U.S. Federal Grand Jury Set to Hear 9/11 Evidence on Controlled Demolition

Isaac Davis
Waking Times

The 9/11 truth movement has been active and persistent for over 17 years, and while mainstream media won’t touch the story, and while most Americans refuse to even consider the possibility that the attacks were an inside job, the actual evidence supporting controlled demolition theory is so convincing that a legitimate federal grand jury investigation will address this very question.

Thousands of architects and engineerspilots, security professionals, journalists and concerned citizens have been demanding that the federal government release the truth about the attacks, all noting that there is overwhelming circumstantial and scientific evidence proving that the World Trade Center towers, including building 7, were brought down by a pre-planned controlled demolition.

The evidence for this is exceptionally captivating, and The Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry has successfully submitted a petition to the federal government demanding that a grand jury consider this possibility. Finally, the U.S. Attorney has issued a response, agreeing to ‘comply with the law’ and open a grand jury investigation. This could mark the most substantial progress to date in the fight for 9/11 truth.


The Lawyers’ Committee’s April 10th 52-page original Petition was accompanied by 57 exhibits and presented extensive evidence that explosives were used to destroy three WTC buildings. That evidence included independent scientific laboratory analysis of WTC dust samples showing the presence of high-tech explosives and/or incendiaries; numerous first-hand reports by First Responders of explosions at the WTC on 9/11; expert analysis of seismic evidence that explosions occurred at the WTC towers on 9/11 prior to the airplane impacts and prior to the building collapses; and expert analysis by architects, engineers, and scientists concluding that the rapid onset symmetrical near-free-fall acceleration collapse of three WTC high rise buildings on 9/11 exhibited the key characteristics of controlled demolition. The Lawyers’ Committee’s July 30th Amended Petition addresses several additional federal crimes beyond the federal bombing crime addressed in the original Petition. The Lawyers’ Committee concluded in the petitions that explosive and incendiary devices preplaced at the WTC were detonated causing the complete collapse of the WTC Twin Towers on 9/11 and increasing the tragic loss of life. [Source]

This famous video of the free-fall collapse of WTC building 7 has haunted the internet for years, demanding justice. In it, you can see a virtually unharmed building being brought down in a matter of seconds, exactly like a professional controlled building demolition.

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9/11 “Let’s Roll” Flight 93 That “Crashed” In Shanksville Left NO Signs Of Plane Or Bodies


When we finally DO get full disclosure about the false flag terror event perpetrated on September 11th, 2001, we will likely come to realize how vastly botched the entire operation was. This is not to discount the great difficulty of pulling off a false flag of this magnitude, probably the grandest in the history of the world. But as it turns out, much of the intended destruction did not come to pass, such as the bombing of Manhattan’s tunnels and bridges which was meant to fully isolate those on the island and create absolute panic and pandemonium. That level of panic never materialized.

But we don’t have to wait until full disclosure to see some of the signs that the intended narrative did not completely go off as planned. There are now dozens if not hundreds of good videos on YouTube as we speak that reveal the deep ‘chinks in the armor’ of the official 9/11 narrative. Some, like the group Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, put much of their efforts in demonstrating how Building 7 (the third tower that went down on 9/11) was clearly brought down by controlled demolition, and could not possibly have collapsed simply as a result of fiery debris from the other towers going down. Others examine the physical evidence at ground zero, witness testimony in the area, slip-ups by politicians, broadcasters, law enforcement and other officials.

The Brave Passengers Fairy-Tale

One of the most straightforward areas of inquiry into the 9/11 false flag event is the alleged crash of ‘Flight 93’, which has been memorialized into a 2006 film of the same name. In it, the saga of passengers taking back possession of the plane from hijackers after the infamous command, “Let’s Roll,” was designed to further cement in our minds the story that this plane crash-landed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania as a result of efforts from brave passengers to prevent the plane from being used as a kamikaze attack on its intended target which, according to a ‘high-ranking al Qaeda detainee’ was none other than the White House.

Great story, isn’t it? Feelings of pride mixed with loss and ‘us versus them’ patriotism are ready to burst at the seams, and dominate our vision of the whole event. Just one problem, for those who are willing to take a peek under the covers of this Deep State seduction: Flight 93 clearly did not crash in Shanksville that day. And that puts the whole patriotic tale into question.

Most Don’t Believe The Official Story

It is not certain whether the whole Flight 93 episode went completely as the Deep State had planned, was a Plan B alternative, or was a botched execution that they pieced together in real-time. What is clear is that, given how little official effort has been given to explain the wreckage site in Shanksville, they have basically tried to keep things quiet in the hopes that most people would not be willing to believe in the paradigm-shifting idea that this was an inside job, a staged event to misguide us, replete with hundreds of real deaths of citizens in the Twin Towers to add to the realism.

If you are part of the clear minority of people (based on all recent polls) that still believe the official narrative of who perpetrated these events and the official National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) technical paper that goes along with it, you may convince yourself that the evidence from the first couple of YouTube videos I saw on the crash of Flight 93 is not compelling.

On the other hand, if you are with the majority in thinking that we are not being told what really happened, these videos should be enough to satisfy the suspicion that the whole Flight 93 narrative was contrived and simulated for the purposes of advancing the desired ‘revenge-hungry’ attitude among U.S. citizens. The Neo-Conservative Think-Tank ‘Project for the New American Century’ identified the need for a ‘New Pearl Harbor’ that they hoped would whet public appetite for the planned invasion of almost half the countries in the Middle East, and of course 9/11 was it.

A Summary Of Evidence

The video below is a bit of a summary of news reports and testimony that paints a pretty clear picture that we are not looking at the wreckage site of a 757 jetliner that had passengers. When a mainstream media broadcaster announces that “There were 45 people aboard the hijacked United Airlines 757 when it nosedived into the ground at the edge of this old strip mine,” you might realize as I did that that’s one of the ways mainstream media does it–they just announce as ‘fact’ something that the evidence doesn’t clearly support, but when said over video of the scene with added captions, we tend to adopt the perception that it is true and not in doubt.

We in fact should wonder how this broadcaster could have KNOWN with absolute certainty that the plane had nosedived here (and doesn’t say ‘allegedly’, for example) when all we see in the video is a relatively modest crater with no signs of airplane debris and no bodies.

The Shanksville Crater

In this video, the narrator looks more deeply into the crater itself, and comes up with a very plausible explanation for what might have created the crater that corroborates perfectly with eyewitness testimony of the presence of a ‘small white plane,’ and not a 757, which the witness is abundantly clear about.

In fact, it was even shown in the video that a mainstream media article had written that this particular witness said the 757 was the plane she saw, in complete contradiction with what she actually said. Here we see another strategy of mainstream media, to flat-out change witness testimony to suit the official narrative.

Awaiting The Full Disclosure of 9/11

There may be a transcendent reason, only known far above my pay scale, as to why we haven’t been able to force a full disclosure of the 9/11 tragedy. It hearkens back to the JFK assassination, which still has not been officially revealed, some 55 years after it occurred. As one might imagine, the Deep State must be continuing to hold on as tightly as it can to this information, since a widely revealed acknowledgment of insider conspiracy in either the JFK assassination or 9/11 may be the domino that sets all the others in motion and leaves the control mechanism of the Deep State in tatters.

Perhaps in the bigger picture of human awakening we have not been ready or it has not been the right time for this to happen. But it sure feels like we’re getting close.

This article originally appeared on Collective Evolution.

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