The EU Apparently Rapidly Dissolving from within. UK and France de facto without Governmental Authority

ADDENDUM DW 8 Jan. 2019:  US State Department has  downgraded the EU delegation’s diplomatic status in Washington from member state to international organization without notifying the EU.

The EU never was a project of the peoples of Europe. From the start, it was the project of the banksters of the City of London, who have made the EU Commission and the EU Council their subservient slaves for their dirty NWO dictatorial one-world plan.  Their Rothschild organisation, the US Council on Foreign Relations even organized the EU/Steel and Coal Union through its CIA,  paid  the so-called EU-fathers Monnet, Spaak, Schumann etc. and ordered the introduction of the euro – not to be made public until no public protests could stop this bankster project :

The peoples were thorougly brainwashed by the elitist-owned media and elected, corrupt politicians  accepting the project that was tolerated as long as the standard of living increased.
However, after the banksters´mass theft of our money after their staged 2008 crisis and their also staged mass import of low-IQ, violent  and ungrateful Muslim conquerors (e.g. Koran sura 33:27) the patience of indigenous Europeans is coming to an end. For not only is violence, rape, murder rapidly increasing – as foretold by Prof. Peter Hammond – but these culturally and work-force “enriching” peoples turned out to be neither. On the contrary: They mostly have to live on social benefits now being taken from the slaves who have to pay for their declared enemies.

All over Europe the protests against the EU are getting louder. Europeans have not yet grasped what is behind the EU:

 The British do not make revolutions, of course – so they voted for Brexit – a thick nail in the EU´s coffin.


The Independent 22 Sept. 2016: London´s Muslim Chief Mayer, Sidiq Khan:


Breitbart 7 Jan. 2019  Police in London have seen a weekend of violence, with several knife attack victims fighting for their lives while officers opened a murder probe after a woman was found strangled to death in an apartment in the capital.

After the London Bridge attack, this mayor spewed the usual Taqija screed: The Washington Post 7 June 2019“As a proud and patriotic British Muslim, I say this — you cannot commit these disgusting acts in my name. Your perverse ideology has nothing to do with true values of Islam, and you will never succeed in dividing our city.”

Any one who has read the Koran and the hadits knows that i.a. the London Bridge and all other Muslim attacks is nothing but the sword verse (sura 9:5) commandment of the Koran: “Lie in watch for and kill the infidels everywhere you meet them”.

One reason for the French revolution is poverty due to mass immigration – and the change of France´s cities into pigsties and horror nests.
And now French Pres. Macron promises Europe an Amageddon of 200 mio. Africans within the next 30 years, calling this horror vision bluntly: EurAfrica as our inescapable future  – paving the road through the horrible UN Marrakesh Global Migration Pact followed slavically by the EU Commission
And then he expects us to stay silent!!!

No matter what the media write about French fuel prices: The Yellow Vests are staging a revolution against the generally impoverishing tyranny of the  City  of London – now reinforced by the Rothschild bankster Macron whom the French were gullible enough to elect president!!

Now the Masses are awakening! Or are they? The Rothschild Illuminati have boasted that no war or revolution after 1776 has been started without them being the masterminds – just as foretold in the Protocols of the Wise Elders of Zion, Chapter XV.
And their slogan is “(New World) Order out of chaos”. So, of course they have  to make the chaos first – as they are also doing in the US, raising NWO communist Democrats and capitalist military industrial complex against isolationist fascist Trump.

Anyway – I guess the French have had enough of this

Paris migrants camping in streets a la Islam

Or have the Yellow Vests simply learned from the Muslim proletariat?

The Gatestone Institute 6 Jan. 2019 Dr. Guy Millière, a professor at the University of Paris writes: The author Éric Zemmour described the “yellow vests” revolt as the result of the “despair of people who feel humiliated, forgotten, dispossessed of their own country by the decisions of a contemptuous caste“. “Young French people must get used to living with the threat of attacks”, then-Prime Minister Manuel Valls said in 2015.

Currently, more than 600 no-go zones are under the control of imams and Muslim gangs

In 2016, the head of the French General Directorate for internal Security, Patrick Calvar, spoke of a high risk of “clashes between communities”, perhaps even civil war.

Meanwhile, more than 150,000 illegal immigrants live in Seine Saint Denis, near Paris. Macron, since becoming President, has repeatedly said that those who call on him to expel illegal immigrants are “xenophobic”.
All illegal immigrants in France receive financial assistance if they ask for it, as well as free health care; and they run almost no risk of being deported.
Many have no marketable skills, some receive for decades the minimum income paid to anyone in difficulty.

A group of retired generalspublished an open letter, saying that signing the Global Compact was a further step towards “the abandonment of national sovereignty” and noted that “80% of the French population think that immigration must be halted or regulated drastically”. In deciding alone to sign this pact,” the generals wrote, “… You are guilty of a denial of democracy, even treason, with respect to the nation”.

“Two days before the fifth demonstration of the “yellow vests,” police officers organized a protest in front of the Élysée Palace. The vice-president of an organization made up of police officers said that many members are exhausted, feel sympathetic to the revolt and are ready to join it.

The authorities are really afraid that the police could turn on them,”
On January 3, Eric Drouet, one of the main faces of the “yellow vests” movement was arrested by a dozen policeman.

Breitbart 5 Jan. 2019 : Government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux was evacuated from his Left Bank office at the Ministry for Parliamentary Relations after the front door of the building was partially destroyed.Those who did this “attacked the house of France,” he said.
Interior Minister Christophe Castaner estimated that about 50,000 people participated in protests around France on Saturday. Police counted some 3,500 protesters in Paris.
The protests were launched in anger over fuel tax hikes, but have swelled with broader anger over Macron’s economic policies, deemed to favor the rich.

On Saturday, protesters reiterated a call for Macron to resign.

“Resolution 2019: Demacronize,” read one sign. “Power to the people,”

Global Res. 4 Jan 2019: A very ery interesting interview with the Russian Sputnik of Jean-Louis Esquivié a General of the gendarmerie and right-hand man of Etheantiterrorist unit of the Elysee in the 1980s. First of all, notice the following question

Esquivié: The army and the police recognize the political and moral leading role of General Pierre De Villiers. De Villiers is the reference point for all the French, not so much because of his military career but because he is seen as the defender of the democratic and republican ideals the French people identify with.

The shrinking political group around Macron (and his financial masters – The City of London) has lost whatever popular consent they had and is now irrelevant. If they are still there it is because the armed forces is guaranteeing “public order”.

Interestingly, a growing number of observers are noticing that a representative of the Yellow Vests has stated publicly that de Villiers should be elected president of France.


DWN 7 Jan. 2019 Italy´s interor Minister Salvini to Yellow Vests in France: Stay firm!


Global Res. 7 Jan. 2019  On the evening of 14 July 1789, the Duke de La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt woke King Louis XVI to inform him about the storming of the Bastille.

“Why, is this a rebellion?” the King wondered.

“No Sir. It’s a revolution”, replied the Duke (And he would know, being an illuminatus).

What is happening today in France is one of the most significant political developments on the European continent after the collapse of the Soviet Union almost thirty years ago. It is one of the most radical, deepest and dynamic challenges to modern European capitalism in decades.

Both in terms of method – the direct, mass mobilisation of people, of the “masses”, their dramatic entry on to the stage of history – as well as in terms of the depth of the movement, as in its demands, which directly question the political and, implicitly but clearly, the social regime.(**). In particular, it is evenly spread throughout France, rather than being restricted to the capital.

The (present) French revolution is the direct product of the multifaceted, complex “European” crisis, a crisis which, in its turn, is the product and consequence of two factors: the deep economic crisis into which world capitalism entered in 2008, and the very way in which the European Union has been built and operates.

Any victory or defeat of the Yellow Vests movement depends heavily on its ability to expand and find immediate support in the rest of Europe.

The French crisis is only the beginning of a course of events, which, of course, we cannot predict and prescribe; nor can we foresee where it will lead; however, we can say with certainty already from now that it will radically change Europe and the world.
In our next article, we will examine the way the French people were led to take the course they have 

Breitbart 23 Nov. 2018:   “Nation states must today be prepared to give up their sovereignty to, the EU,” Merkel said, speaking at an event organised by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Berlin on Wednesday.


EUObserver 7 Jan.2018:   Poland and Italy’s right-wing rulers (Kaczynski und Salvini) are to cement their “special relations” at a meeting in Warsaw, in what could make a new anti-EU league a major force in the next European Parliament (EP).

It must be borne in mind that the new French Revolution as well as that of 1789 is communist after Adam Weishaupt / Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s Jewish-Jesuit 6-point Illuminati program.
These yellow vests are extremely well organized and smell far away of Rothschild agentGeorge Soros’s Open Society.
As usual, the Illuminati revolution corresponds to Hegel’s dialectic.

EUObserver 7 Jan.2018: Poland and Italy’s right-wing rulers are to cement their “special relations” at a meeting in Warsaw, in what could make a new anti-EU league a major force in the next European Parliament (EP).

Jaroslaw Kaczynski and Polish Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, in the Polish Capital on Wednesday (9 January) is to discuss Poland’s membership in Salvini’s new EP group, according to Italian daily La Repubblica

It must be kept in mind that the new French Revolution as well as that of 1789 are communist after Adam Weishaupt / Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s Jewish-Jesuit 6-point Illuminati program.

These Yellow Vests are very well organized and reek far away of Rothschild agent George Soros’s Open Society.
As usual, the Illuminati revolution corresponds to Hegel’s dialectics.

Migrants arrive in Spanish Malaga after rescue operation

A total of 189 #migrants, including 29 women and eight children, arrived at #Spain‘s Port of #Malaga on the Guardamar Caliope ship on Sunday, after being rescued in the Sea of Alboran.

Hungary: Orban Dismisses World Jewish Congress as “Running Left Wing Agenda”

Hungarian President Viktor Orban has dismissed the World Jewish Congress (WJC) as running a “a left-wing political agenda” after refusing to condemn a magazine cover showing Hungarian Jewish leader—and WJC Vice President—Andras Heisler surrounded by floating money and being involved in “financial irregularities.”

According to a report in the Israeli Haaretz newspaper, the weekly Figyelo (“Observer”) magazine in Hungary featured a cover picture of Andras Heisler, the president of the Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities, with banknotes floating around him. The cover appeared in conjunction with an article revealing Heisler’s involvement in “financial irregularities.”

The magazine accuses Heisler and his umbrella group, Mazsihisz, of accounting irregularities in connection with a state-funded synagogue renovation and museum project in Budapest.

Such an image “is one of the oldest and vilest caricatures of the Jewish people and it places not just the magazine, but all of Hungary in a very bad light,” WJC President Ronald Lauder wrote in a letter to Orban last Friday.

“While I understand and respect the boundaries of a free press, I believe your strong, public condemnation of this very clear attack on all Jewish people, would not just distance you, personally, from this most disgusting hatred, worthy of the Nazi era, but it would also place your government and all of Hungary in a better light,” Lauder wrote.

Orban responded by telling Lauder that he was“surprised that you are asking me to limit the freedom of speech and the freedom of press. Despite all my respect for you, I cannot fulfill such a request,” and then went onto accuse the WJC president of only speaking out “when a left-wing public figure of Jewish descent is at the center of a debate.”

“It is hard to comprehend the clear left-wing and liberal bias that you demonstrate in Hungarian public affairs,” continued Orban.“I am uncertain as to whether we should [view]] your letter a political document,or a stand taken for the Hungarian Jewish community. In case it’s the latter, thank you for it. Even if it is unnecessary.”

Figyelo magazine takes a pro-government line in Hungary and its owner is considered close to the Hungarian prime minister.

The Hungarian government and that country’s ruling party, Fidesz, is extremely pro-Israel and Orban has close personal links with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Heisler however has long been an opponent of Orban and the Hungarian government’s anti-Third World invasion policies. In the year leading up to this past April’selections, Orban launched an anti-immigration campaign highly focused on Jewish billionaire George Soros that Heisler said “triggered bad feelings among us Jews.” even though Netanyahu had also condemned Soros. Needless to say, Heisler is known for his support of Israel.

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