“Far Right” Swedes Hold Gay Pride Parade in Muslim Area, “Anti-Nazis” Counter-Demonstrate

A “far right” group in Sweden decided to stir things up by holding a “gay pride” parade in a Muslim area, obviously as a provocative move, but they ended up getting counter-protested by “Anti-Nazis,” who wanted to show how tolerant  they are. Or something along those lines. These social justice warriors can boggle the mind with their stupidity.

Let’s turn to Mr. Sweden (aka Henrik) at Red Ice Creations:

This is a follow up to the story we posted a few days ago about the planned Gay Pride Parade Through a Muslim Area in Stockholm . .

Noteworthy, beyond the quickening fall of Sweden, is that there is now an internal conflict within the “tolerance” competing libtard groups. One one side you have the the full on Cultural Marxists and cardy carrying hippie socialists and on the other is the “far-right” cuckservatives of Sweden – who are trying to criticize Muslims (not immigration) by joining up with the gay social justice warriors.

It’s starting to get VERY confusing, especially for them. They can’t seem to make heads or tails about what group in the equation is the “more suppressed” one. So it’s tricky with whom to side with against traditional Swedish society. The result so far is that you have two rainbow flag carrying “teams,” trying to outdo the other with “tolerance signaling.”

Apparently the organizer of the event is bisexual and married to an Indian woman. How progressive.

On their way home from the event the “Anti-Nazi” (pro-Muslim) rainbow retards were reportedly attacked“enriched” by the Mohammedans. In the video, you can hear the Muslims yelling “BÖGAR, BÖGAR” (Faggot, Faggot”) and see them throwing rocks. If they had free reign, the Muslims would follow Islamic law and execute the fags.

Sadly, Swedes are projected to become a minority in Stockholm in just a few years.

Rainbow Rabbi: The Happy Merchant Celebrates Gay Pride

Polish City Hosts First Ever Anal Pride Parade, Leftist Politicians Demand Even More Sodomy

Daily Stormer
August 14, 2019

It’s not enough for men to be fucking other men up their asses in private. They need you to know how proud they are of their fecal ways.

Without grown men fucking each other up their assholes, Poland will not survive.


Two months before Poland’s parliamentary election, LGBT issues have soared to the top of the political agenda, which is why the three leaders of a newly formed left-wing political alliance were marching in a gay pride parade Saturday in the central city of Płock.

We have to be here for freedom,” said Robert Biedroń, a newly elected MEP and leader of the Wiosna movement. “We want to convert [leader of the ruling Law and Justice party Jarosław] Kaczyński and the Catholic church,” he added.

Freedom (to turn everyone gay).

Until this year, gay rights had been a peripheral issue in Polish politics.

Many of Poland’s MPs, including then Prime Minister and current European Council President Donald Tusk, laughed at the openly gay Biedroń as he delivered his first speech to the Polish parliament after winning a seat in 2011.

Most parties, including the ex-communist Democratic Left Alliance and Tusk’s Civic Platform, have traditionally been leery of openly promoting issues like civil partnership, afraid of alienating a conservative country.

But ahead of the October 13 election, Law and Justice (PiS) politicians together with senior clerics from the powerful Roman Catholic church, have unleashed a series of verbal attacks against gay people — accusing them of promoting an ideology alien and dangerous to Poland.

Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski gave a recent sermon warning of a “rainbow disease” stalking Poland, comparing LGBT communities to the communists who once ruled the country.

He was speaking just days after a gay pride parade in the northeastern city of Bialystok was attacked by football hooligans and nationalists.

The same groups promised to attack Saturday’s march in Płock. A massive police presence protected several thousand marchers and helped ensure opponents hurled obscenities rather than rocks and eggs.

“They are people who want to impose things on us — strange ideologies we don’t agree with,” said Jarek Krajewski, a Płock local who showed up toward the end of the parade waving an enormous banner with a sword on it reading: “Homopropaganda is a 21st century disease.”

Spreading The Gay Disease

Homosexuality is by definition a contagious disease. Carriers are unwilling to have normal children, and so the disease can only spread through analist propaganda, the gay mafia putting xenoestrogens in the food and water supply, and the Boy Scouts.

No one is policing what these people do in private, dragging them to death behind pickup trucks or throwing them off of rooftops, but they aren’t satisfied with their private little hells. They want to be in public and they want to be celebrated because they want to eventually form fake marriages, “adopt” little kids, and fuck them up their little asses to spread their disease.

Like any disease, it attempts to overtake and eventually kill its host, and in this case, the host is Poland.

The Gender Unicorn has set its sights on Poland.

The disease is at an earlier stage in Poland than it is in the West, but this will inevitably change after another generation of plastic exposure and anal propaganda.

Unless the EU collapses before then, and Poland gets some real leadership.

You know what I mean.

He did nothing wrong.

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