expected on September 4.

From a Russian source (translated):

Note also that there was a case commenced in August against Perm journalist and activist Roman Yushkov according to part 1 article 282 of Criminal Code and part 1 article 354.1 of Criminal Code. The case was commenced for re-publication of a link to an article in Facebook of nationalist Anton Blagin «Jews! Return the Germans money for fraud with Holocaust six millions jews!». This case has become the third case against Yushkov during the year, and in October the fourth case according to article 282 was commenced against him, and all four cases were united into one. The reason for commencing each of these cases was publication of xenophobic materials, but only in the above-mentioned case there was an anti-Semitism motive.

We are able to hear from Professor Yushkov himself in a translation of his blog post “What I would say to a jury in my case, if I had not been shut up“:

To Englishmen and Americans, to be exact, influential Jews over them, it was extremely important to shove the basis of mythology and the Holocaust industry into the Nuremberg verdict. That then, in subsequent decades, deploy them on an industrial scale in the form of payments to Israel reparations from Germany and receive other and other financial and political benefits. Therefore, the German officers summoned to the court as witnesses ruthlessly tortured and broke, providing the necessary testimony. This is convincingly shown by the studies of many scientists, in particular, Professor Robert Faurisson of the University of Lyons.

It is well known that they tortured the defendants Julius Streicher and Hans Fritsche and witnesses Oswald Paul, Franz Qirais and Joseph Kramer. And especially cruelly – the commandant of the labor camp Auschwitz (Auschwitz) Rudolf Höß. As a result, he confessed to those wild phantasmagoric horror stories that the prosecutor frightened you by reading out excerpts from the Nuremberg verdict: gas chambers, fat burning from dead Jews, mattresses from women’s hair … Most of this Nuremberg mythology has been abandoned even today by the most furious Zionist propagandists Israel. Nobody prefers not to remember about the resulting fat and collected by the Germans fat from the bodies piled in a heap and set on fire (!), Because the absurdity and technical impossibility of this is too obvious. But for the gas chambers uncovered by scientists in Auschwitz with gas from insects cyclone-B, the merchants from the Holocaust are still holding on, because something quite fantastic, the uniquely awful thing in this mythology must certainly be.

And, of course, incredible figures … Tortured to death and psychologically crushed RudolphHöß said to the man who was transported with him in one car to the Nuremberg trial Moritz von Schirmaister that “there are methods by which any confession can be achieved” and that he would sign any figures. But they demanded from him 6 million, mystically significant for the Jews from biblical times. [read the whole translation here]

The man speaks the truth, but truth is the new hate speech. As we learned from the Zundel trials, “truth is no defense.” This is the Orwellian world in which we live, and yet people really seem to think the grass is greener in Eurasia just because Oceania’s Big Brother is so noxious.

At least here in America I cannot be sent to the gulag just for calling the 6 million number a lie… at least not yet.

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