Masonic War on “Whiteness”: Strassbourg Terrorist Killed. 26.000 Potential Terrorist Migrants in both Germany and France – Impossible to Monitor. Marrakech Will Make the Number Explode in EurAfrica

This is only the beginning: The  free and safe Marrakech UN Global Migration Compact and here  as well as  the UN Replacement Migration  and the ongoingZionist/Pharisaic war on “Whiteness”   open the gate to white Europe´s deletion by 2-300 mio. African immigrants (+ Asians) to Europe over the next 30 years  in whatPres. Macron calls EurAfrica.

This is EU Father Coudenhove Kalergi´s plan to destroy the white race

 This is the usual course of false flags: The terrorist is killed – never taken alive to be interrogated and reveal his (intelligence) network:
DW 13 Dec. 2018:  Strasbourg terror suspect shot dead by police!

French media have reported that Strasbourg Christmas market shooting suspect Cherif C. has been shot in a police action. The suspect had been on the run for 48 hours and was the target of a massive international manhunt. Police has arrested 4members of Cherif´s  family.
The French high-security “Fiche-S” watch list names about 26,000 individuals(not all of them Islamist extremists)

DW 13 Dec. 2018: Police and intelligence services regard 774 radical Islamists as potential terrorists.
A 2017 report by Germany’s domestic intelligence service noted that there are 25,810 “potentially Islamist individuals” in Germany. Of these, 10,800 belong to Salafist organizations.

The Salafi scene is seen as instrumental to recruiting fighters who wage jihad abroad.

Germany’s domestic intelligence service has said IS is deliberately using refugee migration routes to smuggle attackers into Europe. It also reported that IS is trying to recruit refugees in Germany to commit terrorist attacks.

So far, Germany has seen four attacks perpetrated by asylum-seekers: one in Berlin, one in Hamburg, one in Ansbach, and one in Würzburg.
The Office for the Protection of the Constitution says constantly monitoring an individual requires between 25 and 30 police officers. Which is why this measure is deployed only in rare cases.

The number of Muslim terrorists are nothing as compared to  what will follow in EurAfrica by 2050 in Masonic EU/Muslim Brotherhood plan for Europe´s islamisation.

Decadent peoples always perished in barbarian invasions – that is the teaching of history. In this case, the barbarians are ven being invited and paid for by decadent… us”

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The Future of Europe is for Right-Wing Parties


Globalists Want A Germany Without Germans


Nikolai Der Volkslehrer (The Folk Teacher) is an independent journalist in Germany. We’ll discuss all things relevant in German politics including German guilt programming, immigration, thought crimes and what the future may hold.


EurAfrica a Stinking and Dangerous Pigsty in Brussels Railway Station North and Burnt Cars, Shooting in Sweden

The following is nothing as compared to what awaits us through the Marrakech  UN Global Compact for Migration and here and the UN Replacement Migration Pact: EU-Masonic promoted Eurafrica with 200-300 African immigrants over the next 30 years.
And the EU is just a subservient department of the  Chatham House/RIIA´s 
der City of London.

 Infowars Europe 13 Dec. 2018: Sam van Rooy, a representative of Flemish nationalist-populist party Vlaams Belang, tweeted footage of himself walking through Brussels-North – one of three key railway stations in Belgium’s capital city.

“The whole ground floor of Brussels-North is a dirty, dirty and unsafe open illegal camp,” Rooy wrote. “They play football. It has become of them. And no one does anything about it.”

Embedded video

Sam van Rooy 💛@SamvanRooy1

-debat: van de ivoren toren die het parlement is naar de weerbarstige realiteit.

Heel de benedenverdieping van -Noord is een vies, vuil en onveilig open illegalenkamp. Onbekommerd spelen ze er voetbal. Het is van hun geworden. En niemand die er iets aan doet.

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Correspondingly, four police officers were injured in Brussels-North last week when migrants violently attacked them following a request by Securail personnel to clean up their mess.

“Thousands of illegal immigrants stay in the heart of Brussels, the capital of Belgium and Europe, and the government does nothing about it,” Belgian journalist Tom Lallemand told Infowars Europe. “In the station they harass women and cause an incredibly nasty smell because they leave their waste and even feces everywhere.”

Infowars Europe 14 Dec. 2018: Swedish police are investigating a slew of arson attacks over the last two nights as cars and taxis were torched across Malmö.

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