The American Dream is over – Behold the Breathtaking Weakness of the Empire!

Behold the Breathtaking Weakness of the Empire!

THE SAKER • APRIL 30, 2019 • 1,300 WORDS

“The Empire only appears to be strong. In reality it is weak, confused, clueless and, most importantly, run by a sad gang of incompetent thugs who think that they can scare everybody into submission in spite of not having won a single significant war since 1945.”  — THE SAKER

The Empire has suffered painful defeats in Afghanistan and Iraq, but one has to admit that these are “tough” countries to crack. The Empire also appears to have lost control of Libya, but that is another complex country which is very hard to control. We also saw all the pathetic huffing and puffing with the Democratic Republic of North Korea (DPRK). But, let’s be honest, the US never stood a chance to bully the DPRK into submission, never mind invading or regime-changing it. Syria was much weaker, but here Russia, Iran and Hezbollah did a world class job of repelling all the Anglo-Zionist attacks, political and military. Besides, I for one will never blame Trump for not listening to Bolton and not triggering WWIII over Syria (yet?)

But Venezuela?!

There’s no Hezbollah or Iran backing Maduro there. And Venezuela is way too far away from Russia to allow her to do what she did in Syria. In fact, Venezuela is in the proverbial “backyard” of the US and is surrounded by hostile puppet regimes. And yet, tonight, it appears that the US puppet Guaidó has failed in his coup attempt.

Moon of Alabama did a great job covering the events of the day, so I will refer you to the excellent article “Venezuela – Random Guyaidó’s New Coup Attempt Turns Out to Be A Dangerous Joke.” I fully concur that today’s coup was both a joke and very dangerous.

The thing which amazes me most tonight is the truly breathtakingly pathetic weakness of the clowns who launched this latest failed operation: Pompeo and Mr MAGA. Check them out.

Let’s begin with Pompeo.

According to him, the coup failed because of Russia (what else is new?)! Not only that, but Maduro had already decided to run to Cuba, but then the Russians stopped him. Really?

So are we to believe that the coup was a stunning success, yet another feather to the CIA’s “hat” of failed successful covert operations? Apparently so. After all, why would Maduro want to run unless he realized that the situation was hopeless?

But then “Russia” called him and told him to stay put. The conversation must have gone something like this:

Putin: Mr Maduro – you don’t need to worry about a thing. Just do what we tell you and stay put.

Maduro: But my people hate me! They all turned against me! The military is behind the coup!

Putin: No, no, it’s all under control, just stay put.

Maduro: But the mob will lynch me if I stay!!!!

Putin: No worries, nobody will touch you.

Does that dialog look credible to you? I sure hope not! I think that anybody with a modicum of intelligence ought to realize that Maduro’s decision to stay in place could only have been based on one of two possible considerations:

1. The coup has failed and Maduro is safe, or
2. The coup is successful and Maduro will stay and fight till his last breath (like Allende did). But tonight Maduro is safe in Caracas and the coup plotters are on the run.

The truth is that only a loser and imbecile like Pompeo could come up with such a lame excuse in a desperate attempt to “cover his ass” and blame his failure on the Neocon’s favorite scapegoat: Russia.

Now let’s check what his boss had to say: Trump does not blame Russia. Instead, he blames Cuba!

I don’t know what kind of silly scenarios Mr MAGA ran in his head to come up with “the Cubans did it”, but that is even more ridiculous than “the Russians did it”. Reading his “tweets” (how appropriate for this bird-brain!) one could get the impression that the Cubans launched a full-scale military attack (involving both the Cuban military and “militias”) and that they orchestrated a brutal crack-down on the Venezuelan people.

In the real world, however, Cuba did nothing of the sort. But, really, who cares?! In the Empire of Illusions fact don’t matter. At least to the leaders of the Anglo-Zionist Empire who continue to believe that only spin matters.

In the case of Venezuela, spin alone failed.

So what’s next?

According to the typical scenario revealed to us by John Perkins, the next step should be a full-scale US invasion. And yes, he is right, that would be what the Empire would have done in its heyday. But nowadays?

Check out this interesting news snippet: Eric Prince wants Blackwater to send 5,000 mercenaries to Venezuela (does anybody know why and how these clowns came up with the 5,000 figure? First Bolton, now Prince. Do they really think that this is enough?!).

The point is not whether Prince will ever get to send mercenaries to Venezuela or whether the Trump administration is inclined to accept this offer. The point is that Prince would have never made this offer in the first place if the US military was up to the task. It is not, and Prince knows that very well.

As for Maduro, he seems to have the support not only of a majority of his people, but of the Venezuelan armed forces. As for the armed forces, they are clearly enjoying the support of the people.

This is a very bad combination for the Empire. Here is why:

Yes, Venezuela has immense problems. And yes, both Chavez and Maduro have made mistakes. But this is not about Chavez or Maduro, this is about the rule of law inside and outside Venezuela. This is about the people of Venezuela, even the suffering ones, not willing to renounce the sovereignty of their country. Yes, Chavez did not solve all of Venezuela’s problems, but to deliver the country to the Empire would mean crushing any hope of true, real, people power. The Venezuelan people apparently have no illusions about their Yankee neighbors and they don’t want the Empire-style “democracy” to turn Venezuela into the next Libya.

I should never say never, and God only knows what tomorrow (May 1st) will bring (Guaido has called for mass protests) but my gut feeling is that the Empire “injected” itself into Venezuela just enough to trigger an immune reaction, like a vaccine, but not enough to infect Venezuela with a toxin powerful enough to kill it.

In the meantime, US aircraft carriers are in the Mediterranean trying to scare Russia, Syria and Iran all at the same time. I can just imagine the disgusted contempt with which this latest sabre-rattling with outdated hardware is received in Moscow, Damascus or Tehran. Even Hezbollah remains utterly unimpressed.

The truth is that the only people who have not come to the realization that the Empire is broken and defeated are the rulers of the Neocon deep state and those who still watch the legacy Ziomedia.

By now everybody else has realized how utterly impotent the Empire has become.


The Empire only appears to be strong. In reality it is weak, confused, clueless and, most importantly, run by a sad gang of incompetent thugs who think that they can scare everybody into submission in spite of not having won a single significant war since 1945. The inability to break the will of the people of Venezuela is only the latest symptom of this mind-boggling weakness.

I will leave the last word to this charming lady who really said it all:

Sourced from THE UNZ REVIEW

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  1. Its almost 12 years over from past 2007

    America has been attacked without any reasons

    While no body speaks about china israle usa triangle

    But there is other side where chinas involvement with israle in obor
    Chinas control of global rare eartj minerals 97% and its mining in latin america africa and aistralia

    Chinas involvement in venenzuela which led to her forign reserves and economic decline
    Nobody lisps a word about it

    Usa will continue to decline

    While globalists will replace usa with china and russia

    Globalist Think Tank Suggests Using Engineered Event As Excuse For WAR With IRAN

    Globalist Think Tank Suggests Using Engineered Event As Excuse For WAR With IRAN What is interesting about this discussion by the Washington Institute For Near East Policy, a Neocon (Globalist) think-tank, is that its primary purpose is not necessarily to debate the current political elements of the Iranian question. They aren’t contemplating the viability or morality of a war with Iran. Instead, they are attempting to devise strtegies by which the government could CONVINCE the American public and the world that a war with Iran is the “right thing to do”, even if it means fabricating their own justification. For them, the war is a forgone conclusion, and they will do anything to make it a reality. Think tanks like this not only construct policy framework, but they also write the subversive talking points used in the mainstream media that manipulate the masses into acceptance of that framework. In the video below, there is no suggestion that Iran be left alone if the will of the public leans away from conflict. Instead, Patrick Clawson (who works frequently with the Council On Foreign Relations) openly suggests that a Gulf Of Tonkin style event be ENGINEERED (he uses the phrase “covert means”) in order to force a war into being. Consider for a moment the kind of person that it takes to nonchalantly present such a scenario; a scenario which would use the unjust deaths of innocent people (likely Americans) in order to trick the masses into supporting yet another meaningless war which will undoubtedly cost hundreds of thousands if not millions more innocent lives.

    Think about the moral relativism and dark-heartedness that is required to embrace this philosophy in the pithy and clinical way Clawson does. Now realize that our government today is heavily populated by men and women who think in exactly this manner. This is the rotten core of America’s foreign policy on display for all to see. Take note and remember what is suggested here the next time a sudden “attack” is blamed on a convenient scapegoat like Iran and used as a primer for invasion… Tags: Conspirafied0 conspiracy 2012 Trends gold silver bullion lead US USA America Alex Jones Infowars Israel iran intelligence new nuclear bomb weapon war ww3 united states official weapon build middle east government zion zionist trends people truth trendy wmd elections president nwo new world order rush wild card event false flag leader attack desperate news report illuminati control freedom Michael Rivero Gerald Celente Obama Banks Investment Think Tank Foreign Policy Invasion Clawson Global Economy Pearl Harbour Federal Compromise Sanctions covert

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May prepare for a family photo at the G20 leaders summit in Hamburg, Germany July 7, 2017

    Globalists Admit Defeat, Russia and China Facilitate Rise of Multipolar World

    © REUTERS / Wolfgang Rattay


    Get short URL – Sputnik

    The recent German Marshall Fund’s Brussels Forum, which brought together influential American neocons and trans-Atlantic leaders from Europe, marked the failure of the Western-centered globalist idea, Sputnik political observer Dmitry Kosyrev notes, adding that meanwhile, Russia and China continue to facilitate the emergence of a multi-polar world.

    Globalists have admitted their defeat by recognizing that neither Russia nor China will dance to their tune, Sputnik political observer Dmitry Kosyrev writes.

    “It seems that work has begun to revive the half-dead ‘liberal world order’,” the observer noted. “It will take quite some time, and it is not necessary that the United States will be its epicenter. However, this ‘order’ will not be global — goodbye, illusions. It will involve only part of the countries while China, Russia and some other states won’t be affected [by the project].”

    The observer referred to the 2018 German Marshall Fund’s (GMF) Brussels ForumcitingJosh Rogin of The Washington Post. The Brussels Forum is an annual high-level meeting of influential politicians, corporate leaders and scholars from North America and Europe. The event had the eloquent title “Revise, Rebuild, Reboot: Strategies for a Time of Distrust.” The organizers of the forum raised the alarm over “a decline in trust, both in domestic and international spheres.”

    “We lost sight of what it took to create this international order and what an act of defiance of history and even defiance of human nature this order has been. We have the capacity to push back — we just need to understand the pushback needs to start occurring,” Robert Kagan, neoconservative American historian and husband of former US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland told the forum, as quoted by Rogin.

    For his part, Senator Chris Murphy bemoaned the fact that US President Donald Trump is not interested in “projecting liberal values” into other countries, let alone trade liberalization. The White House’s recent initiative to introduce additional tariffs on aluminum and steel imports has prompted a wave of criticism from the US’ global partners and allies.Furthermore, the US president made it clear that the US will not support numerous international institutions and withdrew from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

    Murphy called upon the defenders of the liberal world order to team up and “build new alliances within their societies.”

    On the other hand, the transatlantic bloc has seemingly recognized its failure to impose a Western-style political order on Russia and China.

    “We can no longer expect that the principles of liberal democracy will expand across the globe,” Rogin wrote. “We can no longer assume the United States will carry the bulk of the burden.”

    Kosyrev suggested that the center of trans-Atlantic globalism will most likely move to either Brussels or Canada or even Australia.Following Trump’s win in 2016, The New York Times called Germany’s Angela Merkel the last defender of the trans-Atlantic alliance and liberal values.

    However, not everything is rosy in the European garden, Kosyrev noted referring to the rise of right-wing forces in Austria, Italy, Hungary, Poland and other EU member states. Although Merkel still remains at the helm of German politics, the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) entered the Bundestag in September 2017 as the third-largest party.

    Given all of the above, the rebuilding of the liberal international order will take years, Kosyrev presumed.

    According to the political observer, Russia and China could benefit from the inner struggle in the trans-Atlantic camp. On the other hand, he does not exclude that the West will continue its overseas operations to maintain the status quo. To illustrate his point, Kosyrev referred to Syria: While Washington has virtually no leverage to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, it continues its saber-rattling, threatening Damascus with a massive strike.

    The failure of globalism means the further rise of a multi-polar order based on the principles of equality and sovereignty with its own norms and regulations, the political observer concluded.

    The views and opinions expressed by Dmitry Kosyrev are those of the contributor and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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