Iraq won’t let US strike Iran from its territory

Iraq won’t let US strike Iran from its territory
Baghdad will not allow Washington to use its military bases to launch an attack on Iran, the country’s president stressed, thrashing Donald Trump’s warmongering policies towards the Islamic Republic.

“We do not want our territory to be a staging post for any hostile action against any of our neighbors, including Iran,” Iraq’s President Barham Salih told CNN, noting that there is no agreement between Baghdad and Washington that could make Donald Trump think he can use it as such.

ALSO ON RT.COM$300 oil? US war with Iran spells catastrophe for global economy, expert tells RTIn February, the US President said that around 5,000 soldiers should remain in Iraq to keep a close “watch” on Iran. While at the time Trump said he would not use Iraq as a springboard to strike Iran, the growing US vendetta against the Islamic Republic could see all American assets in the region drawn into the confrontation, should large-scale conflict erupt.

The US was poised to launch retaliatory strikes against Tehran last week after the country shot down an RQ-4 Global Hawk spy drone over its territorial waters. President Trump said Friday that he canceled the attack after being told that as many as 150 people could die.

ALSO ON RT.COMTrump threatens Iran with ‘OBLITERATION’ by ‘overwhelming force’ if it attacks ‘anything American’However, on Tuesday, Trump threatened the Islamic Republic with a total “obliteration” if it attacks “anything American.” At the same time, the US president admitted that he has no exit strategy should he choose to go to war.

You’re not going to need an exit strategy. I don’t do exit strategies.

In the meantime, Salih recalled the bitter experience of the American invasion of his country, reminding Washington that it is quick to start a war without thinking of potential consequences.

It’s easy to start a war, but very, very difficult to end a war.

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Wed Jun 26, 2019 01:01AM [Updated: Wed Jun 26, 2019 01:07AM ]
US President Donald Trump signs an executive order imposing fresh sanctions on Iran as Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Vice President Mike Pence look on in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, US, June 24, 2019. (Photo by Reuters)

Political commentator Frank Emspak says US President Donald Trump has no strategy when it comes to international diplomacy, the new sanctions against Iran being a case in point.

“His strategies and his tactics and his knowledge is based on how to make deals in the real estate market not how to do international diplomacy,” he said.

US President Donald Trump on Monday announced new sanctions against Iran targeting Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and top Iranian military commanders of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC).

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was also going to be targeted by new sanctions, according to some reports.

Trump signed an executive order in the Oval Office of the White House that he said will deny the Leader’s office and other Iranian officials access to financial instruments.

steven -from UKvor 1 Stunde
Trump has no stradegy in his life eather. a 73 years retirment age what people expect
Mohammad Ali Kashmirivor 2 Stunden
Sanction will not remain for long on Iran as the term of presidency of Donald Trump is coming to end soon and he will be remember in history as one term president like Jimmy Carter.
TAXCOLLECTOR2017vor 2 Stunden
Trump has no strategy in international diplomacy: Commentator
If true, it’s amazing how much he accomplishes with just luck.
Nasirvor 3 Stunden
This is the problem if the American people choose the wrong President.
TAXCOLLECTOR2017> Nasirvor 2 Stunden
Yes but what if they have chosen correctly?
stardoor> Nasirvor 1 Stunde
The fact that something like Trump is a viable option is a bad sign for USA “empire”.
God bless the axis of resistancevor 4 Stunden
in short zio boot licking ameritard/lucifer’s slave
TAXCOLLECTOR2017vor 4 Stunden
Trump pronounces it Stragedy.
nanzivor 4 Stunden
Trump Bolton -evil faces of warmonger, zionist slavery, shame on you without principle remote control by zionist aipac
TAXCOLLECTOR2017> nanzivor 4 Stunden
Rothschild is missing in the photo.
Voogbmce Mvuzwfxkvor 4 Stunden

Yes, he has a no strategy.

I think Iran better accept a life under sanction.


Iran’s president: U.S., Israel are root causes of all problems in Middle East

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