Jared Kushner’s puppet, Donald Trump, has achieved new heights of Holocaust® fervor and reality denial

Outrageous Holocaust Sermonizing From Puppet President in Lamest State of the Union Ever

by Gregory Conte

Jared Kushner’s puppet, Donald Trump, has achieved new heights of Holocaust fervor and reality denial. He devoted a good portion of his State of the Union to eulogizing “history’s greatest crime,”

Tonight, we are also joined by Pittsburgh survivor Judah Samet…. [M]ore than seven decades ago, he narrowly survived the Nazi concentration camps. Today is Judah’s 81st birthday. Judah says he can still remember the exact moment, nearly 75 years ago, after 10 months in a concentration camp, when he and his family were put on a train, and told they were going to another camp.

So, we are supposed to believe that in the maelstrom of spring, 1945, the genocidal Germans kept 7-year-old Judah alive for 10 months at Bergen-Belsen, despite crippling shortages of food, fuel, ammunition and personnel.

German civilians were being annihilated in their tens of thousands in vicious firebombing, thousands of German women were being raped by Soviet (and British and American) troops.

The Enemy: 16-year-old Hans-Georg Henke, captured April 3, 1945 by the US 9th Army operating just south and west of Bergen-Belsen

Yet the evil Germans allocated an entire train to evacuate little Judah and his parents in March or April of 1945. Chilling.

Like so much of the substantially false mainstream Holocaust narrative, the story strikes one as utterly incredible. According to Trump’s retelling:

Suddenly the train screeched to a halt. A soldier appeared. Judah’s family braced for the worst. Then, his father cried out with joy: “It’s the Americans.”

According to Judah, his liberation occurred at Berlin at the hands of an American tank crew. Given that the SS handed over Bergen-Belsen to the British on April 15th, the train must have been dispatched eastward at some point before then. This is all technically possible, but highly unusual if one assumes that the Germans were bent on genocide. It’s also unusual given the constraints of time and space:

Maybe he was found by a recon unit who were approximately 150 miles beyond the April 9th allied front, operating in direct contravention of Eisenhower’s orders not to advance East of the Elbe. Whatever, it doesn’t really matter. It only bothers me because I’m autistic.

In fact, if the rest of his story is true, it is much more likely that the soldier who found him was a Russian.

But other people are noticing discrepancies too. In a tweet that will probably be cited as evidence at his future thought-crime trial, Ramzpaul noted:

Quite less than optimal efficiency. Forget about shooting Judah in April ’45… Why was this unfit-for-labor child transferred from Debrecen, Hungary in June/July ’44 toward Auschwitz, only to be rerouted to a lumberyard in Austria, then on to Bergen-Belsen, where he was lived for 10 months if the end goal was to kill him? Why did his parents survive to be liberated if all Jews were slated for extermination?

Was the SS full of raving imbeciles?

Brits and the Holocaust

29 January 2019

Not to see that Gaza is a concentration camp is a Holocaust denial!!!!

The British and Jewish press reported yesterday that a poll released to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day found that “1 in 20 British adults does not believe the Holocaust happened and 12%  think the scale of the genocide has been exaggerated.”

Nearly half of those questioned said they did not know “how many Jews were murdered by the Nazis and one in five people thought fewer than two million Jews were killed.”

This is proof, once again, that the more they dogmatically insist on trumpeting the primacy of Jewish suffering, the less people are interested in the Jewish plight. The same principle applies to anti-Semitism, the more Jewish institutions bemoan the tragedy, opposition to Jewry grows  in the Kingdom and beyond.

Speaking for the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, which commissioned the poll, Olivia Marks-Woldman told the BBC that: “without a basic understanding of this recent history, we are in danger of failing to learn where a lack of respect for difference and hostility to others can ultimately lead.” If Marks-Woldman is truly concerned about ‘respect for difference and hostility to others’ she may want to point out what she and the Trust have done to stop the holocaust now taking place in Palestine at the hands of no other than the Jewish State.

Karen Pollack, chief executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust, said in a statement that the survey showed “the need to increase education about the genocide.” How many more hours should BBC Radio 4 dedicate to the Nazi era and Jewish suffering bearing in mind that we have only 24 each day?

The Jewish press also noted that the poll results are consistent with CNN’s recent findings that one-fifth of Europeans believe Jewish people have too much influence in finance and politics, and one-third said they knew nothing at all or “just a little” about the Holocaust.  I wonder if this means that it is time that Jewish institutions examine themselves and try to figure out what is at play here.  Why are Europeans ‘denying’ the Jewish past? How is it possible that the more time, effort and money are invested in ‘Holocaust education’ the ‘less educated’ people seem to be?

But here’s the twist. The Times Of Israel reported yesterday that last December “a major European report found nearly 90 percent of European Jews feel that anti-Semitism has increased in their home countries.”  Apparently the most common ‘anti-Semitic’ statements Jews heard were “comparisons between Israelis and the Nazis with regard to the Palestinians.”

Perhaps the Holocaust Memorial Trust ought to be reassured by this positive finding.  Not only do Europeans and Brits understand the Holocaust, they manage to apply its message in a universal manner. They are disgusted by fascism, racism, ethnic cleansing and oppression and happen to see Israel’s leadership as the Nazis of our time. I accept that this may be offensive for some Jews, but it does indicate that the most important lesson of the Holocaust, the importance of opposition to racism and oppression, is well and widely understood.

Original source via The Truthseeker

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6 thoughts to “Brits and the Holocaust”

  1. Hard to believe only 1 in 20 Brits is a denier.
    Especially considering how the last thirty years have manifested a phenomenal proliferation of computers/browsers and their WWW.

    How about only 1 in 20 Brits will admit to it?

  2. You don’t hear any Germans anywhere complaining and whining about all the dead Germans in WW2. Only about 284,000 Jews died in the camps from typhus and starvation compared to 10-20 million Germans slaughtered by the hateful Talmudic supremacists who wouldn’t tolerate any alternative to their debt slavery.

    Recent estimates for Dresden fire bombing are 400,000 to 600,000 which is double the number of Jews who died in Germany.

    Jews are pathetic whining little crybabies and liars without a lick of integrity – most of the world knows the Holocaust is a giant hoax like 911.

    And look how many innocent people have died from Zionist policies and control of Amerika. Jews are not victims – they are causing the world wars, they are the ones behind the war of terror.

    How many people have been slaughtered by the Jewish Zionists since Israel did 911? Many more than the fictitious 6 million number. I have to say that I am tired of this Holocaust crap and I wish to inform the Jews to shut the hell up because we are tired of their bullshit and lies.

  3. How can something that is real, the Gaza plight, be compared to denial of something that is fake, the Holohoax? I guess it requires the fog of a trip down the fake anti-Semitism and the fake “race” roads.

    The Gaza plight is simple. The jews took their stuff and the jews are going to keep their stuff because they did and they can via lies, terror, and force. It’s an age-old technique they’ve used since the Egyptian Empire. As soon as the jews have run out of people to suck dry to support their Israel enterprise, the Palestinians will probably get their stuff back as the jews wander off to greener pastures.

  4. I used to believe the official Holocaust story, until I read that Ann Frank died of typhus in the hospital at Belsen. She had been moved from Auschwitz to get away from the advancing Red Army.

    Then I began to notice other anomalies:-

    Why would the Nazis transport Jews all the way to Auschwitz in Poland to kill them? Why use irritant cyanide gas (ZYKLON) when carbon monoxide from a badly ventilated stove would kill them painlessly in 15 minutes? Why were there 4.3 million survivors claiming compensation from Germany? Why did the Red Cross give only 272,000 as the total number of deaths in ALL the camps? Why was there a hospital, a pharmacy, a theatre, an orchestra, a choir, a library, a swimming pool and a soccer pitch at Auschwitz, in a death camp?

    1. Well said, John! This is a neat summary of the main reasons reasons for denying the Holocaust. But just try getting these views across to the average man in the street! You’ll get strange looks and at once be classified as an antisemitic crackpot. 🙂

      The Great Lie is now enthroned on a pedestal and has become the Great Truth.

      Holocaustianity has replaced Christianity as the new religion of the West.

  5. “That Holocaust never happened – no credible evidence has ever emerged!!! Other True Holocausts have-happened such as The Bolshevik Holocaust of 66 million Russian Nationists circa WW 1

    The Truth IS – Unrevised History

    It still can be found – today

    Use Google

    The Holohoax Lie Begins To Die

    The credulity of the White race in believing the far-fetched, ridiculous, and often contradictory holohoax fantasy has been an unmitigated disaster for our people. The fraud of the holohoax has been much more, and much worse, than a multi-billion dollar cash cow for the jews behind this blatant scam. It is one of the semitic Big Lies that the jews use to claim moral authority over Whites, and to manipulate the uniquely altruistic and compassionate White race into feeling undeserved guilt for alleged atrocities that, strictly speaking, never happened. The holohoax is the reason ne plus ultra that the jews use in their unjustifiable efforts to characterize themselves as victims of the most privileged, powerful, wealthy, and unaccountable sort. In typical jewish hypocrisy, they claim to be victims of the serfs over whom they rule through the corruption of our governments. Noticing any of this a thoughtcrime in our debased Weimerican failed-state, and is immediately met with jewish wailing about the holohoax coupled with aggravated, nasally bleating about anti-semitism.

    Thankfully, the holohoax appears to have run its course, as common sense is purging this vile mental poison from the collective psyche of the White race. It has become increasingly difficult for sane White people to believe outlandish kosher lies about 6 million jews being killed by evil not-sees in 1919 1926 1944, spanking machines and gymnasticsdogs with poison teethjew-eating eagles, jew-eating bears, pedal-powered brain-bashing machines, well-ventilated gas chambers with lots of windows. Whites are starting to question why pictures of German typhus victims and pictures German civilian victims of Allied war crimes are being offered by two-faced, self-serving jews as supposed evidence of a fictitious holohoax. The jews are in a panic as their most reliable weapon for instigating White abasement is rapidly becoming obsolete. Predictably, the selfsame jews who are obsessed with tall tales about “camps” are preparing to use the threat of state violence to force-feed holohoax propaganda to a new generation of White children.

    A recent Claims Conference study that showed Americans’ knowledge of the Holocaust was unexpectedly low, particularly among millennials, drew national attention but should come as no surprise.”

    According to some jews, Americans aren’t spending enough time immersed in ridiculous holohoax pabulum. The rat-faced men won’t be satisfied unless we spend all our conscious moments in deep contemplation of the precious 6 gazillion, the irony that the “light of the world” think they were turned into lampshades, and how Whites are bad and need to hurry up and die.

    The survey revealed that 66 percent of millennials could not identify what “Auschwitz” was, and 41 percent thought that 2 million or fewer Jews were murdered during the Holocaust.”

    While not being able to identify “Auschwitz” is a commendable response, we certainly need more millennials responding with the truth: it was the set for a (((Soviet))) propaganda production, used to perpetrate one of the most obscene frauds throughout all of history. The fact that 41% of millennials refused to mindlessly and reverentially parrot the kosher certified “6 shoahzillion” holohoax figure is also an encouraging sign, particularly since the “2 million or fewer” response includes zero.  One can understand their skepticism given how trustworthy and consistent the jews are:

    It is not young people’s fault they don’t know these facts; the fault primarily lies with the people who decide what is important to teach them. The survey is not an indictment of a lazy millennial generation, but of an uneven educational environment.”

    Oi vey! Who cares if the goyim children are functionally illiterate and can’t do basic algebra! What matters is that we further Judaize their educational environment, and ensure that the next generation of White children are unskilled ignoramuses, capable only of being slavishly beholden to the whims of their Hebraic masters! The talmud says that It’s The Right Thing To DoTM.  Let’s show them holohoax cartoons and have them read poorly-written Wiesel fiction for twelve years. Homeschooling and being taught by members of their own race might lead to the development of pride in their own people; we need to force the goyim to turn their children and their futures over to the chosenites. If they won’t do it, just screech about the holohoax and nawrtzees until they capitulate.

    There are enough teaching resources for every child to know precisely what Auschwitz was, how many Jews were murdered during the Holocaust and much more.”

    These jewish “teaching resources” (likely paid for by your tax dollars) cover Auschwitz, the holohoax, and so much more! In between reading about the kosher coprophagic “diamond girl” and learning how to hate themselves, the jews have plenty of resources remaining to teach White children about sodomy, pedophilia, and miscegenation. Public ed-jew-cation is child abuse. Homeschool your children.

    We have two options. Either we shake our heads at the latest survey results and decry the ignorance of the younger generation, or we begin a serious and concerted effort to ensure that there is a plan for states to implement mandates as well as online Holocaust training for teachers.”

    The jews just can’t get enough of the fake choice, the appearance of options. The rat-faced men will incessantly decry that “more needs to be done” until the last White person is buried in the uncaring dirt. Following the typical nation-wrecking formula, the jews plan to use ZOG power to force the unwilling, downtrodden, and increasingly resentful subjects of a subverted country to ruin the minds of their children through heavy-handed, slab-faced, bureaucratic enforcement. You will become an unperson if you do not teach your children that “g*d’s chosen people” must be worshipped as the victim-martyrs of the fraudocaust. For the children who cannot learn this lesson, there is always the prospect of a one-way field trip to Comet Ping Pong.

    There are promising signs that the hold of the holohoax over the minds of our people is beginning to slip. The old adage that time heals all wounds may yet hold true for the psychological bludgeoning we have so often received in the form of undeserved shaming at the hands of the jews wielding the holohoax. As the jews become increasingly brazen and arrogant in their subversion of our nations and their attempts to exterminate the White race, the unfounded guilt-complex so adamantly accepted by Whites in the past and today will be exposed for the ridiculousness that it truly is. We must expose the jews as our racial enemies, relentlessly working to destroy the White race. Our people must awaken to the fact that jews are in control, directly or indirectly, of nearly every institution in America today; and that the commonality of this control is easily observable by the degeneracy, miscegenation, and empty hedonism promoted by these Hebraically parasitized institutions. The jews must be exposed as the treacherous, dishonest, hate-filled creatures they are. They have no place in a White nation, should that nation desire a future as something other than a deracinated collection of mongrelized slaves – a fate worse than death to any rational White man or woman. We must stop the jewish-orchestrated White genocide.

    Source article: http://jewishjournal.com/opinion/233185/mandate-end-holocaust-ignorance/

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