Clear Evidence of Syrian ‘Rebels’ Preparing Fake ‘Chemical Attack’

Idlib staged chemical attack

In recent months, the Russian and Syrian governments have repeatedly claimed that Western-backed ‘rebels’ in Syria have been planning to stage a chemical weapons attack in the area of Idlib to provide justification to the US, UK and French governments to launch a military attack on Syrian government and military infrastructure.

In this video we see clear evidence of just such a staged provocation being prepared/rehearsed.

Remember this next time you hear Western governments claim that the Syrian (or any other) government has ‘gassed its own people’.


Niall Bradley on Sputnik: ‘Kerry Shadow Diplomacy Exposes US-Israeli Urgency to Contain Iran Before it Acquires Strategic Deterrence’

john kerry mohammad zarif

Fmr. US Sec. of State John Kerry recently admitted to carrying out ‘shadow diplomacy’ in order to ‘save’ the Iran Deal, for which he was lambasted by the Trump administration for undermining its hard-line anti-Iran policy. Kerry is almost certainly in violation of the Logan Act prohibiting civilians from conducting diplomacy on any issue that is contrary to the government’s position. The Logan Act, which dates from 1799, is unlikely to be used against Kerry, but a more recent precedent saw Trump’s initial National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, punished for a far less serious diplomatic transgression (namely, speaking on the phone with the Russian ambassador in Washington, DC). editor Niall Bradley joined Andrew Korybko on his Sputnik ‘Trendstorm’ show this week to discuss what Kerry’s game-plan might be here, concluding that, whichever Iran policy ‘wins’ in Washington, the race is on between US ‘good cops’ and ‘bad cops’ to prevent Iran from achieving strategic military deterrence, thereby ‘containing’ its economic and military development, and thus its influence in the wider southwest Asian region.

Originally published as an .mp3 Trendstorm podcast on Sputnik


John Kerry admitted to carrying out what some are euphemistically calling “shadow diplomacy” in trying to save the Obama-era nuclear deal with Iran, which Trump and Pompeo described as being potentially illegal and unprecedentedly undermining the foreign policy of the present administration. The former Secretary of State has a personal stake in the survival of this agreement because it defines his legacy of service under the Obama Administration, but as a Democrat, he also has political reasons for trying to thwart Trump’s plans. Even so and regardless of intent, the case can be made that Kerry is in violation of the 1799 Logan Act prohibiting civilians from conducting diplomacy contrary to the government’s position on any issue.

There are of course very serious domestic political implications over Kerry’s “shadow diplomacy”, especially in relation to the “deep state’s” incessant efforts to obstruct the implementation of Trump’s policies just for the sake of it, but it also speaks to the wariness that some have of the overall strategic consequences of the nuclear deal’s failure. The forthcoming reimposition of energy-related sanctions against Iran in November is expected to hit its economy very hard, potentially catalyzing even more wide-scale unrest than what’s already on display in the country and possibly leading to more security challenges for its government.

Iran is one of the lynchpins of contemporary Mideast affairs, with Trump assessing its regional role very negatively while Kerry is apparently a bit more pragmatic. These contrasting perceptions are also partially responsible for the “deep state” divide in the State Department, as many Obama-era supporters share Kerry’s views while some of them – and especially Trump’s appointees and those ideologically loyal to him – stand with the current President. The first-mentioned faction isn’t as eager to see Iran destabilized as the latter one is, hence why it’s behind Kerry’s unprecedented “shadow diplomacy”, while the second group is regarded as hawks and is eagerly awaiting the Hybrid War consequences that Trump’s aggressive policies might have for Iran.

KorybkoWhat exactly does Kerry’s “shadow diplomacy” with Iran aim to achieve in tangible terms, and how successful do you think he’ll be?

Niall Bradley: Kerry has a history with Iranian foreign minister Mohamad Zarif – developed in the course of negotiating the JCPOA – the Iran Deal. I imagine Kerry is telling Zarif something like this: ‘Hang in there! Trump isn’t forever! Even when Trump’s hardline policy shortly kicks in, don’t do anything rash! We can still salvage this!’

Now, I don’t think Iran would do anything rash – like, blockade oil and gas transit through the Strait of Hormuz, as rumors suggest it is poised to do. Iran – much like Russia, actually – largely needs to just ride out the US’ unilateral sanctions while continuing to build capacity in all areas – military, infrastructure, trade, diplomatic relations, etc.

So, if we go with this and assume that Kerry is holding out to Iran the promise of a return to the pre-Trump status quo, and thus the normalization of US-Iranian relations, we immediately see that its success is highly contingent on US domestic political developments. And that front is so chaotic right now, there’s no telling which Iran policy would succeed in the long-term.

At root, I think the US establishment is so schizophrenic on Iran because it has learned – the hard way, over the course of its wars in Afghanistan and Iraq – that Iranian cultural and political influence in the region is a fact of life, an immovable object. The dispute in Washington over what to doabout that fact is whether cooperation with Iran, or undermining it – up to and including regime change or war – is the best, least risky way to contain, or manage, said Iranian influence.

KorybkoKerry’s outreaches to the Iranian leadership are historically unprecedented in the sense of just how much they undermine the sitting US President’s policy, so what domestic consequences could this have for America’s ever-intensifying “deep state” war against Trump?

Niall Bradley: As I hinted at before, Kerry is probably ‘going rogue’ because his faction is emboldened by the prospect of ‘victory’ over Trump. But this brazen undercutting of Trump then feeds back into the highly polemic atmosphere in the US, where pro-Israeli, anti-Iranian views in the US Christian right – Trump’s support base – are further antagonized, which further polarizes the US domestic front.

US politics has come to evolve so much around the question of who loves Israel more – the Republicans or the Democrats – that, on the face of it, I can only see this undermining the Democrats’ goal of retaking Congress in this November’s midterm elections.

Here we approach what I suspect may have been Trump’s original strategy when setting out to challenge said deep state: unequivocal support for whatever Israel and its powerful lobby network wants, in return for breathing space to effect at least some fundamental changes in US domestic policy and geopolitical outlook.

KorybkoJust like there’s a “rogue” American diplomat negotiating with Iran in secret in a bid to retain the nuclear deal against the wishes of his country’s sitting leader, how likely do you think it is that there’s an Iranian counterpart doing the same in trying to mitigate the effect of Trump’s sanctions and possibly probe a deal between the two countries despite Tehran’s formal opposition to talks?

Niall Bradley: Possibly. I would imagine though that no significant Iranian faction would push this line of inquiry too far, lest they signal to Trump that ‘yes, we are amenable to tearing up the JCPOA’. Remember, this stand-off hinges on Trump’s bet that Iran will back down and agree to a new deal – one that’s more favourable to US investment opportunities in Iran, and also more stringent in checking Iran’s military development.

I think that Trump is emboldened in taking this hardline stance with Iran because of his apparent success when playing this game of ‘chicken’ with North Korea. You remember how that went, right? From ‘imminent nuclear Armageddon’ to ‘unprecedented peace’ in the blink of an eye!

How this stand-off develops probably hinges on the question of how close the Iranians are to achieving nuclear weapons – and, more importantly, I believe, because I suspect the Iranians already have a bomb or two – at what stage is their delivery system, their ballistic missile capability?

And so, in light of how we saw an about-turn after North Korea announced completion of its ballistic missile program, here the race is on to check Iran before it reaches some equivalent threshold of military deterrence – which in this case might be defined by its ability to successfully repel a combined Israeli-US attack. Thereafter, with its core security needs met, then we may see Iran apparently succumb to Trump’s arty deal-making.

Israel´s, Saudi Arabia´s and USA´s Planned Road to Upcoming WW3: Netanyahu´s Declaration of War on Iran follows that of Trump in Spite of Putin´s Plea

Mainstream media time and again keep referring to WW3. This final war  war  has been vividly predicted in Bible prophecies (e.g Jeremia 25, Isaiah 33, 34), by Jesus Christ (Luke 21, Matth. 24), in Illuminati Albert Pike/William Carr  planning  of 3 world wars.

Today, Syria is a confusion of dangerous fronts  between US/Russian proxies – and between the US and Russia!

DEBKAfile 18 Febr. 2018: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the Munich security conference on Sunday: “We will act if necessary not just against Iran’s proxies but against Iran itself, if needed.”

Holding aloft a piece of the Iranian drone which Israel captured over its air space, he stressed that Tehran was the world’s greatest threat and “Israel will not allow the regime to put a noose of terror around its neck.” Taunting Iran’s’ foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in the audience, he asked,” Do you recognize this? You should. It’s yours,” he said. “You can take a message back to Iran. Do not test Israel’s resolve.” This drone violated Israel’s sovereignty and posed a threat to our security, he said “We destroyed it and its control center in Syria.”

Tehran wants to dominate Syria and move its bases and army into Israel’s back yard, acquire Mediterranean naval bases, and transfer tens of thousands of Shiite fighters to Syria. “I said we would not let this happen and have backed up words with deeds,” he said. “Israel will continue to prevent Iran from establishing a permanent military presence in Syria and would continue to prevent it from crossing red lines,” he continued.

DEBKAfile’s military sources add that Netanyahu had in mind the Iraqi Shiite army that Iran is preparing to send into Syria in two months’ time. The prime minister did not refer to Russia’s complicity in Iran’s plans.

After delivering his remarks, the prime minister was asked about the chances of a military escalation in light of the drone incident. “It’s up to Iran. Iran is changing the ground rules. The unfortunate thing is that as ISIS compresses, Iran moves in.”

Netanyahu keeps repeating this although Putin PLEADS Netanyahu not to go to war against Iran

In Munich on 17 Febr. 2018, Netanyahu called for jointly combating terrorism!
Above he deplores ISIS /Israeli Special Intelligence Secret being defeatedNetanyahu does not fight Terrorism – he promotes it, trains, funds  ISIS.

Israel´s role in 9/11 is unquestionable

Listen to what Jewish convertite to Orthodox Russian Church priesthood has to say about Israel´s  choise today between real politik or risking war with Russia:

Maybe, the most uncanny part of this is that the the real rulers of the world, the Jewish Pharisee  Chabad Lubavitch Doomsday sect, is using Bible prophecy as its working program towards the fulfilment of exactly this war as a prerequisite for the coming of their Messiah, ben David, a politician who is to make Israel the master of the world – as described in Rothschild´s, Rockefeller´s ,Warburg´s (p. xviii) terrible Protocols of the wise Elders of Zion.

Wolfgang Eggert tells about the  Chabad Lubavitch Doomsday sect of Pharisees – the rulers of the world´s rulers – having just one aim: To let their messiah, ben David, come as soon as possible. They use the Bible as their working manual: So they know the coming of their (Antichristisn) messiah must take place in a worldwide bloodbath (“Armageddon”).

But before ben David comes, the Chabad Lubavich must stage the attack of Gog from the land of Magog (Russia): Israels demise in the last days (Ezekiel 39,39) – to take place when Damascus ceases to be a city forever (Isaiah 17).

For that reason, Lubavich Rebbe Berel Lazar is the rabbi  and bosom friend of Putin who is Jewish President and King of Jews, .

It seems that Benjamin Netanyahu was given the Task of ben Yosef by Rebbe Schneerson (who by the Chbadniks is seen as ben David to rise from the dead). Ben Yosef is to lead Israel into the Armageddon bloodbath that will  cause ben David´s coming.

Now how long has the Chabad Lubavich come in bringing enmity between Russia (Land of Magog) and Israel?

Some think Gog and Magog are Turks – probably for political reasons. Texe Marrs thinks its´the Khazars – the Azhkenazi Jews, the Rothschilds!  Which means that the Rothschids would destroy their own property: Israel! (Rothschild bought Jerusalem already in 1829). Just one problem: The Rothschilds and other Azhkenazy Jews are genetically NOT Khazars – They are Jewish-European mongrels!).

Here is what the Jewish Encyclopedia 1906 has to say: “Magog is mentioned (Gen. x. 2; I Chron. i. 5) as the second son of Japheth (son of Noah), between Gomer and Madai. Gomer representing the Cimmerians and Madai the Medes, Magog must be a people located east of the Cimmerians and west of the Medes.

But in the list of nations (Gen. x.) the term connotes rather the complex of barbarian peoples dwelling at the extreme north and northeast of the geographical survey covered by the chapter. Josephus (Flavius) (“Ant.” ii. 6, § 1)identifies them with the “Scythians,” a name which among classical writers stands for a number of unknown ferocious tribes. According to Jerome, Magog was situated beyond the Caucasus, near the Caspian Sea.  In Ezek. xxxviii. 2 “Magog” occurs as the name of a country (with the definite article); in Ezek. xxxix. 6 as that of a northern people, the leader of whom is Gog.


The commentator, Jake Morphonios, has been incredibly accurate with predictions of events in the Middle East (Griffin´Need to Know 15 Febr. 2018).
He is saying the aggressive foreign policy of Israel, the Saudis, and the US acting together is designed to escalate into a full-blown World War that will involve Russia, China, and much of the rest of the world.

This video is about how World War Three will serve the agenda of world government. It’s all about profit from control of the world’s oil reserves, power over people, and the fusion of corporations and governments. Be prepared, also, for the theory that President Trump may actually support this plan.

 On the other hand, the tensions between these 2 gentlemen: Putin and Netanyahu, is unimportant: Both have their Illuminati-assigned roles in the planned Albert Pike/Biblical end time scenario. And they will not act until given orders from the London City/Chabad Lubavitch.

DEBKAfile Feb 13, 2018: In the first military clash between US and Russian forces in Syria, more than 200 Russian “mercenaries” are reported killed,scores more injured. President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, declined to comment.

US forces posted in eastern Syria repelled a Syrian-pro-Iranian attack led by T-72 and T-55 tanks on a base held by American and US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces east of the Euphrates River near the oil town of Tabiye.

The strike force was fighting under the command of Iranian Revolutionary Guards officers. It included Russian mercenaries.orces to fight for Assad alongside the pro-Iranian and Russian combatants.

Against that fighting strength, the Americans used F-22 Raptors, F-15 Strike Eagles, Air Force AC-130 gunships, Marine artillery and Army Apache attack helicopters, as well as Special Operations forces, which stopped the multiple assault in its tracks.

Haaretz 3 Febr. 2018A delegation of Russian officials that arrived in Israel this week did so in an attempt to prevent a planned Israeli attack on Iranian missile factories in southern Lebanon and Syria, the Saudi daily ASharq Al-Awsat reported on Saturday.
Netanyahu tells Putin: Iranian missile factories in Lebanon are already in progress, we won’t accept this threat

DEBKAfile 1.Febr. 2018: Contrary to Moscow’s promises, the Russian military is not pulling out of Syria, but adding four more air bases (one shared with Iran) and 6,000 more troops.

Russia Today 1 Febr. 2018: Tel Aviv is ready for an all-out ground invasion of Lebanon in the event of a military conflict with Beirut, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said.

Lieberman said that, in a worst-case scenario, Israel would conduct the operation at “full strength.”  We will move forward as fast as possible,”  adding that Israel’s past experience has shown that “all the conflicts in the Middle East” do not “come to an end” without “soldiers on the ground.”

“If in Israel they sit in shelters, then in the next fighting all of Beirut will be in shelters,” Lieberman add
The minister’s comments come amid Israel’s concerns over the Lebanese Hezbollah armed group, which allegedly plans to arm itself with locally-produced precision-guided missiles.

Lieberman also said that he sees no difference between Hezbollah and the rest of Lebanon“They are part of Hezbollah and they will all pay the full price” for any large-scale attack on Israel.
In late November, the Lebanese Army asked the military to be at “full readiness” to face “the Israeli enemy” on the southern border.

The Guardin 28 Aug. 2017: At the start of a meeting in Jerusalem with U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, Netanyahu accused Iran of turning Syria into a “base of military entrenchment as part of its declared goal to eradicate Israel.”

“It is also building sites to produce precision-guided missiles towards that end, in both Syria and in Lebanon. This is something Israel cannot accept. This is something the U.N. should not accept,” Netanyahu said.

Now comes a dispute between Israel and Lebanon on oil  and gas reserves in the Mediterranean. Israel has declined Secr. of State Tillerson´s compromise on dividing the field.

There is more to this story: Netanyahu and the Jewish mind is madly obsessed with AMALEK – the eternal enemy of Israel who ambushed the Israelites on their journey in the Desert of Sinai on their way from Egypt  to invade Kannaan.

Erich Follath Spiegel online 22 June 2009: When American author and Israel expert Jeffrey Goldberg recently asked a Netanyahu confidant to explain this fixation, he simply replied: “Think Amalek.” This is the Jewish concept that forms a potentially disastrous parallel to the Islamic Haqqani school — a pair of mirror-image concepts that could spell war. In a biblical context, Amalek was a descendant of Esau who, with his tribal warriors from Canaan, launched a treacherous and unprovoked attack on the Hebrews as they were traveling to the Holy Land, Eretz Israel. In a broader sense, the term Amalek refers to the existential threat to Judaism at all times, under all circumstances and by all enemies. The Torah, Devarim 25, Fifth Book of Moses, reads: “Remember what Amalek did to you on your journey, after you left Egypt–how, undeterred by fear of God, he surprised you on the march, when you were famished and weary, and cut down all the stragglers in your rear.”

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