Robert Steele: Open Letter to the Zionists at CNN — Ilhan Omar’s Comments Are NOT Controversial!

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

Ilhan Omar says it’s ‘exciting’ her controversial views on Israel are sparking debate

lhan Omar’s views are not controversial, they are mainstream. It is a testament to your corruption and your obsequiousness to the Zionist forces that bribe, blackmail, and lie, that you should have such an obviously inccorrect take.

You are out of touch with reality. Zionist Israel (not to be confused with decent Jews including the nine million American Jews that Netanyahu told to “piss off” because they were not “orthodox enough”) is a genocidal apartheid criminal state.

I realize you people don’t do evidence based reporting anymore, but if you want to start thinking clearly about Isreal, start with these links:

Marjorie Cohn: Progressive Except Palestine Problem

Review: Enclosure – Palestinian Landscapes in a Historical Mirror

Robert David Steele: U.S. Director of National Intelligence: Iran, China, Russia Interfering with U.S. Elections. Seriously?

Memoranda for the President on 9/11: Time for the Truth — False Flag Deep State Truth! UPDATE 11: James Perloff’s Summary

31 Zionist Strikes (Zionism is Not Judaism)

Controversial? Be ashamed of yourselves for your lack of intelligence and integrity.

Robert David Steele

NOTE: CNN’s Feedback site appears to have been disabled.

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