Oil shortage Hoax – The Peak Oil Conspiracy

The Peak Oil Conspiracy, The Petrodollar, And What It Means Today

First Published: May 24, 2018 Last updated: February 8th, 2019 Written by: Marcus Lowth  Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes Posted in: Conspiracy

Most of us are aware that a great many of the world’s problems have a connection to oil and the price of it. Some though, perhaps don’t realize just how deep those connections run, and how far those who stand to make a profit – and a substantial one at that – from the controlling of both the producing and pricing of “black gold” will go to maintain it.

Petrodollar Oil

As we examined in our article looking at the connections between the Bush family and the Bin-Laden family, part of the reason for the American presence in Afghanistan was the installation of an oil pipeline that was in planning for several years prior to the invasion. Not to mention the controlling of the oil reserves in Iraq. Just to demonstrate how much things changed in terms of oil off the back of the Iraq invasion of 2003, a simple look at the oil contracts will tell you all you need to know. Prior to the coalition forces embarking on the “second” Gulf War, Iraq had agreed most of the contracts for its oil reserves with Russia and France. Following the toppling of the Saddam regime, all Iraqi oil contracts were done with the United States.

The Peak Oil Conspiracy

The basics around the Peak Oil conspiracy is largely attributed to M. King Hubbard, a geoscientist who in 1956 predicted that oil would one day reach its peak in terms of production. As oil was, he claimed, of a finite source, production would begin to drop as oil reserves themselves began to run dry. This peak would hit at some time in the 1970s, according to Hubbard, and from then he predicted a sharp rise in oil prices as supplies began to slowly run out.

It would seem common sense given what we know of fossil fuels. Or perhaps, as is proven time and again, accepted thinking is wrong and we don’t know as much as we think. Following the research undertaken at Eugene Island and its oilfields, for example, many would question the notion that oil was a product that took millions of years in the making. And that it was of a limited, non-replenishable amount. It would appear, given the data collected, that oil had indeed replenished itself, and had done so quickly.

In 1973, at what was thought to be the “peak” of its production, the oil rigs around Eugene Island in the Gulf of Mexico, on average, were producing 15,000 barrels of oil a day. This indeed would decrease substantially, with lows recorded in 1989 of around 4,000 barrels a day. However, further study would suggest a “building-up” of oil in spots that were thought to be “drying out”. By the mid-1990s, oil production at Eugene Island had reached almost “peak” levels at 13,000 barrels a day.

Collusion to Keep Prices High?

Not surprisingly many soon turned their attention to such notions of the Peak Oil conspiracy, and not least, how much they were paying for their gas, and just how much the (relatively) few oil barrens were making at the expense of everyone else on all sides.

The findings from the Eugene Island oilrigs were almost identical to the theories of Russian geologist, Nikolai Kudryavtsev. He firmly believed the idea that oil formed through a process taking millions of years from the remains of dinosaurs and ancient plants was wrong. Instead, he believed oil production was a much faster process and is something that is happening constantly within the Earth. Essentially, it is a sustainable material and is an abiotic process.

Many mainstream scientists won’t support this theory. Not so much because they feel it is wrong (although some very much do), but because of a lack of “proof”. Perhaps this should tell you all you need to know of how unprogressive some areas of the mainstream is. Despite the continued evidence that oil is in constant production by way of the planet’s natural process, official “predictions” from the International Energy Agency claims that “demand will overtake supply in 2030”.

You might argue, however, that the IEA are, or work for, the same people who will benefit so largely from rising oil costs as the substance “dries up”. Even Richard Branson has publicly denounced the activities of OPEC. He would state they are essentially “an illegal cartel that can meet happily (because) nobody takes them to court. They collude to keep prices high!”

The Petrodollar?

Although many people dismiss the notion of the “Petrodollar” conspiracy as nonsense, it is worth looking at. Essentially, according to some researchers, following the end of the Second World War, in part due to declining US gold reserves and the value of gold in general, but also as a way to maintain control in Europe and the Middle East during the Cold War years, the United States’ would “coerce” other countries in using the US dollar when trading in petroleum oil – the petrodollar. This would eventually have a domino effect, with the US dollar becoming the default currency.

This would make the United States the premium controller of oil and oil pricing. It also strengthened the US dollar – perhaps a lot more than it was in reality.

While there is no solid proof of this type of cabal-like coercion, there is plenty of “circumstantial” evidence. Not to mention numerous claims of conspiracies of a “global elite” from people such as Danny Casolaro, and more recently, David Icke. Whether you believe all, some, or very little of what such people say, there are dots to connect. And the picture it paints will undoubtedly be shocking to some.

Perhaps it is coincidence that Iraq (under Saddam) and Libya (under Gaddafi) both announced plans to trade oil in Eurodollars. This just prior to the American-led invasion of Iraq and the UN/NATO-led intervention in Libya. Both “interventions” would result in the deaths of Hussein and Gaddafi. Maybe it is also a coincidence that Iran, Syria, and North Korea have also announced plans to switch to the Eurodollar, and all are “targets” of the United States’ alleged “axis of evil”.

In short, if the petrodollar dies, according to the conspiracy, the American dollar will likely collapse.

Where Are We Now?

In 2018, the western coalition and the United States, if only in rhetoric, are gearing up for conflict with Syria.

If we go back as far as 2009, however, it would appear that plans were already in motion. Plans for the possibility of some kind of “influence” in the region. And once again, that influence was concerning the controlling of resources, in this instance, gas. Qatar – essentially representing the interests of the United States and other western countries – would propose to Syria (Assad) a pipeline. This would go through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, and Turkey, and then on to Europe. It would also take control of the oil in the region away from Russia. Through the company, Gazprom, they supplied around 25% of the gas supplies to Europe.

Syria would instead look to build another pipeline arranged with Iran that would go from Iran, Iraq, and then Syria which would make them a “big player” in the oil markets of the region. The deal would not compromise the one already in place with Russia. It would, however, weaken even further the US and western oil interests influence.

If the conspiracies are true, this would lead to the western involvement in the training of terrorist organizations. And their infiltration into Syria with a view to enticing Assad into a “civil war”. From which, the “west” can move in and assert their influence over those ever-valuable resources. This is part of the reason many question the apparent attacks authorized by Assad. Instead, they ask if this is another example of another United States-led coalition. One looking for reasons to assert its control rather than “spread democracy”.

US Dollar

It Is All About The Oil (Just Not How You Think)!

According to one particular study, of all wars and conflicts since the end of the Second World War, 90% of them were civil wars with “murky” backgrounds. Of those, two-thirds of them would see intervention from another country. What makes those statistics chilling is what links them all together. All of the two-thirds who received intervention were always “oil rich”. And what’s more, the intervention would come from a country that was dependent on that oil. Or more to the point, dependent on the influence of it.

And that is perhaps the real tragedy. Not that the people of Earth have fought each other over resources that they believed were in limited supplies. That they have fought each other over the profits of unlimited resources for a select few. A few who neither share those profits or care much for those they take advantage of. It would appear oil needn’t be our only resource. And despite what we have been led to believe, it may not be in such dwindling amounts. This is but a sad footnote in it all.

Perhaps as a lasting thought we should consider, as crazy as this sounds but it appears very much to be true, why there is such an effort to take down videos from social media (in particular YouTube) concerning the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt and their probable use of “free energy” by tapping into the vibration of the planet. Nikola Tesla also spoke of the same thing and was intentionally ruined and is omitted from “history”. And maybe we should think about the words of Otto Krause, who stated the reason for UFO secrecy was the propulsion system and the “energy” that makes it work. All would break the grip of the elite oil barrens.


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Communism by the backdoor: Margaret Klein Salamon, Queen of Climate Hoax

Transform Yourself with Climate Truth Excerpt Published on Common Dreams

I’ve published an excerpt from my forthcoming book “Transform Yourself with Climate Truth” on Common Dreams. Read it below, or at Common Dreams now. 
And don’t forget to support the Kickstarter!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? In 20? Perhaps you plan to be advancing in your career, married, with children or retired, living near the beach, traveling often. Whatever it is—have you factored the climate crisis into it? In my experience, most people have not integrated the climate emergency into their sense of identity and future plans. This is, a form of climate denial.  The vast majority of Americans—especially educated, successful, powerful, and privileged Americans—are still living their “normal” lives as though the climate crisis was not happening. They are pursuing their careers, starting families, and even saving for retirement. They know, intellectually, that the climate crisis is real, but they have not faced that reality emotionally, they have not grieved the future they thought they had, and consequently, they have not been able to act rationally or responsibility.

Thankfully, this is starting to change. Thanks to the efforts of the School Strikers, The Climate Mobilization (the organization which I founded and direct), Extinction Rebellion, the Sunrise Movement, leaders like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, authors like David Wallace Wells, and many more, people are increasingly confronting the terrifying reality of climate truth, and looking for help processing and making sense of what they find.

After you acknowledge the apocalyptic scale and speed of the climate emergency, you must allow yourself time to grieve. There are so many losses: the people and species already lost, your sense of safety and normalcy.

Above all, in order to live in truth, we have to grieve for our own futures—the futures we had planned, hoped for, and thought we were building.  Grief is appropriate—while, on one hand, this is the loss of an abstraction, not a living creature. On the other, it’s a huge loss—the loss of our most cherished plans, goals, fand fantasies.

When I was a child, I remember my mother telling me that I could be anything I wanted to be.  I knew this wasn’t literally true, but I also knew that I had many options. I studied at Harvard, then earned a PhD in clinical psychology with plans to write books about psychology for popular audiences. I imagined myself married with children. What a lovely life I had planned! It was going to be meaningful, intellectually stimulating,  financially rewarding, and rich in relationships.

But there was one problem.

When I forced myself to learn about the climate crisis, when I fully grasped its reality, and when I started the process of grieving what was already lost, I also realized that my lovely life was… not going to really work. Maybe  I could still pull off living my perfect life—at least for a decade or so—but it would happen while tens of millions of refugees streamed out of regions made unlivable by heat, drought, or flood, and while state after state failed and threatened the collapse of humanity and the natural world.

Ultimately, I had to acknowledge that the future I was planning on was ruined. I was never going to lead a happy and satisfying life while  watching the world burn, no matter how much self-care I practiced. I already felt that I was simply too interconnected with the planet for that. I had to say goodbye to the future I had planned on, and, in many ways, I had to say goodbye to the person who had made those plans, and so I had to grieve those losses, too.

Psychotherapists know that grief is not optional: when confronted with devastating losses, grief is the only healthy way to respond and adapt to new realities. If we stop ourselves from feeling grief, we stop ourselves from processing the reality of our loss. If we can’t process out loss, then we can’t live in reality. We become imprisoned and immobile. Grief ensures we don’t get stuck in the paralysis of denial, living in the past or in fantasy versions of the present and future. Think of the widower who cannot acknowledge the death of his wife, never cleans out her closet, and is thus never able to create a full life without her.

The climate emergency threatens to destroy our shared and personal futures.  It challenges basic assumptions about progress—that, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr said “the arc of history is long but it bends towards justice.” The climate crisis threatens to set  back thousands of years of human development. It has ruined the futures we had planned. It has also made the present—what we do now—almost unbearably important. Our actions now, this year and next year, have a incalculable amount of importance to all life.

When I grieved the loss of the future I had planned for myself, I gained the ability to engage more fully and meaningfully in the here and now of reality and morality. You can, too. Changing course allowed me to set out on a new path, with a new future dictated by the personal mission to do whatever I could to help society confront the truth, and initiate a global response to the climate crisis. Letting go of my hopes and plans that were, in themselves, a kind of climate denial—allowing me to live in line with my values and in climate truth. This action allowed me to feel a hope that was powerful enough to motivate my transformation into a climate warrior who is prepared to do everything that I can to prevent catastrophic outcomes from fully unfolding, and to help restore the health of the climate and protect all life.

My grief enabled me to remember my connection to all life, and helped me let go of the illusion of my separate self. If the forests die, I die. If the oceans die, I die. I am entirely dependent on the natural world for my life and safety.  The natural world will only survive if humanity has a collective awakening and commences emergency mobilization. I realized, as Dr. King Jr. wrote in “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” that “We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny.” I realized that I was only truly going to be able to thrive on a healthy planet where humanity realizes that we must take seriously our responsibility to protect and nurture the natural world and each other. Understanding this meant I had to shed my former self and go far beyond my goals for personal happiness and success, and reorient them around helping to create the collective awakening that we need.

You, too, must grieve the future you’ve dreamed of. It’s a hard step, but it’s also part of the necessary work of stepping into the now and facing our climate emergency. This way, we can turn grief into power.  Once you realize that the future you thought you had is not going to happen; you can begin to think of yourself differently. If humanity’s two choices are to transform or collapse, the only rational, moral choice is to immerse yourself in the struggle to protect all life.

Only when you are able to face the future as it is—not as it was or as you dreamed it would be—will you fully grieve and be ready to move on. To help as you grieve the future you thought you had, ask yourself:

  • What have been your cherished hopes and plans for the future?
  • Are you ready to realize your plans will not unfold as you had hoped?
  • Can you envision a  life that revolves around a commitment to protect all life?

The Climate Change Hoax, with Professor Willie Soon at Camp Constitution 7-3-17

Professor Willie Soon conducts a class on the Climate Change Hoax at Camp Constitution’s 2017 family camp in Rindge, NH. Camp Constitution is an all volunteer association of Americanists.

F. WILLIAM ENGDAHL ~ “Gods Of Money & Climate Change Hoax”

WHO ARE THE GODS OF MONEY? The NEW WORLD ORDER enslavement plan! THE CLIMATE CHANGE construct! The ruling elite´s succesful economic crisis & The Federal Reserve! Media manipulation lies! Vaccinations and chemical medicine that makes people sick! The 9/11 lie! Oil


Margaret Klein Salamon

Margaret Klein Salamon is the founder and executive director of The Climate Mobilization. In this role she has helped catalyze a burgeoning worldwide climate emergency movement. Margaret earned her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Adelphi University and also holds a BA in social anthropology from Harvard. Though she loved being a therapist, Margaret felt called to apply her psychological and anthropological knowledge to solving climate change. She is the author of “The Transformative Power of Climate Truth” and “Leading the Public into Emergency Mode.” Her forthcoming book, Transform Yourself with Climate Truth, will help readers process the emotional and psychological elements of the climate crisis and rise to the challenge of our time.

For decades, the climate movement has suffered from a debilitating self-inflicted wound: the assumption that “we can’t tell the public the truth” about the urgency of the crisis, or the scale and speed of the necessary solution. Many climate scientists joined forces with professional “climate communicators” and corporate philanthropies to decree: Fear doesn’t work as a motivator! Only hope “works,” so let’s keep things positive and promote gradualist policies like carbon pricing! This counterproductive mentality is finally changing — and author David Wallace-Wells is a major part of the reason why.

In July 2017, David Wallace-Wells broke through the iron curtain of euphemism, optimism and gradualism, pulled no punches and told the truth with the publication of his article “The Uninhabitable Earth” in New York Magazine. Wallace-Wells explored some of the worst-case scenarios of climate change in detail, making the potential nightmare of civilizational collapse and total destruction of our life-support system vivid and real for readers. No false optimism, only rigorous journalistic inquiry and true horror. Its publication caused an uproar amongst “climate communicators” — “You aren’t supposed to tell the whole truth,” they exclaimed — “it turns people off!” And yet people were not turned off. “The Uninhabitable Earth” became the most-read New York Magazine article in history, and was a key inflection point for the climate movement.

In his brand new book released this week, The Uninhabitable Earth; Life After Warming, Wallace-Wells has a chance to again transform, and critically, expand this conversation.

In his book, unlike his article, Wallace-Wells looks at the most likely outcomes. For example, Wallace-Wells describes how even the best-case scenarios for climate change will involve millions of deaths, and tens or hundreds of millions of refugees. We are looking at a “best-case outcome … death and suffering at the scale of twenty-five Holocausts.” The book is grim but gripping; an encyclopedic but also narratively compelling exploration of the many ways that climate change will displace, flood, kill, starve, dehydrate and impoverish billions, while enabling the rise of “Climate Leviathan” authoritarian governments.

The facts are sobering: Humans are now adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere 10 times faster than during the Permian mass extinction, which tripped feedback loops that “ended with all but a sliver of life on Earth dead.” More than half of all greenhouse gas emissions, ever, have happened in just one generation — the past 30 years.

His startling analysis is at its strongest when reckoning directly with the physical and moral climate crisis, which is just beginning to unfold and may last for millennia. “We are not living in a new normal,” Wallace-Wells writes, “but a world that will never be normal again.” His work paints a chillingly clear picture of the speed and scale of the crisis, and of just how bad things will get at two degrees, three degrees, four degrees or more of warming.

In chapters about the “climate kaleidoscope,” — describing the distortion lens through which climate is viewed in mainstream culture — Wallace-Wells also reveals himself as an incisive and insightful cultural critic, revealing the systems that lull us into complacency. He dissects and systematically takes down countless trends toward fatalism, technological distraction, the growing obsession with individual wellness (as a substitute to collective health) and conscious consumption with a keen eye.

However, Wallace-Wells makes an omission, perhaps because of the publication date for this new book, when he declines to discuss the recent seismic shift within the climate movement. Since the publication of his article in 2017, the climate emergency movement has emerged, revealing itself as a powerful force. This movement tells the truth about the scale of the crisis, and demands a real solution, be it a “Green New Deal” or a WWII-scale climate mobilization for a 10-year transition to zero emissions plus drawdown. This new movement is led by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Justice Democrats in Congress, the Sunrise MovementZero HourGreta Thunberg and the School Strikers, and Extinction Rebellion in the streets, and The Climate Mobilization — the organization I founded and direct — developing and pioneering new campaigns and policy approaches.

Greta Thurnberg, the 15-year-old pigtailed Swedish prophet, embodies the tell-the-truth candor of this new movement. She told the richest people in the world at Davos in January 2019:

I don’t want you to be hopeful. I want you to panic. I want you to feel the fear I feel every day. And then I want you to act. I want you to act as you would in a crisis. I want you to act as if our house is on fire. Because it is.

The rise of this climate emergency movement, as we call it at The Climate Mobilization, is proof of an operating framework that we have been advancing in our work since 2014: using truth-telling to spur sufficient action. When I brought up the omissions of these developments with Wallace-Wells, he acknowledged them, and said, “When you write about climate, people want you to cover everything,” which is a fair point. This just isn’t a book about the climate emergency movement. However, the omission — combined with the considerable discussion of the amoral, cultish “doomers” who find expression as online trolls — gives the book an unnecessarily gloomy outlook.

Obviously, it’s a terrifying book; the crisis is staggering in scale. It can leave people feeling helpless and overwhelmed. Which is why showing readers that there is in fact an organized effort to restore a safe climate at emergency speed would be very helpful to them; it would show them how they can turn their terror, grief and guilt into meaningful action. Let us remember: It has always been individuals fighting for a cause they viewed as more important than themselves that created every major social advancement in history.

While Wallace-Wells shares the commitment to truth of the climate emergency movement, the commitment comes from a different place. Wallace-Wells is a journalist and a scholar. He seeks and tells the truth for the truth’s sake. He knows it is a public good. But I am not sure he realizes how transformative the truth can be. Perhaps he also does not view creating transformation as his responsibility.

Wallace-Wells sometimes finds moments of strong moral clarity, such as when he points out that the amount of suffering and death we will face has yet to be determined. The horrors of climate change “are not yet scripted,” he writes. “We are staging them by inaction, and by action can stop them.”

But what action? To me, our moral obligation is fairly clear: tell the truth, advocate for a solution that could actually restore a safe climate and do everything we can to build power for that solution. This means putting mission over self and making some personal sacrifices.

Wallace-Wells isn’t convinced, and is ginger in providing support even to a political position he recognizes as correct:

Many of even those who define themselves as practical technocrats of the environmental center-left believe that what is needed to avert catastrophic climate change is a global mobilization at the scale of World War II. They are right — that is an entirely sober assessment of the size of the problem, which no more alarmist a group than the IPCC endorsed in 2018. But it is also an undertaking of ambitions so inconsistent with the present tense of politics in nearly every corner of the world, that it is hard not to worry what will happen when that mobilization does not happen — to the planet, yes, but also to the political commitments of those most engaged with the problem. Those calling for mass mobilization, starting today and no later, remember — they can be counted as environmental technocrats. To their left are those who see no solution short of political revolution.

Wallace-Wells sees all of the extremely real barriers but fails to see the electricity within the climate emergency movement. This strikes me as especially sad because, with his gifts and his clear-eyed truth-telling, Wallace-Wells has helped create this movement.

Wallace-Wells told me that he is hoping to do more work covering and promoting the movement now, post-publication. This is a terrific development, and it has been exciting to see Wallace-Wells begin to follow through on that, endorsing Extinction Rebellion and the Green New Deal. It was a missed opportunity not to cover the movement in his book, but there will be many more opportunities for him to lead. I hope very much that he takes the opportunity seriously and processes the emotional and moral implications of this intellectual juggernaut, and jumps into the fray as a climate warrior. He has taken the first step — telling the truth — with breathtaking effect.

Read more about the climate emergency concept in The Transformative Power of Climate Truth and Leading the Public Into Emergency Mode.”

Climate change Hoax


Reports: Israel Used F35 to Strike ‘Iranian Targets’ In Iraq

Citing Western diplomats, Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper has now claimed in its reports that recent IDF strikes hit ‘Iranian’ targets northeast of Baghdad.

In recent years, the number of IDF air strikes hitting allegedly targeting Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah has steadily risen in Syria. If confirmed, this latest development in Iraq could signal a disturbing development clear expansion of Israel’s illegal lethal air operations.

The target in question is a base known as Camp Ashraf, in question was formerly used by the notorious MEK (People’s Mujahedin of Iran) the terrorist organization championed by the likes of John McCain and John Bolton, who they hoped could overthrow the current Iranian government. Camp Ashraf has since been appropriated by the Hashd al-Shaabi aka Popular Mobilization Units militias which are under the direct command of Iraq’s government. The Hashd, numbering around 120,000 nationwide, are mostly comprised of Shia members, although Sunni, Christian and Yazidi brigades are also part of the paramilitary array.

If reports are true, then Israel’s latest act aggression against neighboring Iraq has the potential to trigger a wider conflict in the region…

Israel Struck 'Iranian Targets' In Iraq 'Using F-35': Reports
Illustrative: An Israeli Air Force F-35 Lightning II fighter jet takes part in a graduation ceremony for IAF pilots at the Hatzerim base in Israel’s Negev desert on December 26, 2018. (Jack Guez/AFP)

South Front reports…

Israel has expanded its operations against ‘Iranian targets’ to Iraq employing F-35 jets, Asharq Al-Awsat, an Arabic-language newspaper published in London, reported on July 30 citing Western diplomatic sources.

According to the report, an Israeli F-35 warplane was behind a July 19 strike on a supposed rocket depot at the ‘Camp Ashraf’ military base of the Popular Mobilization Units.

Camp Ashraf is located around 80 km from the Iranian border and 40 km north-east of Baghdad.

The Saudi-based al-Arabiya network claimed at the time that members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps and Hezbollah had been killed in the strike. Nonetheless, these reports were denounced by Iraqi sources.


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Globalist Think Tank Suggests Using Engineered Event As Excuse For WAR With IRAN

Washington is Aiding in the Theft of Syrian Oil

IMAGE: US military partnering with Kurdish paramilitary units under Washington’s “SDF” brand supposedly to “fight ISIS”, but in actuality they’re now illegally occupying northeastern Syria and stealing Syria’s resources.

By Stephen Lendman

Imperial adventurism is grand theft on a global scale — seizing, controlling, and looting the resources of targeted nations, along with exploiting their people.

Operating from illegally constructed military bases in northern and southern parts of Syria, platforms for war and training of jihadists, the US controls about 30% of Syrian territory, including where most of the country’s oil reserves are located.

Pre-war, Syria was a small producer, the only Eastern Mediterranean country with significant/yet small reserves, estimated at about 2.5 billion barrels earlier by the Oil and Gas Journal, along with around 5.3 billion cubic meters of natural gas.

Looted Syrian oil by US-supported ISIS was earlier transported cross-border to Turkey for refining and sales.

President Erdogan, his family and cronies reportedly profited from the grand theft/smuggling operation.

SEE ALSO: SPECIAL REPORT: ISIS Oil? Follow the Money (Back to Europe)

Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov earlier said “Turkey is the main destination for the oil stolen from its legitimate owners, which are Syria and Iraq,” adding:

“Turkey resells this oil. The appalling part about it is that the country’s top political leadership is involved in the illegal business — President Erdogan and his family.”

Like the US, NATO, Israel, the Saudis, and their Middle East partners, Turkey supports regional jihadists these countries pretend to oppose.

Antonov earlier explained that Erdogan and other “Turkish elites conspir(e) to steal oil from their neighbors in industrial quantities along ‘rolling pipelines’ made up of thousands of tanker trucks.”

“We are certain that Turkey is the destination for stolen (Syrian and Iraqi) oil, and (have) irrefutable facts to prove it.”

The illicit trade was worth hundreds of millions of dollars on the black market. Turkey may still be involved as the destination for US-stolen Syrian oil.

On Monday, Russian General Staff/Main Operational Directorate commander General Sergey Rudskoy accused US and allied forces of “highjack(ing)” Syrian oil from ISIS, profiting from its sales — perhaps shipping it cross-border to Turkey and/or elsewhere, the Trump regime running a black market operation with looted Syrian oil, adding:

US-supported ISIS and other jihadists were also trained to destroy Syrian (and perhaps Iraqi) oil and gas infrastructure, along with continuing attacks on government forces and civilians, using heavy and other weapons supplied by Western and regional countries, including Israel, Turkey, the Saudis and UAE.

Rudskoy added that the Trump regime is arming Arab and Kurdish fighters, working with them as well in the illicit trafficking of stolen Syrian oil.

US trained and armed jihadists are also being used against Russia’s Khmeimim airbase in Syria’s Latakia province, attacking it with Western-supplied drones and rocket launchers.

They’re deployed by US transport planes and helicopters to continue endless war in Syria. Thousands are being trained at the Pentagon’s Al-Tanf base in southern Syria near the Iraqi and Jordanian borders.

The US came to Syria, Iraq, elsewhere in the region, North Africa, Central Asia, and other parts of the world to stay — part of its imperial aim for global conquest and control, endless wars its favored strategy.

VISIT HIS NEW WEB SITE: stephenlendman.org (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

Also see his newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.” www.claritypress.com/LendmanIII.html

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UK – Prince Harry Thinks There are Too Many Blacks, Vows to Only Produce Two Himself

Andrew Anglin

Daily Stormer
July 31, 2019

Prince Harry goes for a stroll with his beautiful Nubian wife Meghan Markle.

Prince Harry is fighting back against “Coon World.” The young prince, who is married to an irate sheboon, has vowed to only produce two niggers in order to slow the total nigger takeover of earth.

Daily Mail:

Prince Harry has revealed he and Meghan Markle only want two children in a bid to help save the planet.

The Duke of Sussex, 34, made the extraordinary revelation in a candid interview with conservationist Dr Jane Goodall as part of his wife’s edition of British Vogue.

Discussing the ‘terrifying’ effects of climate change, he assured her he and the Duchess, 37, are only planning on having one more child after the birth of their son Archie.

He said becoming a father has made him see the world differently and the couple only want ‘two maximum’ to help protect the environment.

By not having a child, the carbon footprint of an individual living in a developed country would be reduced on average by an extra 58.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year, based on emission rates in 2017.

British charity Population Matters, of which Sir David Attenborough is the patron, is one of the leading campaigners on population control and has urged parents to ‘Stop at Two’.

You know who you need to tell that to, Sir David?


These niggers are all having 5 or more kids each.

Meanwhile, few countries in Europe have whites having anything close to two kids each.

What’s more, Africans are filthy and they do not care about saving the environment.

We should be pushing for zero African population growth. But apparently, that’s racist. So instead, Sir David is telling white people to have even fewer children than they’re presently having.

I’m glad that Price Harry is only vowing to produce two niggers. But this is really a drop in the bucket. Especially since his nigger children will be quadroons, which are probably not as bad as full niggers from Africa.

If he actually wanted to do something about the population problem, he would put some of his unlimited money into a program to create race-specific viruses to wipe out black people.

Seriously, how do these people have the nerve to talk about “population control” while dancing around the big black elephant buck in the room?

Do they have no integrity at all?

I mean, if you actually believe that there is a population crisis, then you should absolutely be talking about creating viruses to wipe out hundreds of millions of Africans. Or at least sterilization.

Or at the very, very, very minimum: we could at least stop SENDING THEM ALL THIS FOOD TO ENCOURAGE THEM TO BREED MORE!

White people are literally going there and dropping millions of pounds of free food on these APES.

Black “people” contribute nothing at all to anything. They are literally worthless dead weight and everyone is aware that they’re breeding like rats.

They are a massive burden not only on the environment but on the manmade infrastructure. What are we supposed to do with all of these apes? Do we just keep making food drops and hope it works out?

These same KIKES telling white people not to breed so they can help save the planet publish shit like this:

At the very least, it needs to be one or the other:

Either we have a population problem and the root of the problem is the blacks or we don’t have a population problem and all of the talk of a population problem is a psychological warfare operation by Jews to get whites to stop breeding.

It cannot simultaneously be true that whites need to stop breeding but infinity blacks is just fine.

There are Many Legitimate Reasons to Explain Why People Hate the Jews

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
July 6, 2019

It is perfectly logical to hate the Jewish race because their collective racial behavior is evil.

There is a misconception promoted by a number of highly dishonest individuals who claim that anyone who hates Jews hates them for no specific or explainable reason. They claim that they are driven by irrational hate and smear them as “anti-Semites.”

This notion is entirely ridiculous and absurd. The fact of the matter is that the Jewish race has been hated throughout history because of their subversive and parasitical behavior. They infiltrate societies and feed off of them through trickery, scams and fraud. Generally speaking, people have no reason to hate the Jews until they encounter them first hand and see for themselves the collective chicanery they’re involved in.

Adolf Hitler, who is considered by the Jews to be the most notorious anti-Semite in modern history, wrote in his book Mein Kampf that he only began to hate them after observing their behavior.

Sometimes I stood there thunderstruck. I didn’t know what to be more amazed at: the agility of their tongues or their virtuosity at lying. Gradually I began to hate them.

Before Hitler came across Jews during his time in Vienna, he had no reason to dislike them. But you can say pretty much the same thing for anybody else who the Jews consider to be an “anti-Semite.”

My understanding of the Jewish problem came about in a similar way. I originally viewed Jews as just a goofy group of people with weird religious beliefs. I had no reason to specifically hate them. But once I saw that nearly every diabolical and subversive political agenda I disliked was being pushed by Jews, I went from being an anti-Zionist to being a full-blown “anti-Semite.”

The issue isn’t even necessarily with individual Jews themselves. Throughout my life, I’ve dealt with a number of Jews who did nothing specific to make me personally dislike them. The problem is that the Jews collectively as a racial group represent a dangerous presence to our nations. This is largely due to their biological behavior, which is based around infiltrating and subverting cultures from within. It is a survival mechanism inherent in the Jew no different than a parasite which survives by feeding off of a host organism.

It is this specific parasitical behavior which is why I want them removed from our nations. They swindled their way into positions of power and have used this power to do great damage to our people.

Here are just a few examples illustrating the subversive racial behavior of the Jews which has made me hate them. This is by no means a complete list as there are literally an endless number of examples one could cite to justify their hatred of the Jews. But just this list alone represents more than enough justification to have their entire race purged from Western civilization for all of eternity.

Jewish involvement in the 9/11 attacks

It is an admitted fact that the Jews were heavily involved in the 9/11 attacks. Israel knew in advance that these attacks were going to happen. But instead of warning the United States like a good ally would do, they sent Mossad agents to secretly film the attacks. They behaved recklessly and were spotted celebrating the attacks, which ultimately resulted in their arrest and eventual deportation back to Israel. Upon their return, they admitted on Israeli television that they were in New York City to document the attacks.

Some other facts:

60 Israelis were arrested for spying activities inside the United States following the attacks.

15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi nationals, which is significant considering that Saudi Arabia for all intents and purposes serves as a proxy state of Israel.

Employees of the Israeli instant messaging company Odigo received text messageswarning them of an imminent attack on the Twin Towers two hours before the attacks happened.

The World Trade Center was owned by the Jewish billionaire Larry Silverstein who just happened to take out an enormous insurance policy covering him for terrorism on the buildings a few months before the attacks. He also admitted in a PBS interview that he was involved in a decision to deliberately “pull” or demolish the WTC-7 building, meaning that explosives had to have been planted in the building prior to the attacks.

What this proved is that the hijackers couldn’t have pulled off these attacks on their own.

Jews and Israel were also the primary beneficiaries of the attacks. George W. Bush’s administration was filled with Jewish neocons who helped architect the so-called “War on Terror,” which was used as justification to invade countries hostile to Israel. In the years that followed, the United States invaded Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya while launching all sorts of drone strikes around the world in the name of this Jewish terror war.

There is simply no denying the Jewish and Israeli involvement in the 9/11 attacks. The fact that Jews were complicit in these attacks is a very legitimate reason to hate the Jews.

Jewish Holocaust Hoax

For decades, Jews have falsely claimed with no evidence that Germans during World War II systematically murdered six million of them in concentration camps. They have further claimed that Jews were gassed in wooden shower rooms, masturbated to death, burned in ovens, given rides on death roller coasters and killed via other incredibly bizarre and unusual methods.

This enormous lie has been used to con the world into believing that they as a race have been perpetual victims, even though they are the single most wealthy, privileged and powerful group on the planet. Much of the political system that exists in the West today is based around ensuring that another Holocaust does not happen even though the original so-called Holocaust never did. If the Holocaust wasn’t a hoax, the Jews wouldn’t have lobbied to have laws passed making it a crime in numerous European countries to question it.

Point blank, the Holocaust is a hoax that is only real in the minds of Jews.

All the insane Jewish lies surrounding this retarded fable is another very legitimate reason to hate the Jews.

Ritual Circumcision with Oral Suction or Metzitzah B’peh

Jews have very disgusting religious practices. One of the most disgusting is the rabbinical practice of circumcising and sucking the blood off of babies’ penises. This so-called religious practice is demonic. It is a gross violation of a defenseless infant and not something any normal person would find appropriate. There are numerous horror stories surrounding this horrible ritual including a baby dying from herpes after having it performed on him.

The fact that Jews consider this an important religious tradition certainly represents another legitimate reason to justify hating them.

Jewish Control Over Hollywood and Entertainment

Since the early 20th century, Jews have exercised control over most major Hollywood film studios and entertainment companies. Since that time, they have promoted all sorts of degenerate garbage through their movies, television and music. Today, we see things like homosexuality, trannyism, race-mixing, feminism, abortion, drug use and other horrible things regularly promoted as normal, trendy and cool by these Jewish companies. They have used their control over the entertainment industry to push social engineering agendas that are extremely harmful and destructive to our people.

The fact that this agenda is so transparently deliberate is another perfectly justifiable reason to hate the Jews.

Jewish Control Over Big Media

In addition to controlling the entertainment industry, most major media and news organizations have been taken over by Jews. ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, The New York Times and many other media operations are run or dominated by Jews. These Jew-run media outlets have promoted endless lies as a way to con our people into supporting all sorts of agendas that are not in our interests.

They pushed lies about weapons of mass destruction to justify the disastrous invasion of Iraq, and they are doing the same thing now to justify an invasion of Iran. The amount of lies they have pushed on us is endless and it is perfectly proper to harbor hatred towards these Jews for doing this.

Jewish Control Over Social Media 

Not only do Jews dominate the media but they also have control over the major social media sites which comprise the modern day digital public square. Jews run Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google and YouTube. These Jew-controlled sites stifle any sort of dissent or criticism of their behavior as evidenced by all the people and groups they have banned or blacklisted over the past several years. Even sites like Twitter, which are not directly run by Jews, are pressured by Jewish groups like the Anti-Defamation League to accept Jewish censorship practices.

The fact that Jews are playing a major role in stifling free speech on the Internet is another justifiable reason to hate them.

Jews Have Conspired to Flood Our Countries with Low IQ Brown and Black Populations from the Third World

Jews are at the center of promoting open borders and advocating for a flood of low IQ brown and black people from the third world to resettle in nations that were created by White Europeans. They are deliberately trying to genocide the White race out of existence through this agenda. Whites are unquestionably the most creative and innovative race on the planet. Much of what we have today is due to the genius and creative abilities of White men. The fact that they seek to destroy the most creative of the races is a testament to the evil nature of the Jew and shows that they stand in direct opposition to the creator.

The Jewess Barbra Lerner Spectre fully admitted that people would hate the Jews due to their leading role in helping transform Europe into a multicultural cesspool.

The fact that these Jews openly admit that they are trying to genocide and destroy all of the natural creative potential of the White race is another perfectly acceptable reason to hate the Jews.

Jewish Usury and Control Over the Banking System

Jews didn’t just gain all this power in a vacuum. They gained much of their power by engaging in usury and other financial scams. The modern day version of Jewish usury is perpetuated through the Central Banks and their associated member banks. These organizations run a monetary system that is entirely based off of debt. They literally create money out of nothing and charge interest on the money that is created on computers. From there, nations are forced to pay interest on this debt that was created out of thin air which is paid via excessive taxation on the people. It is no coincidence that the Federal Reserve was founded at around the same time that the income tax was implemented.

But what the Jews are doing today is no different then what they were doing over 2,000 years ago. Back then they were ripping people off by forcing people to buy Jewish Temple coins at insanely high prices that could only be used inside of the Temple. There was a man named Jesus Christ who did not appreciate the fraud that these Jews were engaging in so he stormed their Temple and forced the money changers out.

Suffice to say, this type of financial fraud is yet another perfectly justifiable reason to hate the Jews.

Jews Were Responsible for Killing Jesus Christ

The Jews are also the race responsible for killing Jesus Christ, the aforementioned central figure of the Christian religion. They had him crucified because he challenged the Jewish power structure of the day.

Even today, Jews are proud and openly brag about how their evil race was responsible for killing Jesus. The hateful Jewish comedian Sarah Silverman even said that she would kill Jesus again if she had the chance.

This is undeniably another justifiable reason to hate the Jews and especially a justifiable reason if you are a Christian.

The point to all of this is very simple. There are many perfectly reasonable and justifiable reasons to hate the Jews. I have just laid out a number of specific reasons why I and many other people hate the Jews. Our hatred is not irrational but based in logic and common sense. The people who say that these are not justifiable reasons to hate the Jews are basically claiming that an organism should not hate a parasite that is feeding off of them. Such a position is laughably ignorant and stupid.

Jews are a plague on our nations and on our people. We need to do everything in our power to have them removed. Potential annihilation awaits us if we do not implement a practical solution to the Jewish problem.


Russian Jews are Grateful: Court Sentences “Antisemitic Vandal” to 2 1/2 Years In Prison

A Russian court handed a 2-1/2 year prison sentence to a young man who allegedly wrote antisemitic graffiti on a residential building during a binge of heavy drinking.


A district court in the city of Kurgan near Russia’s border with Kazakhstan earlier this week upheld the unusually lengthy sentence, which the 23-year-old man received from a lower court last year, Kommersant reported Wednesday.

Leaders of Russian Jewry have often expressed gratitude to the judiciary for a strict approach to anti-Semitism.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose government is widely seen as controlling the judiciary, has often spoken out against anti-Semitism.

Watchdog groups, including ones critical to Putin, say that Russia has only a few dozen cases annually involving anti-Semitic violence or intimidation — a fraction of the tally in many European countries with sizable Jewish populations.

So this young Russian man was charged with inciting “racial violence” even though there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that the graffiti he wrote on the side of a building even indirectly harmed a Jew anywhere in his town, in Russia, or anywhere else in the world. In other words, this was a victimless crime, except perhaps the owner of the building who had to remove the graffiti, but if we are to believe this ruling, all Jews in Russia were “victimized” by this drunken attempt at graffiti, the substance of which was not released to the public, probably because it wasn’t nearly as “intimidating” as we are lead to believe.

Merkel Awarded Four Freedoms Prize for “Moral Leadership” in Europe


GERMAN CHANCELLOR Angela Merkel (pictured) was on Thursday awarded the renowned Four Freedoms Award for her “moral leadership” during Europe’s debt struggle, the Ukraine conflict and the migration crisis.

While accepting the prize, whose previous winners include John F. Kennedy, Nelson Mandela and Kofi Annan, Merkel repeated that it was essential that Europe finds a collective solution to the migration crisis.

Joseph_E._Stiglitz_-_croppedDuring the award ceremony in the Dutch city of Middelburg, the chancellor also defended the bloc’s controversial migration deal with Turkey, which she said offered a real possibility of putting an end to the business of people smuggling.

The name of the annual award refers to a speech in 1941 by US President Franklin D. Roosevelt, in which he listed four core freedoms: the freedom of speech and worship, as well as freedom from want and fear.

According to Wikipedia, the Four Freedoms Award is “an annual award presented to those men and women whose achievements have demonstrated a commitment to those principles which President Franklin Delano Roosevelt proclaimed in his historic speech to Congress on January 6, 1941, as essential to democracy: freedom of speech and expression, freedom of worship, freedom from want, freedom from fear.” The annual award is administered by the Roosevelt Institute, whose Senior Fellow and Chief Economist is Joseph E. Stiglitz, pictured.

* * *

Source: About Croatia


The Holocaust® narrative over the decades….


UK government urged to consider ban on sale of Nazi artifacts after Hitler’s bodyguard’s medal sold for £36,500 – The Jewish Chronicle

The CEO of the Holocaust Educational Trust: ‘Perhaps it is time for clearer regulation on the sale of these items here in the UK’

Ulrich Graf in SS uniform (l) and the medal he was awarded (r)
Ulrich Graf in SS uniform (l) and the medal he was awarded (r) (Photos: Hansons)

The head of a leading Holocaust charity has repeated a call for the government to consider legislation prohibiting the sale of Nazi memorabilia, after a UK auction house sold a Nazi artefact for tens of thousands of pounds last Friday.

The Holocaust Educational Trust’s Karen Pollock, said the sale of a Blutorden (Blood Order) Medal by Hanson’s auctioneers in Derby was “not appropriate”, adding that it might be “time for clearer regulation on the sale of these items.”

The medal, which was awarded to Ulrich Graf, who served as a bodyguard to Hitler, was included as a lot in Hansons’ “Militaria” auction on July 26. Its asking price was between £3,500-£4,000 but it sold for around ten times that – £36,500.

Adrian Stevenson, an expert for the auctioneers, told the Telegraph that the sale was “a world-record price for a medal of its type – a phenomenal result”, describing it as “a remarkable historical piece with a huge story to tell.”

The medal was presented to Graf in 1933, months after the Nazis took power in Germany, to commemorate a decade since the Nazis’ failed Munich Beer Hall Putsch.

In the middle of the failed coup attempt, an altercation between Nazi paramilitary units and armed police led to shots being fired, killing sixteen Nazis and four policemen. Graf, an amateur wrestler, had shielded Hitler with his own body, taking five bullets.

Having served in the SA, Graf would go on to serve in the SS. In 1948 he was sentenced to five years of hard labour. He died in 1950, with his family selling all his belongings later that decade, having no desire to keep anything associated with the Nazis.

Mr Stevenson described the seller to the Telegraph as “a British doctor who had a large collection of German Third Reich medals.”

He said that some countries, including France, had banned the sale of such items, but said he thought “that does a disservice to the victims of the Nazis, it is almost like sweeping it under the carpet.”

Ms Pollock, however, said that it had long been HET’s view that “it is not appropriate for items like this to be on the market for personal profit or macabre interest”, saying that such items should rather be “placed in archives, museums or in an educational context.

“Several leading auction houses and online sites already rightly refuse to sell such material and many countries have banned the sale of Nazi memorabilia. Perhaps it is time for clearer regulation on the sale of these items here in the UK. ”

A spokesperson for Hansons told the Telegraph that while they respected Ms Pollock’s view, “we also fully respect the historical importance of the objects we sell.

“It’s impossible to ignore history or brush away the past. This item was sold purely as an historical object.”


Amazon under fire for allowing sale of Nazi paraphernalia

Son of Holocaust survivor accuses Amazon of ‘profiting from hate’

Amazon pressured for allowing sale of Nazi paraphernalia

Son of Holocaust survivor accuses Amazon of ‘profiting from hate’ 1:56

Nazi flags, Hitler Youth knives, and running shoes with swastikas on them are just some of the items for sale on Amazon’s U.S. and Canadian websites that have a long-time customer calling for a boycott of North America’s largest online retailer.

Mark Schwartz said he was shocked and disgusted to discover Amazon is making money off what he calls “hate items” by allowing third-party vendors to sell the merchandise on its website.

“Imagine going down to your neighbourhood mall, you walk into a shop and you see Nazi flags hanging down and Nazi paraphernalia and they are selling it. What would you think? Would you shop there? Would you be upset? Amazon is online but it’s the same thing…. I couldn’t believe they were selling these kind of items.”

It was the flag that made Mark Schwartz realize that Amazon was selling Nazi objects. (CBC )

Schwartz’s father is a Holocaust survivor. At the age of seven he was caught in the Nazi’s roundup of Hungarian Jews and taken to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in northern Germany.

“He survived the concentration camp. He survived the systematic extermination of the Jewish people … so to see these symbols that mean such horrible things is devastating,” said Schwartz.

This Nazi symbol women’s shoe is for sale on Amazon.com. (CBC)

The first item he saw on Amazon was a Nazi flag.  Surprised, he looked further, and found other items.

He complained to Amazon and got an email back saying it understood the sale of the Nazi flag was “not acceptable” and would forward the concern to another department that would  “remove the item from the website.”

But a few weeks later, Schwartz received an automated e-mail from Amazon suggesting items he might be interested in — based on what he had been looking at online — including that Nazi flag.

“It popped right up on my email, a picture of the flag again … with price $12.90 Canadian, free shipping. I was absolutely flabbergasted. They not only didn’t take it off, they re-sent it to me almost to kick me right in the face with it,” he said.

That’s when he contacted Go Public.

“I thought this is a good way to get this out. Amazon didn’t really care that they were selling or profiting off Nazi paraphernalia. As one of their valued customers I no longer shop on Amazon which is too bad. I liked shopping on Amazon but I can’t because they did this. I told my friends on Facebook, boycott Amazon,” Schwartz said.

Mark Schwartz’s father, Thomas, was a child when he was part of a roundup of Hungarian Jews sent to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in northern Germany. (Schwartz family photo)

Go Public contacted the company’s head office in Seattle to ask why it allows the sale of the Nazi items. It responded with a brief written statement saying it “won’t be commenting” on the story.

Since Go Public’s investigation, some of the Nazi paraphernalia was removed from both the Canadian and US Amazon websites.

Complaints ignored since 2013

Go Public has learned Schwartz isn’t the only person who has been trying to get Nazi items removed from the Canadian Amazon website.

According to B’nai Brith, a large international Jewish service organization, it raised the issue in a letter to Amazon’s founder and CEO Jeff Bezos in 2013, but nothing changed.

A Hitler Youth knife with the words “Blood and Honour!” engraved on the blade is one of the many items for sale on Amazon.ca

“To say the least, it’s very disturbing that this sort of hate material is still available online for sale,” said Michael Mostyn, the CEO of B’nai Brith Canada.

“By contributing to more materials that are easily accessible to youth in our country that promote intolerance, promote hatred, ideologies that regular Canadians view as toxic, it’s not helpful, it’s harmful.”

B’nai Brith Canada does an annual audit tracking the number of anti-Semitic incidents in Canada.

Mostyn said the organization recorded 1,627 anti-Semitic incidents last year, the largest number in the 30-year history of the audit and a 28 per cent increase over the year before. 2015 numbers aren’t yet available.

Surge of anti-Semitic messages online

B’nai Brith attributes much of the increase to the surge of anti-Semitic messages online. Mostyn believes there is a direct correlation between the sale of Nazi items and anti-Semitic acts.

“Our audit has shown that anti-Semitic words or imagery, particularly in an online social media world we live in today, inevitably leads to anti-Semitic incidents,” he said.

Michael Mostyn, CEO of B’nai Brith Canada, says Amazon has an ethical and moral obligation to consumers and should not be selling the offensive objects. (CBC)

Mostyn notes certain items, like pro-ISIS paraphernalia, are not available on the U.S. or Canadian Amazon sites. He wonders if the company is censoring some sales but not others.

“I think Canadian consumers expect a lot more from groups like Amazon to fulfil their corporate, ethical and moral responsibilities in sales to consumers.”

Amazon’s online policy doesn’t specifically address the sale of what some consider hate propaganda.

“Amazon has to immediately develop a proper policy and guidelines to deal with these issues,” Mostyn said. “Consumers in Canada are not interested to see hate propaganda available freely online and victims of racial discrimination and genocide, in some cases, do not want to be re-victimized by having these hate items available online to just anybody that’s searching for it.”

B’nai Brith has started a petition to get Amazon to remove the items.

Canada has no legislation specifically restricting the ownership, display, purchase, import or export of Nazi flags. Sections of the criminal code do prohibit the use of these kinds of flags to “communicate hatred in a public place.”

In the U.S., the public display of Nazi flags is protected under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

However, in some countries, such as France, it is illegal to display Nazi flags, uniforms and insignia in public, unless for the purpose of a historical film, show or spectacle. Germany has also banned the use of Nazi symbols.

Amazon ‘dumb as rocks,’ marketing prof says

Lindsay Meredith, a professor of marketing at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, said Amazon’s refusal to address the issue could be bad for business and the company’s reputation.

Simon Fraser University marketing professor Lindsay Meredith says Amazon’s refusal to address the issue could be bad for business and the company’s reputation. (CBC)

“You could get away with that arrogance in the old days; don’t try it now or you will get a public backlash that will spin your head,” Meredith said, referring to the potential for a negative response on social media.

“[It’s] dumb as rocks.… The real problem here is you have a global international brand. Are you really going to sacrifice potential boycotts?”

Meredith said it’s unlikely Amazon is making a lot of money from the sale of Nazi products that would warrant that kind of risk.

“This has the potential to become explosive. There are a lot of people with a lot of grandparents who fought in the war, a lot of people who reach back and respect the veterans that won’t take kindly to this,” he said.

Amazon had to deal with another Nazi-related controversy in New York recently. The company agreed to pull a Nazi-themed ad campaign after subway riders and some public officials complained.

The company had covered subway cars with images of the Third Reich and Imperial Japanto advertise its television series The Man in the High Castle.

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Rosa Marchitelli


Rosa Marchitelli is a national award winner for her investigative work. As co-host of the CBC News segment Go Public, she has a reputation for asking tough questions and holding companies and individuals to account. Rosa’s work is seen across CBC News platforms.

Tucked between other stores on a famous shopping promenade in central Cairo, one shop has something strikingly interesting about it.

(Gulf News)

It would not take one a long time to recognise the fresh difference.

The garment store, situated on the pedestrian-only Shawarbi Street, displays on its facade the name of Hitler along with the Swastika.

The store owner, Osama Farouq, insists on the innocuousness of the signs despite the backlash he has received from local and foreign pedestrians since he started his business in the street, nicknamed Cairo’s Champs-Elysees.

“The name and the emblem drew my admiration so I decided to put them up on the front of my store,” Farouk told Gulf News.

Stunned at the store name, several liberal Egyptians and “politically correct” foreigners have chided Farouq. Some of them, according to him, have spat at the glass display window of the shop in a show of protest, with at least one trying to remove the sign. Farouq holds on to his ground, though.

“The matter does not deserve all this fuss. It’s just a name. Why are people so angry? I have nothing to do with politics,” the young man said, handing a copy of his business card that carries a photo of Adolf Hitler on one side and the Swastika on the other.

“Praise be to God, I have my own clients who come to the store because of the fine quality of my goods,” he said.

“I am not a communist or a person with a stony heart. I’m a Muslim who believes in one God,” the man in his twenties added as he turned up the volume of a religious TV station telecasting recorded verses from the Quran.

The Australian Jewish News

Fury over Amazon denial books

AMAZON has come under fire for offering books on Holocaust denial to the public and could be in breach of the Racial Discrimination Act.

The B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC) has slammed Amazon for offering titles such as Did Six Million Really Die?The Six Million: Fact or Fiction?The Myth of the Extermination of the Jews and The Hoax of the Twentieth Century: The Case Against the Presumed Extermination of European Jewry.

All these titles are available from the online provider through a simple Google search that takes readers to the Amazon site.

ADC chair Dr Dvir Abramovich told The AJN this week that Amazon Australia could be in breach of Section 18C of the federal Racial Discrimination Act, which prohibits material likely to “offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate” on the basis race or ethnicity.

He said Amazon Australia “should not be a hothouse and a cesspool of racism, xenophobia and bigotry and should not act as a gateway for young people to enter a world of hatred”.

“It is inexcusable for Amazon Australia to serve as a vehicle and a platform for bigots to disseminate and propagate their toxic and harmful invective. Literature that promotes and incites hatred against the Jewish people by demonising and defaming them, that denies and trivialises the Holocaust, and which foments racial violence, should not be normalised and mainstreamed,” he stated.

“I am sure that neo-Nazis, racists and radical groups, who cannot offer their heinous materials to traditional publishers, are delighted that this vile content, which glorifies Nazis and white supremacists, and which dehumanises Jews, is available in hard copy and ebook format for mass consumption.

“At a time of a dramatic rise in anti-Semitism, hate speech, and violence against Jews, to have such revolting, poisonous tracts, easily accessible for download, only helps to blow on the embers of prejudice and extremism.”

Abramovich added, “Companies have a moral responsibility and should review and evaluate their practices and guidelines. We urge Amazon Australia to do the right thing, and to withdraw these titles from its virtual shelves immediately.”

Amazon’s head office in the United States had not responded to The AJN at the time of going to press.



UK Foreign Secretary Vows to Find New Trading Opportunities For Britain Beyond EU – Report

Dominic Raab is seen at the Foreign and Commonwealth building after being appointed as the Foreign Secretary by Britain's new Prime Minister Boris Johnson in London, Britain, July 24, 2019

© REUTERS / Dan Kitwood/Pool


Get short URL – Sputnik

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Newly appointed UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said on Wednesday ahead of his trip to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit in Bangkok that the United Kingdom needs to broaden its trade focus, which long has been on Europe, and acquire a global trading outlook beginning with Asia.

“For too long, our trade focus has been on Europe. We need to expand our horizons, and raise our game”, Raab was quoted as saying by The Guardian.

The text highlighted that the ten members of ASEAN – Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam – had a combined population of 650 million and a 36 billion pounds worth of trade with the European Union.

“That means grasping the enormous global opportunities for the UK – and my first trip as foreign secretary will look to strengthen our friendships across Asia,” Raab added, as quoted in the report.

According to the foreign secretary, the UK companies need to be more ambitious in targeting non-European markets.

On Saturday, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, during his visit to Wales, also promised to seek new trade deals and expansion of trading opportunities of the United Kingdom around the world.

Johnson has repeatedly stated his determination to withdraw the United Kingdom from the bloc by the 31 October deadline, with or without a deal. In his first speech as prime minister on Wednesday, he said that while London would work to secure a new and “better” deal with the European Union, preparations for a potential no-deal Brexit would be necessary if “Brussels refuses any further to negotiate”.

The United Kingdom was supposed to leave the bloc in March but failed to do so because the parliament refused several times to back the withdrawal agreement proposed by former Prime Minister Theresa May. In this regard, Brussels has given London several deadline extensions to come up with a plan, with the latest one set on 31 October.


Priti Patel 8c85e

Boris Johnson’s role as prime minister was always going to prove controversial. The man is known as a self-serving compulsive liar a cheat and inept. Hardly the required qualities to lead a country let alone an industrial nation facing its most challenging political transition in recent history.

But controversy, as it appears, will be the hallmark of a Boris premiership.  As names of potential cabinet members started circulating in the media, on the eve of his ‘induction’ by the Tory party, one in particular stuck out and for all the wrong reasons.

Boris was looking to appoint Priti Patel, to one of the most senior positions in the cabinet, Home Office secretary. This highly sensitive position means that security and intelligence will be overseen by her office yet this is the same woman that was sacked 18 months ago for secret meetings she held with Israeli officials.

This was all the more shocking considering the meeting with the most senior figures of the Israeli political class remained undisclosed with none of their contents shared with the British diplomatic staff in Tel Aviv. Her boss, former Prime Minister Theresa May, was left red-faced when she met her Israeli counterpart while having no knowledge one of her own cabinet ministers had held meetings with him just a few months prior. When the story broke, the damage was such that she was forced to resign. Under any other circumstance and had the foreign officials been from any other country, Patel would have not only been sacked on the spot (May initially had a firm discussion with her before finally accepting her position was untenable) but faced an internal investigation with possible charges brought against her.  This was hardly an insignificant mistake of a casual chance meeting between two politicians; these were a series of meetings held in secret with high ranking officials of a foreign state. To this day, nothing has transpired on the nature of the meetings though we know Patel is a committed Zionist with strong ties to Israel.  No doubt any other politician meeting in secret with Russian, Iranian or even EU officials would be investigated and face possible suspension from their political party for gross misconduct. But Patel met with Israeli officials who in turn flagrantly flaunted diplomatic protocol by keeping them under wraps from a supposed close ally.

If possible treason wasn’t a valid enough reason to bring an end to a political career than what would? But Patel’s transgression hasn’t just been excused, it has now been rewarded.

Furthermore, the media have been prompt to downplay the controversial aspect of her appointment pointing only to her very right-wing politics as a source of possible concern.

The BBC’s John Pienaar casually referred to her sacking as a result of ‘straying off policy.’ A modern-day euphemism for misleading, lying and possibly betraying your country and prime minister.

Of course the climate in Britain surrounding the issue of Israel is such that the media are careful not to point to misconduct for fear of incurring the wrath of the all-powerful pro Israel lobby who have, since Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Labour leader, gone into overdrive to denounce any critic of the Jewish state as an anti-Semite, a term that has been used to force several respectable left-wing politicians out of their jobs.

Patel is in a highly privileged position because, as things currently stand in what is increasingly totalitarian Britain, any friend of Israel is sheltered from criticism.

The new Home Secretary clearly played the long game when she aligned herself with major Israeli figures and their acolytes in the British establishment namely leaders from the Board of British Jews ( UK equivalent of Aipac) as well as Conservative Friends of Israel who have cloaked her with a shield of impunity for her past and future misdemeanors. It is particularly glaring that at a time when LGBT lobbyists who compete with their pro-Israel counterparts in dominating political narratives and censoring free speech in Britain, have been silent about Patel’s new role despite her known opposition to gay marriage, something that would not go unchallenged in particular from ethnic minority figures.  Patel has also expressed support for the death penalty and despite being a first-generation Briton and daughter of Asian refugees Uganda, opposes non-EU immigration, underlying her own contradictions and striking hypocrisy.

Boris’ brazen choice in bringing into his team an unsavory right-wing character with lacking morals and questionable loyalty to Britain is telling about the man who views the role as one designed to serve his own personal ambition over the future of the country he serves. This is a man who after all boasted of having American citizenship that could even afford him a possible US presidency only to renounce it when faced with a hefty tax bill from the IRS.  When questioned about his blatant Islamophobia, Johnson routinely cites his Turkish great grandfather who escaped the Ottoman Empire before being captured and executed for high treason, as a supposed mitigating factor for his bigotry.

Perhaps that in itself reveals much about Johnson’s affection for Mizz Patel, treason after all runs in his family, there’s no reason why it should be absent from his cabinet.

*(Top image: Newly appointed Britain’s Home Secretary Priti Patel. Credit: Double Down News/ YouTube)