Germany Must Perish! Again?

Why the Holocaust Story Was Invented in 1970

ed note, Ariadnatheo–The first time around, despite bombing it to death and Jew Morgenthau’s post-war efforts, the plan failed. Now is the time to finish the job.

Watch this Jew exult at the idea of finally seeing Germans (all “Nazis” to him) disappear through “diversity.” His hatred of Goyim, starting with Germans, is mixed with contempt: they don’t even know how to multiply (unlike Orthodox Jews, I assume).

Poland, which he sneeringly says is a Catholic nation, must accept more refugees (the Jewish wars in the ME and Africa provide them aplenty). So he challenges Poland on its Christian spirit, no less.

He invites those who share his feelings to participate in a demonstration themed “We can live without Nazis (i.e. Germans) in Germany. We need diversity.”

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