Madison Avenue, or The Anti-White Agenda of Jewish Ad Agencies

Author of Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947
February 1, 2019

“In these commercials … straight white males are always the targets, portrayed as fat, fumbling fools … incapable of solving even the simplest task.” — Thomas Goodrich 

While Israel sits nice and comfy behind its wall, Jewish enablers have been pushing white genocide via replacement with hordes of darks flooding the Euro nations of earth.  Now, while this program has been in place since the end of WWII, Jews are currently ramping up their attacks against we whites in advertising.  Just as with population replacement, the end game of Jewish advertising is also nothing less than our extermination.  

Since returning to the US, I have done something that I almost never did before, viz., watching a little TV.  Generally after 7PM or so I will plop down and watch a true crime program or two. “Cold Justice,” “Cold Case Files” and “Criminal Confessions” are three of my favorites.

Unfortunately, these programs, and all others I’ve seen, are infested with commercials.  I am not talking about the local mom & pop commercials pitching a downtown cafe or hardware store.  No, I am talking about the flashy high dollar ads of sound, color, light, and neurotic humanoids blasting about second-by-second like crazed cockroaches. Actually, and unlike local TV ads, these glitz and bling Jewish productions really are there not so much to sell a product so much as they are there to sell an idea and push a political agenda.

Although fast food, beer, glamour, shiny cars, and insurance are the surface items being hawked on these big budget ads, one quickly is aware that white genocide is the main object.  Rarely does one of these ads pop up that is not flagrantly anti-white.

In these commercials concocted by large Jewish ad agencies–known collectively as “Madison Avenue” — straight white males are always the targets.  As anyone who has watched even a little TV knows by now, virtually all such men are portrayed as fat, fumbling, flopping fools; as just a bunch of bumbling bozos and buffoons who are incompetent, clumsy clowns incapable of solving even the simplest task. They are always either bouncing around stupidly and pointlessly from commercial to commercial, or they are standing stunned, baffled, open-mouthed as if in a daze, or they are stuffing vast amounts of junk food into their gorge holes.

These same clueless white clods — the same, by the way, whose ancestors gave us electricity, automobiles, airplanes, computers, heart transplants, and moon landings — are clearly lacking in every department, intellectually, morally, socially, interactionally, and hygienically.  White men are seldom leaders in these commercials; they are usually confused, perplexed, but willing, followers of their betters, viz, brilliant black and brown men, and young, hard-charging super women.

Invariably, this motley menagerie, these saviors of the day, are always neat, always clean, always intelligent, always black, brown or female; these superior beings merely roll their eyes in disgust at the ridiculous predicaments white men get into, then go about showing by word or example how the unkempt, disgusting white male moron needs to do something the right way (see photo above).

Mostly, the only white men who are portrayed as bright, intelligent, slim, clean, and successful in these ads are either gay couples or those with dark women on their arms.

In every Jewish commercial ever created, a black or brown is never, no matter what the situation, portrayed in a bad light, ever — in the fantasy world of Jewish commercials, they are always the flawless decision-makers, the sure, certain, selfless take-chargers, the best and the brightest mankind has to offer.  They never commit the same stupid mistakes as the crude, clumsy, clueless white men. They are all cool, confident, well-dressed, natural-born-leader types; they are scientists, surgeons, professors, jet pilots, or just your common everyday successful black or brown businessman cooly making their million dollar decisions each day inside Fortune 500 boardrooms.

White males in these commercials are often looked at askance and lectured by blacks and browns on the proper, mature and intelligent way of doing things even though the ancestors of the latter, with millions of years to work with, somehow never managed to even invent the simple wheel.

Race-mixing, of course, is the main focus of these Jewish commercials.  Virtually every other couple shown is a mixed race twosome, usually a charming, successful, intelligent young black man embracing, kissing and rolling happily in bed with a lovely, slim, graceful white woman.  These couples are always portrayed as laughing, care-free, successful, and deeply in love; they are never seen as they in reality usually are — miserable, angry, arguing, drunken, drugged, fat, vulgar, disheveled, and violent. 

“These couples are always portrayed as laughing,
care-free, successful, and deeply in love.”

In one Progressive Insurance ad, a beautiful young white woman bumps into a black man at a juke box whereupon they fall instantly in love. In the next shot the deeply smitten duo are happily performing together on stage, singing to a rapturous audience. “Now That’s Progressive” reads the Jewish moral message.

Now, fact is, despite Jews trying to convince us on their commercials that every other couple is a mixed race match, no matter where one looks in the US are mixed-race couples the norm.  Left to our own devices, miscegenation would remain forever but a tiny fraction of the white population.  If left alone, our instincts would naturally kick in and few of us would even socialize with blacks and browns, much less date and have sex with them.  If left alone, our instincts will naturally repel us from dark-skinned people, their strange, and to our instincts, their ugly looks, their childish, irresponsible actions, their impulsive, violent, primitive nature.

And Jews know this.

Their ambition, their hope, their dream, is to take fiction and create a new reality by portraying race-mixing as the wonderful, inevitable norm to come.  Once such a consensus among the young and dumb is reached, they feel, the rest will be easy.  The non-stop commercial message to immature minds is: “If you want to be happy, healthy, successful, then stay away from your fellow whites, the losers, and choose for a mate a natural winner, a dark person.” 

“If you want to be happy, stay away from your fellow whites, the losers,
and choose for a mate a natural winner, a dark person.” 

Of course, a heavily or entirely mixed race America would nicely accomplish two of the Jew’s greatest historical ambitions, i.e., (1) the genocide of the white race, and (2) absolute Jewish control of the ugly, ignorant mulatto/mestizo mess that remains.

Clearly, blacks, browns and whites do not create these commercials — Jews do.  All the above is how Jews want unthinking TV watchers to perceive white men.  Blacks and browns in these Jewish commercials are used by Jews as they have always been used — as hammers against we whites.  Jews do not care a fig about the well-being or elevation of blacks and browns; their sole purpose is for them to be used as Jews have always used them — as clubs and bricks to attack we whites.

This is how the Jews who create the ads want us and others to think about ourselves.  Their hope is that ultimately we will think so badly about ourselves that we will no longer care about ourselves, about our past, about our present or especially about our future, about marriage and children, about fighting Jewish hate around the world; that we will simply give up and commit suicide.  And, of course, these devious individuals hope their fanciful dreams become reality for young and dumb white women and that they will naturally fall into the arms of REAL men — the black and brown mud men.

Truly, the depth of Jewish hatred is breath-taking.  But so is their almost comical, suicidal ignorance.  Sooner than they could ever imagine the consequences of their efforts to destroy whites via immigration replacement, inter-racial sex commercials, pornography, abortion, actual white on white World Wars, or a hundred other means, will bear them a terrible fruit.  As we know from history, when white people finally get pissed off, really pissed off, hell is to pay.  And, as we all know, the white world is very, very close to critical mass right now.

A word, a warning, a historical truth:  An armed and angry white man is the most deadly killing machine the earth has ever known — he is intelligent, resourceful, adaptable, strong as steel, hard as iron, he never sleeps, he never forgets … and he is virtually impossible to kill.

(I apologize for the rushed and rather disorganized article above.  I usually do a better job than this.  The post is merely a piece written by someone who wanted to say a certain something but lacked the proper time to say it.)


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3 thoughts to “Madison Avenue, or The Anti-White Agenda of Jewish Ad Agencies”

  1. The civilization most people on earth live in came from whites. From Ancient Greece’s Golden Age to the European Industrial Revolution and creation of modern science, to American hi-tech; most of the advances have been from whites.

    That’s just the way it is, and you can’t take it away from them.

    Now it is the turn of the other races, who I am sure will join in and maybe lead mankind’s journey.

    I would love to live another 81 years to see what will happen. I am an optimist. I think things (Barring wars) will improve.

  2. Yes, white people are being erased from history, and indoctrinated to hate themselves.

    Try typing “American Inventors” or “European People History” into Google, Bing, or other search engines, including DuckDuckGo. Then click on images. This did not happen by accident. It took tens of thousands of people hundreds of thousands of hours to make it happen.

    Anti-Semitic Mob Attacks Jew Museum Over Ties to Jew Druglords

    Andrew Anglin
    Daily Stormer
    February 10, 2019

    Ah, but my friends, this is truly the best story.

    Huffington Post:

    Protests erupted inside New York’s Solomon R. GuggenheimMuseum Saturday night as demonstrators demanded the museum ditch its ties with the Sackler family ― the owners of Purdue Pharma, manufacturer and marketer of prescription painkiller OxyContin.

    The museum’s Sackler Center for Arts Education, which includes multimedia labs and lecture theatres sprawled out over 8,200-square feet, was a gift from the family and opened to the public in 2001.

    Footage of the incident uploaded to Twitter show leaflets being thrown from one of the museum’s upper walkways as some protesters staged a die-in.

    Embedded video

    Andrew Kimmel


    Protestors staged a die-in & dropped flyers @ the tonight demanding that the museum remove the name of the Sackler family, owners of ⁦@purduepharma⁩ that produces OxyContin. The pill kills ~200 people every day . Read more: 

    Embedded video

    Krista Parry@kristaparry

    Amazing to be @Guggenheim as protest erupts about Big Pharma.

    Designed to look like prescription slips, the leaflets were a response to allegations made in a court filing that a member of the Sackler family had predicted the launch of the opioid painkiller would be “followed by a blizzard of prescriptions that will bury the competition.”

    Oxycodone, the drug’s active ingredient, is among the most common painkillers in prescription opioid deaths. Per the Associated Press, Purdue Pharma, its executives and members of the Sackler family were recently accused of deceiving patients and doctors about the risk of opioids and allegedly pushed prescribers of the drug to keep patients on it for longer.

    The museum did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s request for comment on the protests.

    Embedded video

    Krista Parry@kristaparry

    I didn’t know what was happening today @Guggenheim as people starting yelling. An incredibly moving protest against Big Pharma @sacklerpain

    Katie Holten 🌱@katieholten

    Sacklers lie, people die: TODAY!

    via @LAKauffman:

    Join @nangoldin1, @sacklerpain, @VOCALNewYork, @TruthPharm, @popdemoc, @illuminator99 + more at 7pm on the steps of the @metmuseum to demand accountability for the

    View image on Twitter

    Katie Holten 🌱@katieholten

    Happening now @Guggenheim

    Photos by mangolike

    View image on TwitterView image on Twitter
    View image on Twitter

    Joanna Walters@Joannawalters13

    Here’s one of the fake prescriptions dropped into the Guggenheim Museum tonight in @nangoldin1 protest against donations from the Sackler family that owns Purdue Pharma, of OxyContin infamy.

    So this is a raid on a Jewish museum to complain about Jewish drug-dealers.

    How long will the Jews be able to hold out on calling people opposed to Purdue Pharma what they are: anti-Semites?

    I think they cannot possibly hold out much longer.

    We’ve seen, time and again, that the Jews consider any and all criticism of a single Jew as an attack on their whole tribe – and here you have one Jewish family being protested for their connection to another Jewish family, in the heart of the Jewish occupation government.

    Jews and Feminism: Nexus of Anti-White Hate

    by David Sims

    FEMINISM WAS mostly started by leftist Jewish women, but the fact that they were Jewish matters more than the fact that they were women. Feminism is, and always was, a front movement and a tool in the hand of the George Soros kind of Jew, of Jews who hate White people and their culture of Western Civilization.

    The “empowerment of women” was one of their slogans and pretended objectives because it came along with the deliberate embitterment of women. Men received “blame” for the “terrible” fact that females get pregnant, never the other way around. Feminist Jews contrived a scenario in which the female role in reproduction, vital to the continuation of the race, was an instance of “male oppression.” This was the spiritual poison that turned a lot of White women into the repulsive, shrieking, anti-White genocidal harridans that they are today.

    It can be seen that the betterment of women’s condition was never the primary goal of feminism when you look at certain oddities in the behavior of feminists over time.

    During the presidency of Bill Clinton, feminists supported him, despite the fact that he had been credibly accused of rape by more than one woman.

    Feminists are generally in favor of the importation of Muslim immigrants, despite the fact that Islam is the most hostile culture toward women’s rights and is the culture in which female genital mutilation is the most widespread.

    Whenever the classic, ostensible feminist agenda conflicts with the Politically Correct agenda on race, the feminists themselves put women’s issues on the “back burner” and promote the cause of anti-White Political Correctness.

    These oddities (among others) are exactly what you would expect from the Jewish conspiracy theory’s conception of feminism being one of the several tools in the toolbox of a clever predatory minority for wrecking Western Civilization and for bringing about the extinction of White people.

    Furthermore, now that White women have played their part in bringing about “gender equality” in the workplace and in the political sphere, the Jewish feminists and their non-White minions are taking over the feminist movement, discrediting the White women who did the lion’s share of its work, and casting White women aside with accusations of “racism” if they don’t bow out quickly (and humbly) enough.

    And one more thing. The Jews who have been behind feminism now believe that they have an even better weapon against the West than even man-hating lesbianism: namely, intersectional transgenderism. The lesbians in their movement are feeling betrayed because their mostly Jewish powers-that-be are insisting that they regard male-to-female transgenders as real women, even though they aren’t.

    * * *

    Source: Author

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